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Ku Klux Klan Holds Anti-Immigration Rally

By Hatewatch Staff on May 19, 2009 - 8:47 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Outfitted in black military-style garb, 17 Klan members from Alabama, Tennessee, Indiana and Wisconsin rallied against non-white immigrants and racial equality during a demonstration outside a county courthouse .
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  • TY

    AGAIN I go from article to article on this SPLC site and cannot come to soemthing about the Nation Of Islam and Farrahkan and black Supremamcy.. Why is that? It is important for all people world wide to knwo of all the many active cult/hate groups/splinter/grassroots/ etc that ar ein existance to day and actively growing. Especially in America… why isn’t more light being shown on these groups? The Neuwanbians….The Chursh of Christ/Jesus Isrealites? Where are articles on these subjects that are of hate groups and movements against the white and other people?
    btw who is now considered minorty when these articles write minority. who are the minority today?

  • StopUSAGiveaway

    I have yet to see an anti-immigration event but rather PRO ILLEGALS with foreign flags.
    Do not Americans of generations have a right to protest double standards when someone is not legal on their own soil or any nation for that matter.
    I was in a Guatemalan village when the Mexican Federales raided and beheaded a Mexican from Chiapas.
    Deal with that the rest of your life.
    The term illegal and immigrant are the opposite and perhaps someone had better get their terms straight unless they are attempting to causes a Civil War and have Martial Law.
    But then someone is going to be hung for aiding and abetting sedition against the USA according to the US & States Constitutions.
    I work with individuals from Latin America and my niece travels throughout: they are concerned for the USA and say if it falls their nations will fall to Communism even faster.
    Most do not include themselves with illegals or THE RACE aka LA RAZA.
    Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto Y O U
    US Troops are being systematically sacrificed on foreign soil as they have been each generation: if it is for OPEN BORERS then those encouraging illegals will be hung because no one should expect someone elses son, daughter, father, mothers, grandfather or grandmother to die on foreing soil while their own nation is being invaded.
    That is EVIL within which is self consuming…

  • Marisa

    Of COURSE, it’s better for people to enter our country legally rather than illegally. However, “the Klan” is ridiculous, no matter what it does. I see that only 17 members showed up for this “rally” – and from FOUR states. Wow! What a protest! LOLOLOLOL.

  • Stuart Hurlbert

    Now why do you suppose SPLC would care what 17 racist punks think about immigration or anything else?

    We can be sure the KKK will appreciate the attention of the SPLC. Make them feel they’ve made the big time

    If the KKK was only able to get together a total of 17 folks from four states it doesn’t seem any more a threat to public order than 17 children who refuse orders to clean up their rooms. So….why give them air time?

    Perhaps — just perhaps — it is another attempt by SPLC to smear others, to link to the KKK via innuendo all the organizations fighting for a halt to illegal immigration.

    Let’s just hope and pray that no one in the SPLC likes apple pie, because — as we all know — Hitler did too.

  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    Everybody hates the Klan. Regardless if you’re white or nonWhite. But when “17” KKKlowns show up to “protest” anywhere, its usually ignored, forgotten in one day, much less an isolated incident, not worthy of media attention, besides from the hatewatchers like the SPLC among others.
    white supremacists are not gonna get sympathies/support from anyone, other than the next aryan hate monger.

    Sadly it doesn’t work.

    If it did, 12 to 20 millions of illegal aliens(both white and nonWhite) would be deported. Wishful thinking is all they have left. What they need to do is support the First Black President’s attempt to secure the borders and boost security, this includes law enforcement and tactical counter-terrorism units that track and bring domestic terrorists of the far right, to face Justice in the court of law.

  • Steven Terrell

    I don’t like the Klan. I do believe that their agenda is racist.

    Then again, I’m 100% against illegal immigration and not enforcing our immigration laws. I’m an equal opportunity deportation advocate. No matter what country you come from, if your here illegally I want you deported.