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Racial Tensions Boiling In Shenandoah Two Weeks After Verdicts

By Hatewatch Staff on May 19, 2009 - 8:44 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Racially charged incidents, including threats, fights and vandalism, are intensifying in Shenandoah, Pa., a coal town where two white teenagers were recently found not guilty of the most serious charges in the beating death of Mexican immigrant Luis Ramirez.
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  • Steven Terrell

    Marisa & Juan, how did you come to the conclusion that I thought those boys should have gotten off? I don’t think they should have.

    My entire comment was directed only at the lack of outrage shown by SPLC & the NYT concerning violent crimes against Americans by illegal aliens.

    The crimes committed in Pennsylvania and Ottumwa Iowa were both violent crimes. How they are treated by the press is the one and only difference.

    Juan, there isn’t an anti immigrant wave going on. It’s an anti illegal wave. There is a difference even though you will never admit it.

    The 3 illegals in Ottumwa Iowa are under a $25,000 bond, no immigration hold because Napolitono’s DHS is dragging it’s feet. They can’t be charged with aggravated identity theft because the Supreme court says as long as the illegal alien states “I didn’t know that the identity I was buying to work in your country was stolen.” they can’t be charged. Try that if your an American and see how fast you end up in prison.

    Seeing as these 3 men are illegal aliens, which makes them a huge flight risk, they should be held without bond.

  • StopUSAGiveaway

    Thank you for the ability to comment: I had forgotten a lot of what just came out not forgotten but had current layers of issues with those in the back of my mind. But when will people stop the breeding whether animals or homosapiens?
    And those who take advantage of both? I guess when it is too late to reverse anything that has been wrongly done.

  • StopUSAGiveaway

    Amazing–Houston area closees its fast food before dark that’s how bad gangs are. The MS-13 rule the streets. They outgun and out equip law enforcement. Kidnappings are a daily event including home invasions. Females bodies are found tortured. One of the most recent a man couldn’t find his son who was an athlete and he was kidnapped by a gang member, placed in a steel drum and burnt to death after being tortured.
    The bottom line is illegitimacy: these babies are being born out of a sex act without being nurtured.
    Over 70% illegals birthing for auto welfare citizenship which is being encouraged by Mexico to have at least three in the USA which is their sperm donor exponentials for takeover. I learned that over 30 years ago working in Guatemala, and having worked and traveled throughout Latin America; and worked on the last Red Cross Medical Ship as an administrator.
    Women begged for help not to be pregnant every nine months and usually died birthing prior to 30 years of age.
    The Catholic Church refused to help. One of the nuns in Guatemala left the church. Sister Jean was tortured by the gorillas after she went to El Salvador.
    If anyone has been to the Vatican in Rome: and if you have a conscience seeing gold inside while females are pregnant, with another 9 month old with flies all over then a todler filthy, and down the line: you vomit in your tracks or have a heart attack.
    Rich males telling poor females to be birthing machines while they live in luxury.
    Those same priests bless the buses from Mexico prior to departure as illegals.
    Mexico is poverty stricken–then they send them to the USA. The paradox is like the millions of cats and dogs which are not abandoned by inhumane homosapeins then put out in the streets ending up abused, neglected and tortured by others…then to be put in cages and mistreated followed by euthanization sometimes which is a shot of air or water as a cheaper method.
    The end for all doing this will be their eternity.
    Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them do Unto YOU
    All religions discuss and believe in Karma or some type of reward or having happen what someone has done or should have done.

  • Juan Rangel

    Steven Terrell get your head out of the sand.

    If those three illegal immigrants were found not guilty by a jury of their peers for raping that white female, you would have a very reasonable argument to accuse the NYT and the SPLC for being biased.

    But think for a moment, given the anti immigrant wave that is blinding american society, I wouldn’t doubt these three defendants get the book thrown at them.

    The situation in Shenandoah is a powderkeg ready to explode, considering there was a travesty of justice.
    An all white jury clears white local football heroes of any wrongdoing, eventhough there were signs of coverup.

    Those hoodlums have the potential to mature into real killers since they feel above the law.

  • Marisa

    Each case should be decided on its merits, which means that nothing in Ottumwa, Iowa has anything to do with what happened in Pennsylvania – and the jury in Pennsylvania was just plain wrong – obviously did not make their decision based on the evidence.

  • Steven Terrell

    The NYT still living up to it’s lopsided reporting. They continually portray Americans as bigoted racists and illegal aliens as the poor downtrodden.

    The NYT and SPLC never show crimes by illegal aliens against Americans. How about all the brutal murders, rapes, and violence that illegals commit. Last month in Ottumwa Iowa 3 illegal aliens were charged with raping an American women. Where is the outrage by the NYT and SPLC then?