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Minutemen Protest Bilingual Education

By Hatewatch Staff on June 2, 2009 - 8:21 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Joe Ray, Washington state leader of the Minutemen, said that no school district should offer bilingual education of any kind.

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  • Mark

    The article said nothing about the MM.

  • Juan Rangel

    The concept of the “Minutemen” of today is a joke. I don’t get these clowns at all.

    Too much time on their hands, make these dudes want to play make-believe soldiers.

    Not to mention they see themselves as yesterday heroes.

    Heroes of what, only they know. Heroes in their minds–maybe.

  • swaneagle harijan

    I joined the Yakima Herald so i could comment on the article, but they will not allow me. So i will say my bit here.

    I cannot believe how ignorant so many Americans are. it is a real shame. First of all, Indigenous peoples, which so many migrants from Mexico are, continue to be among the most silenced and marginalized in this society. Minutemen do not have a clue about the damage done to Mexican farmers and villages due to NAFTA. Instead of compassion, hatred and selfishness rules their well armed lives.

    It is critical for all of us to assess how we manage to survive without having yet to pay so much more for our food or many other necessities. The work done by the migrant people is beyond comprehension and i am humbled by the sacrifices so many Mexican Indigenous people make in order to simply provide for their families. Most Americans are too spoiled to understand.

    All Americans should be learning the original Indigenous language from where they now live as well as the gol danged English invader language. I am ashamed of too much of what is done in the name of patriotism. It is vengeful and ignorant.

    In peaceful struggle,

  • Marisa

    Again…the “Minutemen,” showing their true colors – racist pieces of _______.