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In Huge Sweep, Authorities Move Against Latino Gang Accused of Campaign Against Blacks

By Casey Sanchez on May 21, 2009 - 5:51 pm, Posted in Anti-Black

Nearly 90 members of a Southern California Latino street gang were arrested today for engaging in “systematic efforts to rid the community of African-Americans with a campaign of shootings and other attacks,” according to the U.S. Attorney’s office in Los Angeles.

Five indictments unsealed today charged 147 members and associates of the Varrio Hawaiian Gardens street gang with 476 “overt acts” of racketeering that include murder, attempted murder, drug and weapons trafficking, extortion and witness intimidation. The main indictment said that members of the gang “have expressed a desire to rid the city of Hawaiian Gardens of all African-Americans and have engaged in a systematic effort to achieve that result by perpetrating crimes against African-Americans.” The city is reportedly 73% Latino and 4% black.

In a press conference, U.S. Attorney Thomas O’Brien said it was “the largest gang takedown in history.”

The investigation of the Varrio Hawaiian Gardens gang began in 2005, after a Los Angeles sheriff’s deputy was killed while attempting to arrest a gang member charged with shooting an African-American man.

In 2006, the Intelligence Report, published by the Southern Poverty Law Center, reported on Latino gangs’ efforts to carry out “ethnic cleansing” attacks on blacks that were meant to establish purely Latino neighborhoods. The story revealed that gang members were acting of orders from the Mexican Mafia gang. Members of the Avenues, a Latino gang, targeted blacks in Highland Park, an L.A. neighborhood. And last year, Los Angeles police launched a major investigation into another Latino street gang accused of targeting blacks.

  • Potter

    To compare the Black Panthers to any street gang is ludicrous. Interestingly, I have had two friends who were Panthers; one a young woman who was “born into” the Panthers, and the other was an old black man from when the movement was new. Both of these individuals discussed race and race relation problems with me rationally and openly, probably because that is how I was discussing those issues with them. We became good friends.

    I now work as a social worker and go into “dangerous” neighborhoods often. Years ago in an Atlanta housing project I drove up to a street gang (that had guns in their sweat pants-BTW, sweatpants I suppose are not safe to keep a loaded gun stored in…but I digress) I drove up to the gang, ignored the guns and asked directions. They were somewhat confused by this very white woman driving up to them, but they helped me and never threatened me. They were just “protecting” their neighborhood from perceived threats. I made sure they knew I wasn’t a threat. Now I am not saying that gangs are safe for anyone, or ever a good thing. I am just saying that the only people who have ever victimized me have been white people, especially white Fundamentalists Christians. I have been alone in more gang areas (black and Hispanic) than ANY white person I know, and have NEVER even felt threatened. Go figure, huh?

    BTW, did I mention that I was white?…I mean red haired, freckled, blue eyed, look like a KKK members wife white!

  • Sam Molloy

    It’s easier for me to picture the divides in the Mideast when you put it that way. Can’t we retrain people to appreciate differences instead of resenting them, or do all groups use “Us vs Them” as a glue to hold the group together?

  • Dan

    When I think of immigrants such as these, I don’t see immigrants I see colonists. They have no aim to assimilate into the American culture or way of life, as many other ethnic groups have before in the past. Their intent is to turn the United States of America into Estados de Unidos de Amerigo. They believe that we should have to learn spanish instead of them learning English, this is only exemplified by local, state, and federal authorites as well as commercial enterprises catering to them. Point blank, they simply wish to make the United States a conquest of Mexico, and to an extent, they have succeeded. While the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been raging over the last decade of miles away an Army of Criminals have invaded our borders overnight and occupied our land. To me its not about their ethnicity, or even the fact they are likely illegal immigrants. Actions speak louder than words, if they make no attempt to assimiliate into the local culture it speaks all too loudly of their disregard for others culture. I wouldn’t be suprised if there was another boxer rebellion, only in the U.S.

  • Chris

    Have to say as a Latina married to a black man.

    The mistrust that our respective cultures have of one another are caused by stereotypes perpetuated on us by society and politics. We are more alike than we are different. It sickens me to see any group trying to “oust” another particularly by violent means.

    Haven’t researched the economic status of the neighborhoods that these idiots are trying to claim. I would wager money that they are fighting to be the kings of the bottom.

    Is this really an immigration issue? Is this a drug territory issue? Is there ever really a logical reason for any thing like this? Just remember there are those who see more benefit from keeping minorities divided! If we all ever really got together, what kind of force would we be?

  • tom

    In response to Larry, the Nation of Islam is on the map. I am not sure why you are excluding them. Maybe because it doesn’t say “Muslim hate group” next to their name. Although some of their beliefs are contrary to traditional Islam, they identify themselves as Muslim similarly, in my opinion, to how Mormon Fundamentalists identify themselves with Christianity. Also I meant “all the hate groups” as “all the hate groups they fight against” (I admit could have been worded better). Not all that exist in the world. I don’t know if that is humanly possible but overall the SPLC seems to do a good job at recognizing hate groups regardless of race or religion. Also in response to Uworlds1, I was not insinuating that the Black Panthers are a bunch of street criminals, but in my experience they have similarites to the other mentioned groups in their use of intimidation and hate speech against anyone who might disagree with them. I also don’t think their methods and results are at all similar to those of Martin Luther King.

  • Larry B.

    To Jordan 5/22–“the SPLC is against all hate groups…” and to Tom 5/31–“thank you to the SPLC…to expose… all the hate groups which threatens our safety and civilization…” WAKE UP you two. How many muslim hate groups are on the SPLC hate map? A big fat ZERO. I respect the SPLC for much of the work they do but they do not work against all hate groups.

  • Uworlds1

    I feel sickened to see Hispanics killing Blacks. If it were not for Martin Luther King, Jr., Hispanics would not have the rights they have now. And to equate the Black Panthers to these street gand thugs is ludicrious. Blacks had to fight for their freedom, for fair housing, and for the right to vote. I really have nothing against immigrants, but they have made it on the backs of black people.

    I wish I would see Hispanics march and get waterhosed and have the dogs after them like my black ancestors. Hispanics really don’t like blacks…how ignorant. Evidently they don’t know United States history.

  • Zorro

    To the commenter who said this has nothing to do with immigration.. ummm.. the Latino gang is made up of mostly ILLEGAL ALIENS with ties to a foreign country which is manipulating them inside our borders. I’d say this has EVERYTHING to do with “immigration” since if they could not be here in this country at all, this ethnic cleansing by illegal alien Latino gangs would not be happening.

    So open borders zealots – you are reaping what you have sown.

  • tom

    I have to commend this website for exposing non-white hate groups like the Black Panthers, the Mexican Mafia, and the Mongols. Anyboby who has been unfortunate enough to run into any of these groups will attest to the threat they pose to us all. In a sense they are more dangerous then white supremicists as they hide behind their minority status and often successfully play the role as a social group being victimized by law enforcement.Thank you to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the judges, and law enforcement brave enough to expose, bankrupt, and imprison all the hate groups which threaten our safety and civilization. And to anybody who would glorify or sympathise with them out ignorance, they are not what they claim to be. Nobody cares less about your freedom than they do.

  • Jack

    ‘I’m all for punishing pathetic racists’

    But not for just being a racist–that’s constitutionally protected. This gang was engaged in a criminal conspiracy and I’m for punishing them for that–not for why or against who in particular. Punish the crime itself, not the ‘hate’ because they have the right to hate.

  • Dr. D

    @ Ryan the non-Aryan:

    There was a La Raza rally in Austin where the members were at the podium advocating “slitting the throat of white people.” Anti-white racism or racially motivated violence will ever be reported, because it’s non-PC. It’s shunned and avoided like the plague.

    And what’s funny is that there’s no reporting of latino gangs targeting violence against white people. Latino gangs commonly target whites because they know whites will only report it to the police and won’t retaliate. I live in South Texas, and the anti-white racism by the latinos is spreading like wildfire. Me and my elderly parents have experienced it many times: threats of violence, intimidation, and there is one restaurant in my area, owned by latinos, that won’t serve white people. That’s illegal last time I checked!

  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    Even if the security at the border is ineffective at stopping illegal immigration altogether, perhaps creating tougher employment regulations might help. Illegal aliens can’t survive in the U.S. without first having a low wage job. If the Conservatarded Republifools would actually get their act together and start implementing laws by prosecuting greedy white capitalists employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens. Then maybe, just maybe life in the U.S. would be extremely difficult for the foreign aliens who come here to work. At least, that would slow down the influx or the “invasion”. Target the job sector, because that’s what they are here for. Besides, Americans need the work, Blacks oughta take up the jobs that their grandfathers used to do before the “invasion”. Instead of gangbanging and dealing dope. They just might be completely overcome by Mexicans if they don’t work.

  • TL Winslow

    The age-old pesky U.S.-Mexico border problem has taxed the resources of both countries, led to long lists of injustices, and appears to be heading only for worse troubles in the future. Guess what? The border problem can never be solved. Why? Because the border IS the problem! It’s time for a paradigm change.

    Never fear, a satisfying, comprehensive solution is within reach: Megamerge: the Dissolution Solution. Simply dissolve the border along with the failed Mexican government, and megamerge the two countries under U.S. law, with mass free 2-way migration eventually equalizing the development and opportunities permanently, with justice and without racism.

  • Chris Diaz

    I’m Chicano myself, so I cringe when I see mass arrests, etc… of any brown, black, red, or yellow people because there is usually a corrupt, sick story behind the story.

    But, just going on what the post says, lock the guilty up.

  • mdollas

    Jardon I co-sign everything you wrote 100%

  • GENO: the Valkyrie Warlord

    The link provided by Gustavo, which leads me to the American Patrol website, has a short piece regarding the SPLC on Latino gangs in Cali, primarily “the Varrio Hawaiian Gardens gang”. In which they asininely implied that the “SPLC missed the biggest hategroup”(in Cali?) period.

    Hmmm, lets see….

    I checked the history of this particular gang, and quite frankly from what I found, its still in its infancy. In other words it hasn’t been around that long. Not even close as the Mexican Mafia, the Avenues, Surrenos, 18th St. et al. And here we have an xenophobic ofay claiming the ‘Varrio Hawaiian Gardens gang as the biggest hategroup” of them all.
    Ridiculous I know, its sort of like saying an up and coming amateur wrestler is already the face and the world heavyweight champion in the world. And then they go on to claim that the SPLC didn’t do a report on “the Varrio Hawaiian Gardens gang” as if that gang is supposed to have been around for ages, like the KKK and neo-Nazis.

    As a matter of fact, I don’t think anyone has really of heard of “the Varrio Hawaiian Gardens gang”, certianly I haven’t. That is if you live outside of Cali, or outside of L.A. altogether this gang doesn’t have the recognition as other affecting other areas such as the Bloods and Crips et al. While the gang is centered around in L.A. Hoods that are predominated by mostly Latinos, calling them the biggest and baddest hategroup is actually quite lame. That’s because this gang only affects those that live in L.A. certainly in that part of that neighborhood. Unlike the KKK and many white supremacists groups, everyone(including I) have been affected one way or another, by these racist hoodlum KKKrackers. What’s the big difference? The Varrio Hawaiians tend to target Black folks for the most part, but the white supremacists have been targeting anyone who isn’t exactly an ofay like them. That includes nonwhites and Jews, also White women are subjected to attacks(usually for race mixing).

    The exaggerated hyperbole I seen in that American Patrol piece was quite laughable. The Varrio Hawaiians doesn’t really add up for its notorious reputation being regarded as the “biggest hategroup of them all.” That title is already handed to the KKK long ago, long before the Bloods and Crips. Besides, its very hypercritical for these racist nitwits to be so concerned for Blacks when they themselves hate Black people with a passion.

  • lol

    Yeah, and the left doesn’t have an Us vs. Them outlook? Please.

  • Gustavo Arellano

    Meanwhile, Glenn Spencer of American Patrol is whining that the SPLC isn’t paying attention to this story:

    What an idiot!

  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    Retards from the lunatic fringes of the right, tend to view everything in a simplified “Us vs Them” ratio.
    That concept is lethally flawed and fallacious, yet obtrusive. Sufface to say, the divisive concept of taking sides, exemplify a weak stance on such critical issues. It is probably why they never seem to get everything done in a respective manner. As a non-Demcrat/non-Republican(non-Liberal/non-Conservatard) without bringing politics into play, I see gangs as a public manifestation that brings strife no matter where you are. Heck, even the Indian Reservations has a gang problem of their own. It doesn’t matter what racial group it comprises of.
    Why do the racist neo-Cons tend to see everthing politically? Perhaps, it is because their minds are too narrow to possess the rational understanding that street gangs has nothing to do with mere politics, nor the hot topic of “immigration debate”. Hence, they could careless about the subject matter. Personally, I still see the White Power movement as a gathering threat to our safety as non-aryans, and it needs to be concentrated on, before it gets out of hand, for that I praise the SPLC.

    P.S. Where’s the so called purported “La Raza” these whining white supremacists are always crying about? Maybe the “La Raza” is not as bad as the Hawaiian Garden street gangs much less the Mexican Mafia. Otherwise, I’m sure the SPLC would be writing about the white man’s monster–the “La Raza”.

  • Jardon

    “Which side to take?”

    Last time I checked, the SPLC Center is against all hate groups, regardless of what their ethnic/racial background is. So that is a pretty stupid question.

    “everyone who supports “immigration rights” has blood on their hands”

    It may come as a surprise to you, but not all Hispanics are illegal, or even immigrants for that matter. This particular case has nothing to do with immigration. I find it pretty pathetic that whenever a Hispanic is involved in anything, it turns into an immigration issue.

    As a Hispanic, I’m all for punishing pathetic racists, regardless of their ethnic and/or racial background, and I’m glad these gang-banging idiots got caught.

  • Jeronimus

    My, what a conundrum. One group of beloved favorites killing another. Which side to take?

    Just think though — everyone who supports “immigration rights” has blood on their hands.