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Minutemen Protest Salt Lake City Immigration Enforcement Decision

By Hatewatch Staff on June 16, 2009 - 11:21 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Members of the Utah Minutemen rallied to protest the mayor and police chief of Salt Lake City’s decision against cross-training city officers to enforce federal immigration laws.
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  • Shadow Wolf

    Good points, there is evidence that when a local law enforcement agency takes the federal government’s responsibilty of enforcing immigration laws. All the other priorities become grossly neglected and flawed(i.e. investigating serious crimes like murders, rapes, cold cases et cetera).

    A Libitarian Independent think tank–the Goldwater Institute has done several studies into Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. When the MSCO took in the 287(g) agreement, training upwards of 160 deputies to be immigration enforcers. Other priorities went ignored, rendering the valley to see high rates of domestic crimes committed by Americans, felony warrants reached over 40,000 hence the nickname by mayor Phil Gordon@Sheriff Joe Arpaio for making Phoenix “a sanctuary city for felons”. The respond times it took for the MSCO to respond to domestic crimes was unacceptably longer under its normal guidelines. The public was outraged because a Sheriff deputy was too busy checking the legal status of Pedro who happened to be DWB(driving while brown). A white woman gets raped and her attackers never caught because the Sheriff would rather chase labor workers than violent felons. They were heavily criticized. The East Valley Tribune did a long deep investigation into the MSCO federal responsiblities and found the same flaws(see “Reasonable Doubt” series) the journos who conducted this investigation were later awarded this year for their hard work and now work for a much bigger projects.

    The SLC PD and other LEA’s nationwide should learn this lesson from the MSCO and do not allow their officers to take the responsiblity of a federal agency. Leave ICE to do its own job.

  • Marisa

    The Minutemen STILL don’t “get it.” Immigration laws are for FEDERAL officers to enforce.

  • Tom Kissner

    My experience has been that municipal police officers already have enough to do protecting residents and preventing crime, without taking on the federal government’s duties.