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Arpaio Balks At 287(g) Changes

By Hatewatch Staff on August 4, 2009 - 9:33 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said he plans to keep ignoring a Department of Homeland Security directive to stop arresting Latino immigrants whose only crime was crossing the U.S.-Mexico border without documents.
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  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    ‘Oh and one other thing: George Wallace, (a Democrat like most segreationists, by the way) attempted to deny Constitutionally rights of most Americans citizens.. Therefore, I fail to see the connection to Arpaio.”

    Your failures to see any “connections” relating to the denial of Constitutional Rights granted for Americans by demagoguery thugs like arpaio or George Wallace. Exemplied my point when I meant that you are woefully clueless about arpaio. Your analogies between the two elected officials(arpaio & Wallace) explains it all. But to help you open up your beady little eyes, I can list some of the shining examples of arpaio abusing the Constitutional Rights of Americans, insofar it is numerous, so I will not waste space and time by listing them all. And because of your lack of analytical emphasis into arpaio’s Constitutional raping, then let me ask you a trivial question based upon real life events:
    Why was there a Dept. of Justice investigation into arpaio’s jails way back in 1995???

    Answer: he violated the Constitutional Rights of inmates. Even those who are not convicted of any crimes.

    Why is there a current Dept. of Justice investigation of arpaio, now?

    Anwer: because he violated the Civil and Constitutional Rights of Americans who just happened to be Hispanic.

    But if you want separate form of answers, you can always google search on both DOJ investigations into arpaio. It makes no difference. Then once again, if there was no violation of the Constitutional Rights of Americans, then none of these investigations would have taken place.

    “George Wallace(a Democrat,”

    And btw, I’m not a “Democrat”. I’m a former Republican voter, now registered as an Independent.

  • GENO

    This is the kind of scum arpaio is known to associate with, after all these rabid racist elements are his supporters:


    It was last year that arpaio spoke at a meeting held by this group, at least for a 2nd time. As it was recorded here:


    I believe there is an old adage that goes somewhat by judging a person is by:
    “Judging him by the kind of friends(or associates) he has.”

  • Lash LeRoux

    First, to Ryan the non-Aryan, I would never do anyone the disservice of assuming to know their views. That would be the height of contemptuousness on my part. I prefer to show someone the respect of allowing them to speak for themselves. My comments were meant in general terms – i.e., enforcement of immigration laws as a whole. If you live within Sheriff Arpaio’s jurisdiction (I do not), and take issue with his performance, I can respect and value your opinion. After all, you are one whom his service directly affects.

    Snorlax said,

    “Those laws DID change. moron. Read the headline again, idiot.”

    “Typical brain-dead Reich Wingnut, has no reading comprehension whatsoever.”

    “Joe Arpaio is violating federal law, just like George Wallace did when he tried to block the schoohouse door.”

    Wow, Snorlax, thank you for enlightening me! I generally regard myself as someone who is well read with an above average understanding of current events. Obviously, I am, however, woefully ignorant considering I had no idea that immigration law had changed and that crossing the U.S. border without acquiring proper immigration status is no longer illegal. Really? And you actually had the arrogance to refer to me as a moron? You might want to try reading more than merely the headlines of these stories. Then, you might actually educate yourself and realize that the federal immigration law hasn’t changed, only the federal policy of enforcing the law. That is what this article is about.

    Oh, and one other thing: George Wallace (a Democrat, like most segregationists, by the way) attempted to deny Constitutionally protected rights of American citizens. Therefore, I fail to see the connection to Arpaio.

  • Ryan the non-Aryan


    Arpaio isn’t a certified cop. He doesn’t carry a gun, much less, he cannot drive himself. He’s just an elected official, running his mouth off with his media cirKKKus acts.
    It seems arpaio is in deep trouble again. He violated a law that requires him to disclose all real estate transfers in which he failed to do. Talk about rampant KKKorruption:


  • Snorlax

    “However, until those laws are changed, I expect them to be enforced.”

    Those laws DID change. moron. Read the headline again, idiot.

    Typical brain-dead Reich Wingnut, has no reading comprehension whatsoever.

    Joe Arpaio is violating federal law, just like George Wallace did when he tried to block the schoohouse door.

    The FBI should arrest Arpaio.

  • Snorlax

    The solution to this problem is simple.

    Sheriff Arpaio is violating federal law. Arrest him, prosecute and convict him, and remove him from office.

    And take his gun away before he shoots someone. Arpaio is obviously mentally unstable.

  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    Looks like time is running out for arpaio:

    I doubt he’ll sign up for the upgraded program. Technically he loses both ways. But if he chooses not to follow government standards, given his anti-government attitude, he’ll be “sanctioned” according to the Feds. Kinda like what we’re seeing in North Korea. Except this one is in Nazicopa County.

    And finally to LeRoux, if you actually assume that I’m pro-illegal immigration. Well, you’re sadly mistaken. You might wanna debate a “La Raza” coot on that, if there is one somewhere. I simply don’t care to discuss the matter, since I’m more concerned with arpaio’s gross negilence of enforcing the real laws written in the books.. Illegal corn vendors, landscapers, and maids don’t concern as much as murderers, robbery suspects, rapists, and such. Domestic crimes is an issue here, not the illegal janitor cleaning filthy toitlets in public restrooms. Got it?

  • Shadow Wolf

    Indeed, ‘we are a Nation of Laws.” But its also troubling knowing that only outsiders(those who live outside of Maricopa County) will almost never possess the rational understanding that ever since arpaio signed up for old 287(g) program. He has completely ignored the very Laws he was sworn to uphold. I’m talking about domesticated laws. Laws that arrests Americans who break em. You cannot call yourself a professional law enforcement official if you are enforcing one *arcane* over a wide range of *domesticated* laws. You simply cannot however, call yourself pro-“Law&Order” if you enforce one law and not enforce a host of numerous laws. This fallacious notion just doesn’t make any rational sense. So I can’t figure out why the neanderthals of the far Right are so ignorant of domestic laws?

    For the truth must be told and the truth which is based on known facts. That ever since arpaio started enforcing immigration laws, all the other laws were utterly and completely ignored, hence rendering high rates of crime being committed by Americans. Several factors have proven this, already. I’m sorry but arpaio isn’t fit to be a Sheriff, nor is he competent to enforce *ALL THE LAWS OF THE LAND”. Sorry that you are so scared, a fraidy-cat of a hapless illegal alien, whose crime is simply crossing the border. You should be even more frightened of murderers, rapists and child molesters. So ask yourself, which crimes are worst?

    a.) A Natavist raping a 12 year white girl?
    b.) An illegal alien who didn’t commit any crime other than crossing the border?

    I would say the first one. Because if you are true patriotic American like me, in support for “Law&Order”, surely you would oppose a Sheriff who isn’t enforcing those very laws, he was sworn to do.

  • Mike Menkes

    God Bless Sheriff Arpaio… Its time for us Americans to take our country back… We’re behind you 100% Sheriff… Also, when did enforcing laws become ‘racist’?… The word ‘racist’ is so overused, it has lost all meaning… For the record, I was born in Ireland, and am a Naturalized citizen… Its not hard to do, if you want to obey the law… Keep up the good work sir!…

  • Lash LeRoux

    It is extremely difficult to sympathize with the argument that a sheriff is “racist” for seeking to deport or jail individuals “for simply crossing the border illegally.” We are a nation of laws, and if those laws are not enforced, we have no foundation on which to base a society. If you find the laws regarding illegal immigration disagreeable, we have provisions in The Constitution outlining how we can change those laws. However, until those laws are changed, I expect them to be enforced.

    Accordingly, how is it anyone’s fault, other than the parent’s, if they leave their children here when they are deported? The parent must make the conscious decision as to whether the child is better of in the United States without them, or better of in their home country with them. They are well aware of the possible consequences when they choose to break our immigration laws.

  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    As it was well pointed out by the first commentor, things can go ugly as long as arpaio keeps up with his anti-government attitude. You don’t want to undermined the powerful authority of the U.S. government. It only takes one blow to put out a candle light. But there is one thing I don’t agree in the first comment. The vast majority didn’t technically vote for arpaio, he only had 53% of the popular votes, which is hardly deemed a majority. But because of arpaio’s smear ad campaign of his political rival, he just got lucky. And he spent all of his resources soley on attack ads. It just shows you how truly ugly arpaio has become.
    And now the SCA scandal is being investigated by the FBI.

    This friday a children’s march take place at the epicenter of arpaio’s tyranny in donwtown Phoenix. It is led by children, but organized by Human Rights groups, whose parents have been deported or jailed for simply crossing the border illegally. Its another upcoming march, this time by children.

  • Reed Stahl

    It is awful to be a resident of Maricopa County Arizona, under the oppressive thumb of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his redneck Deputies, especially if one apppears to be Latino/Hispanic. Arpaio’s Deputies often profile people, victimizing American citizens, legal guests, and undocumented guests as well.

    What is worse, a majority of Arizona voters applaud these actions. I do not dare speak out at my clubs such as The American Legion or The Disabled American Veterans, because the majority of white men and women at these clubs seem to be in Sheriff Joe’s corner, not caring about the innocent people being harrassed, and definitely in favor of shipping all “illegals” off to Arpiao’s tent city jail or back “home” across the border. Never mind that the undocumented guests are providing vital services to the community that no citizen wants to do.

    At the same time, the managers and staff of my mostly white apartment complex are the victims of racial slurs and extreme prejudice. Most of these naysayers are Christian, showing that often. Christians in America go against the teachings of Christ to love one another and to treat guests with respect and dignity.

    Oh well, I march to a different drummer as a progressive. I always treat others and I wish to be treated, and I am an atheist. Go figure.