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Was Alleged Massachusetts Spree Killer a Neo-Nazi? Keith Luke Makes it Official

By David Holthouse on May 11, 2009 - 1:28 pm, Posted in Extremist Crime

Keith Luke — the 22-year-old white supremacist accused of carrying out a racially motivated rape and murder spree in Brockton, Mass., the day after Barack Obama was inaugurated as the nation’s first black president — appeared in court last week with a jagged swastika freshly carved into his forehead.

Authorities said Luke somehow managed to carve the swastika himself within a special unit at Plymouth County Jail, where he’s locked down for 23 hours a day and monitored by camera in his cell. As the Brockton daily newspaper The Enterprise reported: “It was not known exactly how he was able to etch the swastika into his flesh, but Luke is given a disposable razor to use for 20 minutes, three times a week.”

Luke has further altered his appearance since his arrest by shaving his head, growing a beard and shedding what appears to be at least 50 pounds.

On a video of last week’s arraignment, Luke appears bemused as he pleads not guilty to all charges against him, which include two counts of murder, four counts of aggravated rape, six counts of attempted murder, armed home invasion, kidnapping and a bundle of firearms charges.

The Enterprise reported that during the 10-minute court hearing, “Luke alternately smirked at the judge and craned his neck to glare at the victims’ families. The victims’ families silently stared back at the suspect.”

Luke stands accused of shooting to death two Cape Verdean immigrants and raping and attempting to murder a third. According to law enforcement reports, Luke told police that he was “fighting for a dying race” and that he decided to kill blacks, Latinos and Jews after reading about “the demise of the white race” on white supremacist websites such as PodBlanc, which glorifies racist “lone-wolf” killers.

Luke, who was carrying 200 rounds of ammunition on the day he was arrested, reportedly told police that after randomly gunning down as many non-whites as he could, he planned to shoot-up a bingo game that night at a local synagogue.

He’s been held without bail since his Jan. 21 arrest.

  • Susan

    …And isn’t it nice that we all live in the yellow submarine…

    okay, that was sarcasm, but not really. We have all kinds of people on this Earth, of all races and cultural beliefs. Rather than pointing the finger at “all those bad people,” maybe it would be a good idea to look at how we all contribute to the problem. On both sides of the issues, as it were. As long as we understand that the responsibility lies with ourselves, maybe we’ll actually prevent total extinction. Then again, maybe not.

  • Carter

    @ J. A. Crestmere :
    Frankly, I think it’s very insightful to realize that objectification of a problem leads nowhere & that is why the President is NOT gearing up to spread more gun-control laws but distinctly enforce those in existence.
    Attacking an object or symbol is very rarely a really promising way of coping with a problem. We learned that with Prohibition & our “War on Drugs”. Guns are not the root of violence but they are a potent symbol. Further laws WILL alienate those who see literally thousands of laws already dealing with the problem of weapons dissemination. What’s more Mexico City has extremely strict firearms laws & one of the highest murder rates of any capital city. The UK has a very embarrassing problem with violent crime & also has strict laws. The issue of using symbols to deal with a complex social problem is a vote getting band-aid that needs to change. Throwing young people in prison & furthering Organized Crime has been the cost of blaming a chemical for a social malady. The firearm is incapable of committing an act (“Gun Violence”) just as the methamphetamine doesn’t jump off the table & into someone’s arm. Be it firearms or drugs, the object is of very little importance. Attacking the symbol is a “safe” method of dealing with really complex social issues that do not have Television-style endings (completed in an hour with the good-guy always winning).
    The “Old Left” had it right (IMO) – Look to human dignity as a unifying force & don’t get mired down in minutia.

  • Melitaea athalia

    “He was turned down partially because he killed a pregnant women (& also because he had no money).”

    Are you serious? White supremacists against the murder of children? That’s a rarity.

  • bob cooper

    He got what he deserved. anyone complaining about how some blacks go on killing sprees should keep in mind that this site is about the dangers of racism and its actions taken, not the politics of murder. Its not good for anyone to kill anyone, now please quit defending this guy and let him face justice.

  • J. A. Crestmere

    Are you trying to tell me that a guy with a swastika carved on his head was a neo-nazi?

    Lies. Evil zionist lies.

    There are plenty of other reasons why a person would carve a swastika in their head. I just can’t think of any right now.

    On a lighter note, did anyone else think he looks like White Power Bill from Arrested Development?

    Now to be serious. The really scary thing about this is that there are going to be a lot more people like that. With the election of Obama and the real lack of future hope for American conservatism, they have become even crazier, insular and militant (if that was possible). We on the left need to do some PR outreach to show them that we aren’t out to take their guns away (which seems to be one of the big imagined concerns) and that most of us don’t care if they have guns or not as long as they aren’t using them on people in things like this.

  • daemonesslisa

    Into that last point, Ruslan…the Foxies are always complaining about the “liberal media” and the “liberal government” silencing their speech. But it really is Free Speech that allows them to spew these double standards; they talk a whole lot…

    However, when someone takes their words into action, they become silent. Not a single word. No speech.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Funny, conservatives and neo-Nazis insist that rap music and “liberal media” are responsible for all manner of social ills, but when someone carries out the exact message put out on WN or conservative media(such as the guy who shot up the Unitarian church last summer), suddenly they are not responsible. Double standards, ahoy!!!

  • Karen Miller

    Just wanted to comment on the comment by “Truth” (we scream loudest about the things we are most guilty of; the “Truth” name). You know, you can spend all day watching the crimes committed by other races on Fox TV 24 hours a day. Get over it and face it you are an anti-intellectual with no concept of big picture ! Get a clue; you do not even know who you enemy is, you simpleton You know there are other people like you (simpletons) who spend all day blogging about this stuff on Fox. Oh and let me guess, you are a “Christian” also right. Out of respect for President Carter I will refrain from my final comment.

  • Carter

    Charlie Manson started the swastika between the eyes stuff way back in the 1970’s & even appealed to a white prison gang for protection. He was turned down partially because he killed a pregnant women (& also because he had no money). This genius thinks he is going to eventually win an appeal due to identification problems (loosing weight, etc) but they’ll hang him on DNA evidence & stronger stuff than eye-witness testimony.
    Kieth Luke has nothing original going for him, however he is 22 yrs old and the very idea of spending a very long time with “the enemies of his race” is not very appealing to him. It’s very likely dawning on him that a LNP (life sentence with no parole) is very seriously bad news.

    Most of these racial heroes get a serious dose of the “stomach ache than never goes away” when they contemplate their real fate. When the bravado leaves at 0300hrs, when the little boy inside wants to stop having bad dreams… one is there to say “it’s OK: it’s only bad dreams”.
    Because it isn’t OK…..


    Pure liberal propaganda. What about the countless other non-Whites who kill, rape, and destroy Whites solely because the perpetrators hate the White race? Where are the reports on black on White crimes that have increased rampantly since the 1950-1970s pan-african movements? The SPLC are on the same page with the ADL to spread anti-White hatred and suppression.

    Notice how the new “naziwhokilled6millionjews” of the year is now American conservatives and Tea Party Patriots, no longer Islamic terrorists or third world dictatorships? We are being stripped of our American rights by these invisible hands behind the puppet-in-chief. Its time to wake up America and take action, legitimate action, to procure our once great and glorious nation from the hands of these demons.

  • GENO

    Maybe he just wanted to put a bull’s eye target on his forhead?

    Glad that sucka’s off the street and alive to see Justice being served right on *target*.