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Sheriff Arpaio Launches Another Crime Sweep

By Hatewatch Staff on July 28, 2009 - 10:16 am, Posted in Uncategorized

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office launched a 200-deputy “crime suppression” sweep despite an ongoing Department of Justice racial profiling investigation and pending civil rights litigation.
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  • Shadow Wolf

    To those familiar with how arpaio conducts himself. His attitude towards the Feds and Washington D.C. can best be described as “anti-government” which is reminiscent of a dastardly natavist extremists of the far Right. Here’s a latest report regarding arpaio from the AP:

    But with Napolitano as his political ally. I don’t think anything can be taken care of, and from the AP’s article, Napolitano still hasn’t spoken out against arpaio. Which is why Maricopa County is fast becoming a dangerous place to live. Thanks to arpaio.

  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    While it was evident that these frivolous cirKKKus sweeps conducted by arpaio, produced no results. Several local news outlets confirmed that arpaio caught only 3 illegal alienz. But because our former Gov. Manet Napolitano pretended to reform the 287(g) program. ICE had no choice but to *force* arpaio to allow the 3 captured alienz be set free. This is due to the fact that arpaio couldn’t find any wrongdoings by those 3 alienz. The new 287(g) M.O.A. made it clear that arpaio needs to go after real criminals and not some lousy corn vendor. Real criminals as in felons(felony charges). Its not a felony to be here illegally. So arpaio sweeps do not technically work. And that’s a pity.

    Gascôn was the man. He was professional, a true law enforcer and because of arpaio, we lost a true KKKrime fighter.

  • Jody

    I haven’t heard any reports that claim Arpaio has harassed any LEGAL citizens. This would mean he is targeting ILLEGAL immigrants whose mere presence in this country makes them a criminal. It’s easy to say he is racially profiling because that area has a huge problem with illegal HISPANIC immigrants, but I’m sure if someone tipped him off about an illegal European, Canadian, or other nationality he would be happy to round them up as well. It’s not racially biased to target the criminal element.

  • Mac

    I grew up in Mesa, Arizona attended Arizona State and spent the early years of my career in Maricopa County as well. My family lives there so I still visit every year. I consider it my second home so I have stayed up on the local situation with particular attention to Sheriff Arpio. Back in the 60’s and early 70’s Sheriffs Department did not have a very good reputation but started working hard to improve it. Mesa, my home town was an extremely racist and controlled community, fortunately much has changed since than.

    I was very sad to see a professional like Chief Gascon leave the Mesa Police force as he was the strongest law enforcement spokesman opposing the Sheriffs oppressive tactics. Fortunately there are still major politicians, mayors and others speaking out against him across the state.

    My son visiting me here in Wyoming just told me some disturbing news which I hope is untrue. He told me that Sheriff Arpio is planning to run for Governor. Maybe this will bring him the exposure for people to see just what he really is. My hope would be for the attention to make this his Waterloo. That is, if what my son told me is true.

  • kate

    This type of racial based arrest/sweep activity goes on even here in the east. In my younger days I could have named any number of major and minor drug dealers and their user minions who were white, but the law enforcement agencies and the public were convinced that focusing on people of Latino heritage and/or black skin was hitting at the heart of the problem.


    Bigotry breeds stupid and ineffectiveness and nothing else.

  • Marisa

    I live in Arizona. I live in Maricopa County. THINKING people in Arizona are just waiting for Arpaio to retire so we’ll be rid of him for good. He has become nothing but a stubborn old a**hole. An embarrassment to Arizona. “Tough” sheriff? No – IGNORANT, racist sheriff. IN HIS FAVOR, he has created a wonderful program for animals – a no-kill animal shelter with inmates working with the animals. I hope that once we’re rid of him, that program will continue – it is good for everyone in the community and good for the inmates involved in it as well.