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Von Brunn Moved to Prison in North Carolina for Competency Evaluation

By Rob Waters on September 29, 2009 - 1:17 pm, Posted in Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist

James von Brunn, the elderly white supremacist charged with killing a security guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in June, has been transferred to a federal prison in North Carolina for an evaluation to determine whether he is competent to stand trial. He arrived at the Butner Federal Medical Center in Butner, N.C., on Friday, The Associated Press reported. A judge ordered the evaluation, which was requested by von Brunn’s lawyer despite his client’s objections.

Von Brunn, 89, is accused of shooting the guard, Stephen Johns, on June 10. He was previously held at the D.C. jail.

Read the SPLC’s report from the day of the shooting about von Brunn’s neo-Nazi ties.

Read the article from the latest Intelligence Report on von Brunn’s hunger for an audience for his virulent anti-Semitic screeds.

  • Simon

    Allen is such a moron he thinks you need to be a right-wing extremist to question these suspicious mass shootings.

    The exchange between him and Starviego is very characteristic of most exchanges between conspiracy researchers and subscribers to the official narrative of the day’s events..

    One person presents evidence and arguments to support their points. The other first attempts to ridicule them with assumptions (“there’s ballistics evidence”) that have no basis in truth. When they’re called out and the person continues to present their arguments in a respectful fashion, the professed enlightened rationalist simply throws insults and pounds sand like a child.

    Disgraceful, Allen. But you’re simply doing it to appear “cool” in the media reality. You’re a total joke.

    “Simon joins the tinfoil club.”

    What a bastion of originality. >.> Keep crying, Allen.

  • Allen

    …and Elvis and Bigfoot were there, too! …


    But it doesn’t really matter any more, the guy’s dead and roasting now, and not soon enough.

  • starviego

    About two weeks before the museum shooting, von Brunn went to the Naval Academy in Annapolis to complain about their new affirmative action policies, which he had read about in his local paper. Say what you want about him, he was not shy about expressing his views. Unfortunately for him, at that time he came to the attention of the Naval Investigative Service, who put him on a ”watch list,” for expressing his views. And then the covert operators seized their opportunity.

    So after reading another article in his local paper about a new play at the museum–”Emmit and Anne”–about a fictional meeting between Anne Franke and civil rights martyr Emmit Till, von Brunn probably headed down to give them a piece of his mind. Or more likely a ‘friend’ in the movement suggested he should drive von Brunn to the museum, and he fell into the trap they were setting for him.

  • Allen

    Simon joins the tin foil hat club.

  • Simon

    Allen should crawl in a little immaturity hole and stay there for the rest of his sad days.

    The Holocaust Museum Shooting was carried out by the US Military. Von Brunn is a patsy.

  • dona

    Guilty guilty guilty, I hope he dies in prison where he belongs with the rest of the maniac nazis!

  • Allen

    Hey, starviego, you’d better put on your tin foil hat, I’m reading your mind from my giant space ark.


  • starviego

    I have checked around and can’t find anything about a ballistics match. Cite your source or take it back.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Starviego- your “source” is, which is known as an automatic fail. It is not suprising at all that there would be conflicting eyewitness reports of such an event, especially one as traumatic as this. As for the ballistics, you could look that up for yourself, but most likely won’t, because you already decided it is some kind of conspiracy, which is precisely what people who browse do.

  • tyrone mixon

    @Eugene William, thank you for proving my point. Even after a run down of how I don’t fit the stereotype, I’m stereotyped. I couldn not have asked for better proof, you sir/maam are a gentleman/lady and a scholar.

  • George Sidoti

    Great system….Gonna find out if someone who commits a random act of murder is nuts !

    This man is a maniac and would be a definite danger to society if ever let loose.

  • Eugene Williams

    I cannot believe SPLC is allowing somuch free speech. Now I am thinking there IS a possibility that he never shot anyone and as for Tyrone mixon.. well, you may be working and you may not be attracted to white women and all that other stuff you said. But you sure is racist

  • Allen

    OK, have it your way – it’s all a vast left-wing conspiracy run by the Illuminati. You people make me laugh. Conspiracy here, conspiracy there. Hey! Soylent Green is people!!! ROFLMAO!

  • tyrone mixon

    ^^who says liberals are the only ones with bleeding hearts. ^^^

  • starviego

    ”the ballistics of the weapon that he had on him matched the bullet that killed the guard”
    That’s news to me. Do you have a source for that?

    ”…that incriminating screed in his notebook they found in his Hyundai.”
    You ever heard of planted evidence?

    ”von Brunn doesn’t deny any of it…”
    He doesn’t? When did he say that? The man has been kept incommunicado. I would like to hear his side of the story.

    The fact that this man has been sent hundreds of miles away, into a federal prison complex, despite not being convicted of anything, should worry everybody. He is 89 years old. If he was mentally ‘incompetent,’ signs would have surfaced long ago.

    Merely being anti-semetic or racist is not a crime, the last time I checked. Though the way this country is going, I am sure that will soon change.

  • Allen

    So I guess what starviego is trying to say is that there is some sort of conspiracy theory to have this guy framed. Never mind that the guy was a raging anti-semite who just happened to be walking into the Holocaust Museum. I suppose that the weapons were planted on him. Oh, and the ballistics of the weapon that he had on him matched the bullet that killed the guard, that’s part of the conspiracy, too, so the physical evidence matches the official story. And I guess that the guard used mind control on him to make him write that incriminating screed in his notebook they found in his Hyundai. (That’s what gets me – what’s a rabid racist doing driving a Korean car?) And the fact that von Brunn doesn’t deny any of it, that’s mind control, too.

    Where do these paranoiac nuts come from?

  • tyrone mixon

    Rather he shot someone or not (I believe he did), he was a time bomb ticking. Just like myself and a lot of other Black men. Though I’m no Obama supporter but we are getting tired of him being attacked under the guise of protest. I know this has nothing directly to do with the story, it needs to be said. The racist are getting bold and I think more shooting will happen after they go get pumped up on Faux News, I mean Fox News. I’m no leftist or rightist, I’m a live and let livist. Another thing is I’m tired of is this broad brush that’s used to a paint Black people with. I have never been to jail, I don’t have any children, I go to work everyday, and I’m not attracted to white women. Stop painting us all the same, less you be painted like one those stomped down craKKKas. No offence, forget that I do mean to offend .

  • Tezuka fan

    Eyewitness accounts aren’t always that trustwory, anyway. My psychology teacher from high school told my class about an experiment:
    At a bank, a confed. (hope I’m using the right word) dressed as a robber, pulled out a gun at a confed. teller and the teller dropped and pretended to be dead. The same thing happened with other tellers. Afterwards, the witnesses/subjects (most of which, if not all) said that they saw the “robber” shoot the tellers.
    I may have some minor parts wrong, but the point is eyewitness accounts are, in some cases, unreliable. One reason that we have security cameras.

  • starviego

    The eyewitness evidence indicates von Brunn didn’t shoot anybody–…_shot_at_.html
    –Visitor Maria Hernandez told CNN she heard five shots and saw the wounded security guard.* *”He was face down. His back … blood was coming out.”…ing.witnesses/
    She heard security guards yell to someone she could not see: “They were, ‘Get on the floor. Drop the weapon! Drop the weapon!’ Once he didn’t respond, they started shooting.”* * .. Hernandez saw another security guard lying flat on his belly.
    [Comment: If the perp had already shot off a round, the cops would not have given him a warning. The old guy never got a chance to fire his gun.]…10/cnr.06.html
    MARIA:* I ran towards the glass doors to see what was going on….* And there I could see a security man pull out his gun and shoot towards the shooter.
    I also saw another security man on his belly.
    HENRY: And then you saw some of the return fire from the security personnel?
    MARIA: Yes, it hit the security man.* …* *… I thought that the security guards were just shooting, but then I know that they were shooting at someone. So it sounded like a small gun. It did not sound very loud. It sounded like the ones that the security guards — almost the same as the ones the security guards were shooting.

    HENRY: … as we heard from that eyewitness, Maria, 19 years old, who was saying that the security officer was bleeding profusely, was face down on the ground, was bleeding from the back, she believed…
    …she thought that he was shot in the back and that the security guard had blood coming out of his back and he was face down on the ground.…lly/061009.mp3
    –Radio talk show host Mike Rivero at says a reporter ask a police spokesman if the accused gunman was wearing a “special police uniform.”* This indicates that an eyewitness identified the shooter as someone other than the designated patsy.

  • Eugene Williams

    Considering there are millions in the world just like this man as in his thoughts of hate for another and or others based on what ever he did or did not do that caused his thinking. Millions in this world who hate and have killing on their minds based on what ever their hate is about. It is a good thing that he was caught. As it could be that he would go do the same thing again as in wanting to bring harm to a group because they are identified as a group he hates. In thi scase he hated Jewish people.

  • Leonardo Ricardo

    Of course the man is spiritually and emotionally unwell…just a hair more demonic than most of the cast of Fox News….however, I think that all those who ¨do¨ fear-hate instigating are killers at heart no matter how they dress themselves up ¨to be¨ sane…the ¨haters¨ are either perps or outright abusive criminals.