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Anti-Gay Conspiracy Theories Debunked by Christian Professor

By Casey Sanchez on June 17, 2009 - 9:04 am, Posted in Anti-LGBT

Scott Lively has made a ministry career that spans two decades and three continents, in part by preaching that the Nazi Third Reich was helmed and orchestrated by gay men. That’s the central thesis of his book The Pink Swastika, and it played a pivotal role in Lively’s co-founding of the international anti-gay hate group Watchmen on the Walls. For years now, historians, watchdog and gay civil rights groups have called Lively out on his slander.  But now, the anti-gay crusader faces a formidable new critic on his own home turf. Warren Throckmorton, a well-respected conservative Christian psychology professor, has been exposing Lively’s false claims in evangelical Christian magazines and blogs.

What set Throckmorton off was Lively’s March appearance at an anti-gay rights conference in Uganda, where homosexuality is already a crime punishable by life in prison. In the capital city of Kampala, Lively rehashed his gay Nazi stump speech and called for Ugandan gays and lesbians to be forced into so-called “conversion therapy.”  Since then, as Throckmorton notes, “lists of people suspected to be gay have been included in tabloids, various ministers have accused other ministers of being homosexual, and Christian groups are calling for the government to create a commission to eliminate homosexuality — all supported by American Christian ministries.”

“[T]here is a disturbing parallel with the Nazis, but it is not with the homosexuals,” Throckmorton writes in the Christian web magazine Crosswalk. “In Uganda among Christian groups and government leaders, and encouraged by Mr. Lively, homosexuality is considered the root of society’s evils.” In response, Throckmorton has launched an ambitious project to discredit Lively’s books and analyze how the anti-gay rights leader came to formulate his idea that “the Nazi Party was entirely controlled by militaristic male homosexuals throughout its short history.”

Throckmorton says Lively’s obsession with linking gay men to Nazi fascism began in 1992 with Oregon’s Ballot Measure 9, which would have mandated that public schools teach that homosexuality is “abnormal, wrong, unnatural and perverse.” The ballot measure was drafted and supported by the Oregon Citizens Alliance, whose communications director was Scott Lively. As gay rights activists drew comparisons between Measure 9 and the Nazi treatment of homosexuals, Lively and his Pink Swastika co-author Scott Abrams sought to make, in Throckmorton’s words, the “massive leaps of logic and fact required to make National Socialism an invention of a cohesive homosexual plot.”

Engaging Lively in his own shaky logic, Throckmorton posed this question to Lively: “If homosexuality was so associated with National Socialist ideals and aims, then shouldn’t the current Nazis be dominated by homosexuals?” Throckmorton then digs up several websites from the National Socialist Movement, the largest and most high-profile neo-Nazi group in the U.S. He finds that all NSM chapters ban non-white and non-heterosexual members; one of the chapters, in fact, puts it explicitly: “Homosexuality is a social degeneracy that must be expunged from our society.”

Taking it a further step, Throckmorton invited Grove City College history professor Jon David Wyneken to analyze the claims of The Pink Swastika. Wyneken, a scholar of German history between 1933 and 1955, picks apart Lively’s distorted and cherry-picked quotes to conclude that “Lively’s book is simply not good history and is, in fact, not really history at all.” The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum notes that between 5,000 and 15,000 homosexual men were forced into Nazi concentration camps where they were beaten, castrated and killed.

Throckmorton may seem like an unlikely person to confront Lively’s ideas. In 2004, he produced the video “I Do Exist,” profiling teens and young adults who claim to have become “ex-gay” — a “conversion” idea that is also embraced by Lively. (Most medical and psychological professional associations say that homosexuality is not a pathology and cannot, in any event, be “cured.”) But Throckmorton has also been a vocal critic of several therapies pushed by the ex-gay movement and has an audience among conservative and evangelical Christians. He has also called on schools to prevent bullying of gay students. Throckmorton cautions that his video should not be purchased by anyone “looking for a way to express to gay people that they should change their sexual feelings to be acceptable to God.”

As for Lively and those who believe his revisionist allegations, Throckmorton warns fellow believers: “When Christians make spurious comparisons to the Nazis, they should not be surprised when the targets of those comparisons lash back and consider them hateful. There should be little wonder why they don’t feel the Love.”

  • Ronete-Jenna Mckenzie

    Well i am gay and proud of it. I belive in God and believe that you do not judge other people if you youself have sin. So who can openly proclaim with their own mouth can say “I dont have sin”. If someone has to stand before God and take my sins then they have a right to judge me but if they dont then they have no right. It is a sin to judge. No where in the 10 commandments does it state that being Gay is wrong.


    you are disgusting you are promoting hatred and intolerance for people who are “different “or “wrong” according to your opinions. Why can’t you leave people alone who are in love and actually focus on things that are important like teaching others about gods love or how should we spread gods message by living by example. Without hate, without lies, without targeting others while your own life has sin, like in the bible for which who has committed no sin may he/she cast the first stone. You as a Christian should love everyone because every single human being is a child of god and should be treated with love and kindness. You are entitled to your own opinions,beliefs, and choices. I’ve grown up in a Christian family as well as went to a
    Christian school for awhile as well as took bible class. There are many ways to interpret the bible but really you need to just do what god would want and the main message is to teach love just as Jesus did no matter how much hate, intolerance and just a lack of willing to accept something different. If i would actually see a Christian live a life like they are supposed to, i am not saying that u have to be perfect but whenever u sin you pray and ask for forgiveness but live a life of love and understanding people will actually notice how you stand out in a world full of hate and fakeness. No more talking and pointing out others faults or things that you may not like while you are living a life of lies. There are more important messages out there to focus on like the way young people are living the lack of respect, the way this generation is going down the wrong path because of drugs, violence, sex, and just a lack of interest to better themselves and thinking they should act like what the media portrays or what they see from bad examples . BY Trying to protay themselves as “older” by cursing acting like a criminal trying to just make themselves go down a road that will lead no where. So you need to focus on that and even more things. So you guys are just a big disappointment to me and a horrible example of what being Christian is supposed to be. I hope you realize that you are spreading hate and sending the opposite message that god wants you to send. This just makes me sick.

  • Bruce

    Lively is no more a christian than a jackass.

  • Jarrod

    Carter, you are hurting my aluminum foil hat stocks, and I do not appreciate that in this economy.

    Ms. Wagner’s words ring poignantly true. Majii, you are right, although I think it’s broader–non-religious people also will listen to their “pulpits” over education. Too bad many ministers have not read C.S. Lewis, who said that a preacher’s job is “to prepare you to be the sort of person who is going to live forever,” and that if a Christian wants to know how he or she should view economics (or politics) in line with her or his faith, said person should consult a Christian economist (political scientist or historian, in this case), not a preacher.

  • Carter

    Aren’t there some published works on Nazi-UFO connections? Perhaps there are gay space people beaming microwaves into the brains of Joe-6-pack which the only defense is a aluminum foil hat?

    The whole issue is absurd as Pat himself.

  • majii

    I agree. The only problem is that most of the people who hate out of fear of the unknown have absolutely no desire to do research of any kind on any topic. They are too busy believing what, in a lot of cases, their corrupt theologians say in the pulpit. I taught U.S. history for over 30 years in GA, and I can say, without a doubt, that ministers trump education where politics is concerned. I could teach the facts, but the ministers, parents, and talk radio hosts swayed the hearts and minds of most of my students.

  • Dauson Lovi

    I don’t understand why radical people think that anyone different from them is out to take over the world. It would almost seem to me that those who are obsessed with thinking this way are in fact trying to shove their social idealism on everyone else, in essence, taking over the world.

    I’m finding, the more and more I read and study, that the hatred that people harbor is more out of fear of the unknown, the misunderstood and the fear of not being able to control that. I don’t understand why people rush to conclusions instead of researching and learning. Education is key. At least education prevents made up histories…

  • mountaingirl08

    The Nazis were not begun by gay people. Actually the Nazis deported homosexuals to death camps.
    Pat Buchanan(sp) is chronically hysterical. And at times he unintentionally hysterically funny, jsut like another far right looney; that would be Glenn Beck.

  • Carolyn Wagner

    I suppose, as the mother of an anti-gay hate crime victim, I should be grateful to learn that one conservative Christian is challenging the lies of another but I am not. Way too little and way too late for the untold numbers whose lives and those of their loved ones have been forever altered based upon their own perversion of Christian principles.

    As a Christian myself, I have the firm belief that all who have spoken words of bias and hate as well as all who remained silent or failed to act to halt others from such harm to other humans, will pay for such crimes against humanity when they face their maker.

  • Gunslinger

    While I have heard rumors on the possible homosexual orientation of Hitler, but all the Nazis? I cry BS.