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White Supremacists Applaud Murder of Abortion Doctor

By David Holthouse on June 5, 2009 - 1:03 pm, Posted in White Supremacist

The veteran anti-abortion outfit Operation Rescue denounced as a “cowardly act” the recent murder of abortion provider George Tiller in Wichita, Kan., allegedly committed by Scott Roeder, a man with a long history of anti-abortion and anti-government extremism.

Not so white supremacists, most of whom have greeted Roeder’s actions with praise. On Stormfront, the largest white supremacist forum in terms of members, the more than 400 comments that have been posted about Tiller’s murder are running about ten-to-one in favor of the killing.

“Well that vile scumbag will never kill another White child. I’d say mission accomplished on this one. Taking things into our own hands is not just right it is our duty!” wrote “Whitelad 88” on Stormfront. His compatriot “Mechanicalstar” chimed in with, “We can’t wince at every action one of our people take when they get fed up and go over the edge, because things aren’t going to change simply by talking a whole lot on the Internet.” Another poster wrote, “Scott Roeder will and should go down as a hero in our pantheon.”

A Stormfront moderator posting as “Jack Boot” chimed in to report that he’d smoked a celebratory cigar he’d been saving for the execution of black radical and convicted murderer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

“I was saving this cigar for Mumia’s date with the devil. An excellent smoke, a corona,” wrote Boot. “I think the most enjoyable parties just spontaneously happen, like friends gathering to just share each others company after any given cheerful event. Weddings, births, new cars, shooting down Tiller, that kind of thing. We must see about a defense fund for the accused.”

Sentiments were similar on other white supremacist web forums.

The Vanguard News Network (VNN) forum was filled with congratulatory messages. “Too bad that it didn’t seem like a very painful death,” wrote “psychologicalschock.” “Reset,” posting to another racist forum, New Nation Newsreporters Newsroom (NNNN), wrote, “This scumbag killed tens of thousands of white infants. A shame the guy got caught, the good ‘doctor’ is not worth dying in prison for.”

Others expressed a sentiment widespread in racist circles—that abortion is perfectly legitimate as long as it involves non-whites.  “Good riddance,” wrote “deathtozog” on VNN. “The only abortion doctors that get any approval from me are those set up in places like DC or Detroit and are aborting non-White babies.” “Bigdhe3” penned on NNNN, “why is there any uproar over this… the LESS friggin niggers there are the better.”

The few racists brave enough to express their opposition to Tiller’s murder were blasted for being race-traitors, Jews and trolls.

“Wow, the comments in this thread amaze me,” wrote “Exare” on Stormfront, “Even if you disagree with abortion you honestly agree with this sort of self-righteous taking the law into your own hand method? The shooter is a murderer and a criminal and should be dealt with harshly. No wonder white nationalists have such a negative social image. The majority of you people only feed the negative gun wielding redneck persona that the media tries to paint us white nationalists as.”

  • daemonesslisa

    I heard Mr. Carlin mention this once, and it is SO true!

    For the people that say “life begins at conception,” they obviously don’t quite understand the female anatomy. See, we get periods, and during those periods some eggs that get fertilized are sometimes flushed out. It’s quite painful, but it’s a fact of life.

    So does that mean that women who get periods are serial killers?!

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    No Rob, Dr. Tiller was not a murderer. According to your religion he is, but thankfully the US is a secular state where your irrational beliefs are not allowed to dominate or shape the laws.

  • GENO the Valkyrie Warlord

    According to Rachel Maddow, a segment aired from last week. An FBI agent has open an investigation into Tiller’s death. I’m wondering what the outcome will be. I wouldn’t be surprised if members of the “Operation Rescue” are held culpable through contributing info to a known psychopathetic killer, that ended the life of an infamous abortion doctor. They helped in a way by providing intelligence that led to one man’s death. I see blood on “Operation Rescue’s” hands. The only key, could be in the conversations that took place between two subjects.

  • Rob Jones

    Murder is immoral, whether it is done by bullet, knife,
    fist, or surgeon’s scapel. And, the taking of a innocent
    human life, is by definition, murder. Dr. Tiller was a
    murderer, just as Roeder is a murderer. It is as hard to mourn for Tiller as it will be for Roeder when he gets his
    just reward. We will all pass this earth. This is guaranteed.
    What is not guaranteed is Tiller’s eternal soul.

  • The Exaggerator

    How do we know these same anti-abortion Zealots and True Believers seeing martyrdom in Dr. George Tiller nothing less than hero status for Romanian Communist-era leader Nicolae Ceaucescu (particularly so for his “pro-life” policies which sought to hasten the Final Onset of Pure Socialism, never mind the risk of labour surplus over time)?

    Or, for that matter, South African President P.W. Botha (as in the “Make Babies for Botha” campaigns of the 1980’s aimed @ increasing white birth rates)?

  • Barbara Hoke

    Dr. Tiller’s assassin had the phone number of a high ranking Operation Rescue operative on the dash board of his car when arrested. This person reportedly gave Roeder directions to Dr. Tiller’s church, during several phone between them on the day of the murder. This and other connections may establish that Roeder acted as an agent for Operation Rescue. Dr. Tiller’s murder is a good candidate for a wrongful death civil suit on behalf of the Tiller family against Operation Rescue, with the objective of going after the assets of OR. How can we get SPLC’s attention on this?

    Thank you for your work!

    Barbara Hoke

  • GENO the Valkyrie Warlord

    The death of Dr. Tiller was a result of a white on white crime. Its a KKKrime that is quite common in WN circles. These barbaric beastly ofay savages are basically celebrating the death of another white man. And I say that’s a shame. So technically they’re celebrating the suicide of their own race. Well, so be it. But Dr. Tiller was just doing a public a great service. But abortions are the white man’s thing.

    But hypocritically speaking, the irony above all ironies is that these blasphemizing hypocrites are crying for the life of stillborns who are about to be aborted, hence the term–“pro-life”. But at the same time they are also crying about the number of nonwhites having babies thus producing larger families. There is no worst pathetic hypocrites than those on the extreme right.

    Looks like the Devil has got ahold of their weak minds.

  • Chris Diaz

    As somebody with brown skin, it never ceases to amaze me that Americans with white skin can call themselves “persecuted” or a “dying race” while people that look like them run everything.

    I think these people should get MRI’s to make sure they don’t have brain tumors causing delusional thinking.