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Trial of Anti-Catholic Cult Leader on Sex Charges Opens

By Sonia Scherr on July 15, 2009 - 10:12 am, Posted in Anti-Catholic

The federal trial of Tony Alamo, who led a notorious anti-Catholic cult, began this week in Texarkana, Ark. Alamo, 74, has pleaded not guilty to 10 counts of transporting underage girls across state lines for sex. His trial comes nearly two years after the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Report published an expose on Alamo that detailed allegations of physical abuse, statutory rape and polygamy.

The magazine reported that Alamo had lost a $1.4 million civil lawsuit brought by the family of an 11-year-old boy whom Alamo allegedly had ordered beaten. The SPLC’s Fall 2007 report also revealed that Alamo contended girls should marry as soon as they begin menstruating, even if they’re as young as 10; in a 2006 radio broadcast, Alamo justified this view by claiming that “God impregnated Mary when she was about 11 years old.” In a 2007 broadcast, he said that first graders should be allowed to marry because they’re having sex anyway.

In addition to his alleged sexual proclivities, Alamo frequently denigrated Catholics. He has blamed them for “every filthy thing,” including communism, Nazism, the two world wars, the Jonestown massacre, drugs, prostitution and pornography. He also spewed hatred toward gays, referring in a defense of polygamy to “these bastards, these homosexual Vaticanites, they condone homosexuals and they condemn marriage.” The SPLC lists his Tony Alamo Christian Ministries as a hate group.

Alamo’s headquarters in Fouke, Ark., was raided last fall by dozens of federal and state law enforcement agents searching for evidence of child abuse. He was arrested on Sept. 25 at an Arizona motel. It’s not the first time he’s faced significant jail time: Alamo was convicted on tax evasion charges in 1994 and served four years of a six-year prison sentence.

  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    Although, Alamo Ministries itself may be regarded as a cult group, but the mainstream media is portraying the sick nut as an Evangelist. Which btw, is one of the mainstream U.S. Christian faiths, with famous followers like Sarah Palin, Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul etcetera.

    It was rumored that Tony Alamo was once a Jew…….

  • Marty Hisington

    Thanks MrsCaptJack for the agreement on the child endangerment point. I used the words common sense in the most generous way I could. The previous commentator used words I have to disagree with. Words that suggest that men are strong and therefore get tossed out of cults, while “women and children are weak.” He does say that they are physically abused and threatened, but then puts the onus back on these women by calling them “gullible” and likens them to a “critter bitten by a snake.”
    This guy got some things right, but shows a great deal of chauvanistic disrespect for women. Tighten up your thoughts, mister. You project your own hatred for women.

  • MrsCaptJack

    Marty ~ Not everyone has common sense. That’s part of the reason these cults work. I do agree on the child endangerment charges though. It’s certainly a decent thought. But then I believe people should have to take parenting classes prior to actually having children. After all, you have to have a license to have a dog.

  • GENO(syde)

    Some cult followers are able to make wise decisions when they realize what they’re up against. Many of these followers tend to be men. Normally when they start to rebel/thus questioning the leadership, they usually end up getting the boot. Banned from returning or seeing their loved ones again.

    Women and children tend to be weak. Primarily because force has been used upon them, either through sexual contact or physical beatings, combined with emotional and verbal assualts. Manipulation is a favorite tool, to fool the gullible simpletons. As death threats are sometimes used, to maintain the impact of breaking one’s will to resist. Such devastation in the minds of the weak, can further the break down of one’s psyche, rendering them helpless, like a paralyzed critter when bitten by the snake. So that the control freak will then be seen as their only friend, hence as their salvation. A classical method don by headmasters in order to seize total control over women and children.

  • carrisima

    To GENO(syde)

    I fully agree with you. What with the cults’ followers? Are they that gullible and desparate for attention? Or do they have attention deficit disorders for being sucked into such deviancy?
    In the long run it matters little what denomination one is following in judeo-christiandom — there is just ONE church Bride of Christ and
    only G-d knows the heart.

  • Marty Hisington

    The tip-off for anyone who joins any “religious” group that it’s a perverted cult is:
    1. When the leader proclaims edicts that interfere with legal adult marriages.
    2. When children are seperated from their parents or disciplined by anyone but their parents.
    3. When the leader proclaims that any kind of sexuality with children is good.

    There are so many of this type of cult now, that maybe it’s time to start prosecuting parents who take their children into these situations for felony child endanderment.
    No matter how charismatic these criminal cult leaders are, everyone has been gifted with COMMON SENSE. Anyone who would abrogate their responsibility for their children to one of these perverts is just as guilty. Let’s see some mass prosecutions of not just the leaders, but of all the adults in these cults that abuse children.

  • Annette L. stone

    What a sick, sorry excuse for a human being.

  • GENO(syde)

    Actually, RICO isn’t applied in this context. Its only a L. E. fund set up aside to collect assets seized in organized crime, is then turned over as funding for L. E. programs and purposes and nothing more.

    A spike in cult activity whose leaders are almost always a pedophile, hence rapists, who convey the thoughts of quasi-mainstream religious beliefs in order to gain access to women to children for sexploitational intent. It is becoming somewhat of a trend, maybe not. Perhaps, a new method for pedophiliacs like Alamo or Warren Jeffs to continue on with their vile deeds. Petty folks who usually join such cult groups are typically desperate and lost people. Obviously in search of some kind of a simple answer or meaning to one’s own troubled life. The cult predator then takes advantage over the vulnerable hence the emotionally weak. Rendering his prey to believe that they are being saved. Therefore, they become wards of the cult thus mindwarped like a zombie or a serviled slave. Its hogwash from the get-go when one has a mind of their own. And sadly, some of them do not, especially the youngah ones.

  • Fredric L. Rice

    I wonder why he wasn’t stuffed in to a prison decades ago. These hate spewing criminals get away with it for decades, where the bloody fk are the damn cops? Why are they allowed to do it year after year?

    The notorious Scientology crime syndicate’s ringleaders and crime bosses also get away with their human rights abuses, hate spewing, financial crimes, and everything else including kidnapping and murder with lesser crime bosses getting indicted while the actual higher up crime bosses walking away free.

    RICO isn’t applied often enough.

  • Carter

    I remember this guy when I was a young man (he’s got some years on him). He was a scammer & a manipulator.
    The guy was NOT a religious person. To Hell with him.

  • GENO(syde)

    Nearly all of the cult groups identified in the U.S. in recent years, commonly involves some type of sexual deviancies and perverted tastes. Many of its victims are women and children. Such cult leaders tend to use their religious beliefs as cloaks to condone their sexual proclivities. For they are just pedophiles abusing the Freedom of Religion soley for evil intent. And those who are lured into these sinister traps are just hapless gullible preys. And many of these desperate victims are usually white.