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Suffolk County Leader Blamed for Hate Crimes

By Hatewatch Staff on September 1, 2009 - 9:34 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Human rights advocates attending the first meeting of Suffolk’s Hate Crimes Task Force charged Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy with fostering anti-immigrant attitudes that lead to violence.
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  • George Sidoti

    I live in Suffolk County and althoght there is a fear many immigrants, legal or otherwise, have within Suffolk County, the vast majority of people mhave no problem with immigrants.

    However, there is an atmosphere of discontent that exists among many who feel because the immigrant is working and they have been laid off or cannot find suitable employment. The job market is shrinking within Suffolk County and many people are upset and look at the immigrant, who has a job, as being unfair.

    It is a matter of bias as well as a matter of unemployment opportunity that is causing the violent attacks against the immigrant. It would be too easy to blame the entire causes of hate on people who are bias. The broader picture must be viewed…unemployment figures climbing, taxes causing people to sell their homes, and of course the crooked politicians who play upon anything that is opportunistic for them to get re-elected are just a few matters that are causing the violence within Suffolk County and elsewhere around the nation.