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A Peek Behind the Curtain: Views of a Racist Filmmaker

By Sonia Scherr on October 9, 2009 - 10:13 am, Posted in White Nationalism

As we reported yesterday, white supremacists are enamored of first-time filmmaker Craig Bodeker’s A Conversation about Race, presumably because the polished documentary lends a veneer of respectability to their racist beliefs. Bodeker, who narrates the film, comes across as an affable guy intent on using logic and facts to debunk what he sees as the myth of racism. You won’t hear him using slurs or threats when he asserts on camera that the term is just a tool to malign whites.

His posts on YouTube put the lie to that professional image and expose him for the bigot he is. He repeatedly refers to blacks, including President Barack Obama, as “monkeys.” In one post, he uses the anti-gay slur “fag”; in another, he suggests that Van Jones, the black White House advisor who resigned last month, should be lynched.

It doesn’t take much detective work to find the offensive comments. On his documentary’s webpage, he links to his YouTube channel, which identifies his username as “Craigbe.” As “Craigbe,” Bodeker has made numerous comments on videos that other users have posted to YouTube. (He’s more restrained when commenting on excerpts from his own documentary.)

Below is a sampling of the uncensored Craig Bodeker. We thank an astute Hatewatch reader for alerting us to most of these comments.

Posted under Barack Obama Doesn’t Know Where He Met Michelle:

“…It’s all or nothing for Caucasian whites. If you’re not 100% white, you HAVE NO WHITE IN YOU.
Want proof?
The best definition of ‘white’ is someone capable of producing ‘white’ offspring. All of the ‘white’ you say exists within Obama … has been destroyed. Obama, nor any of his descendants, will ever again produce a white child.
We all must re-learn what ‘white’ really means. Not what blacks tell us it means.”

Posted under MonkeyBama – Funny Japanese Obama Parody:

“…The only way an advanced culture can PROOVE [sic] it’s not ‘racist,’ is for it to elect MONKEYS as public servants…”

Posted under Green Jobs Czar Van Jones Says White Polluters Steered Poison into Minority Communities:

“People give this guy shit for being a Black Supremacist, as well as a hater of White people… But he’s also a Fag!”

Posted under Obama Advisor Van Jones: Republicans are ‘Assholes’:

“Why are commentators acting surprised?
This is a TYPICAL BLACK MAN speaking!
He has a limited intelligence, but is CERTAIN of his Intellectual Superiority over us common-folk!
He’s been privileged all his life, yet he believes he’s PERSECUTED!
He HATES white men, but we don’t call it hate!
Wake-up America! Because these EVIL monkeys are DESTROYING the greatest nation ever built!”

“Gee, a hateful, ignorant African-American.
So where’s the story…?
Every city, county and state has TOO MANY OF THEM!
And our gummint say’s [sic] we’re ‘racist’ when we wish they’d just go away! (Possibly back to Africa?)
Wake-up America!
These are the REAL HATERS!
These are the NAZIS!
And the time is drawing near for good white people to hold HATEMONGERS like jones accountable for his poisoning of our nation. Possibly with the aid of a NOOSE!”

Posted under Chicago Trib Reporter Gives Honest Assessment of Obama:
“…There are just certain words YOU CANNOT USE when discussing black men!
Like that ‘N’ word…
And Boy….
And any ‘simian’ references; monkey, ape, gorilla, chimp, etc.
And gangster, gang-banger, thug…
No. In our nation where free speech is a RIGHT, we modify it, so as not to anger the ignorant and the violent!”

Posted under Obama: Bush’s Afghanistan Plan Not Enough:

“God what a stupid monkey!”

  • Preston Wiginton

    Oh Kathy you are so smart. Did you call out Watson also? You know Watson who co-founded the DNA helix, who had a noble prize. Oh yes Kathy so much that African civilization has to offer the world. Since you all hate racist, why not let us just have our own territory.. say Frankfurt to Vladivostock. German technology and Russian resources and the hell with the rest of the world.

  • John D. Fiat

    This film kicks major ass! And let’s face it, SPLC, Craig’s response kicked your AshkeNAZI-funded asses in just like the logic in his film kicked the shit out of this manufactured phenomenom called racism! Groups like the ADL, SPLC, and AIPAC are merely Israel-firster traitorous assholes. In fact, they are all tied to B’nai B’rith, which is basically the Jewish faction of the Illuminati (Satan worshipping baby killers and bloodsuckers). These people are absolutely sick in the head. And they don’t care about African-Americans or Aztecs at all. They only exploit them for their own gains.

  • Kathy

    I had an email “conversation” with Craig about a year ago, where he resorted to having a tantrum when I called him out on his promotion of what I referred to as “junk science”, which IS a major element to what Craig and this film is about. He is promoting his white supremacist belief that blacks are intellectually inferior. This is the definition of racism. So, if supremacists can change the definition of racism… and society would just agree that some people are racially inferior and not call this racism, that is indeed one heck of a conversation.

  • USpace

    An insidious offshoot of racism is refraining from calling a violent thug a monkey because of his or her race. No race looks like monkeys.

  • Hugh Rossen

    How many of you have actually watched the movie?
    I do not care what “Craig”s (If that’s really his name) affiliations are, he does have some good points. I am judging him by what I saw in the movie, which IS factual and very good, and not by the allegations made by some individuals here who obviously never ever bothered to watch the film in question.

    Does anyone here even know the difference between racism and prejudice??

    I thought so.

    Why don’t you people do something better, like questioning why Jewish communities are the most segregated in the world?

  • Danny

    You are a joke, Now Playing.

    “They are total hypocrites and their only rebuttal to Craig is to call him racist…”

    That is because he is. To say that he is not, when he is, is in fact misinformation.

  • justin

    If the south is so racist, then why does the majority of the black population still live in the south? If it’s utopia up north, I’m sure the word would of spread by now. Bottom line, it was a good film, should how most people don’t even know what racism really is, and how the term is over used in American society. By the way, I’m racist, you’re racist, SPLC is racist, Donald Duck is racist, we’re all racist.

  • Now Playing

    The SPLC is nothing but prejudice against whites, appeals to emotion, ad hominem, appeals to fear, all sorts of fallacies then they accuse OTHERS of doing these things! They are total hypocrites and their only rebuttal to Craig is to call him racist since they could never refute a smart awakened white like Craig and they couldn’t intellectually fight their way out of a wet paper bag.

  • Nono

    It doesn’t matter whether Craig is a racist or not.

    His film rings truths,

    That is the venus flytrap of racism worshippers in this country: the flytrap is the want to not be labeled a racist and the fly, the truth.

  • Danny

    Well, it’s not surprising.

    Craig makes all sorts of crazy claims that he’s been misquoted, taken out of context, or have had quotes inserted into his behalf that he did not say.

    He’s allowed to post here, but he does not specifically say just what we did wrong with the quotes – he does not cite a SINGLE instance. Despite the opportunity and even asking by me here to do so.

    Why am I not surprised? We all know why he doesn’t proceed further; he’s in the wrong, but doesn’t want to say so.

    Give him any scrutiny and everything he says crumbles down like a house of cards.

  • Now Playing

    “The point is that Craig Bodeker is against “reverse racism” and double standards, yet displays himself as an extreme racist.” – Danny

    Yeah, kind of like Susy Buchanan of the SPLC who writes racist articles like this one?

    “From the beginning, white Americans have brutalized American Indians. Half a millennium later, the hate goes on.”

    So the SPLC has no problem broadly painting an entire race to be racist…then claims to be an “anti-hate” group?

    I think the SPLC means that they are an “anti-white” group. A double standard which Craig brilliantly pointed out. No doubt he is offended by the tactics used by groups like the SPLC and has responded with emotion. It’s hard to realize you have bought into an agenda that is racist towards whites and bought into it for so many years.

    Perhaps if the SPLC wishes to eliminate racism and emotional tactics, they can stop employing them themselves. Yet as this very blog entry shows, they continue to do so. Pot, meet kettle.

    Now Playing

  • Maureen Goldman

    I can’t resist a light-hearted comment. Spiny Norman – great name! Quoting Zappa – even greater.

    Having said that – I can’t believe we are still so very far from “post racism”. I wish The Southern Poverty Law Center would be forced to close it’s doors soon – because of lack of cases to try/lessons to teach. I wish that at the very least they would soon be called just The Southern Law Center…….as I believe fear and economics to be a big part of racism. But wishing does not make it so – therefore we must be every vigilant – especially of educated, intelligent people who seem harmless at first yet promote divisive, hateful views.

  • Potter

    I, who am white, live in the deep south and was actually raised to NOT be racist, (thanks Mom). I believe that racism is alive and well in the South. Many people who deny their racism when it is convenient, flaunt it in front of me when they are not careful. Many white folks I know who are native Southerners, are racist to the core and don’t even know it
    My Neighbor who thinks that Obama is the Antichrist claims that race does not influence his view; however before the primary when he was planning to vote for Hillary, he stated, “I’m not gonna have a nigger president. I know people who said they would kill him if he won…but that ain’t gonna happen. He’ll never get elected” They forget that I have a memory and aren’t racist myself. I guess that is because I am a red haired lily white Southerner with my own drawl.

  • Danny

    Now Playing:

    The point is that Craig Bodeker is against “reverse racism” and double standards, yet displays himself as an extreme racist.

    That’s a conflict of interest and an untenable position that he continues to try to pretend and intellectualize despite his failures.

    Is that really too tough to understand?

  • GENO

    Ruslan Amirkkanov,

    You also forget to ask him(Craig), that not only are white women being equally raped by the white man, but the vast majority of these rape victims *KNEW* their attackers(according to another rape study which I can post if needed). It didn’t matter if they were just dates, neighbors, co-workers, friend of a friend etc. They knew them. And he’s telling us that all these white women are race mixing w/ the Negro? Hath, the white supremacist lost all control of their white women?

  • Now Playing

    What do Craig’s comments on unrelated YouTube videos have to do with the arguments he put forth on his documentary? I find it shocking that the only rebuttal to his work comes in the form of attacking his work completely separate from his documentary.

    How about start by telling us what is wrong with his documentary? This should be no problem at all if Craig is “racist” as you claim, yet I seem to doubt anyone on here has a stable definition of what that even means.

    Now Playing

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Craig, were you aware that most white women are raped by white men?

  • Maureen Goldman

    Unfortunately whether or not this man is mainstream or successful he needs to be taken seriously. We in IL learned that with Matt Hale – his classmates at SIU thought he was a joke but as you may remember he tragically inspired Benjamin Smith to go on a murderous rampage.
    Thanks as always to Hatewatch for bringing these things to light. As they say the best disinfectant is sunlight. We all must be constantly vigilant and take care not to underestimate the threat of a rabble rouser.

  • Marisa

    I am NOT a Republican and never could be, but I have friends who are and who, though supposedly intelligent people, actually fall for bullshit like what Bodaker puts out. Of COURSE, he’s a racist, and of course, racism exists, despite some progress made during Civil Rights demonstrations and laws that were passed 40 years ago. However, I actually hope that SOMEDAY, the Republican Party will stop and have a really good look at itself and stop the craziness of the bigots, racists, and religious right wackos who have infiltrated it and now control it.

  • Goodman

    This is dismaying. As someone who has become somewhat favorably interested in race realist and white nationalist ideas, though with a fair amount of scepticism as well, it is sad to see someone who I thought made a good film with somewhat broad appeal have his uglier and meanspirited side exposed.

    I wish people would understand however that those of us in the pro-white camp are human too, and we have our irrational and resentful moments. That doesn’t mean that we are always being hateful when we make our political arguments, or that we are incapable of non-hateful feelings towards non-whites or rational discourse with them. Just as Jeremiah Wright’s hateful comments can be seen as a reaction to the racism that he allegedly suffered earlier in his life, Bodeker should be cut just as much slack because of his personal experiences and because of the general climate of intolerance and hate that he and others who intellectually dissent from officially sanctioned viewpoints related to racial issues face whenever they are honest about their views.

  • Danny

    And again…

    Here Craig refers to people as n*gg*rlovers. He uses a slightly modified term to avoid being banned from YouTube.

  • Danny

    Here is the screenshot version of the YouTube references, that Craig says are “misquotes”.

    As you can see, the quotes used in this blog are not only accurate, but WORD FOR WORD, VERBATIM!

    P.S. I thought about posting the direct YouTube links, but will not do so yet because what will happen is Craig will then go over to those links and delete his own posts.

  • Danny

    It’s funny that Craig says statements are “…even made up!” yet cannot point to a single specific statement that is made up!!

    So tell us – what was the specific, alleged “misquote?” We’ll be glad to listen.

    The reason why you point to none is because NO MISQUOTES EXIST!!

  • Danny

    Now Craig Bodeker’s getting real desperate. He claims that the things he said are “made up” and “taken out of context.”

  • Craig Bodeker

    Craig Bodeker refutes the SPLC.
    A point by point rebuttal Sonia Scherr’s

    On October 8th, and again on October 9th, Sonia Scherr, of the Southern Poverty Law Center, published two separate and scathing attacks on me, and my documentary film; A CONVERSATION ABOUT RACE, on their HATEWATCH website. Ms. Scherr made eight specific points regarding the film’s “errors,” before concluding that I am, in fact, a “racist.”

    Most critics agree the film does an excellent job pointing-out the vagueness of that term, and that how it has recently morphed into the intellectual equilivent of calling me a “poopyhead.”

    But I will still address Ms. Scherr’s eight points here.

    • Point 1
    ……“Bodeker never says whether he believes that discrimination found by courts and government commissions also doesn’t “really amount to anything.””

    That’s because I don’t. What’s more real to you? Spontaneous answers from real people, or proclamations issued by courts and government commissions?

    • Point 2
    ……“He makes no effort to examine the scientific findings on intelligence and race, which have yet to produce convincing evidence that IQ differences are caused by genetics.”

    That’s because neither myself, nor any of the supjects, said anything about causality. Nearly every interview-subject stated clearly that they believe blacks outscore whites in basketball, but that whites outscore blacks on standardized tests, and that Asians outscore whites on those same tests. Are these “beliefs” really radical and bigoted? Or are they mainstream?

    • Point 3
    ……“After trying to get interviewees to admit that blacks are more criminal than whites…….”

    See the film. I don’t “try” to get anyone to admit anything. Each subject was chosen for their candor.

    • Point 4
    ……“What he neglects to mention is that it’s unclear how many, if any, of the black-on-white rapes were hate crimes — that is, motivated at least in part by racial bias.”

    According to the Justice Department report cited in the film, blacks sexually-assaulted white women over 37,000 times in 2005. Whites sexually-assaulted black women less than ten times. 37,000 to 10. How “random” does that sound to you?

    • Point 5
    …..“Moreover, Bodeker asserts that Latinos are deliberately taking away whites’ majority status. “If we object to the stated agenda of replacing whites as the racial majority in America with Hispanics, it’s us who get called the racists,” he says, “not the people who are openly and actively working to change the racial makeup of our country.””

    I don’t really see the criticism here. Have they heard of La Raza?

    • Point 6
    …..“The South Carolina Council of Conservative Citizens— a white supremacist group whose national conference Bodeker attended in June in Mississippi — recently hosted a big-screen showing of the movie in three locations.”

    And they told me they were Conservative Citizens…! (I did actually ask the organizer if the CofCC was a “white Supremacist” group. He said absolutely not.) According to the SPLC, white organizations cannot be trusted to accurately stereotype themselves..

    • Point 7
    …..“Since the documentary’s release last year, Bodeker has given interviews to the Romanian National Vanguard News Agency (motto: “International News for People of European Descent”), Mark Dankof (a radio broadcaster who also contributes to the anti-Semitic American Free Press), and The Political Cespool, an overtly anti-Semitic, racist show whose guests have included former Klan boss David Duke, neo-Nazi April Gaede and Holocaust denier Mark Weber”

    How dare I seek publicity for my documentary! Why don’t I just calmly wait ‘til CNN or PBS calls me to air it..? Seriously though, am I now to be held personally responsible for every word ever uttered, by the staff, or even by the guests, of any radio-show that I’ve appeared on? I accepted the generosity of those few in today’s media that actually understand the concept of free speech; warts and all!

    • Point 8
    …..“On The Political Cesspool’s Jan. 31 show, for instance, one of the hosts asserts that “everything that is good about civilization — just about everything that is good, from literature to works of art to law is something that came from our [white people’s] minds.” Bodeker’s response? “I have to agree.””
    What part of “just about” don’t you understand…?

    On the next day, October 9th, Ms. Scherr released her follow-up attack.

    But rather than offer any stronger, or legitimate criticisms of, A CONVERSATION ABOUT RACE, she chose a different tactic. She relied upon an anonymous cyber-stalker to gather “quotes” attributed to me from the comments section of unrelated political videos from Youtube. She called this piece of journalism;

    “A Peek Behind the Curtain: Views of a Racist Filmmaker…”

    Some pretty strong statements were quoted; -As well as MISS-quoted, surgically and deceptively edited,, taken out of context, and even made-up! And once again, these “quotes” that represent proof of my “racism,” were found on the comments section of Youtube.

    Have any readers ever been to the comments section on Youtube? Does anyone NOT KNOW what a mosh-pitt of “free expression” it is? There are, sometimes, actual screaming-matches, even though they’re conducted in written form. Sometimes people say harsh, mean things there, in that last remaining refuge of Free Speech. Am I to assume that the SPLS’s Sonia Scherr has never made a sarcastic comment? Or even a distasteful one? Or that anyone who EVER has should be stereotyped, marginalized and disenfranchised? This seems to be what the SPLC suggests….

    Most who have viewed A Conversation About Race, say it succeeds because of it’s fairness and clarity. American Thinker’s Larry Miller, said in his positive review of the film“… People in America have no idea how to define “racism.” The word flits about like an evil spirit in our national vocabulary — but none of us knows exactly what it means.”

    So I will take it as a compliment, that the Southern Poverty Law Center, after viewing A Conversation About Race, (no doubt through a legal microscope) cannot find any genuine aspects of it to criticize, and end up instead having to resort to that same, tired conclusion; “Craig Bodeker is a Racist.”

    Call me optimistic, but I see that as progress. They cannot refute the film’s basic premise, even though it contradicts the very essence their stated mission!

    So instead they call me a poopyhead.

    Craig Bodeker

  • GENO

    One of the underlying reasons for the lesser white supremacists who woefully deny that such scathing racisms exists, is soley based on the uncompromising fact that the subject of racisms exihibits some extreme guilt. Denial becomes a key figure to avoid the hardcore truth. Especially, if they’re the perpetrators of most racisms.

  • GENO

    The habitual usuage of racist epithets in one’s own way to express themselves for purposes that will surely instill anger and hurt in others, has always been a “tool” in terms of dialogue. This is probably because they really don’t have anything professional to say. So in hindsight, racist pejoratives are preferred in which, it cab be very reminiscent of a street Negro’s incorporational usuages of “motherf****er” and “n***a” into their everyday street “conversations”. Usually deemed by ordinary and hence–educated individuals as infantile and wholly ignorant, despite the so-called “facts” into one’s “conversations”. But yeah, its a “tool” alright.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    When these folks say “racism doesn’t exist” or isn’t a problem anymore, you have to ask them as to just when it WAS a problem. See the funny thing is, that back in 1963, most whites also thought there was no problem with racism or discrimination. Maybe middle to upper-class whites aren’t the most perceptive people when it comes to racism.

  • Jeannie

    Thank God for the Oath Keepers! Lawyers have sold out our Country. You guys would know about “Big Lies”.

    So, you have a problem with Patriots who want to keep the oaths they have taken to protect and follow our Constitution? What does that make you guys?

    BTW, I’m a minority woman who is proud to be an American and supports the Oath Keepers.

    God Bless America!

  • Bob

    There is an interesting interview with Bodeker here, conducted by a pro-white website. If you have any doubt as to his racism, check out the interview. He says that the white race is imperiled by homosexuality and mixed-race couples, and so on.

  • Snorlax

    Saying racism does not exist, after centuries of racim actually existing worldwide, is historical revisionism.

    The same revisionism practiced by Holocaust deniers and Confederate “heritage” groups saying slavery was good for black people.

    Next, they’ll tell you lynchings never happened, despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary.

    Or maybe they’ll dispute the fact that our government put 75,000 Americans in detention camps, without due process of law, for purely racist reasons in 1942.

    This is blatant Big Lie propaganda and Josef Goebbels would have been proud of Bodeker.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Honestly this is no surprise. Any time you see some WN guy pretending to be “high-brow” and telling you something like “it’s not about hate”, you only need to spend 5 minutes with the dude in a private setting and you’ll hear nothing but rants about the blacks, the Jews, etc.

  • Amanda

    I find the racist like all racists,totally in the dark.
    He said that the white people built a great nation.
    It was the Red man’s before the white man’s.
    The white people and I am white, have been
    mistreating anyone who is not lily white since they
    sat foot on American soil which by the way was
    named after Columbus’s mapmaker. Columbus was lost.

  • Spiny Norman

    The sheer amplitude of the raging stupid that the SPLC routinely unearths reminds me, once again, of Frank Zappa’s prescience: “Some scientists claim that hydrogen, because it is so plentiful, is the basic building block of the universe. I dispute that. I say there is more stupidity than hydrogen, and that is the basic building block of the universe.” No joke, that.

  • martin luther king.jr

    I think this dude is a straight up ASShole in every form you think of

  • Danny

    It is clear that Craig Bodeker was lying or exaggerating about his classroom encounter when he was in elementary school.

    He is 48 years old now, meaning that he was born in 1961. His elementary classroom experience was likely when he was between 6-11 years old. So between 1967-1972. That was when the civil rights movement took place, and he complains in the film that he was indoctrinated and racism doesn’t/didn’t exist. He may have half-way of a point if the classroom experience took place in the late 1990s-early 2000s, not the late 1960s.

  • The Exaggerator

    Tell me if the following sounds up there with apartheid South Africa (and those feebly trying to keep its lamp lit in form of Die Volkstaat Orania):

    Posted under Barack Obama Doesn’t Know Where He Met Michelle:

    “…It’s all or nothing for Caucasian whites. If you’re not 100% white, you HAVE NO WHITE IN YOU.
    Want proof?
    The best definition of ‘white’ is someone capable of producing ‘white’ offspring. All of the ‘white’ you say exists within Obama … has been destroyed. Obama, nor any of his descendants, will ever again produce a white child.
    We all must re-learn what ‘white’ really means. Not what blacks tell us it means.”

    (And let’s not forget the apartheid regime’s “Make Babies for Botha” campaigns in the mid-1980’s as sought to increase white birth rates solely to maintain apartheid above all else.)

  • Carol M. Swain

    I would like to thank Heidi Beirich for sending me the results of the reader’s investigation. It is unfortunate that our society continues to produce racial hatred and intolerance. I continue to believe that Mr. Bodeker’s film and his background should be discussed in multiracial forums across the country. One of the most poignant scenes in the film is an autobiographical cartoon depiction where the film-maker describes an classroom encounter that took place while he was in grade school that changes his life and might account for who and what he has become.

  • Alan Aardman

    So, is this guy just another run-of-the-mill Youtube moron, or does he have the possibility of mainstream appeal?

    The CoCC is funding him, but that doesn’t mean much. Anyone with a few thousand dollars can get a DVD printed, but it will be relegated to dollar-store dustbins and wholesaler back catalogues without advertising from the mainstream.

    From this perspective, it seems inevitable that Bodeker will be a failure, lacking the subtlety and self-control to even disguise his hatred in public.

  • Danny

    Nothing here is disputable, because everything stated here can be documented.