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Westboro Baptist Attacks ‘Filthy Jews’ in New Videos

By Sonia Scherr on October 13, 2009 - 10:22 am, Posted in Anti-Semitic

Fred Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) has ratcheted up its recent campaign against Jews with the release of virulently anti-Semitic music videos.

This latest gimmick is somewhat of a departure for the rabidly anti-gay group from Topeka, Kan. For years, Westboro has been notorious for disrupting the funerals of fallen American servicemen, among others, saying God is punishing them because of the “fag-enabling” ways of their country. In April, however, the group started picketing synagogues and Jewish cultural institutions, saying the Jewish community and its religious leaders condoned homosexuality and abortion. Then, in June, Westboro members went one step further, producing music videos that demonize Jews — all Jews — with blatantly anti-Semitic parodies of popular songs.

The five videos aimed primarily at Jews feature the dubious talents of Westboro Baptist Church members and can be accessed from the group’s main website. In “Come Together,” the cut out heads of prominent Jewish figures such as Woody Allen and Madeleine Albright are made to lip-synch to the Beatles tune, whose lyrics now include the words “filthy Jews.” Grotesque caricatures of Jews that could have been ripped from Nazi propaganda posters flash on the screen, including a grinning man with a bloody knife in his hand. There’s also an image of a drowning Jew. Cut-out figures depicting Westboro members hold signs that read, “God Hates Fag Enablers” and “You will Eat Your Babies.”

In “Makes Us So Happy,” which predicts Israel’s destruction to the tune of “Hava Nagila,” two church members dressed to look like Hasidic Jews (with obviously fake beards and sideburns) growl as they fight over a penny. Afterward, with dollar signs dangling from their necks, they dance and count money. “The Beast — the one you worship/Obama — has no mercy,” they sing. (In case you’re wondering how Obama and his purported lack of mercy fit in, Westboro member Shirley Phelps-Roper told Hatewatch that the president will turn on the Jews. “There’s going to be an awful trauma, and you know who’s going to be leading those nations against Jerusalem? It’s the beast, the Antichrist Obama.”) Toward the end of the video, Westboro members — dressed like Old World Jews — join hands and dance in a ring. The women wear T-shirts emblazoned with the address of a Westboro website:

“Hey Jews” appears to be a big Phelps family sing-along, with lots of young children. Moms hold tots in their arms as they sway to the music. “Hey Jews,” they sing to the tune of the Beatles’ “Hey Jude,” “don’t hate your God,/Fag and dyke rabbis teach rebellion./You lie about the holocaust days,/The fruit of your womb – they’re little hellions.” They sing the final lines with particular enthusiasm: “Hey evil reprobate Jews/God hates you,/And you know it!”

Phelps-Roper, an attorney for Westboro, proudly confirmed that the church had created the videos. She said she’d tell anyone who called the videos anti-Semitic to “shut up” and said she’s doing Jews a favor by letting them know they’ll be destroyed if they don’t repent. “I’m telling you, those Jews are filthy,” she said.

For good measure, a few videos on the website also defame Catholics. “50 Ways to Eat Your Baby” features caricatures of lascivious priests, images of the pope, and a sign that reads, “Priests Rape Boys.” The lyrics, sung to the tune of “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover,” includes the words, “There must be 50 ways to eat your baby/50 ways to eat your baby/You just give ’em to the pope, dope.”

Phelps-Roper claimed she doesn’t keep track of how many people belong to Westboro. However, it’s estimated that the church has roughly 50 members, nearly all of them related by blood or marriage to Fred Phelps, the church’s aging leader.

  • I. C. DeJough

    Once you see the jew, there is no going back. Read the Talmud for some eye-opening truth about Talmudic Jews and what it/they have to say about non-jews.

    While I don’t agree with Westboro, I am appalled by what the Jew is doing also. Just take a serious look at what the jews of Hollywood are shoving down our throats – atheism, homosexuality,. bestiality, pedophilia, gay marriage… Absolute sexual depravity. When will people wake up and say enough is enough?

  • mountaingirl08

    Surely there is some legal way that can shut that “church” down. It is just a cover for their anti-US antics. That is, they are against everything that our Constitution stands for.

  • mountaingirl08

    Rich, I meant to say that the Phelps family derives much of its income from lawsuits, I believe. At least that is what I read.

  • mountaingirl08

    Rich, I was wondering the same thing; What is the source of WBC income? Also, are they a real church or is WBC designated as a “religious” entity in order to serve as a tax shelter for the Phelps family. It appears they spend alot of time on what is really non-religious activities. Harrassing families of deceased soldiers doesn’t seem very Christian to me.

  • rich

    what is the source of income for the w.b.c?
    who would give anyone with the name phelps (unless it was micheal or jim) a job. i heard that a couple of them are lawers but who would hire them?

  • Christopher Doeg

    Geez, all this talking about how the Jews killed Jesus, and they don’t even utter a simple “thank you.”

    Remember: No Death=No Resurrection=No Salvation

  • Planet

    Every time there’s a post about these guys or a similar group, comment posters trot out the same tired hysterics about “Jesus people” and Catholic.

    Have some perspective, folks. Westboro Baptist “Church” has 50 members.

    That’s hardly indicative of the majority of Christians. And they’re not Catholic.

    So why do some people see these reports as opportunities to condemn hate and ignorance with more hate and ignorance?

  • V

    re: The Rising Comeuppance

    Go kiss Fred Phelps on the face if you love his hatred so much, and leave the country together with his anti-American ass. LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT.

  • B

    the radical right and their financial backing and media control—They may have financial backing (apparently not as much as liberal Democrats, depending on the campaign and the month’s reporting), but they do not control the media. The media responds to how many tune in. If you don’t like the ownership of a media outlet or their content, t complain to the FCC, write them letters of complaint, write letters to the editor, turn in to programs that you do believe in and buy their books.

  • Loretta

    God does not condone hate and this is what the Westboro group is all about. I cannot bring myself to even call this a church group. We need to pray for these people because that is what Jesus would have done. I would hate to be in their shoes on judgement day if they do not repent and change their ways.

  • Parrothead

    Sadly this cult continues to be a blight on Topeka and the rest of the country. And make no mistake, they are a cult by any definition of the word and are certainly NOT a church. Sad that they are raising children in such a hate filled, filthy existance.

  • The Rising Comeuppance

    Maybe these Westboro people are correct. I mean, look at the SPLC. The SPLC represented and defended racist blacks in the Jena Six case. The SPLC is also friendly with La Raza, which is a hispanic supremacy hate group. The Southern Poverty Law Center pretends to be a civil rights group, but in truth it is an anti-white hate group that is owned and operated by jewish supremacists.

    So maybe this Westboro church is seeing through the SPLC’s lies and stating the facts.

  • V

    Just saying the real word of God, Brian – as opposed to the Westboro pukes, making up fictional Bible quotes to try and justify their out-of-control hate. Can’t find a quote in the Bible celebrating the deaths of Swedes in the Tsunami, for instance.

  • Brian Meadows

    ME: Oh, God!! Not THEM again!
    (I read post on WBC & bellyache to the Father,viz.)
    Lord, will you look at this?!
    I see it, Brian. I see it only too well.
    What’s WRONG with these people? Do they need someone to hate?!
    Probably, but let Me worry about that. Just protect yourself and others from their hateful words & actions and, if you REALLY want them to change, I’d start praying for them.
    (Here I gag a little, but I know He’s right)
    Lord, IS this lot overly inbred?
    (Smiles a bit) Brian, let Me attend to that too. Please.
    (Semi-rueful grin) OK, Lord.

    PS. V, I still think you have these varmints’ numbers all right!

  • V

    Why haven’t these people been renditioned already? They hate America, they celebrate 9/11 – they’re basically al-Qaeda with a cross around their necks.

    Matt. 25:40 ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’ Which equals: See you in Hell, Fred Phelps. Because that’s where you WILL go, for mocking other peoples’ suffering.

  • Janet L

    Oklahoma had to pass a law to keep these nut jobs at a safe distance from the funerals of fallen soldiers. They turned our peaceful neighborhood into a 3-ring circus when a local boy was brought to his home church from Iraq in a casket. Thank God for the veterans biker group that showed up & handled these Phelps asses in the manner they deserve.

  • andrew griggs

    If we focus on these nuts,we are not focusing on the true danger. Which is just what Lou and his fellow travellers want us to do. A few loonies pale in comparison compared to danger from the radical right and their financial backing and media control

  • WMDKitty

    I attempted to read Addicted to Hate, and actually ended up vomiting. Never made it past the prologue with the strangled cat.

    That entire … family … is just sick, and, IMO, needs to be quarantined for the sake of the nation’s sanity.

  • Melissa

    When people express this much hatred, it says more about themselves than it does about those who are the objects of their hatred. Likewise, it is a spiritual truth that the actions (including words spoken) that someone does to other people–positive or negative–impact their/our own lives in the same way. We are not all separate organisms but actually spiritually connected. The hatred is an illness like a cancer in the collective of humanity and must be treated as such. SPLC has given us a clear diagnosis here.

    What is next? I am not a medical doctor, but I have two suggestions: 1) Treat the cancer as radically as necessary. With actual cancer, that is surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy, possibly viral therapy, and hormone therapy. Looking at that in terms of the collective human self, perhaps it means isolating the sick parts, using whatever radical methods are required to heal those parts, and using the rest of the collective body (hormone therapy, etc) to heal the illness. Suggestion #2) Strengthen the collective body (of humanity) even while the radical treatment is going on. Strengthening the collective body of humanity means making sure people can be free, educated, have good lives, and that there is abundant hope in the world to counteract such messages. It means looking into the eyes of the one who is different from myself (e.g. the stranger) and realizing that he or she is me.

  • Richard Boyle

    First it was the homosexuals, now it’s the Jews. Who’s next? The WBC styles itself as a Christian community. In fact, its teachings and its behaviors never even came close to what Jesus of Nazareth was all about. This group is a scandal.

  • Barbara

    I want to know where are the authorities? website owners? Why is this allowed? It is NOT free speech but Hate Speech.

  • Marisa

    The Rev. Fred Phelps is getting old, which means we’ll eventually be rid of him. I certainly won’t be sad when he dies. I can only hope that his followers sorta fade out and this insanity finally stops.

  • Kate De Braose

    I don’t think the so-called freedom of religion gives anyone the right to incite hate crimes. In recent years I see a definite trend for people to believe that the worship of money and political power is a legitimate religion.

    There is nothing in the US Constitution to support that belief.

  • Michael

    Thi sis getting so old, tedious, and just plain annoying. But by virtue of everyone’s comments, it appears that whether one is Jewish or not, more and more people seem to be in agreement that this is no “church” in the real sense. Someone mentioned that they hoped this “church” wasn’t tax exempt. Hmmmmm. That sounds like a very interesting idea to look into. What an potential embarrassment should we find that they “are” tax exempt. That might be the first potentially well-publicized way we can bring them down. Anyone reading this post care to do the research on that?

  • Mark

    Kansas is my home state; I attended high school there and graduated from college there. I am ashamed that a “Hate Group” like this has it’s home there. With all those Phelps people related one wonders how much incest was the reason for this family’s ignorance and stupidity.

  • mary b

    Isn’t there any type of statute on the books to charge these people with a crime? How about inciting hate? Or domestic terrorism? Can’t anything be done under the notorius Patriot Act?
    If not, then I believe that it is long past time for Congress to act. I know that Freedom of Speech protects people from using racist hateful language. But these people, as so many others, have crossed a sacred line. Our Country is a melting pot. Everyone has come from somewhere else except for Native Americans. I believe that there should be some kind of legal deterrant for hate speech. I don’t think our Founding Fathers could have envisined that the Country they fought for, so that people from anywhere could come to live here and be safe from religous persecution, would have dreamed that American’s would behave so hatefully.

  • Jim Carlson

    I dind it hard to comment on this group in any meaningful way. They’re so over the top that any criticism seems unnecessary – just look at them.

  • Richard Schwartz

    Such ignorance and hatred. I appreciate this website exposing this. Thank you.

  • Carter

    Here is part of the problem. The European goes traveling and sees various “natives” eating uncooked meat fat, brains, whatever and they “circumcise their women” We then say; (as good Europeans) “oh, Jesus….We have to help these people!”. And we tell them of our God, our way of life and it sounds attractive – certainly. Learning, better health, wider freedoms; it all appears positive.

    But in a microcosm isn’t that what we are doing here? Albeit pathologically twisted…. WBC is a disgusting racist pedantic joke but in the USA we have the right to worship as we believe.
    And that is WHY we have organizations who would fight for low-functioning jokes like WBC; NOT because they are right or good or anything other than an opposing point of view. This is where the rubber really hits the road: do you do lip service to the 1st Amendment or do you recognize it’s damn ugly sometimes if you practice it in it’s totality.

    And in the same breath it’s damn important that SPLC speak out on the behalf of those people attacked by the WBC. That balance is crucial. To step back and appreciate the whole issue is tough, IMO. This balancing act is the very essence that makes our country unique and wonderful.

  • drumwolf

    If you want to know what Fred Phelps is all about, don’t bother dwelling on his anti-gay, anti-Jewish, or anti-American talk.

    Instead, google the sentence “addicted to hate.” It’s an unpublished expose on the guy.

    This guy is way more than just a bigot. He’s a full-blown sociopath.

  • Mike Magruder

    What about ALL “Godly” people? GASSSSSP! IF I’ve said!? I’m merely thinking about religious loonies who take themselves to seriously and harm other people’s kids because of it. The infrastructure’s under the rock. Only way to deal with the insect is to get it out from under the rock and actually grapple with it honestly and openly. What a challenge!!! GASSSSSSSSPPPPP!!!!! HORRORS! Sounds like 1950’s B sci fi. Happy Halloween!

  • Observer

    Well, the Phelps clan gets some more attention. We all know these nuts are beneath contempt.

    I know of a few hundred acres in Guiana that are still vacant. The cabins and the pavilion are probably still there. They could mix up a batch of kool-aid and have a party.

  • Snorlax

    Freedom of Religion doesn’t protect being a psychopath.

    This entire “church” needs inpatient mental health care.

  • Ian

    On top of the “Hava Nagila/Hatikva” correction that others have made, the former Secretary of State’s name is spelled Madeleine Albright and while her parents were born Jewish they converted to Roman Catholicism and she is Episcopalian.

    Other than that, good article. That you for watching this trash for the rest of us.

  • David Benson

    It’s been a long time since this Catholic last heard the eating babies rumor.
    Don’t those Westboro folks know we eat babies only during the holidays? Eating them year round would be sick.

  • Mike Magruder

    Forgot to mention that the Vatican was the illustrious body that condemned the Jews for centuries until the first Polish Pope. Extraordinay how confusing and conflicting influences can actually be.

  • Aron

    “Hava Nagila” is not the Israeli national anthem. “HaTikva” has that honor

  • Mike Magruder

    I discovered that a certain Phelps, maybe one of my ancestors, assisted in the trial and execution of King Charles of England. They say in Texas “loneliness is my middle name”. Amazing how influences can vary over a family line.

  • L and M

    These folks have given us a look inside their souls. It’s ugly in there.

    (By the way, the national anthem of Israel is “Hatikvah,” not “Hava Nagila.”)

  • Exaggerato

    Even Nazi German and apartheid South African propaganda have nothing on the so-called “Westboro Baptist” congregation’s latest anti-Semitic propaganda efforts.

    Next thing you know, they’ll probably be visiting the 2010 performance of the Oberammergau Passion Play over in Germany and protest it, thanks to recent changes in the script, for being “not anti-Semitic enough” (cf. Nazi-era propaganda describing a special 1934 jubilee season as “peasant drama***inspired by the consecrating power of the soil”).

  • Brian

    May God bring everyone in the sect to repentance.

  • V. Steele

    Well, if there aren’t laws protecting us from this type of hate rhetoric, perhaps there should be. Please assure us all that this ‘church’ is not exempt from paying taxes. The God I know doesn’t hate anyone, but the God I know is deeply saddened by unenlighted and severley ignorant individuals. This is a disturbing reminder of exactly why we need to put more emphasis on education in America. These people are ignorant, but they are also very dangerous.

  • J Charles Ferrari

    Where is the music industry in all this? They issue take-down notices for YouTube videos that happen to have their music as part of an act. They relentlessly pursue “file sharers.” Yet, they seem to be okay with these idiots using their music for evil purposes!

  • Tezuka fan

    Damn it, not these guys again!

  • Tyrone Mixon

    Jesus people, find something to effing do. Do you honestly think this is what God want’s? A bunch of crazy ass people running around bothering people. I can tell you now somebody is gonna get hurt.