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Mayor Invites SPLC to Discuss Anti-Immigration Extremism

By Hatewatch Staff on July 28, 2009 - 10:14 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon asked a representative of the Southern Poverty Law Center to come to Arizona to help raise awareness about hate groups and white supremacists within the anti-immigration movement.
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  • Shadow Wolf

    We need more mayors like Phil Gordon who can stand up to tyranny and political demogogues who rape and violates our U.S. Constitutional Rights. Arpaio is reminiscent of a turd world tyrant, who is a threat to our Freedoms and Democracy. And because of Gordon, he is doing the right thing by warning the public of wing-ding extremists of the far Right! And these anti-government, anti-law hategroups all support the *rogue* Sheriff.
    The Federal government needs to do something about him…..immediately.

  • Mark

    Ryan, The reason Cali is in so much trouble with $$$$$ is because of illegal immigration and this jacka$$ mayor. Hope your proud of yourself for being a turd.

    “I am not Hispanic and certainly not white”

    Ryan, this is a racist comment by your standards.

  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    As Gascôn heads out to San Fran, the mayor of Phoenix is standing strong…alone! For that, I give him much needed credit. Those of us who live in the valley of the sun, knows that Nazicopa County is indeed, a breeding ground for rabid racist elements, just like flies that breeds around waste and cesspools.
    Arpaio is that cesspool. And because of him, he helps spreads the disease of racism.

    I am not Hispanic and certainly not white. But have witnessed the horrors of racism created by arpaio. If we can dethroned arpaio, we put a severe damage on the wing-ding movement known as natavism. Which comprises of low IQ’ed, half-wit dastardly natavists as well as the abhorrent neo-Nazis who are hated by many.

    Way to go mayor Gordon!! You fight dem back!