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Neo-Nazi Group’s Dirty Linen Aired in Leaked E-mails

By Sonia Scherr on August 28, 2009 - 4:25 pm, Posted in Hate Groups, Neo-Nazi

Like most hate groups, the National Socialist Movement (NSM) conducts virtually all its business in secret. So leaders of America’s largest neo-Nazi group couldn’t have been happy last week when hundreds of its private E-mails appeared on the Internet.

The messages — more than 600 of them dated between July 2007 and August 2009 — are posted to the website, which publishes leaked documents. They were sent to a hotmail account maintained by an NSM member identified as William Herring, a self-described ex-con who handled correspondence for the group. They provide a glimpse into the inner world of the NSM, whose members seem to spend almost as much time at each other’s throats as they do standing up for the white race.

Among the highlights was a major dust-up in fall 2007 that featured claims of Jewish collaboration and led to the ouster or resignation of several key members, including the group’s 2008 presidential candidate. On Oct. 3, 2007, NSM leader Jeff Schoep wrote an “internal party memo” urging members to stop squabbling. “When Col. Bishop and I have to play babysitter, and talk to people about drama, it makes us, all of you, and our Party look foolish,” he wrote. “America is being overrun with Mexicans and other invaders, instead of expelling certain people, these members and the Party are better served if the drama is saved for the playground, and we all get back to work.” Two weeks later, he adopted a harder line in another E-mail to NSM members. “The NSM does not operate as a Democracy, your pledge of Loyalty is to the Party and its Leadership. Honor your Oath, and your Pledge of Loyalty to the Party, or get out of our Ranks now while you still can!”

In mid-October 2007, Schoep took aim at former NSM regional leader Jim Ramm, an alias for Matthew Ramsey, in a flurry of E-mails. “Jim Ramm is collaborating with the ADL [Anti-Defamation League],” Schoep declared in a message dated Oct. 18. He also forwarded an E-mail titled “giving it to the jews” in which Ramm, who served as webmaster for NSM’s nukeisrael website, supposedly threatened to give the site to the ADL. Ramm later asserted that the E-mail was a fake and denied contact with “the Jews.” He attacked Schoep in a rambling Oct. 21 E-Mail, alleging that Schoep had covered up for an associate who was coming on to Ramm’s then-girlfriend. He complained that in 2006, NSM records grossed over $110,000 in sales, yet wasn’t required to report profits to members. “NSM members are expected to just smile and just hope Commander is spending the money wisely,” he said. “NSM members make no mistake: Jeff Schoep is in this just for the money and he really doesn’t give a damn about the White Race.”

Even the group’s presidential candidate wasn’t spared. Schoep gave the boot to John Taylor Bowles after Bowles stated on his website that NSM was in disarray. “As a Party veteran, You above all people should never waiver [sic] in the face of any drama, much less feed into the drama and make a false claim that the Party is in disarray,” Schoep wrote in an Oct. 18, 2007, E-mail.

Bowles responded with an E-mail to his “fellow National Socialists” complaining that Schoep was refusing to rein in his web team, despite “their tyrannical and unjust ways of banning people and cussing at people.” Bowles also accused Schoep of doing little to help his presidential campaign and complained that Schoep’s E-mail about loyalty sounded as if it had been penned by a Marxist. “Has the NSM Commander been honest with you and told you his reckless character got him a DUI and dues are paying the increased auto insurance premium along with the high price of his Mustang,” he wrote. “Must be nice to live high on the hog on your dues money and you see little in return.”

Contributing to the brouhaha was an E-mail supposedly from former NSM chairman Clifford Herrington. It lambasted Christianity and announced his return as party commander in place of Schoep.  “All Praise the Hairy Horned God from Hell!” proclaimed the E-mail in an apparent reference to Herrington’s wife, who had earlier triggered a scandal when anti-racists discovered she was priestess of the Joy of Satan Ministries. Schoep promptly declared the E-mail a fake.

Even Herring, who appears to be utterly devoted to NSM, occasionally needed to be talked off a cliff. In a June 29, 2008, E-mail to Schoep, he was furious about a rumor that he was about to be expelled from NSM for being a drunk. “I have been faithfully doing all I could for the NSM on a ‘budget’ that is laughable at best,” he wrote. “I have been down to washing my clothing in the bathtub and using coffee filters for toilet paper – just so I could keep my internet and phone on and continue helping you with these emails. Am I to be discarded because I had a drinking problem? Am I nothing more than some ex-con piece of shit to be thrown away when I am no longer useful?”

But there’s more to NSM than feuding. Amid reports of cross-lightings and a book-burning, Herring suggested that NSM set up a scholarship fund for those who couldn’t afford to attend the group’s national rally. Schoep recommended keeping it on the down low. “We need to be carefull [sic] about making this known” because “our enemies will say we are paying people to attend events,” he wrote in a Dec. 1, 2007, E-mail.

In a March 29, 2008, E-mail, Schoep’s wife asked Herring, who subscribes to the neo-Pagan religion called Odinism, for help on a class essay comparing mythical heroes. “I have to have a 5,000 word paper wrote [sic] to answer this question,” Joanna Schoep E-mailed. He complied, and she thanked him in a follow-up E-mail. “I just need to get an A in the class, so I can get into Law school someday down the road,” she wrote. Schoep later reported that his wife got an A- on the paper.

  • Polish Jewish Girl

    >>using coffee filters for toilet paper

    Last I checked, coffee filters are more expensive than toilet paper. Are you sure these are real? It’s easy to get into a frenzy about this stuff – talking about Nazis bring up lots of emotions for people especially in my family. Are there IP addresses with these emails or is it just text?

  • Mike Magruder

    Unfortunately, folks still have claws, fangs and anuses. Why would a God create such absurdity? The universe rolls the dice and WE got to be “the winnah!” Chance placed the earth in just the right position to incubate animals. The bootstraps are ours and destinies our own responsiblities. The usual sophistry says that the poor are responsible for their own criminal decisions. Could it be logical that the unprincipled rich might be responsible for their OWN criminal decisions?

  • jerilyn k miller

    As I’ve said before, self-induced ignorance. and now I surely see, substance abuse problems, low self-esteem issues. it is really frightening to know persons as this have followers and weapons and no concience. I pray and pray for someday God will give us an answer about WHAT TO DO WITH DANGEROUS CRAZIES.

  • WMDKitty

    @mary b — Dude, Satanists have some pretty high standards and these (literal) “Devil’s Rejects” don’t make the cut. Satanists do NOT support hate groups.

  • ms. pitbull

    Ihave been down to washing my clothing in the bathtub and using coffee filters for toilet paper – just so I could keep my internet and phone on and continue helping you with these emails

    My heart bleeds for you! NOT. What’s wrong sweetie? The business of hate isn’t paying? And these are the same mouthbreathers who are against any type of social welfare programs.

  • Carmen

    “They never figure out that the Jewish conspiracy, which is used to explain away many investigations of such leaders, is precisely the reason why they continue to get taken until, if they are lucky, the evidence becomes to difficult to ignore.”

    What in blazes does that mean?

  • Deborah de Santos

    Ohmygawd, they’re orcs – right out of a Tolkien book.

    It’s a perfect dramatization of what Ayn Rand states in her book, “The Art of Fiction”: “No one can be consistently evil. Since evil is destruction, anyone who attempted consistently in his life to follow a bad premise would eliminate himself; he would be dead, or at best insane. A man can hold bad premises only so long as his good ones make them possible, support them – and are destroyed in the process of supporting them. Bad premises, if not eliminated, will grow and destroy the good ones.”

  • mary b

    Dear SPLC,

    While some of the excerpts are funny because they are so juvenile, they scare the hell out of me.
    Thank you for keeping up with these crazy people. Being neo-nazi is bad enough but when they start to mix paganism and devil worshipping in there, it is horrifying.
    Please, keep up the great work!

  • Capt Fogg

    The Jewish conspiracy?

  • Paul Avanti

    The authors of these emails must be taken seriously. Ignorant, uneducated louts are attracted to these groups like moths to a flame. I

  • Philip


    Just because they are infantile doesn’t mean they are not dangerous. Publicly shaming hate groups has been an important method for weakening them.

    One famous example is folklorist Stetson Kennedy and SUperman beating back the KKK. Kennedy infiltrated the Klan and leaked their passwords and secrets to the writers of the Superman radio show. Suddenly you have millions of kids dressing either in bedsheets robes or bedsheet capes with playing superman and defeating the klan using the klan’s own passwords. It emphasized the infantile nature of the group and led to a huge loss of membership and confidence.

    Posting up these e-mails does the same thing in showing the childish nature of the NSM. Show them for what they are and see people peel off. Public shaming goes hand in hand with the SPLC’s lawsuits and work with law enforcement to bring charges. Keeping the groups splintered and weak will make it easier to eliminate them and their ideology.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Absolutely hilarious, classic movement material. But sadly it won’t change anything. The general gist of these e-mails could come from any organization. No matter how often WNs are duped by some con-man who spends their dues and donations on themselves, they will never..NEVER learn. They never figure out that the Jewish conspiracy, which is used to explain away many investigations of such leaders, is precisely the reason why they continue to get taken until, if they are lucky, the evidence becomes to difficult to ignore.

  • Carter

    So it was Schlep’s wife who got into the “Hairy Horned God from Hell!”????
    ….Seems like this is going to create a riff in the Christian Identity movement’s involvement in WN….

  • Snorlax

    “Juvenile delinquents”. I wish.

    Nowadays , it’s juvenile rapists, juvenile arsonists, juvenile drug kingpins, and juvenile hit men.

    Kids these days skip the delinquencies and go straight for the felonies.

    These days if you see a bunch of kid all wearing the same color, they might not be the baseball team anymore.

    Ahhh, to go back to the days when chewing gum in school was a big offense and the only gangs you saw were the ones in West Side Story.

    I wish.

  • Jonathon

    Juvenile delinquents or not – they need to be taken seriously. All too often it is juvenile delinquents who carry out violent attacks on innocent people because of their race, religion or sexuality. Look at the arrests in Baltimore this week. These were juvenile delinquents, probably less capable of organizing a national movement than the boneheads in the NSM. But to their victims they are something to be taken very seriously. Out of the 3 nazis arrested in Baltimore, the only one over 18 apparently raped a 4 year old when he was still a juvenile. Do you really need to ask why SPLC takes idiots like this seriously?

  • Snorlax

    “One has to wonder why the SPLC takes these embeciled (sic) simpletons seriously.”

    They’re heavily armed, dangerous, psychotic criminals.

    That’s why.

  • WMDKitty

    Karma. It’s a bitch, innit?

  • Gregory

    Thanks for the comedy relief. There has been precious little of late.

  • Soulalibi

    After reading this SPLC article, I thought I was reading about a bunch of juvenile deliquents from the neighborhood. It was so infantile that I merely laughed my heart out. One has to wonder why the SPLC takes these embeciled simpletons seriously. The purported “secret emails” now made for the public’s amusement really did open up some insights on how these guys really are. I did considered the NSM to be one of the legitimate neo-Nazi movements, that was until these emails were unearthed. This is a nothing more than laughing stock.