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Rise Up and Fight the Swine Flu Conspiracy, Says ‘Gen. Bert’

By Larry Keller on October 26, 2009 - 5:08 pm, Posted in Conspiracies

Of all the fantastic musings and mutterings about the H1N1 flu and vaccine, few are more outrageous than the pronouncements of retired Army Maj. Gen. Albert Stubblebine III and his psychiatrist wife, Rima Laibow. They run a nonprofit organization called Natural Solutions Foundation, which warns of the evils of vaccinations, pharmaceutical companies and genetically modified foods.

After President Obama declared a national emergency on Saturday to deal with the rapidly spreading illness, Stubblebine, a onetime intelligence officer, wasted no time e-mailing a dire warning to his members. The president’s declaration, he said, “is perhaps the most ominous domestic event I have ever encountered. We either take this hill, or we die on it.” He went on to state that Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia declared war on their own people. “Has the United States declared war on the American people today? Sadly, tragically, it would appear so. I do not wish to see the American population corralled, controlled and killed.”

H1N1, or swine flu, has never been a serious illness, Stubblebine says. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a different take. The flu is spreading fast in at least 46 states, has caused the hospitalization of about 20,000 Americans and the deaths of more than 1,000 people, the agency says.

Obama’s action gives Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius frightening authority to trample the rights of American patients, Stubblebine maintained. “None of this makes any sense UNLESS the intention is to replicate Hitler’s actions in Germany which used the all too willing medical system as a means to eliminate individuals, segments of the population and anyone who dared to speak out (or whisper) against the regime,” he wrote. Indeed, Stubblebine contends, the swine flu is a genetically engineered virus that is part of a World Health Organization-United Nations-United States scheme to sterilize untold numbers of people.

Not to be outdone, Stubblebine’s wife, Laibow, lent her name to a missive on the foundation’s website that says Sebelius now has the power “to send people to hospital-administered concentration camps.” She added that Obama’s declaration “puts the US on a par with Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia where the tyrants who declared war on their own people used the structures of the system to ‘justify’ and ‘legitimize’ their assault on the life, location and liberty of their citizens” and the government “now has its excuse to institute the corralling and culling of anyone it chooses.”

Fortunately, according to the husband and wife — who call themselves Gen. Bert and Dr. Rima — there is something ordinary citizens and future victims can do now: Send them money. They need financial backing for a “money bomb” to challenge the “entire vaccine approval travesty” and other projects.

Stubblebine and Laibow are veterans of the conspiracy-minded Patriot movement. Among other things, Stubblebine, whose interests include UFOs and parapsychology, insists that an airplane did not crash into the Pentagon in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. He says he doesn’t know what did. They’ve appeared together at least twice on the Alex Jones Show, a forum for every government conspiracy theory ever hatched. Laiblow said in a July interview with Jones that the couple was “happy and privileged” to be on the show.

Stubblebine also supports or is a member of Oath Keepers, a conspiracy-minded organization composed primarily of active-duty and retired military and police officers that was founded this year.

Oath Keepers has a list of 10 orders it won’t obey. Its motto is, “Not on our watch!” Laibow cribs its language in creating her own “Health Care Worker’s Oath.” It concludes, “I am a health care professional, not an agent of State-mediated death and will conduct myself in accord with that identify. [sic] “I swear, to all future generations, ‘Never again’ will the health care professions be used, as they were in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Empire, to murder and oppress any individual. Never Again! Never here! Never on my watch!”

  • andrew davis

    This has a ring to it of being another example of a deep rooted enviroment driven corrupted line of thinking we as a people on this planet will allow ourself to get stuck in an enviromental induced way of thinking unable or unwilling to accept the ever evolving changes of the time change comes with fear some work through it others get lost in there own fear of change thinking that if it is not like it is our was than it’s bad. Fear is what thy feel and what is offered and when in fear than the assemblation of information is corrupted.

  • Mike Magruder

    What if swine flu actually symbolizes the Gilbert Shelton cartoon Wonder Warthog? Maybe…some…kinda? After all, WW wears a uniform sort of like superman doesn’t he? And superman flys thru the air…right? Can WW catch the flu from his girlfriend Wonderina Warthog if he kisses her? And how did WW’s pals end up in a Hannibal the Cannibal movie? YIKES! Amazing what the human imagination can do when it runs hog wild!

  • MrsCaptJack

    The key phrase in this article is that the General was “a one-time intelligence officer”. Very obviously so.

  • Lynnda

    Do you realize Donald Rumsfeld has made a killing out of bird flu. The US Defence Secretary has made more than $5m (£2.9m) in capital gains from selling shares in the biotechnology firm that discovered and developed Tamiflu, the drug being bought in massive amounts by Governments to treat a possible human pandemic of the disease. Now they are using it for the Swine Flu

  • DHFabian

    Ah ha! So what can we learn about this revealer of things arcane and sinister? Perhaps that there are layers of conspiracy beneath the conspiracies? We need to peel the layers like an onion.

    Who is this Albert Stubblebine III? I mean, who is he REALLY? Think! Yes, Albert Stubblebine is, indeed, an anagram for “blast entire bubble”. And why is his name followed by “III”? (Now stick with me on this…It all ties in.)
    The bubble is obviously the planet Earth. The “III” represents World War III, in which he intends “blast entire bubble” (destroy the Earth). He is the one who will bring about Armageddon!

    Or something. And this, folks, is how we get the average conspiracy theory. It just takes a little free time, a little imagination…

  • Scott Gordon

    Here we go again with another of a series of attacks on OathKeepers, on plain old, ordinary, garden variety American political dissent, and someone’s blind defense of government policy and government agencies against a husband and wife team of professional credentials and experience who are sounding the kind of warning against blind trust of government officials that SPLC refuses to entertain.

    There is no hate speech whatever in this “conspiracy theory”, and there are no hate-connected operatives involved. Just the word of an ex-military intelligence professional (General Stubblebine) and Medical Doctor-Psychiatrist professional (Dr. Raibow) against an attempt by certain individuals within the government who aren’t apparently filled with love and concern for their fellow man (those who have exempted vaccine companies from liability, those who are delivering an untested vaccine containing known toxic materials, those who are using fear and force of law to compel involuntary vaccination).

    It’s a strange twist indeed, and evidence of this sector of SPLC’s complete failure to investigate facts and individuals concerned, to find those truly concerned about the welfare of Americans being positioned alongside white-supremicist haters.

    As an SPLC member I’m stating for the third time that the SPLC is way off its stated mission in these politically driven attacks. I wonder what Morris Dees himself might say given the opportunity to look over this series of paranoia-driven “intelligence reports” and re-evaluate their credibility. This article in particular does in fact, in the ridiculing effect it tends to create, border on defamation of the individuals mentioned.

    This is beginning to go in the opposite direction of defense of the poor to obtain justice. It is in fact perpetuating the injustice of forcing vaccination on the poor and their children by attacking their few defenders.

    One of the most obvious facts being missed here – a lie being repeated and forwarded by the above article – that there is somehow a demonstrable health emergency involving the swine flu.

    The government is not above criticism or reproach just because you happen to believe it was an historic accomplishment to elect a leader of color who talks of reforms (including fundamental human rights abuses such as continued kidnap-renditioning without due process) that have failed to materialize.

    Suspending the Constitutional rights of individuals to force untested and by past experience, suspect emergency medical treatment on individuals is sufficient enough cause for suspicion and dissent.


  • Andrew Davis


  • L.G.

    I am a staunch defender of human rights and SLPC. However I do take offense at this article as I am also against the H1N1 vaccine, and if an airplane did crash into the pentagon why is the hole so small, why is there no damage where the wings would have hit the building, and why haven’t any pieces of the airplane, it’s contents or its passengers ever found?
    Thank you for your wonderful work combating prejudice in this country, and having such progressive sites on your blogroll.

  • http://none Martha

    Well, if the criteria for being “off” like Stubblebine is belief that a plane hitting the Pentagon is fiction, then count me wacko too – along with 900 pilots (many former military pilots) from Pilots for 9-11 Truth who all have taken a serious, educated analysis of the evidence from the Pentagon. Some includes:
    ~ our Government refuses to release video of an actual plane hitting the Pentagon, although there is film from dozens of cameras (this is the same Government that told New Yorkers that the air at ground zero was perfectly safe to breathe – seen the rates of incidence of lung ailments among first responders at ground zero?)
    ~ dozens (probably more) military experts on the scene that day reported the distinct smell of cordite – these being folks who are trained to identify the smell – commercial airliners don’t emit that smell when they crash, missles do.
    ~the hole wasn’t big enough for a commercial jetliner to have made it – where is the damage from the wingspan?
    ~ the manufacturers of said supposed airliner deny that any of the recovered parts were produced by them.
    ~ furniture, paper and other items right next to the hole were not damaged from “jet fuel”, yet windows were blown out far from the site.
    ^The 9-11 Truth movement is 5 million strong – are 5 million people “off” like Stubblebine?
    Please cancel my subscription

  • Jim Lunsford

    You don’t have to wear a tin foil hat to believe the swine flu is a giant hoax. After all, if the vaccination is so great and necessary, why hasn’t Obama had his kids vaccinated yet? Maybe he can’t swing the necessary clout to get in the front of the line. Or let’s just talk about the unusual make-up of this virus, bird, swine and human? A rather odd looking makeup which has not been addressed by the medical community at all. Or maybe we should also consider the virus is extremely mild in comparison with regular flus. And naturally enough, any flu symptom which lands you in the hospital, much less kills, is the swine flu. Even without testing. At least in this wave. But before all cases of flu were deemed swine flu, it had only a .07% mortality rate. Hardly enough to call a serious threat. In fact, though it is no more able to mutate than any other flu virus, and though it caused far less fatalities, it was deemed a greater threat than the other flus. You can also find out a lot of information by subscribing to natural Amazing how little information the govt puts out on this, and how silly they say we are to worry, when in 1976 they said the same thing. Basically, vaccinations are more dangerous than the flu. Get sun, eat your veggies, and shoot your doctor. These three things will keep you far healthier than any government which forces deadly drugs on you, while calling anything natural abhorrant and irresponsible. In this regard, I speak of sunlight, silver (just using silver spoons even, organic foods, and marijuana (food and smoke). Yep, this short list will keep you healthier than any vaccination ever will.

  • Fredric L. Rice

    This Stubblebine sounds to me to be a frothingly insane anti-science cultist, if not a criminal out trying to rook and swindle the rubes, marks, and suckers.


    The originator of this conspiracy theory is probably Austrian journalist Jane Burgermeister. She is apparently filing for an injunction in the United States to prohibit the swine flu vaccination from taking place. In Burgermeister’s version there is a whiff of anti-Semitism in her accusation that the Rothschilds, Rockefeller, and George Soros are behind this attempted genocide against the American people. Burgermeister recently was a guest on Janet (Folger) Porter’s radio program. Porter was the co-hostess of the How To Take Back America Summit where a major theme was the health care reform was Nazism.

  • Carter

    I think it’s sweet that the General married a psychiatrist: He & his family are obviously doing their part.
    Have you ever noticed that Alex Jones attracts some fascinating people? I’ll bet his bedroom as a kid looked “intriguing”.
    I’ll be listening for “General Bert & Dr. Rima” on one of those o’dark hundred radio stations on AM….. Listen close enough and you can even hear the Gray’s landing….