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Arivaca Murders Stir Fears Of Rogue Minuteman Violence

By Hatewatch Staff on June 30, 2009 - 10:02 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Home invasion killings allegedly carried out by members of a rogue Minuteman faction have raised concerns in U.S. border towns about robberies and serious violence being carried out by nativist vigilantes.
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  • Michael Guy

    It is deplorable and reprehensible if child, illegal lien or not is murdered. However, since it is in the social contract of American citizens, ie The Constitution, that our representatives and elected President are to “provide fot the “common defense” and foster” dometic tranquility” and each elected politician and, ironically, every un-Constitutional bureaucrat, takes an oath” to preserve protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic”, we a government composed on non-elected and unaccountable bureaucrats and the elected officials neglecting and abrogating their duty to both protect our borders from invasion and to protect our rights to “life, liberty and the (virtuous) pursuit of happiness”. Since the government is more interested in imitating Aaron Burr, the patriotic and oppressed American citizens have no other recourse than defend themselves.

  • former arivaca resident

    everyone from arivaca knows there is more to the story than is being told. Murder for hire. competing drug gangs. el eddie

  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    Actually, I don’t think Natavism has anything to do with class, but rather on race relations primarily centered on Hispanics. Since many retrograded Natavists are piss-poor, some are elitist such as notorious political figures advocating such bile agendas from the likes of Tom Tancredo, neo-Nazi affliator Russell Pearce et cetera.

    Regarding the FAUXnews mongol Rupert Murdoch, the man also own the popular networking site– Which is why I never use Myspace. Its to support and further the promotion of Right-wing wackjobbery:


  • kate

    I don’t know that I’d give any of the nativist/nationalist groups any credibility from the get-go. What did they ever do to earn my respect? They serve as the henchmen to promote the most vile views and to oppress people they have no business bothering.

    The nativist movement in real terms has very little to do with immigration, I think it has more to do with the deep class and cultural divides in our country, installed here since the times of slavery and indentured servitude.

    Dividing peoples from eachother by race was an old tactic explicitly practiced in the slave states, many of which had more bondsmen/women from Africa, indentured workers from England and displaced Native Americans, than landed white men.

    The latter groups had every interest in working together to get rid of the landed white folks who came over with their money and their enterprises to brutally enslave, dispossess, terrorize and abuse them. It was a fear of most colonists not often spoken of among today’s casual history. They might have feared wolves and bears in Vermont, but from Maryland to Georgia territories, the biggest fear was the uprising of those whose labor or land they most needed.

    Old cultures die hard. Classism is rampant in this country has it always has been, certain people, by virtue of their position socially at birth have far more advantage than others. Many people by virtue of their economic standing at birth and most importantly, the economic standing of their parents and grandparents, are often frozen in the socio-economic class they were born in.

    The elites are fine with this arrangement. The poor not so much. Poor whites have the finest distinction of having a cultural identity than assumes right out of the gate, that poverty is a personal failing and a personal struggle. So, self-blame, alienation and a heavy dose of Calvinist determinism mixed with a little rage, sticks to the doctrine of racism like velcro.

    Whether intentional or not I can’t say for sure, but sure does seem to feed the powerful to keep the impoverished fighting amongst eachother and hating eachother. No need to fear an uprising, or in the case of today, demand for a government that serves everyone, not just the privileged.

    FOX News, owned and operated by a very wealthy, very elitist leader (Rupert Murdoch) seems very anxious, to the point of bending the truth and its credibility all out of proportion, goes out of its way to feed news stories that seem specially designed for the minds of the poor white.

    But unfortunately, FOX isn’t the only one fanning the flames. Either way, whether from within or without, until this country deals with the serious social divisions and class injustices nothing will change. Nativists and the rest will continue to target those who in all truth, would be the ones they need in order to work to make meaningful social change that benefits all of them.

  • Donny

    Shawna Forde was cast out of all Minuteman groups long ago. The only one that supported her was Jim Gilchrist of the fraudulent fund raising organization, Minuteman Project. No one wants anything to do with that con man either and these two whackjobs found each other. He used her to make it look like he had Minutemen on the border for his fund raising schemes. He uses Debra Craig of the Campo Minutemen for the same reason. These people are all outcasts.

    The two Shawna Forde used to carry out her robberies were longtime criminals with no association with any Minuteman groups at all. Shawna Forde had a prior criminal history which included prostitution. All these people are criminals and they do not reflect the millions of law abiding Americans that are in favor of our immigration laws.

    What we have here are three long time criminals that decided to rob a drug dealer for money. Nothing new. But it gives the SPLC something to crow about because one of them, Shawna Forde, tried to be involved in the “Minuteman movement.”

    It’s especially sad that that little girl was murdered. I hope all three of these criminals get life in prison. Sickening.

  • Marisa

    The Minuteman organization did NOT “police its ranks” and now is getting what it deserves for being stupid. No credibility is possible for them any longer. Those among them who still have “some” honor need to disband and GO HOME.

  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    When the virulent cold-blooded murders of a family which resulted in the bloody murder of a 9-year old girl. It was a focal point in which many began to doubt the true intentions behind the Minutemen. If they’re there at the border to further inflame their cause for a race war. Since many retrograded Natavists are indeed harden racist, harboring racist ideals generally linked to white supremacy and racial warfare sung by neo-Nazi groupies. The Satanic gory murder of a family by the Minutemen could be the tip of the ice berg. Perhaps leading up to a pretext of narco-conflict between the Minutemen and drug lords at the border. Furthering the risk of American deaths in border towns on both sides by the hands of civilian border watchers. With Minutemen engaged in organized crime, its about time the U.S. government KKKriminalizes the racist organization.