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Aha! Extremist Crowd Uncovers Another Sinister Government Plot

By Larry Keller on October 19, 2009 - 2:13 pm, Posted in Militias

Holy cow! Another sinister plot by our government to enslave citizens has been unearthed by fans of radio talk show conspiracist Alex Jones. This one entails livestock. The Austin, Texas-based Jones posted a short news item on his website on Sunday about plans by officials in Oklahoma and Kansas to stage an emergency response exercise on Thursday to stop livestock movement in the event of a disease outbreak. “The exercise is not surprisingly funded by the Department of Homeland Security,” Infowars noted darkly.

The plan is for the two states to coordinate efforts to stop animal movement across their shared border to prevent the spread of disease to healthy animals. In the exercise, officials will try to prevent animals in their states from contracting hoof-and-mouth disease. The disease was last identified in the United States in 1929. While it poses no real threat to humans, it’s a highly contagious disease of cattle, sheep, swine, goats, deer and other cloven-hooved animals that causes painful blisters that make it difficult for them to eat and walk. An outbreak could be painful to the economies of Kansas and Oklahoma.

Thursday’s exercise will include the screening of traffic at two border locations: Near Sitka, Kan., and near Turpin, Okla. That has Infowars readers as nervous as pigs in a barbecue joint.

“The County Sheriffs in those states should EXERCISE THEIR POWER to ARREST ANY GOV’T THUGS WHO INTEREFERE WITH COMMERCE,” Underdog wrote.

“you can put alot of people in those cattle trucks. And the holes in the sides can be boarded up so you will not be able to see where they are taking you. My guess will be right to the insinerators,” warned longrange223.

“It looks like ‘THEY’ plan to release another foot and mouth virus but this time on Americas farms,” wrote AreYouKiddingME?. “Man it is just hard to see how these people ALWAYS have EVIL on their minds. For them it is 24/7/365 game of PURE EVIL! What is going to be comical is how fast and how far their god lucifer is going to throw them under the bus on judgment day.”


Such suspicions are a staple of Alex Jones and his fans, of course. In April, Jones publicized plans for a four-day exercise in Iowa in which the National Guard would conduct a mock search for an arms dealer. Guardsmen were going to knock on the doors of residents who agreed to participate in the drill. But the exercise was scaled back after officials got a deluge of angry calls from Jones’ listeners and readers.

If Kansas and Oklahoma officials are hoping to get people used to the idea of Big Brother searching their cars, it seems unlikely they would pick such remote regions to screen vehicles. Sitka is in Clark County, Kan., with a population of about 2,200 scattered across 960 square miles. Turpin is in Beaver County, Okla.,where about 5,400 people are spread out across 1,814 square miles.

That doesn’t matter, however, to Jones’ true believers in civilian concentration camps and a New World Order. “Time for your ‘civil disobedience’ to be conducted now with a loaded rifle on your shoulder!!!” Patriot 76 wrote. “Peaceful assembly is waste of time. Unfortunately, … we’ve now come to this.”

  • Tcc


    Alot of this stuff is going on now. I will admit that small stories like these do get blown out of proportion on Infowars but there actually is alot of good information on this website. But just like Mainstream Media, you never get the full truth. You may think I am some right-wing extremist, but I’m not. I actually voted for Obama, though I am against gun-control, I couldnt stand Bush or Mccain for another 4 years. Unfortunately for me Obama has not changed one major policy from the Bush admin. The only thing different is health care wich is turning out to be quite a disaster. So please don’t just think that anyone who questions the intentions of our government is a crazy conspiracy theorist with no legitmite argument. Please look into the Copenhagen Treaty. please

  • stella

    What will all these people do when all this crazy stuff never happens? I guess they’ll be like those groups who decide the end of the world is coming on a specified date and then when it doesn’t happen they just move the date back. They will think up new conspiracy theories. I seem to recall this alex jones character peddling 9-11 conspiracies about bush.

  • Tezuka fan

    I meant “blacks are still legally second-CLASS citizens” in the sarcastic part of my previous post.

    Side-note: Alex Jones is sat-bhit crazy. Also, I kind of feel like these government actions they’re all clamoring about (OMG!! NWO!! UN!! EU!! NAU!! M-O-U-S-E!!) are just what they want to happen, as sort-of illustrated in my last post. Just think about it: Obama is the emperor of the world and you’re a farm boy with a lightsa- er, AK-47. You take down the empire (after realizing Biden was your father) and then comes mass histeria and panic over what to do because anarchy sucks. You give them the idea of a representative democracy (because with direct democracy everyone would vote on everything and no work would get done) and the whole damn thing happens all over again.

  • The Scarecrow

    SPLC you are idiots. Did you not learn anything from history? Didnt you know that the Nazis moved unsuspecting Jews in cattle cars to the death camps? How were the Japanese Americans sent to their camps? Quit trying to downplay the actions of an oversized overly paranoid Homeland Security. (hoof n mouth disease cattle scenarios? cmon ) We are under seige from a plethora of nonsensical laws since the Patriot Act

  • Tezuka fan

    “[t]he exercise was scaled back after officials got a deluge of angry calls from Jones’ listeners and readers.”

    And they say that “average” citizens can’t do anything. XD

    “Time for your ‘civil disobedience’ to be conducted now with a loaded rifle on your shoulder!!!”

    Yeah, Gandhi, MLK, and Susan B. Anthony had it all wrong! They changed nothing. India is still unfairly ruled by the British Empire, blacks are still legally second-rate citizens, and women still can’t vote.

    “Peaceful assembly is waste of time. Unfortunately, … we’ve now come to this.”

    2 things. 1: Where was the peaceful assembly? 2: Bullcrap. You guys wanted this to happen so you can live out your dreams of being a Batman who kills or Rambo (in short: “Change you can blow up in”)