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Coalition of Anti-Immigration Groups Announces Plans For Shenandoah Rally

By Hatewatch Staff on May 26, 2009 - 11:36 am, Posted in Uncategorized

At least five anti-immigration groups, including United Patriots of America and You Don’t Speak For Me, are planning to participate in a May 30 rally in Shenandoah, Pa., where an all-white jury recently acquitted white teens of beating to death a Mexican immigrant.
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  • Khadijah

    “…MALDEF has also called for federal charges against the defendants….”

    Wonder if the feds are going to ever file charges???

  • George Sidoti

    The United States of America is defined by the Constitution. If anyone cannot live by the laws as outlined by the Constitution, whether they be an illegal immigrant, legal immigrant, naturalized citizen, born in the United States, diplomat, etc….