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Report: Arizona Sheriff’s Staff Under Criminal Investigation

By Hatewatch Staff on September 8, 2009 - 12:06 pm, Posted in Uncategorized

Top aides to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is noted for his harsh anti-immigrant tactics, appear to be the targets of an inquiry into links between the department and the Arizona Republican Party.

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  • Observer

    This illegal campaign donation scandal has been going on for YEARS. I read the article linked here, then realized I needed more information, so I read several other news articles by Sarah Fenske of the Phoenix New Times, one of which is 5 pages long. Apparently this scandal has been unwinding since 2004. I read the background articles tryng to find out just “who” the SCA is, and all the principals involved won’t tell. The reporter said it might stand for “Sheriff’s Command Association,” but none of the Sheriff’s staff would admit this.
    This has been unwinding for so long, I don’t think it will make national news unless there are indictments or arrests made. The only controversial things about Joe Arpiao that make the national news are about his “tent city” and his infamous pink uniforms that he insists his inmates wear.
    None of his dirty tricks done to keep him in office, nor the rewards and promotions he hands out to people who help him with his illegal campaign funds gathering have ever been covered by national news.
    This story is years long and more complicated and filthy than Watergate ever was. Thank God for Sarah Fenske for following and reporting all the details, but Joe and his henchmen will prevail unless this goes national. There are so many players and conficts of interest among all the lawyers involved, I think it’s time for a federal A.G. to take over the case. After all,
    the Republican NATIONAL Committee is involved and we no longer have a Republican Administration in Washington, D.C. to keep it all under wraps.
    I hope Sarah Feske stays strong and keeps documenting this case, but I would also strongly urge her to try to get this story to the A.P., or Reuters, or ANYONE on a national level to expose Joe and his Possee to closer scrutiny. I’m sure that Senator John McCain is aware of this situation. Maybe he should be interviewed on the subject of Arpiao and THEN it would be national news.

  • kate

    Once this reaches national attention I’m sure Fox News will make a spin about how any resulting arrests and embarrassment and evidence is all a result of a democratic party-commie plot to destroy America.

  • GENO

    “Fraud schemes, making illegal political contributions and money laundering….”

    Sounds serious. We’re looking at felony charges here. Which is exactly why the A.G. is involved with the ongoiing investigation. And I see a slam dunk case for Goddard on this one, that is if he doesn’t wimp out by fearing the wrath of arpaio. It was finally revealed thank the Phoenix Times–Sarah Fenseke informing the masses that mr.Faux’s home was indeed raided by agents way back in May. And from the looks of it, apparently it seems to me that this could serve as a pretext to arpaio’s downfall. Starting with the lower brass, eventually working its way up the chain of command. Maybe not arpaio himself but his right-hand man Chief Deputy Jabba the Hutt-Hendershott. That’s how criminal investigations usually but hence–traditionally work. It starts with the bottom men while climbing up the ranks in order to bring down the entire criminal organization.

    Good luck to Terry Goddard on this one.