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San Diego Minutemen Leader Ordered to Pay $135,000 for Defaming Woman

By David Holthouse on May 22, 2009 - 1:21 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant

Jeff Schwilk — the hot-tempered leader of the San Diego Minutemen, a nativist extremist organization with a reputation for violent confrontations and crude insults — has been ordered to pay $135,000 to a Korean-American civil rights activist who filed a defamation lawsuit against Schwilk and SDMM founding member and former spokesman Ray Carney in 2007.

Joanne Yoon sued Carney and Schwilk for $1 million after the men circulated photos of her in late 2006 along with comments referring to her as “the Korean anorexic ACLU slut.” Yoon, who was then 24, helped monitor SDMM rallies for the American Civil Liberties Union. The images of her were posted to a Yahoo group titled “Korean Kommie Kunt.” Ever the sensitive soul, Schwilk changed the name of the group to “Joanne Yoon ACLU Goon” after female SDMM activists objected. But that didn’t stop Carney from sending a mass E-mail to SDMM members suggesting that Yoon was interested in protecting the civil rights of Mexican immigrants because of her fondness for “Brown Schlong.”

Schwilk was ordered to pay compensatory damages yesterday after a Superior Court jury decided against him. Punitive damages will be decided May 26. The court also entered a default judgment against Carney, who did not file a response to Yoon’s lawsuit.

Schwilk’s attorney called the decision “an injustice” and vowed to file an appeal.

  • Jeffrey Hastings

    You delusional fools are totally oblivious of the calamity ILLEGAL immigration is bringing to the nation: costing several thousand U.S, citizen lives and several hundred billion per year in various costs to U.S. taxpayers. And YOU’RE the ones guilty of slander when you label ALL those opposed to illegal immigration as “anti-immigrant”. That’s such a crock of B.S.. I don’t even know where to start. As far as I’m concerned, Mr. Schwilk is a Patriot. Maybe he’s hot tempered but he and I are both FED UP with your subversive organization that preaches tolerance but practices wholesale character assasination. I know your Modus Operandi and it’s shameful. It’s one thing to stick up for the downtrodden but it’s quite another to demonize everyone who doesn’t welcome illegals with open arms when it’s for purely sensible, non-racist reasons. To call everyone opposed to illegal immigration “racist” or “xenophobic” is nonsense. You have racist fringe groups but it’s hardly everyone. YOU are hatemongers for not acknowledging that. To deny the nightmare of illegal immigration is sheer insanity; even you won’t be safe. You’d better get a grip, guys. We don’t mind LEGAL immigrants of ANY color or ethnicity; it’s only the ILLEGAL we’ve a problem with.

  • Jack

    What part of the comments were found to be injurious to her name or reputation? The comments excerpted are offensive but offensive speech is protected by the First Amendment. They are so over the top how could anyone hold Yoon in disrepute based on them?

  • Peter Coyotl

    Poor Jeff. Now he is reduced to selling autographed pics of himself in a bikini because I doubt if the loser ever has more than his current paycheck in his bank account.

  • Khadijah

    Would it not be wonderful if Fox News could be sued for slander ?

    Wow! That would be great!

    My mom and step-dad have FOX on every waking minute! She says “they tell the truth!”

    Yeah, FOX tells the side THEY want to hear! I never watch that channel!

  • SAS

    Would it not be wonderful if Fox News could be sued for slander ?

  • Khadijah

    They probablky started their organization with very little money and only a few followers, so after they file bankruptcy, they’ll just start up again, under a new name.

  • Marisa

    As far as I am concerned, the Minutemen organization lots its credibility a long time ago. I’m glad to see these idiots revealed for what they really are – hateful, ignorant b**tards.

  • Carter

    Only my opinion but when anyone has the ear of the public & uses scatology to communicate [that person &] their agenda are in question. NOT because of the politics or the questionable make-up of their world view; but because they have not the common sense to communicate more effectively.
    However…..I continually notice racism swirling with childish sexual overtones .
    What’s with that? That idiot should be deeply embarrassed! However I’d bet he doesn’t even know what impact his statements have on those who read them.

    {Sung to the tune of the “Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf”}
    “He’s afraid of the big brown schlong, He’s afraid of the big brwon schlong. Oh, my….. what a jackass!”

  • carrisima

    In the pocket — that’s how we should bankrupt and disband hate groups.