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‘End Time Watchman’ Puts ‘New World Order’ On Notice

By Rob Waters on September 11, 2009 - 4:13 pm, Posted in Militias, Patriot

Meet Mr. End Time Watchman, a gun-waving, violence-threatening, conspiracy-theorizing gent in a white cowboy hat who makes videos in his garage. In this video, he lacks the voice to convey menace the way Clint Eastwood did as Dirty Harry, but he gives it his best: “Are you feeling lucky, New World Order?” he asks, waving an immense handgun. “I’m gonna shove this .50-caliber up your nose.”

So be warned, all of you who are part of the New World Order. When you come to take his guns away, he’s waiting for you. His rant lasts for more than five minutes in this particular video, and at the end there are links to some of his other masterpieces. They’re at once funny and scary, with some emphasis on the latter, because the sentiments he expresses are those making the rounds in right-wing extremist circles these days.

And as the Southern Poverty Law Center reported recently, there are clear signs of a revival of the virulently anti-government “Patriot” movement of the 1990s — paramilitary militias, tax defiers, “sovereign citizens” and the like — united in their determination to oppose President Obama and the socialistic troops of the “New World Order.”

Mr. End Time Watchman is one of their spokesmen.

  • lawrence

    Shame on the SPLC, because they are “Demonizing” a U.S. citizen only warning of things to come! What’s wrong with that SPLC? Maybe Congress should pass a law against what you do at the SPLC and be put in a Prison Camp! How would you like that SPLC? It seems to me the U.S. traitors who run the SPLC have sold their own “birth right” for a “pot of porage!” Those at the SPLC are the real “Terrorists” in my opinion, because of their “Anti-American” fruits they do, the SPLC claims to be “so-tolerant”; the SPLC “Demonizes” the 1ST Amendment,the 2ND Amendment and so on! The SPLC convienently forgets what happened in WW-2 Germany concentration camps to those who were “Demonized” at that time. The SPLC is commiting the same “Demonization Tactics” like Hitler did because they “Demonize” a U.S. citizen standing up for himself, his family, Constitution and country. In my opinion the SPLC are the same Hypocrites commiting exactly the same crimes as Hitler did by comparison!

  • johnny boy

    End time may come off like a country bumpkin but he is hitting the nail on the head. Im amazed by the people that can’t see what is going on around them. The far left are much like cock roaches when the trouble comes they quickly disappear into the woodwork. Soon you won’t hear a peep out of them. The only violence will be from self defense. I wonder what the NON anti-government people will say when they are getting chipped and all the other goodies the government has in store for us?

  • Kingpin

    @Gopfreak the far-right around the world is going ballastic violent against the threat the imagnry threat of n.w.o and will most likly start to carry out murders of people who have attented BIlderberg….IMAGNRY lol learn how to spell and last time i looked the New World Order Has been talked about by presidents for years……WHAT ROCK ARE YOU HIDING UNDER…..AND THEY ARE ATTACKING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE LOOK AT YOUR RIGHTS VANISH RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES…..and you wont get it untill they monitor everything you do and if you make them mad they will cut off your future rfid card so you cant eat…..and you call that good well hell is your future….the people that run s.p.l.c. already know that when shtf they will be on your so called list as well…..

  • michael

    End time watchmen rocks. As far as this sight talking about the far right that’s a joke. People need to wake up and get out of the left right maze that there in. Look at how the gov. Has u all fooled. I hate the way america is today. Destroy erase improve. Our gov. That is.

  • george

    fire all these idiots in congress,senate white house all the czars, audit the feds, go back to write in ballots for voting bring home all the troops everywhere.they are fixing to start another nazi germany they allready have the FEMA camps.we have to stand up and fight before we are taken to them and marked just like the jews were.i am divorced my kids were taken and given the h1n1 shot without my consent I am allready pissed if they die someoe will pay one at a time fucking basterds.

  • mike

    Snorlax and Rka,

    Listin, you guys really need to get a life and start living a bit. Travel, love, learn about what is really going on the world. “your side”….snorlax, please these statements are childish, and resonate from someone who is ill-informed about how the world really works. Listin, the bottom line is that people in power almost always abuse those that dont have power, regardless of race, location, gender…etc, etc. That is why the founders of this country created a republic, not a democracy. Where the rights of the individual are upheld, and not “mute”. Read history, independent media, educate yourselfs. The guns that where brought to the obama talk in NH was a legal action…Good!! it’s ok to want to uphold what has made this country special such as individual freedoms. “DUBYA” who cares, he was a puppet, like Obama is! tyranny and more tyranny, and yes you are correct many folks didint stand up against Bush crimes, but that does not make them bad, everybody is learning on their own clock, and the more you learn and share, and stop trying to divide people through outdated and passe politically correct techniques, the more you are informed about what is really going on, such as the elites plan to dominate. Listin, look at the poison in the food, GMO”s, Flouride, vaccines, it’s not a right and left argument, it’s a LIFE argument. SPLC is mostly washed up 60’s folks that like still having a paycheck and young kids out of collage who believe their doing the right thing and don’t have much experience in the world yet. Get a life and educate yourselves, have fun and most of all learn to love and be open to others who have differing views, stop trying to make them look like terroritsts and racsists, life is much more complex and amazing than you folks seem to lable it…thank God!

  • RKA


    Remaining mute would perhaps be a better strategy for you.

  • Lary Ford

    Snortax, the SPLC is not a reliable source for well rounded, unbias and full exsposure not to mention exsposure of others who aren’t whites. That sir, is what is called.. A Fact Jack… This subject woudl be mute between us as you have used them for years and pass it on. You are Anti White to begin with.

  • Lary Ford

    It’s aparent that when Molly states her thinking and though I am not familair with it all I do agree with half of what I do understand her to be saying. And what happens, her statements didn’t get deleted likely because Snortax now refers to someone that states her thoughts and exsperiences as a Nazi! Then ends it with calling Molly an animal.

  • mike

    Listin, I grew up in the south,lived in 6 of 7 continents, speak multiple languages including Amharic, I’m Jewish but follow a spirtual teacher from India, went to Art School and the list goes on. Why do I feel the need to reveal these things, as if to somehow mold myself to the average ego identity or “world view” of the average splc poster…no! if I didint I would be labled some sort of extremist. I read the posts and MOLLY is right! It’s not about identity, it’s about people mostly those in the elite who control the media and destroy lives! The New World Order is real, and it’s been around for thousands of years, it’s just a new name for an age old problem. Most of these so called crazies are black opp cia, and mossad funded thugs. Yes there are bad,crazy people out their but most of them live in the hallways of washington, and the offices of the federal reserve banks, not rural america as so oftern portrayed by the splc elite’s. Who ever screens this blog, really spend some time, open your mind, stop the left-right false political gaggle and wake up! Learn to love not fear and by this you will start to really live….

  • Michael

    I am a Retired Police Chief and a Loyal to the Constitution of the United Sates of America……Does that make me part of a terror plot? I am also a devout Catholic..according to SPLC that must move me up higher on the watch list………..I am an advocate of the Second Amendment…that must put me over the edge in need of immediate help…………..I am pro-life and pro-family…..I am now under surveilance by SPLC

  • Snorlax

    Larry Ford, it is YOUR side that is creating a climate of fear. Your side is cranking up the angry rhetoric, the false claims and the hate speech. Your side is bringing guns to town meetings and Obama’s events.

    I’ve been watching the SPLC operate for years. I have to rely on their information for my job, and I would not use them if they were bogus. They are a reliable source.

    If the SPLC says a “Patriot” group is a hate group, they do not do that lightly. They ALWAYS document what they are doing.

    Nobody here is saying Patriots are traitors. But YOUR side did that, when progressive Patriots dared to speak up against Chimpy Bush’s Reign of Error. YOUR side called us traitors and terrorists for objecting to Chimpy’s TORTURE GULAG and his LIES to start the wrong war in Iraq.

  • Larry Ford

    You continue to assosicate the word Patriot with Terror and it’s not. You do these things on purpose and you should be legally responsible for the Climate Of fear you bring to American Patriotic People and the white and european race. You should be sued for defamation of caharacter

  • dave

    Well,they just look so cute when the’re little…

  • Snorlax

    Don’t encourage her, Dave.

    It is apparent that molly is a neo-Nazi.

    Don’t feed the animals.

  • dave

    Good Golly Ms Molly!

  • Snorlax

    “SPLC is a clique of super rich ($200 million) well armed racists doing the bidding of the ADL and the international bankers” -molly

    Straight out of Mein Kampf.

    These people are all dangerous psychopaths.

    I fear armed insurrection in the near future.

  • molly

    The SPLC is loaded…I hope the habitual censors here are being paid at least $40 an hour, because the SPLC sure can afford it. In 1999 alone they earned $17 million just from their investments.

    Andreas Strassmier is a touchy subject for the SPLC…has anyone ever wondered why so many of the leaders of extremist far-right organizations happen to possess noticeable Ashkenazim features? Hmm?

    False flags come in all sizes

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    It makes you wish the “New World Order” really would invade, so we could watch him burst into tears and throw his dinky .50 cal away at the sight of the UN stormtroopers.


    What a lunatic. Wow…this is like some kind of zombie plague or something. These idiots are figuratively eating people’s brains…

    Another guy on Youtube make the endtime watchman look like an idiot though. Check it out:

  • Gopfreak

    YOu dont thing they have a so called hitlist of new world order members they want to kill? Bilderberg atteitneds list of 2009 is one they use ,bad year to be a bilderberger i think the far-right around the world is going ballastic violent against the threat the imagnry threat of n.w.o and will most likly start to carry out murders of people who have attented BIlderberg

  • molly

    SPLC is afraid of honest debate, they censor all the time, they are cowards who delete info that would show them up…the majority of Americans want smaller govt and less taxes…Obama is a puppet of the banksters and everyone here knows it.

    SPLC is a clique of super rich ($200 million) well armed racists ,doing the bidding of the ADL and the international bankers…their cowardly selves will fall over themselves to hit the delete button for this post