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Caltrans Settles Minuteman Lawsuit

By Hatewatch Staff on August 11, 2009 - 8:46 am, Posted in Uncategorized

San Diego Minutemen leader Jeff Schwilk announced that Caltrans agreed to pay his group $157,500 and issue a formal apology to settle a free-speech lawsuit over the handling of the SDMM’s participation in a state highway clean-up program.
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  • joe

    See I told you they will never face the facts when it comes to (ILLEGAL) immigration! They just change the subject and attack those that only want our laws enforced!

  • kate

    Go sprout some wings Penelope and fly away, preferably to somewhere where they give out brains, cause you need some.

    As for the issue, so the hate groups one for one day it appears? Six months of free beer and trailer-park rentals for all members! Yahoo!

    Then its off to the unemployment line to mutter about the illegals again. Oh well, maybe they will shoot eachother in a drunken brawl fed by their winnings cash.

  • joe

    Penelope: you get it! Nothing bugs these socialist nut jobs more then the truth! Thats why they call us bogus names instead of dealing with the facts! Socialist and communist do this kind of think all the time! Because they can’t or don’t want to deal with the truth about( illegal immigration)!

  • Jeffrey Hastings

    It’s really sad that SLPC demonizes U.S. citizens who stand up for the Rule Of Law in opposing ILLEGAL immigration; a de facto mass INVASION of this country. That Patriots like SDMM are called racists is a crock; the SDMM includes Latino members, American Hispanics sick and tired of the demagogery of the SLPC and other Left-Wing Nut orgs who openly lie through their teeth about Patriotic Orgs being Nativist. That’s a crock of BULL, Mr. Caltrans!

  • Penelope

    Your low life, left-wing organization is an affront to humanity, not to speak of the legal community. I have been suggesting that folks make a point to visit this smarmy website…JUST SO THEY ARE STRAIGHT ABOUT WHO YOU ARE!