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Nativist Arizona Group Posts Racist Obama Images

By David Holthouse on August 11, 2009 - 12:20 pm, Posted in Anti-Black, Anti-Immigrant

United for a Sovereign America (USA), a nativist extremist group best known for harassing immigrants outside Phoenix-area day labor centers, put its crude ideology on full display last week.

First, USA posted blatantly racist images of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama on its website. The images consisted of a cartoon caricature of Obama captioned “Uncle Sambo,” and a digitally altered photograph of Michelle Obama wearing a kerchief, labeled “Aunt Jemima Breakfast Club.” (As first noted by Phoenix New Times blogger Stephen Lemons, the images looked awfully similar to the handiwork of inner-circle USA member “Buffalo” Rick Galeener, whose personal website is filled with similarly offensive imagery targeting Latino immigrants. Galeener’s site also advertises “Undocumented Illegal Alien Hunter” T-shirts designed by Galeener. Another shirt, ostensibly for Mexicans to wear, reads, “My back is still wet.”)

Then, last Saturday, Galeener and several other USA members staged a counter-demonstration along the route of the “Children’s Walk for Family Unity,” a march by about 150 persons, more than half of them children, to protest Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s immigration round-ups, raids and nasty publicity stunts. At least two of the USA nativists were armed with holstered handguns.

Lemons, who covered the march for New Times, asked one middle-aged woman among the USA counter-protesters why they were packing heat. Wrote Lemons: “Looking suspiciously at the assembled children and adults, she muttered, ‘There could be killers in that crowd.’”

For Lemons’ full report on the march and the nativist extremist counter-protest, click here.

  • ~Brandy~

    Robbie, silly is the American who doesn’t see the threat to our sovereignty that is present in our country today… but go ahead and keep your head in the sand.

  • RobbieBoey

    United for a Sovereign America?….they know we’re already sovereign right? What a silly name.

  • ~Brandy~

    Well said Larry and so very true. You are a perfect example of the kind of immigrants who built this country and made it strong with your love.

  • Larry Klein

    I immigrated to this country, legally and of my own volition, from Canada. I waited 3 years for my green card. My coming to America was a privilege, not the exercise of a right. It wasn’t something that I took for granted. America is the home of only those who are American citizens. I’ve abundantly traveled throughout the world and I’ve observed that every country very zealously defends and promotes its cultural and ethnic identity. Why should America differ from every other country in compromising its identity? Cultural identity is even more of an urgent concern in sub-Saharan Africa, Arab countries, and South East Asia.

  • Observer

    It’s really quite nice and complient of all the racist haters to speak up on this forum! I think it’s delightful that they are making it so easy for the SPLC to profile them and their viscious, idiotic rants. Keep it up, IDIOTS.

  • Johnarthur

    As a long time resident of Phoenix (Maricopa County) I am ashamed to have a bigot like Sheriff Joe representing us. Racism was patriotic most recently in Nazi Germany, and Joe’s Hispanic roundups bear a sad resemblance. We’re all human beings first, members of ethnic groups second.

  • Joe

    No Snorlax, as a typical liberal you have it backwards, the people Joe arrests are the lawbreakers.
    You have decided you don’t want law enforcement, you want illegal immigration.
    Just ’cause you want it doesn’t make it legal.

  • Snorlax

    The only way Joe Arpaio would be a national treasure is if someone buried him tomorrow and archeologists dug him up in a thousand years.

    Joe Arpaio is not a sheriff. He’s a lawbreaker.

    I hope the feds arrest him for violating immigration laws.

  • GENO

    Yesterday’s SPLC’s forum was hosted by a representative of the SPLC–Dr. Heidi Beirich.
    The interesting part of the meeting, as it was also reported by the Feathered Bastard, that she brought up the critical and important subject of (Sheriff) joseph arpaio and his connections to the local violent extremists group. It was well documented by local lone wolf activists and journalists who have witnessed arpaio’s pandering to the wing-ding numbskulls(possibly the future McVeighs and Weavers) of this dangerous element. The recent meeting addresses these serious issues and I think its imperative for the federal government to start taking this issue seriously. If cop-killing, innocent murdering, gun-toting bloody actions by white supremacists in recent times wasn’t enough. Then what is? I mean, do we as Americans, have to wait for another McVeigh bomb to go off before the feds act upon the threats from extremists of the far Right???

    joseph arpaio needs to be dethroned for his imminent usurpatory is a public safety issue. American lives are at stake as long as arpaio is in office.

  • Myk

    YES!! Pancakes are the enemy!
    What is wrong with you people? The problem isn’t our rights or standing up for our beliefs … for example: The surest way to advocate gun control would be showing up at a children’s peace rally brandishing firearms!
    It’s about doing things the RIGHT way or losing your RIGHTS. Fanatacism is the root of all evils.
    If resisting common sense were a crime, you’d all be in prison! Get back on subject and use your enthusiasm to effect real change stop destroying the democracy you so enjoy.

  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    As it was reported extensively today on all the local media outlets. The SPLC held a private forum here in Phoenix to address the dire issue of hategroups breeding here in sandland. Don Logan who survived the mail bomb attack back in 2004 by 2 known white supremacists–the Mahon brothers, was himself presented at the meeting. As was the mayor, the Phoenix police dept. and a representative from the ADL. Including a host of community leaders, activists and concerned citizens. It was wise for the SPLC to come to Phoenix to address this grave and gathering threats from extreminism. As many as 19 hategroups now call Arizona home with most of them(approx. 12 to be exact) are right here in Maricopa County. Ironically, nearly all of them are white supremacist-extremists related. Its a serious call for alarm. But as the federal government pointed out on CBS Evening News w/ Katie Couric. Tells concerned Americans to remain vigilant and report any conversations and supicious activities to the feds. I will certainly obliged, to help in aiding the federal government’s crackdown on violent extremists. Where ever they may be. And I feel its necessary to defend our country and our Freedom and Democracy from those who seek to destroy it.

  • ~Brandy~

    I’ve looked over the SPLC map of hate groups in our country and find it very shocking and appalling that they’ve omitted two very definite hate groups… LA RAZA and the BROWN BERETS. Both of these groups are BROWN SUPREMICIST HATE GROUPS. They are teaching the Hispanic youth hate for America, its people and all that it stands for while? telling them that this is their land and that they are going to take it back from the ‘Europeans’. You can’t get more separatist that that. You can’t get more hateful than that! Obviously SLPC is predjudiced against truth and unity in America or they would be calling those groups out as well.

  • Bill

    I guess the 1st amendment is dead if any group cant say what they feel right or wrong

  • ROY

    We should have open season on the illegals and there enablers, , wish there were more patriots like Lou Dobbs, God bless Smith And Wesson, I sure am pleased you allow us folks the opportunity to respond

  • Joe

    Joe Arpaio is a national treasure, we need thousands more of him.
    To Snotlax:
    You messed up there, I though your moniker was “Snorlax” not “Snotlax”
    Snotlax, …amusing.

    There is one common thread though and I hate to have to admit I agree with you on something, as you stand for everything I oppose.

    Real maple syrup, especially from Vermont, is the only way to go.
    However, it is quite expensive.
    I guess you are an elitist…jab.

  • Joe Plummer

    Did the hanging effigy of President Bush show up in here during the hijacking of the United States of America last fall? That’s the real story of hate! The left has thought they can steal liberty from the people of this country. So far the liberal media has proven to be the backers of the coup or at least strong supporters! So much for peace and freedom in the USA. Hate? Say what you want but when you take away the people’s freedom with lawyers and judges and you get a revolution!

  • Snotlax

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a bigger criminal than the crooks are.

    And I’m sure Michelle Obama is quite capable of making delicious pancakes for her family.

    These days, you just add water. I use Krusteaz.

    The real secret is to ONLY use REAL 100% Maple Syrup (NOT Aunt Jemima syrup or ANY of the other national brands, they’re all phony)

  • Deborah de Santos

    “Feathered Bastard” rocks! The pictures he chose to add told the rest of the story perfectly – couldn’t have done a better job of dramatizing the what hate does to a person.

    I remember the days of Sheriff Bull Connor and his ilk. I thought they’d all crawled back under their rock – guess not. Oh well – they didn’t succeed then – they won’t succeed now.

  • Joe

    As if Michelle Obama knows anything about making pancakes like Aunt Jemima!

  • GENO

    Kudos to the Feathered Bastard for his exclusive reporting on the uncleaned snaggle-tooths who make up the foundation for the septic hate fest at “United for a Sovereign America.” Many of these angry biddies are old timers from yore(the heyday era) who support the unlawful ways of (Sheriff) arpaio. It was no secret that “Bison” Dick Galeener has been a vile racist from day one. As it was reported by the Feathered Bastard in his previous articles, “Bison” was known to shout racist epithets at activists and marchers alike. It didn’t matter if the person was White, Black, Native or Mexican. He referred to nonwhites as “monkeys”. Now that he exposed his true colors for anyone to willing to see. He also lost crucial support from nonwhite veterans, patriots and conservatives, as his members of his org. comprises of whites, reminiscent of a neo-Nazi group. But sadly for “Bison”, he’s a KKKriminal, possibly a pervert(a Pedo-Saxon). It was reported last year, that “Bison” exposed himself to a child and his mother as they walked by.

    Moreover, half of the members of “USA” are KKKriminals, ex-cons, and other sorted law breakers. Ironically, this is the sort of scum that’s supports the rogue (Sheriff).