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Nativist Leader Arrested For Double Murder

By David Holthouse on June 15, 2009 - 8:52 am, Posted in Anti-Immigrant

The leader of Minutemen American Defense (MAD), a nativist extremist group that conducts vigilante patrols on the Arizona-Mexico border, was charged with two counts of first-degree murder Friday for her alleged role in the May 30 slayings of a Latino man and his 9-year-old daughter in Pima County, Ariz.

MAD Executive Director Shawna Forde, 41, allegedly orchestrated a home invasion robbery of a suspected narcotics trafficker because she was seeking drugs and cash to fund her group’s vigilante operations, law enforcement authorities said. The murders, including the killing of the child, were part of the plan, said Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik. “She’s, at best, a psychopath,” Dupnik said of Forde in comments quoted by the Green Valley News & Sun.

Also arrested were MAD Operations Director Jason Eugene “Gunny” Bush, 34, the alleged triggerman in the murders, and Albert Robert Gaxiola, 42, a local member of MAD. Along with the two murder counts, Forde and her two associates were charged with one count of first-degree burglary and one count of aggravated assault.

MAD has been conducting vigilante patrols in southern Arizona since mid-May. Sheriff Dupnik reportedly said that between the time of the killings and her arrest, Forde remained in the area “still trying … to get together a large amount of money to further sophisticate the type of operation she’s interested in.”

Brisenia FloresForde denied the charges against her. “No, I did not do it,” she told reporters as she was led out of the Pima County Sheriff’s Office.

According to investigators, Forde and at least two armed men broke into a trailer occupied by Arivaca, Ariz., resident Raul Flores, his wife, and their daughter Brisenia. Bush allegedly shot and killed Raul Flores and Brisenia before Flores’ wife, who was also shot in the incident, returned fire, wounding Gaxiola. It’s unclear whether the alleged killers found any money or drugs.

Sheriff Dupnik called the alleged crime a “home invasion where the plan was to kill all the people inside this trailer because they might be witnesses, and rob them.”

Forde’s arrest for double murder comes not long after her involvement in a bizarre series of violent incidents in her hometown of Everett, Wash. They began last December when Forde’s estranged husband was mysteriously shot in their home. About a week later, on Dec. 29, Forde reported that she’d been the victim of a home invasion attack perpetrated by a trio of Spanish-speaking men who ambushed her in her kitchen, beat her unconscious, sexually assaulted her, and slashed the back of her neck with a knife. (Forde posted a set of photos showing what she claimed were injuries she suffered during the attack.) The following month, on Jan. 15, Forde suffered a gunshot wound to her arm. She told police that a strange man shot her in an alley two blocks from her home.

The Everett violence is still under investigation.

  • Patricio Bridges

    We know what is done with MAD dogs and these murderers should be no exception.

  • beholder

    Today in Houston there was another incident, a textbook Southern hate crime.

    Three white assailants, screaming racial perjoratives, attacked the driver of an ice cream truck and beat him severely.

  • beholder

    Any crackdown on immigration ever tried in the US resulted in widespread civil rights abuses and was later halted because of it.

  • Kate De Braose

    What everybody ignores is the legislation that opened the borders to the economic exploitation of other American States from Mexico all the way down to the end of the continent. Aren’t we building a highway from Mexico all the way into Canada? So, for who, or what, are we taxpayers building that overwhelming access?

    What do Nafta and Cafta accomplish, anyway? Aren’t they the legal vehicles that make the ordinary citizens of all those states into the victims of corporate greed?

    They also enable both crooks and businessmen to rob, murder and exploit everyone and to do it without any danger of reprisal. In case you can’t see it, that is the ultimate in the slavers’ spurious philosophy of States’ rights.

    In the meantime, ordinary citizens in all those countries are labelled as felons when they assume they have an equal right to avail themselves of the same basic rights that corporations enjoy- the freedom to do legal business across all borders.

    In my opinion, the freedom to cross borders should be offered to everyone not convicted of being a current criminal. Perhaps that licensing should happen whenever our citizens get their Social Security cards.

  • joe

    Lets (RICO) The open border pro illegal alien groups first! After all we know there is a hell of alot more law breaking there-thats for darn sure! Lets start with I.D. theft and Social security fraud alone! That would be a grate place to start!

  • GENO the Valkyrie Warlord

    For the record, to clear up any confusion. That comment by “Ryan” from above is written by me. Since “Ryan” and I use the same system. I just forgot to type in my own name.

    Sorry for the misunderstanding. And btw, it was addressed to Gary Braeshare.


  • majii

    Thanks, Ryan.
    People who post comments without knowing what they’re talking about play a huge role in perpetuating the existing lies that are spread among the uninformed citizens of America. They seem to take immense delight in their ability to mislead those who just don’t know any better.

  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    “Firstly I am not a Republican.”

    Funny. Because most Minutemen are. Not to mention that Chris Simcox is running for a political seat in Arizona, I believe its Sen. Juan McCain’s seat. As you already know it, that Minutemen orgs support the Republican party and their agendas. I really don’t give a wit, if you’re not a wing-nut, but the vast majority of them are.

    “Secondly, way to go to pull the race card to try and blame the “white man’s government.”

    I don’t deny that I’m a “racist” towards the racists. My comments in these forums is evident of that. However, it doesn’t mean that I’m anti-white in general. Its quite lame to juxtapose the entire race/ethnicity into the same boat. The same can be said true about the fallacious notion that all Jews are somewhat pro-Zionist because they’re Jews, that’s not very imperative to begin with. But its definately true to form that the white man does controls the government. And has so since the birth of this Nation. You should know that already, cowboy….

    “It doesn’t take much to get you racist communist to reveal your true agenda.”

    Sorry. But I’m not a “communist”. Didn’t I just stated from my previous comment that I’m not a Democrat? Maybe you have severe reading incomprehensional disability? This includes trite titles like “Liberals” and “Socialists”. My political views/beliefs spectrum is hardly deemed “Communist”. Communists is like Zionism, and I have stated previously weeks or months ago, that I don’t favor Zionism. I am against that. I am not pro-Isreal to begin with. But because you’re a Johnny-come-lately, I have to explain it to you.

    “The Dems are completely for open borders and amnesty.”

    Actually no they’re not. If they’re for “open borders” according to you, we would not have Janet Napolitano as DHS. Maybe you should read up on Janet’s stance on border enforcement. After all, she was the ONLY DEMOCRATIC border state govenor to put up a fierce fight against the Republifool’s withdrawal of the National Guard troops and funding for increased border security during the height of narco-violence at the border earlier last year and the year before. The Republicans ignored and underestimated the drug cartel’s bloodletting. Its apparent that it is you who is a “tool”…

    As far as amnesty is concerned it doesn’t look like Barack Obama is going for it, according to several PRO-IMMIGRANT news sources. There’s already a growing backlash at the president from the pro-immigrant community because they’re starting realize that the president is most likely avoid this issue. So far he has.
    He hasn’t said a word about amnesty since his campaign. Unless maybe you can post a link to Obama’s most recent quotes that he”ll grant amnesty to illegal aliens??? Yet, that remains to be seen. I don’t think you can.

  • L.T. Brown

    Racism is the oldest form of Terrorism and still hasn’t been dealt with, in that way. Heck, they don’t even want it called terrorism when there’s a white face on it. :smh:
    Not that river in Egypt?

  • L.T. Brown

    There is no explaining this away. Not even.

  • Gary Braeshere

    Firstly, I am not a Republican.

    Secondly, way to go to pull the race card to try and blame the “White man’s government”. It doesn’t take much to get you racist Communists to reveal your true agenda.

    The reason border crossings are down is because of the economic situation in this country and nothing to do with Democratic enforcement at the borders. The Dems are completely for open borders and amnesty, which they are currently trying to shove down the throats of the American people. They are in league with Mexico and those with a globalist, communist agenda.

    As far as their being more “wing-nuts” on the right, that is a rather humorous analogy considering that nearly all those on the Left are entirely insane. The SPLC is a symptom of this.

    Stop being a tool, Geno.

  • GENO the Valkyrie Warlord

    Speaking of “outright lies”. I hear more them prattled from the lunacy of the petty right. Hence, there are more wing-nut radio/tv shows than there are on the left.
    (Just remember, sun, that I’m not a Democrat)

    ‘The US government has provoked a war by leaving our borders unprotected for decades”

    This government you are referring to, is the white man’s Republican controlled government from previous years. 8 years of inaction by the Bush(wack) administration left the borders wide open for open season. 4 months of Obama’s work has the borders secured better than any Republifool has done in the past. The number of border crossings went down dramatically since Obama’s inauguration, according to several independent watchdog groups. The National Guard was reistated under a Democratic led government. And here you are complaining about the government, and that government was the white man’s wing-nut government.

    Maybe being such a Republican doesn’t work, eh? Have these idiots learned from the past? Grampa McCain is a corporate sell-out and you retrogrades would have voted for him and that wacky wonder from Wasillah, for the sole purpose of their political party, the devastation at the border states would be 2-folds.

  • Gary Braeshere

    As to Geno’s suggestion that the MM have provoked war with the drug cartels, this is patently absurd, leftist drivel. The US government has provoked a war by leaving our borders unprotected for decades and tying the hands of the border patrol by railroading its own agents when they shoot drug smugglers. Again, this crime had ZERO to do with MM activism. Its a crime committed by criminals. There is not so much as a SINGLE documented case of violence committed against “migrants” by MM. Not one. There are leftist accusations of them but they are entirely unfounded and outright lies.

  • Gary Braeshere

    Nice try SPLC but the psychopaths that committed this crime (one of them LATINO) have nothing whatsoever to do with the law abiding activists groups who have been promoting border enforcement for the past 5 years. Its ironic that considering the number of Americans killed by illegal aliens each year (between 2,000-4,000) we don’t here so much as a passing mention of it from leftist propaganda outlets like Potek’s and Dees’ SPLC. But when one psychotic who was part of a splinter group is accused of murder you guys lose your minds. How’s that for irony?

    Nor does this crime even have anything to do with border activism. This crime appears to be related to drugs and money. So to try and link it with the Minutemen (of which there are numerous independent orgs calling themselves this across the nation) or suggest that it falls into the realm of a hate crime against Latinos is equally baseless.

    Once again, you fail.

  • Carter

    @ Beholder:
    Bilingual education is a good thing. The USA has so many individuals who cannot speak any other language than English, that it’s a shame. That’s NOT a worthwhile education my friend!
    In quality schools in both Europe & Asia, being able to speak another language opens vistas to the children that they may never have if they only speak one language.
    About 70 + years back, German was the language of Science. A young person interested in science & mathematics would learn German to enjoy a deeper education. French & English was the language of play- writes. Spanish (& Italian) was also of the Romance language genre’ [of the Classical Arts].

    The problems we have with the teaching system is often one of addressing the Lesson Plan to the lowest common denominator.
    It’s not exposing young people to other languages.

    On another note….
    I’m not sure how many of you remember or know of the Minute Men of the early 1960’s – they were a happy group of nut cases. This was the time of George Lincoln Rockwell…..The band plays on but the tunes change slightly.

  • L.T. Brown

    This is awful and way to common. Why wasn’t this natoinal news? This is why I keep my guns. For this very reason, because this isn’t terrorism to America’s justice system. Yet this is the oldest form of it.

  • GENO the Valkyrie Warlord

    So I’m assuming in the wake of minuteman’s violence, shedding the blood of a notorious drug trafficker and killing his family. All for the purpose of stealing the cartels illegal drugs and money which is btw, the drug cartels money. This cowardly act of killing a child, is to provoke a war with the drug cartels.

    I’m sure the drug cartels would be furiously seething at the minuteman for stealing their drugs and money for their own self-fish ends.

    The minuteman has got blood on its hands. And is making America more dangerous by provoking a war with the drug cartels.

    I say its a cause for alarm.

  • beholder

    take a look at this post on the Houston Chronicle immigration blog. This is the norm!

    Now if the feds would concentrate on deporting the illegals in this country we can start from scratch and really enforece the existing laws. And Bilingual Education is not the answer. Any legal immigrant needs to learn English. Now there is no incentive to learn English. That needs to change. Enabling the Hispanics is the problem, not the solution.

    Posted by: txloanguy at June 16, 2009 03:56 PM

  • beholder

    In my view the Minutemen are traitors. How can we continue as a pluralist society with pickets of hatred around us? I am very refreshed to see these comments by the way. In Texas, a hotbed of the angriest nativism I have ever seen, people take it for granted that undocumented immigrants simply have no rights. When confronted with facts such as this horrific incident in Arizona, the anti-immigrant groups quickly disavow all connection to the violence and in the same breath call for mass deportation of 12-20 million immigrants. It’s really scary in Texas.

  • Marisa

    “RICO” the Minutemen. I LOVE IT!!!!! WONDERFUL idea.

  • William Gheen

    Immigration Groups Issued Advisory on Shawna Forde before Killings

  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    The killing of a child? Just for the sake of their border agenda?

    Hmmm…she sounds worthy for the Death Penalty. I doubt she showed any remorse for her heinous skullduggery. It just goes to show everyone the true evil nature/intents of these border “vigilantes”.

    I say its about damn time the federal government considers the minutemen a criminal organization. Treat them like they did the Mob and seize their assets for RICO. Maybe even going as far as to arrests all of its members? After all, they stole drug money which was basically meant to be used to fund their criminal enterprise, whatever that may be. For sure, these racist-spitting hooligans are not pro-law. Time to arrest them.

  • daemonesslisa

    Pathological indeed, Carter; a lot of new communities are essentially torn-down forests made for the sole purpose of escaping “undesirables”. Of course, when the minorities do show up, they try their best to live in peace, but the native(ists) don’t always let them do so, and subject them to vandalism and such. Conveniently, they then claim that said minorities brought the crime to the neighborhood!

  • Carter

    If this happened around Arivaca & Green Valley, it’s bizarrely out of character for the area. [Retirement areas that are pleasant and home to golf courses & moderate artist communities.]
    That those Bastards have to bring their pathological agenda with them into a peaceful place make me sick.

  • GENO the Valkyrie Warlord

    Yep. This was all over the local news the other day. As horrific as the crime is, involving an innocent 9yr old girl. Its proof that these Natavist extremists organizations are full of lower than dirt KKKriminals and scumbags.

    The arrests of these MAD vermins is a victory for “the Rule of Law”.
    That’s more KKKriminals taken down but more to go!

    Also, I’m wondering what the outcome of the investigation into the supposed make-believe plot of someone trying to kill Forde, awhile back. Have they even bothered completing the investigation? Because, if they did, this deadly sinister incident wouldn’t have happened in the first place. She’d be charged with a false reporting to a law enforcement and possibly other charges, maybe meth possession.

    This is what happens when you allow these Natavists oraguntan hirsutes to roam free and continue with their KKKriminal activities, dealing with illegal Mexican drugs and their homemade methamphetamines.