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Neo-Nazi White Out on Bond — As Long As He Behaves

By Larry Keller on September 22, 2009 - 1:09 pm, Posted in Neo-Nazi

Obstreperous neo-Nazi Bill White is a free man after spending 11 months in custody awaiting federal trials in two states. His freedom comes at a cost, including staying off the Internet where in the past he has been a serial poster of threats to individuals far and wide. A judge in Roanoke, Va., granted a $25,000 bond for White last Friday, while setting several conditions.

In addition to the Internet ban, White was placed on home electronic monitoring, and he can leave his premises only to meet with his attorneys or attend to his business as a landlord of rental homes in Roanoke, where he lives. He also had to surrender his guns and undergo mental health treatment for what psychiatrists have described as a histrionic and narcissistic personality disorder.

White founded the American National Socialist Workers Party in 2006 after quitting another neo-Nazi organization, the National Socialist Movement. He filed for bankruptcy last year, and subsequently was indicted, first in Chicago, then in Roanoke.

In the Chicago case, White was charged with obstructing justice after publishing personal information on the Internet about the foreman of a jury that convicted white supremacist Matt Hale in 2004. While not actually urging that the foreman be harmed, White did publish the man’s home address, phone numbers and other personal information about the “Gay, Jewish, anti-racist juror.” He wrote that the juror “played a key role in convicting Hale.”

After his arrest, White was held without bail. While he was in custody, he was indicted in Roanoke on unrelated charges. A judge dismissed the Chicago case in July after concluding that his actions were protected by the First Amendment. He was then transferred to a holding facility in Roanoke to await trial — scheduled for Dec. 9 — in that case. A judge there granted him bail after a psychiatrist who evaluated White said that he doesn’t pose an imminent threat to the community.

White is charged in the Roanoke indictment with multiple counts of threatening people online, by e-mail and by telephone, as well as attempting to prevent court testimony through threatening letters sent to black tenants in a housing dispute. The government contends that, among other things, White wrote that Holocaust survivor and author Elie Wiesel “should be afraid to walk out his front door” because of his “Holocaust lies.” He allegedly said that Canadian civil rights lawyer Richard Warman “deserves to be killed,” and if Leonard Pitts, an African-American Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist were killed, “I wouldn’t shed a tear.” White also wrote that if he had the time, he could begin “picking off” the staff of Intelligence Report, the quarterly magazine published by the Southern Poverty Law Center. It’s expected that he will rely on a First Amendment defense again, just as he did in Chicago.

  • Tezuka fan

    “‘[P]icking off’ the staff of the Intelligence Report”
    “It’s expected that he will rely on a First Amendment defense again”
    That’s hillarious! I sure as hell hope he doesn’t. I hope you guys, Mr. Wiesel (I loved Night), Mr. Warman, and Mr. Pitts win your case(s) so you can put this crap to rest just in case he does.

    Last time I checked, the 1st Ammendment (a really useful set of rights when it comes to campaigning against incumbants, greivances, reasonable protests, and religious practices/tolerance) doesn’t protect against death threats. If it did, I seriously wasted my time in high school.

    I could have threatened every single teacher my friends hated (with death), cost the school a lot of money (court costs), and not have to go to school (all subsequent schools would have threatened teachers).

  • Elaine Cullen

    I think that the Neo Nazis are centered in Germany and are being used by the governments of Germany and Japan to finish the war against other countries that they were waging in World War Two. It appears that Germany and Japan are backing many of the hate groups and groups being used to divide countries and they continued backing other countries hate groups and setting up hate groups, some Neo Nazi, after World War Two. Before and during World War Two, the German and Japanese government were backing the Ku Klux Klan for not only their virulent anti semitism but for the virulent attacks against African Americans which these countries also were using to divide the races to attack the U.S. in World War Two. Since then top government officials in Japan have made numerous racist comments against African Americans in the U.S. and it appears the reason has been to incite hatred between the races in the U.S. At the same time, both countries together are attacking the U.S. economically.

  • texasgomer

    Thanks, SPLC, for the great job you do. This Texan really appreciates it. You cured me of my prejudice against lawyers, BTW.