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White Supremacist Wiginton Turned Back at Heathrow On Way to British Hatefest

By David Holthouse on August 17, 2009 - 1:34 pm, Posted in White Supremacist

Preston WigintonGlobetrotting white supremacist financier and organizer Preston Wiginton (at right, showing the flag at a 2007 white nationalist rally in Moscow) was barred from entering the United Kingdom last week by Home Office authorities at London’s Heathrow Airport. Wiginton, a U.S. citizen, was trying to enter the U.K. to address the racist throngs at the tenth annual “Red, White and Blue” summer festival put on by the neofascist British National Party, or BNP.

The Home Office stated that it denied entry to Wiginton because it deemed his presence in the U.K. would not have been conducive to the common good. Wiginton has a close relationship with BNP chairman Nick Griffin, as well as ultra-right politicians and white nationalist academics and activists in Russia, the Texas native’s adopted homeland. (Wiginton resides part of the year in a Moscow apartment he sublets from ex-Klan boss David Duke.) Wiginton also brags about friendships with the leaders of violent neo-Nazi skinhead gangs in Russia, and claims that he pumps $50,000 a year of his own money into the global white supremacist movement.

In the U.S. in recent years, Wiginton has appeared at racist skinhead gatherings and co-sponsored lectures with hate groups such as the Council of Conservative Citizens and the Michigan State University chapter of Young Americans for Freedom.

The Home Office’s barring of Wiginton is the latest indication that U.K. officials are cracking down on right-wing extremists from other countries, including the U.S. Earlier this year, the names of five U.S. citizens appeared on a list of 16 individuals banned from entering the U.K. for reasons of “fostering extremism or hatred.” (Wiginton was not among them, but right-wing radio host Michael Savage was.)

The BNP summer festival, meanwhile, took place Aug. 14-16 in Derbyshire, a county in the East Midlands region of England. The attractions included a carnival midway game in which participants hurled wooden balls at coconuts painted with the face of Sir Trevor Phillips, the black chairman of the U.K. Equalities and Human Rights Commission.

Around 1,500 anti-fascist demonstrators rallied outside the festival, chanting “Nazi scum off our streets.” BNP members and supporters taunted the protesters with sieg heil salutes. Nineteen people were arrested following a series of clashes near the front gate.

Capitalizing on resentment of Muslim immigrants, the BNP made significant political gains in local elections this year. And in June, two of its members were elected to serve in the European Parliament.

  • Preston Wiginton

    The SPLC are the real fascist. They disagree with my views on life, which many others agree with.

    They also lie to the extreme about me.

    Having been to Russia many times the SPLC are a replica of the KGB! They are the soul of Stalin and more so of Yagoda and Kaganovich.

    What do they fear so much? That I am clear and precise in my conversations and that I influence others? So what then? Stiffle me! Intolerance will not be Tolerated.

  • Carter

    @ Frank E. Jordan

    I have lived through the 50’s – 60’s & your points are well taken.
    The polarization I have read here is a recipe for disaster, albeit an important part of free expression. It becomes very obvious that many folks will never empathize with the working class individual who has bought the “fear campaign” or the “progressive” who believes that there is only one way to cope with narrow mindedness….
    We are a country controlled and moved by Marketing….How very sad we must appear to many in the rest of the world.

  • Jim Lunsford

    Well, I guess it’s settled then. All of you believing Britain did the right thing aren’t deserving of the freedoms you are denouncing. Yes, totaltarian societies are always more orderly and have less crime. The founding fathers in America definitely would hae allowed this man in for his speech and protected his right to say whatever. But then again, they weren’t afraid of liberty.

  • reader

    Robert is right – universal tolerance is a paradox. Fascism and racism are wrong because of their demonstrable history of hate, violence, and death. Yet we tolerate them to a point, but not to the point of ultimately sacrificing our freedoms or ourselves. Britain is right in doing what they did.

  • reader

    Fascists only goals are power and killing opponents by whatever means necessary. Remember when the Germans thought of Hitler as just another silly clown ?

  • reader

    Words do have consequences… that’s why crying fire in a crowded theatre is a criminal act. Hate speech has consequences too which is why European nations act as they do. We in America haven’t suffered Europe’s fascist nightmare – yet.

  • Jim Lunsford

    I understand your philosophy Robert, free speech is all well and good as long as it’s politically correct. One doesn’t have to believe in this guy’s drivel to support his right to spout them. Free speech is a combat zone. In a free society he would be free to say what he desired, and in the ensuing debates, the society would judge whether to stand with him or laugh at him. I guess the progressives in this country who support political correctness aren’t that progressive.

  • Robert

    Jim Lunsford, these guys shouldn’t be monitored and, when necessary, controlled because they say unpopular things.

    They should be monitored and controlled because they aim to incite hate and violence. And no, Hitler and Stalin wouldn’t love me. They’d probably lock me up or worse.

    To sum up my philosophy, it’s live and let live. But universal tolerance is only possible to people who are prepared to tolerate others, otherwise you create a paradoxical situation, whereby in tolerating a group with an agenda of hate, you indirectly act against innocent groups such as racial minorities, religious minorities, immigrant groups, GLBT people, and/or any other people that the specific hate group targets.

  • Jim Lunsford

    Geno, you are obviously quite naive in your thoughts. No momentum? The presidential debate is owned by the Rep/Dem parties. That explains why there are only those two parties. The media is owned by the CIA (cocaine import agency), so they control who gets heard. As far as a nation of laws, they are asinine laws which the people are actually starting to get pissed off about. That is the reason for the upheavel at the town hall meetings, and the guns at these events. Not the healthcare, but the government itself ignoring the will of the people. You are a naive and ignorant fool if you actually believe all you think.
    So, tell me dumbass, why do we need all these laws? You think I am just a free spirit, but I know why we have all these laws. It is so that we, the people, can be screwed over as much as possible. These laws are in effect to grind us down, not to preserve any order. Though of course, order is what all governments strive for, the preservation of the status quo. However, progress demands that order be absolved and the natural state of progress is chaos. Naturally, cowards are afraid of chaos and imagine it to always be violent, but I aay it is the order of government which promotes the violence. It is the powers that be that insist on spreading democracy through the barrel of a gun and not spending a dime on developing our own infrastructure. It is these laws you cherish that have encouraged businesses to take all those manufacturing jobs overseas because of tax breaks. It is all those laws you cherish that have created this depression that is just beginning. No green shoots are coming, just because the govt manipulates all the data doesn’t make it all better. Enjoy the rule of law, for it is bringing all of our civilization to a halt. Can’t happen to America? That’s pretty naive if you think that is the case.

  • L Peck

    I remember hearing Edward R. Murrow broadcasting from London while the air raid sirens wailed in the background and the news showed pictures of burning homes and people huddling in bomb shelters. It is hard to imagine that Britain would have much sympathy for neo Nazis considering what the original ones brought to them (or Americans either for that matter – so many never came home). Soon those of us that remember will be gone.

  • SAS

    God Save the Queen !

    I think the Brits are right on this one. I think they do not need haters like this Wiginton person.

  • Frank E. Jordan

    Having read all of your comments I find myself wondering how many of you lived through the 50’s-60’s and saw just what the Klan, Yippies, Commies, Black Panthers and all of the rest of the polarizing “us vs them” groups shredded the fabric of this God fearing nation–making it a far better place to live in.

    Us vs them is exactly the mindset that caused the German nation to disintegrate two times in the 20th century. I feel it is time “we” made at least one more decent attempt to bridge the gap before “we” all end up in one camp or another.

    Both arguments bite.

  • GENO

    Do I think its free?

    “You betcha!”(a redneck response)

    Unlike you, I am not delusional(or illusional). Where I believe that such “state” exists as described by you, is in fact a psychological disorder, a mechanicism at fault. To fully wallow in the assumption that such we can live a free spirited life that our Native American counterparts did before the white man came is simply a fantasy. Only rational and credible mindset would realized this in mondern day society. And in today’s society we are nation of laws, hence “the rule of law.” And from what I can understand coming from your comments, it appears that you harbor some level of troubleness in terms of living a society with laws and yes that includes all free and civilized societies. Simply put–if you are unable to follow the rules of law in free societies, then maybe the civilized world isn’t the place for you. Perhaps, lawless and 3rd world countries is suitable for someone like yourself.

    Oh sure I voted, it was counted. But did I think there was only “2 parties”. No there other political parties in the hat. They just didn’t gain the same momentum as the Republican and Democrats. As for the rest of your blabbering, it is quite irrational and thus rife with the same kind of paranioa ramblings and fear stoking, you would only see in wackos and extremists.

  • Jim Lunsford

    Oh yes Robert, let’s just ban only unpopular speech. How progressive of you. I think that Hitler and Stalin would love you.

  • Robert

    I generally believe in freedom of association, but groups which promote hate, such as the BNP and other white supremacist groups, whether they are American or British, need to be monitored closely, because their members are loose cannons who are capable, and willing, of committing the worst atrocities.

    And I think the UK did the right thing in denying this guy entry. Rightly or wrongly, the legal justification exists for it, and it is in the UK’s interests as a country to deny these people as much oxygen as possible. Presumably this guy was going to give an address to BNP members. That’s not going to happen now, and that’s a good thing. They can whinge all they like, but while they continue to use abhorrent symbols like the Sieg Heil and utter statements of hate, they will get no sympathy from me, and I suspect none from anyone else with a shred of decency in their heart.

  • Jim Lunsford

    You think it’s free? I bet you think your vote matters as well. That the two (and why are there only two parties?) candidates matter. That it’s quite allright that there are so many videoed (and they are but a fraction of the total) known abuses by the police regarding tazers) instances where cops insist you show your papers, where talking back is called “verbal resisting arrest”, a state in which you are told what you can and cannot put into your bodies, a state in which there are two laws, the ones you must follow, and the ones our leaders must follow (guess which ones are the most lenient). A state in which we have the highest percentage of people per capita incarcerated. A state in which we advocate torture, and when we don’t have the courage to do it openly, we kidnap the suspects and send them to countries where they will torture them. A state in which we arrest people without proof, without exercising habeus corpus, people who cannot be proven to be the so-called terrorists because they weren’t until the US makes them angry enough to become such persons. A state in which the mainstream media has been virtually controlled by the CIA, and this is an admitted fact by Colby himself. A state in which our CIA has been caught as the world’s largest cocaine cartel in the world (Iran/Contra) and still operate with impunity. A state in which the FBI has been found guilty of supplying the explosives for the first WTC bombin in 91, and nothing was done. A state whose federal law enforcement divisions are apparantly only there to cover up federal crimes. After all, with nearly half of the FBI working on terror, the only cases they bring forth are the ones in which they have convinced and supplied the supposed terrorists they charge. We are a police state. Your thinking that you are somehow free, only makes you more of a slave.

  • GENO

    When was the last time the US was a free society?

    Its still free as far as I’m concerned. I’m allowed to travel freely around my state or the US for that matter. In my state I’m allowed to carry my firearm since its perfectly legal as it was boldly displayed during Obama’s visit recently where a crazy black dude carried his AR-15. I’m allowed to voice my opposition to tyranny and oppressors like–the notorious and despisable (Sheriff) Joe Arpaio hence my Free Speech. If this country wasn’t free according to the poster above, I would never been granted to do the things I’ve mentioned.

  • Jim Lunsford

    I don’t even recognize humans as having separate races, feeling their are merely minor deviations within the species, but I wouldn’t forbid this guy entry solely because of his beliefs. No free society would, but then again, when was the last time Britain was a free society? Or the US for that matter.

  • Snorlax

    “Wiginton doesn’t advocate violence; he advocates policies.”

    Wiggedout hangs out with violent racist skinheads and sublets an apartment from David Duke.

    That’s what he advocates.

    Jeronimous is trying to whitewash this scumbag.

  • Snorlax

    Wiggedout is a racist, Jeronimouse.

    And so are you.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    I wonder if that genius was aware that Kuzma Minin was actually a Tatar.

  • Jeronimus


    I don’t care if you say I’m backing Preston Wiginton. The “smear by association” thing doesn’t work on us any more.

    Wiginton doesn’t advocate violence; he advocates policies. The policies he advocates are arguably good for the people of the US and Europe, because he wants tighter immigration control, which will protect American citizens and indigenous Europeans jobs and even their very lives.

    The leftist view is all about “breaking down barriers.” Maybe we put up those barriers for a reason. Barriers protect us, and those who want to break down our barriers are a danger to us. More and more of the people who experiencing the joys of these “broken down barriers” are catching on to imminent danger of the leftist enemy inside the gates.

  • LandM

    Paula: Re-read the entry. There’s nothing there about Wiginton representing people who oppose Obama. You’re the only one making that connection. Defensiveness caused by a guilty conscience?

    Richie: Re-read the SPLC’s detailed article on the Knoxville case ( There’s nothing there that would cause a rational person to claim the SPLC “vigorously defended” the accused perpetrators. All they did was quote the police and the parents of one of the victims as saying the crime was not racially motivated, and point out the false information being spread by racist propagandists. In no way did they suggest that the crime was not terrible and the perpetrators deserving of severe punishment. But perhaps you’re getting your “information” from the racists, not from the SPLC?

    Jeronimus: As so many racists do, you equate protection of the rights of minorities with reduction of the rights of the majority. But there is no right to dominate, exploit and abuse (even for people of Northern European ancestry), so preventing people from doing those things is not a violation of their rights; it’s simply the preservation of justice.

    Probably a waste of energy responding to these comments, but in this Misinformation Age, it seems to me it’s important not to let untruth stand unanswered.

  • Daniel D.

    Preston Wiginton’s photobucket album:

  • Snorlax

    Funny how the righties bring up people like Bill Ayers.

    Yeah, he was with the Weather Underground. 40 years ago.

    (Before Weather Underground was a cool website with radar and stuff.

    The Weathermen were 40 years ago. Bill Ayers isn’t a bomb throwing kid anymore. He’s a college professor.

    On the other hand, this Wiggedout guy is getting kicked out of Britain for stirring up the local hooligans. Now. Not 40 years ago. In 2009. He’s a racist scumbag.

    Your attempt to portray a college professor who was a radical 40 years ago as a “terrorist” is nonsense, but then I expect nothing but garbage from you Reich Wingnuts.

    Maybe you could try putting down the talking points and actually having an original thought in your head for a change, one that doesn’t come from a junkie or a pervert.

    Naah, that would make your head explode.

  • Snorlax

    Jeronimouse, you are backing this guy.

    I don’t care about your slick propaganda talk, although I always admire the way you righties use projection to blame the left. This guy is wrong and so are you.

    The fact of the matter is that this man is an evil, racist, hateful man who wants to oppress people just because they have more melanin in their skin.

    And you’re supporting his case, even though you won’t touch it with a ten foot pole in your post. That makes YOU an evil racist and a hateful man too. And I bet you think you’re a good Christian. You are not.

    Britain and Europe have stiffer laws against hate agitators like that scumbag. They lived through two world wars and a death gulag that methodically murdered 11 million innocent civilians.

    Oh, and if you support this guy, you support that too. You are an evil scumbag who wouldn’t hesitate to throw people into the gas chamber because of the color of their skin or their religion or whatever.

    You are right about some kids joining this garbage. I live in the country. I’ve seen these kids. They’re the dumb ones.

    Like you.

  • Snorlax

    Michael Savage Weiner has been BANNED FROM BRITAIN?!?

    Great! There still IS hope for the human race.

    Why hasn’t that psycho been banned from the airwaves??

    Corporate media are pushing this hate speech..just for bucks.

  • Jeronimus

    This is basically saying that they want to outlaw an ideology. They cannot yet ban indigenous Brits who are BNP members, but they ban non-Brits simply for ideology. Wiginton has no history of violence, no criminal record. Banned for his advocacy, while real terrorists like Bill Ayers get teaching jobs since they have the “correct ideology.”

    Well, outlawing an ideology is sure to make it popular with the kids. Tattoos, drugs, sexual experimentation — that’s all a big YAWN. But if you subscribe to the same ideology that your grandfather did and took for granted, well hey, you’re a vicious criminal that can’t be permitted to travel to a “respectable country.”

    It’s amazing to me how the Left constantly ups the ante. You guys won, but you aren’t gracious in your victory. Letting Wiginton into Britain would not have resulted in anybody getting hurt. However, the if Westchester gets more “racially integrated,” I can guarantee you that people will be murdered who would not have been murdered had this racial integration not occurred. It is your advocacy and policies of integration and anti-white hate that lead to people like getting murdered who would not have otherwise.

    The Left has a perverse desire to smack down the tiny percentage of people who pay attention and tell the truth about these policies. The Left lacks a basic understanding of social dynamics. You have put a big spotlight on White advocacy, screaming “this is evil, this is the DEVIL INCARNATE. EVIL! MUST DESTROY EVIL RACISTSNAZISWHITESUPREMACISTS!” Millions of White kids, and even a few non-White kids, even a few Jewish kids, look at that and say, “Cool. I want to go join that Devil Incarnate thing there. That’ll really piss off my parents.”

  • Richie

    I guess they don’t have a first amendment type of government in the UK, and here I had thought it was a democracy. I guess you are free to say anything you want as long as eveyone else agrees with you.
    I love all of the “Hate Groups” you have identified. Too bad you folks weren’t around 200-odd years ago – Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine – now those guys were real “haters”
    The SPLC has lost all credibility with me since they vigorously defended the animals who murdered Channon Christian and Chris Newsom, saying that the crime wasn’t racially motivated. You people are a disgrace to the memory of the civil rights movement.

  • Paula Gregoire

    Why do you people constantly report on these idiots? These people are NOT representative of the people who oppose Obama’s policies.

    The people are scared. President Obama says one thing and does another. We do not want the government RULING our lives! Can’t you people get that?? What is up with this love affair between CNN and Obama? Geez…it makes most people disgusted with you.

  • GENO

    It is now part of the norm, for lesser white supremacists to be banned from civilized societies and first class countries worldwide. The practice of white supremacist banishment is already common place and perhaps may even be more vigorous. Russia may be one of the few, if not the last thresh holds of white supremacy bastions.

    “he pumps $50,000 a year of his own money into the global white supremacist movement.”

    Personally, I wouldn’t give rat’s a**.
    His wasteful spending is far worst than gambling. You get absolutely nothing in return, as if skinheads give a wit about how much you spend on them. What did he accomplished thus far in the movement, besides traveling the globe?