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Arpaio Supporters Confront Children’s March

By Hatewatch Staff on August 11, 2009 - 8:47 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Members of United for a Sovereign America, at least two of them carrying holstered handguns, staged a counter-demonstration alongside a march by Latino children protesting the impact on families of immigration round-ups orchestrated by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
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  • StopUSAGiveaway

    What does the Southern Poverty Law Center want to do or what is your goal: is it to make the USA a poverty striken 5th world nation by aiding and abetting or encouraging illegals to enter the USA illegally? Essentially to heathen breed on the backs of the diminishing working USA citizen of generations as taxpayers? If so you are accomplishing you goals. If SPLC were not C O W A R D s you would go into Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Venezue, Peru etc and do the same. Since you are not: I assume your goals are to do with you did to Germany….as the template has been applied As for THE RACE:you ran from you so called “patria” but do nothing but expect something for nothing except breeding: where will you run upon USA’s impending bankruptcy? Why is it: Schey, SPLC, TxCivilRight; ACLU ALL are communist and aiding and abetting while encouraging ILLEGALS? When unemployment reaches even higher: expect a Civil War onour soil. Our family fought at the ALAMO and we are preparent not to let our ancestry bravery die for nada!.

  • Mark

    Does anyone else see a parallel between the way Nazis scapegoated the Jews and the way the anti-immigrant/anti-commrehensive immigration reform crowd scapegoats Latinos?

  • Mark

    Guns at a children’s march! Unbelievable. But it does typify the absolute trash that populates the anti-immigrant/anti-comprehensive reform movement. Pass comprehensive immigration reform now! Send these beer bellied anti-immigrant cretins back under the rocks from which they all slithered.

  • kate

    Did you read the article? If you didn’t please do and see what being a hater will do to your looks. Besides “Buffalo the Pisser” there was one in the pics that well…just let me say that I was brought to remember that lynne has been used as a name for a male.

    This ugly embodies the ugly of stupid on a variety of levels, go take a look.

  • joe

    Yes I could also put my own childen out on the steet(and pimp them out) to get what I want! Yet I would never do that to my loved ones! What a sick thing to do! Using childen to do your dirty work!

  • Donna

    Glad it was a success! It is always entertaining to see the “stupids” at work!

  • GENO

    The march was successful. It was led by children, yet organized by legenadary Reza and his group. Again they outnumbered the few ghastly hordes of saguaro nimrods who supported the septuangenarian demagogue, who keeps two pricey and lucrative office suites in the Wells Fargo bldg, at taxpayer’s expense.
    The march was victorious in ways that they protested in a peaceful and civilized manner, as opposed to the lawless band of rowdy cronies from the hate groups–United for a Sovereign America. Their barbaric savageries, represents everything that contradicts “the rule of law.” Thus them cactus hicks with their classic 6ers did not have any impact on the march itself. No matter how intimidating and instigative they appear. The cops was able to keep the ofay racist beasts at bay. For the children were unintimidated, hence brave, as they proceed towards the lair of a despicable tyrant. And in the end, it was a flawless victory.