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High School Football Player Acquitted Of Immigrant’s Murder

By Hatewatch Staff on May 5, 2009 - 9:13 am, Posted in Uncategorized

An all-white jury found Brandon Piekarsky and another defendant not guilty of beating to death Mexican immigrant Luis Ramirez, despite witnesses who testified that Piekarsky delivered the final blow to the victim’s head.
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  • Liam Louria

    Like the first Rodney King verdict, surely this will be followed up by the US Attorney with federal charges.

    And then these two immature adults will beg to be found guilty for the previously acquitted state charges.

    Only then will they learn; there is no federal parole for violent crimes.

    Good looking kids, I am sure I have locked up someone needing a new punk girlfriend, no matter where they go.

  • George Sidoti

    It is not always the case of a jury being either all white or all black or hispanic. Too often, it is a matter of competence in the office of the prosecuting attorney.

    Many times the jury will get it all wrong as was seen in other publicized cases. This is not the fault of the Jury system, but, of the lack of ability by the District Attorney’s Office to get a conviction.

  • Steven Terrell

    Well, they were acquitted by the jury so I would say they are innocent. At least they were brought to trial unlike the illegal aliens who run for Mexico after committing violent crimes.