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Oklahoma Defends Law Targeting Immigrants

By Hatewatch Staff on May 12, 2009 - 9:01 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Attorneys for Oklahoma argued before a federal appeals court in favor of a law that requires companies doing business with the state to use the controversial “E-verify” system.
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  • Truth Monger

    SPLC should just refer to the southern border as ‘ellis island part 2′ because its clear thats what they consider it to be

    i really would like to have an honest coversation with some SPLC guys and just see what exactly drives them…it seems like they really just straight up hate european americans and their culture/heritage

  • Steven Terrell

    Ryan the non-Aryan, Show me the proof of what you’ve said. Not some biased newspaper story, but actual documentation from a reliable source. You can’t, but I can.

    So show me your proof and I’ll show you mine.

  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    And sadly for the natavist imbeciles, the vast majority of these “companies” and corporations are owned, run, and managed by greedy white capitalists. Call that backstabbing if you will, after all, the intent is true that they “knowingly hire illegal aliens”.
    And since Arizona was the first state to implement a law that criminalizes companies that hire illegal aliens, none of which was prosecuted under that law. Despite the fact, that there was several raids into several companies that are suspected of using illegal aliens(before Janet Napolitano took office as DHS) in their workforce. The law that requires company’s to sign up for E-verify is actually a joke, only less than 6% of them sign up. And in Arizona’s case, the Employer Sanctioned Law is laughable, just laughable, not a single white owned company suspected of violating that very law, has been prosecuted, and its been over one year since that law went into effect.
    Maybe if the spineless Republifools show some backbone against these white capitalists that they mean “business” in terms of the law(by prosecuting them, making an example) maybe just maybe, the white capitalists might follow the law…..

  • Steven Terrell

    In the first place the Oklahoma law doen’t target Immigrants. It targets illegal aliens. There is a difference even though SPLC will never tell you that. Telling the truth doesn’t fit their agenda.

    In the second place, E-verify is only controversial because it WORKS ! NCLR, SPLC, et al want you to believe it’s ineffective becaue of that fact. Anything that keeps their illegal alien buddies out of America is “controversial”.