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Yankee Secessionist Back in Cahoots with Neo-Confederates

By Rob Waters on October 1, 2009 - 2:00 pm, Posted in Neo-Confederate

Last year, the Southern Poverty Law Center exposed an unsavory collaboration between the Second Vermont Republic (SVR), a quirky left-leaning band of New England secessionists, and the white supremacist League of the South, long categorized by the SPLC as a hate group. Their shared goal was to build a national secession movement.

The SPLC report, titled “North Meets South,” also documented links between SVR founder and leader Thomas H. Naylor and other extremist organizations. Naylor has appeared on the hate radio program “The Political Cesspool,” which is run by white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens board member James Edwards. He is also an associate scholar at the Atlanta-based Abbeville Institute, which is run by former League of the South leader Donald Livingston and is devoted to the ignored “achievements of white people in the South.”

Naylor initially denounced the SPLC story, calling it “a vicious attack spearheaded by the well-financed, hate-mongering, witch-hunting, left-leaning Southern Poverty Law Center.” He cited no factual errors. But a few weeks later, he had second thoughts. In a letter that appeared to signal an end to the alliance, he called on the League to distance itself from racism and hatred. In the July 4, 2008, letter, he wrote, “So long as the albatross of racism hangs around its neck, the LOS can never be a truly effective partner for SVR.” His own group, he said, “risks being tainted by the scourge of racism simply by associating with the LOS.” He provided a few helpful suggestions for the League: Renounce racism, recruit black members, bring in black speakers, and promote Southern racial unity. And one more thing: “the Confederate flag has got to go!”

The divorce didn’t last long, however. Naylor and a close ally, prominent New York leftist writer and editor Kirkpatrick Sale, are now scheduled to speak at a conference on secession being organized by the Abbeville Institute. They will share the stage at the Charleston, S.C., conference in February with neo-Confederate scholars such as Thomas DiLorenzo, Clyde Wilson and Livingston, the Abbeville Institute founder. All three have current or past links with the League of the South. (Go here for profiles of DiLorenzo, Livingston and Wilson.)

The title of the conference is “State Nullification, Secession and the Human Scale of Political Order.”

Reached by telephone at his home in Vermont, Naylor declined to discuss the state of his relations with the neo-Confederates. “This has nothing to do with race,” he said. “It’s the SPLC that’s the hate group. Why don’t you go fuck yourself?”

  • mountaingirl08

    I guess I’m your basic Southern white bread but when I read about what happened to all those millions of innocents who did nothing more than to be born a certain race, religion, etc., I am ashamed of my demographic. And I am unspeakably angered by the Holocaust deniers, “birthers” so-called Patriots (that’s a matter of opinion.) & the other refuse who call themselves good Americans. They are liars.
    People risked their lives, gave their lives, to save others who were considered unacceptable as human beings. Thank God for that. Thank God for Miep Gies and others like her who truly followed the word of God..

  • mountaingirl08

    I cannot seem to find anything very positive in media reports lately. However, I did want to mention the death at 100 of a wonderful woman, Miep Gies, who saved the Diary of a certain young lady by the name of Anne Frank, which diary came to symbolize the basic goodness & decency & hope of ppl in the midst of a Hell on Earth. Miep Gies, in spite of extreme danger to herself & family, did the only just and right thing that could, no, HAD to be done. She hid the 8 ppl, (I think it was 8 ) from the Nazis. When the Franks et al were found out & sent to death camps, Miep Gies hid The Diary of Anne Frank from the clutches of the Nazis. Anne Frank died of typhus just 2 weeks before her death camp was liberated. Of the 8 ppl who were sent to death camps, only Anne’s father survived. He passed away just a few yr. ago. To the very end Anne Frank believed in the basic goodness of humanity. And hateful ppl murdered her & millions of others because they were Jewish or Gypsies, Russians, Slavs, Jehovah Witnesses, children who were infirm in institutions. It was said that the parents of the children went to the institutions knowing what would happen to their beloved to say good-bye to them. Heartbreaking beyond comprehension.

  • Existentialism

    “White nationalists” are people who where indoctrinated by jewish schools and media that their once proud history is nothing but pure evil, imperialism, colonialism, racism, and hatred, but have the gall to apply that same deconstruction to the Jews and their multicultural “new America”.

    You made us.

    Of what was White America, what makes this jewish age any better? What makes your jewish wars in the Middle East any less imperialist?

  • texasgomer

    Hatred for any reason, justified or not, is an acid you pour on your heart.

    I will pass on the Bible thumping. I admire parts of it; the rest is nonsense.

  • Patrick

    Reference the earlier post “There’s nothing wrong with hating the haters”, I don’t really agree, hate is always wrong. Hate breeds hate, that doesn’t mean you accept or agree with other persons opinion but hating another person is not ok regardless of what kind or lunatic that person is.

    A little Bible thumping never hurt noone, ;)

  • texasgomer

    Not according to Mohatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King. “Love thy neighbor” and “Love will save the world” make sense to this old man.

  • Snorlax

    “Snorlax: It’s pretty irrelevant, but the only one of the three handymen on the Newhart show who spoke was Larry; the two Darryls never uttered a sound.”

    You’re rright, it is irrelevant.

    Obviously you watch too much bad television. Not something to be proud of.

  • Snorlax

    There’s nothing wrong with hating the haters.

  • texasgomer

    The accusation that I might have some hostility myself made me think. I realized I strive to hate the sin and love the sinner even though I do not always live up to that mark. BTW, I am an agnostic so you can save yourself the effort of Bible thumping at me.

  • L and M

    Snorlax: It’s pretty irrelevant, but the only one of the three handymen on the Newhart show who spoke was Larry; the two Darryls never uttered a sound.

    Everyone: The hostility directed against the SPLC just shows that Mr. Dees, Mr. Potok et al. are on target. Racism is inconsistent with real logic or rationality, so of course a racist’s response to being called out is to spew baseless counteraccusations or plain old nastiness.

  • texasgomer

    Actually I am white. Do you mean my dislike of racists, greedy businessmen, and corrupt officials?

  • molly

    To one chronic poster here : from time to time your characterizations of certain groups smacks of racism and bigoted hate, even as you vociferously denounce such attitudes….

  • texasgomer

    The SPLC is not one dimensional. They take on anyone, racist, greedy businessman or corrupt official, who would abuse the poor or minorities.

  • texasgomer

    Zogby poll: Survey finds 18% would support a secessionist effort in their state.

    Not exactly a majority. More like the lunatic fringe.

  • ageofknowledge

    How come they continue to be criticized for targeting Christians (often in league with the ACLU) and groups that aren’t hate groups that they decide they don’t like and also are critisized for not being transparent with regards to accounting?

    Why are they so one dimensional?

  • Snorlax

    These are not real Vermonters.

    Vermont men fought against those racist reb traitors during the Civil War.

    No real Vermonter would spit on their ancestors’ graves by forming an unholy alliance with rednecks.

    The Bob Newhart Show was set in Vermont, but the two handymen, Darryl and Darryl, both had Southern redneck drawls

    Clearly they were not real Vermonters.

    And neither are these guys.

  • angela

    racists are bottom feeders who blame everyone but themselves for their unfortunate life. Racists slam beers and attend rallies comparing their terrorist plans and call that education and patriotism. Hate is their hobby-life-job…with no other thought patterns in their narrow brains. white trash big-shots…evolved from the cockroach and just grew uglier. dumpsite germs.

  • Christopher Witmer

    The SPLC is a sick joke, at best. Secession is the wave of America’s future; get used to it.

  • texasgomer

    Get in on the action? The action ended last November. You guys are a footnote in the history of America. As far as your ignoble cause, it was all for naught.

  • Jebpgh

    Surely there are still some members of the old Republic of New Africa around who might like to get in on this action as well.

  • daemonesslisa

    Nah, the nWo was Eric Bischoff’s idea :)

    You’re not a racial minority, you’re just another creep that pretends to be one. Nobody falls for that crap anymore!

  • texasgomer

    NWO? Doesn’t that stand for “Nutcases Wailing Obama?”

  • Gregory

    Agents of the NWO? That one always cracks me up.

  • Timothy Yung

    Hey SPLC what are you scared of? People both left and right are increasingly realizing the truth about the oppressive federal government! By the way I am a racial minority and I support the League of the South. You guys are nothing but agents of the NWO.

  • texasgomer

    To those who think they can kill Morris Dees: We are hundreds, thousands, millions, tens of millions… If you do not believe this, look who is President. Give it up. You cannot win.