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White Supremacists Worried About Movement’s Image

By Sonia Scherr on June 12, 2009 - 11:21 am, Posted in White Supremacist

Some white supremacists are bemoaning Wednesday’s fatal shooting at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C.

But it’s not because they feel sorry for the security guard who died or take issue with the virulent anti-Semitism of James von Brunn, the 88-year-old white supremacist who’s been charged with his murder. Rather, they’re concerned that the violent act could hurt their movement.

“The responsible white separatist community condemns this,” John de Nugent, a self-described white separatist, told the Washington Post. “It makes us look bad.”

Anonymous posts on the neo-Nazi website Vanguard News Network were less polite. “The entire episode is a gift to the International Jew and a Knife in the back [of] the Cause we are fighting for,” wrote a poster using the online moniker “The Red Skull.” “We are in for BIG trouble because of ONE senile old man. … The Jewsmedia will beat this horse until its [sic] no longer even recognizable. Incredibly STUPID, and hurtful to the entire movement!”

Added “Parsifal:” “The major problem I have with this incident is that there were White children in that god damn Holohoax indoctrination center at the time of the shooting. … I cannot support what Von Brunn did, although it will be a pleasure to see that evil temple of lies demolished after the Revolution.”

The administrator of Vanguard News Network, neo-Nazi Alex Linder, had a different take on the shooting: “Von Brunn sacrificed his life to show his people that the Holocaust is a Big Lie: a deliberately concocted atrocity myth being used by jews and their running dogs at Fox News and CNN to browbeat whites into submission to the Jewish Tyranny known as the New World Order.”

While saying he condemned von Brunn’s actions, Edgar J. Steele, the attorney who represented neo-Nazi Aryan Nations leader Richard Butler, drew a similar conclusion. “Why did Von Brunn choose to unload at the National Holocaust Museum?” he asked. “Because it is an edifice to one of the most stupendous lies of modern times, paid for and maintained with taxpayer dollars, that’s why.”

He added: “Make no mistake. Today’s was no isolated incident. You will see more and more shootouts like what took place in Washington, DC, this morning, until America begins to listen to all her citizens and accords all her children an equal voice in her affairs.”

Meanwhile, columnist Debbie Schlussel blamed the attacks on her usual scapegoat: Muslims. “It’s guys with names like Mohammed and Ahmed on our own American streets who make Mr. Von Brunn far more at ease in 2009 than he was even in 1999 to attack places associated with the Jews,” she said. “They created the comfort zone for James W. Brunn to engage in today’s shooting.”

Others spun wild conspiracy theories about government involvement in the attack. “Does anyone else here have a (more than) sneaking suspicion that this guy was paid off to do this so that the government would have yet another reason to crack down on us right-wing nutjobs? [sic]” asked “CoffeehouseGirl25” on Stormfront, the leading white supremacist forum.

And on the website of the Political Cesspool, a racist radio program, host James Edwards decried what he called a double standard in media coverage of the Holocaust Museum shooting.

“The media deliberately buries this epidemic of hate and violence, because the vast majority of murderers are non-white, and many of their victims are white. … [But] the local, regional, and national media are trumpeting the holocaust museum murder non stop [sic] and in huge fonts.”

Larry Keller contributed to this report.

  • Wilhelm

    Guess who? A white supremicist! I’m proud of who I am and where I come from. That is the message in today’s world…not hate and violence. The Holocaust happened – that is a matter of historical fact. Jews are stupid for giving Holocaust denial any response at all.
    Here is a lesson for all you “cultural diversity” loving nuts – I use certain words and phrases in my speeches to elicit a certain response. When you respond in the manner in which I expect you to, you are my puppet. Go to a Neo-nazi or KKK rally and see exactly which side is spewing hatred and promoting acts of violence. There are always more arrests of “anti-hate” demonstrators than there are of white supremicists. Why is that?
    Von Brunn did a horrible thing and no group or person should condone it in any way. I’m also pro-life, but I don’t condone the bombing of abortion clinics or the murder of abortion doctors. Those of you that want to condemn an entire movement because of the actions of one man are more narrow minded than I am.

  • Otempora

    VonBrunn got overloaded from watching the Hitler channel. Who goes to that museum? Can’t we just let the whole WW2 thing go already?

  • mountaingirl08

    The white separtist movement is inherently racist. It fosters the doctrine of prejudice against those who are different from them. The white separatist movement led to the necessity of the civil rights movement and its legislation.

  • Shane

    It’s going to be a rough future for all the ignorant racists out there. Your so called “movement” only goes in reverse. I advise anyone with any sense to get out now.

  • John de Nugent

    I categorically deny ever making the statement ascribed to me: “The responsible white separatist community condemns this, It makes us look bad.”

    Those were two separate (and honest) statements, never meant to be juxtaposed to dishonestly make me look crass and cynical.

    But the SPLC’s whole game is lies and distortions. Twisting words and facts is what you do best.

  • Ken Mier

    Its more important to be a Christian Supremicist than White. Without faith, there is no Nation.

    Hang this bastard…And the Nazis he rode in with.

  • mountaingirl08

    Say what? White Supremacists worried about their “image”? They would fall on their swords if they wanted to improve their images.
    And I don’t mean to sound bloodthirsty, but that Forde creature needs to receive the gift of the needle.
    It was bad enough that Forde committed home invasion and killed the father, but the slaughter of that beautiful little girl is unspeakable.

  • HARK

    I think Al Sharpton said it best when he observed that George W. Bush has put an end to the concept of “white superiority.”

  • charlie lange

    Evolution takes a long time. Tolerance is and will eventually win out over hate and ignorance. It will take time, and a willingness of all people to say enough is enough when it comes to the hatemongers and their enablers. (Did you get that rush? Billo? Glenn? Sean? Laura? et al?)

  • Luftblasen

    Will & irv, there may be some racists on the left just as there are racists anywhere else. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not one of religion nor race – it is first and foremost a territorial conflict. While most Israelis are Jewish, not all Jews are Israeli; and not all Israelis (and certainly not all Jews) agree with Netanyahu’s hardline right-wing policies.

  • bob cooper

    The movements image is already ruined. forget what side von is on. Neo nazis will NEVER recover nor will they ever have clout and they never should. And since many of them get involved in horrible acts of domestic terrorism like this, they never will.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    It’s a good time to remind everyone that a radical Muslim is also a type of right-wing reactionary. It is not for fun that American fundamentalist conservatives are likened to Taliban.

  • irv

    While the white supremacist movement is FAR larger than anyone imagines, because it includes many “ordinary” conservative white every day working types who really don’t say much on the subject who are never included in anti-Semitic figures, the most verbal hate against Jews comes from those on the Hunffington post, the Daily Kos and

    It is there that anti-Israeli rhetoric is at its peak, denouncing Jews as the New Nazis and war criminals for alleged crimes against the Palestinian people.

    Much reference is made to bringing up war crimes charges against many past and present members of the Israeli government.

    Because of American Jewish support for Israel, they are included in accusations as “enablers” and “co-conspirators.”

    There’s a microscope observing the white supremacist movement, but those haters on the left are far more numerous and seem to be above criticism, which is incrementally shifting more rabid anti-Semitism from the right to the left.

    Yes, it is the right who complains of Jewish influence in the media in this country and alleged Jewish control, but it is the left that is being cleverly taken over by the semite haters and who are gaining in strength. It is they who are now utter the most vitriole against Jews.

    Obama pretends to support Israel and American Jews with his rhetoric, but his actions reveal a bitter anti-semitic hatred. He holds Jews responsible for the plight of African Americans. He rightly believes it is Jews who helped the civil rights movement, but he likewise believes it is they who have helped keep the black man down, especially in recent times and he looks at Israel as oppressors of the Palestinians who plight he equates with blacks in America.

    The Jews on his team perceive a solution in the Middle East favoring Palestinians is necessary to the image of Jews everywhere, but they could very well be responsible for the annihilation of the state of Israel by supporting Palestinian autonomy and a separate state, one which can covertly arm itself with powerful weapons it does not have access to right now. They are unknowingly being used by many anti-semitic Obamaites for their political expertise, and they will be discarded as soon as they gain more power, just as they were discarded in the civil rights movement when their usefulness came to an end.

    I would ask all those who doubt what I say to keep an eye on the leftist web sites and read the anti-Semitism there. Take a look at the comments when Israel is in the news.

  • GENO the Valkyrie Warlord

    Since Obama’s victory for the presidential bid, there are no known “Left wing terrorists groups” that have not engaged in such violence not since the 80’s. There is, however, one individual who is not a wing-nut, who commited acts of domestic terrorism and his name is Carlos “Carly” Bledsoe. A recently converted Muslim.

    “The musuem shooter had more of a leftist mindset.”

    Only in your dreams, wilie. Surely you gotta be very confused on the differences between the Left and Right. And if you strongly believe that wretched white supremacist had a leftist agenda, can name some examples for everyones amusement? Also, I like to know what leftist organizations has that geriatric Nazi supported or contrabuted in the past. I don’t think you can pinpoint a single connection. If you can’t name a single source, then you’re probably full of that brown stuff(as usual).

  • carrisima

    What a warped bunch of cookies the supremists and separatists are. I believe that we should seek life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in any way we please separate and apart or integrated — but to insist “false” superiority is just plain dumb. Simply being “white” is getting antebellum old already. Violence and murder to prove your point is neaderthal (what race were they?). Being a decent human being is harder to achieve regardless of one’s race. ca

  • Kevin

    Unfortunately for America, including those of us who strive for more societal tolerance while at the same time see how racist hate groups will stop at nothing to spread their venom, hate groups are getting a lot of “good press” these days from so-called mainstream media sources. This online news “story” (link: from, for example, is nothing more than a propoganda piece for neo-Nazis by referring to the National Socialist Movement (NSM) as a civil rights organization! How disgusting that any news outlet would even dare to write such a story.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Will, the man’s views were clearly right wing, not even remotely left. Clearly you live in a fantasy world and have little experience or knowledge of politics or history, aside from what your local AM radio DJs tell you.

    Oh and please give me a list of left-wing groups who “call for taking up arms against the white man”. DIRECT LINKS please.

  • WILL

    And also, I noticed even in the logo for this very page that it says “keeping an on the radical right! What is that all about, is one form of hate better than the other, hate don’t just come in the form of right-wing, it comes in all forms, you could do more for the people if you did not encourage diversity with a statement like that!

    What about left wing groups that call for taking up arms against the white man! Who decides at SPLC what is considered hate and what is not, I was under the impression that this org. wants to discourage hate in general, not just one side of hate! But that is the first time I have really looked at that logo…… I guess I was wrong……….Really disappointed.

  • WILL

    The museum shooter had more of a leftist mind set, He hated Jews just like the left wing nuts!

  • P Smith

    What the rabid right wing are feeling is impotence and jealousy as much as “concern” for their “cause”. All are undoubtedly enjoying the murders as much as they are wishing they could have done it themselves.

    They’d love to be committing such terrorism themselves if it weren’t so “unfashionable”. The only real difference between christian terrorists and islamic terrorists is a willingness to die for their beliefs; the extremists in the US are cowards, like James Kopp and Scott “rodent” Roeder.

    As for the discussion of why hate crimes were down in the US between 2001 and 2008, it’s because they right wing thought they would be getting their way permanently, and would be able to legalize hate and discrimination. Now that the jackboots have stopped marching, they “think” they are the targets of “hate” and like the sociopaths they are, they are committing violence again.

  • Luftblasen

    I find this comment hilarious: “It makes us look bad.” Exactly when did they ever look good? Are there any approximate figures that represent the number or percentage of the WS population in the country as a whole?

  • mountaingirl08

    Worried about the movement’s “limage”? What as hoot. I always thought their image was so poor that it couldn’t get much worse. At least we are seeing these people as they really are. They cannot disavow the violence they have perpetuated. They can’t yell “fire” in a theater and then say “Who me? Did I really suggest there was a fire? Oops.” When good people like Stephen Johns die they have to bear the responsibility.

  • GENO the Valkyrie Warlord

    White supremacists are very good at doctoring up all sorts of excuses. From blaming Jew controled media, non-whites, to the government.

    If the lawyer from the article above is claiming that there will be more shootouts. Then it seems to me that the Federals have better take “the movement” seriously.

    I also encourage all *law abiding* nonwhites and white women to apply for canceled weapons permit. Like me, you might have a greater chance of survival when unexpected dire circumstances should occur in a public forum. For these white supremacists are making life more dangerous in the white man’s society.

  • Den

    HMS Nerd,
    Not to contradict you or anything, but that study that I’m supposing your referring to was only for the years between 2001 and 2007. However, there have been reports of increased hate crimes and hate websites since Obama’s election.

  • Allen

    LOL! This is like bin Laden trying to run a public relations campaign! How ironic!

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Funny what cowards many of these WNs really are. Linder, despite being a scumbag, at least had the balls to remain consistent. Well, almost consistent, since you don’t see Linder risking his own ass for his worthless cause. Not surprising though- most movement leaders know the whole thing is a scam. They most likely believed at first, but got sick of the nutcases and realized they would never succeed, so cynicism sets in when they realize that they have stumbled upon an incredibly easy career. Though I digress.

    What is really ironic is that these people cry to the high heavens about the “taxpayer supported” Holocaust museum(as if that can even hold a candle to the annual defense budget), and yet they say not a word about the taxpayer funded anti-Communism museum in Washington.

  • David

    Von Brunn was a frequent poster on the far-rightwing hate site “Free Republic”.

    His hateful screed “Obama is Missing” is signed by him, IN HIS FULL NAME, James W. von Brunn, on December 02, 2008

    It is still up on that site… check it out before it’s removed.

    His Free Republic nick was “wannabegeek”… read his other rightwing hate posts.

    I don’t know why the MSM is not covering this.

    Google “Obama is Missing”

    Here is a compilation of von Brunn’s racist rants on the far rightwing hate site, “Free Republic”.

    See for yourself the thoughts of a racist, murdering rightwinger before they “vanish”…

  • HMS Nerd

    Perhaps the ‘movement’ is concerned about their image because tolerance is winning out. Crime statistics indicate that hate crimes have decreased in the United States since 2001. See:

    The stats, in this case, don’t lie. The trend is towards a society of tolerance and, consequently, towards a future that’s anathema to purveyors of hate philosophy. Whether that WILL result in a reactionary spaz on the part of hate groups…maybe that’s what we’re seeing here, maybe that’s the message in the unfortunately worded DHS report.