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Immigrant Activists Urge CNN to Drop Dobbs

By Hatewatch Staff on October 27, 2009 - 9:42 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Immigrant leaders in Chicago on Wednesday urged CNN to pull the plug on host Lou Dobbs, arguing that his prime-time television show spreads myths and misinformation about Latinos, especially Mexicans.
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  • Carmen

    I support Mr. Dobbs and admire his courage. The problem with our country is that, the truth is not allowed anymore. Political correctness and liberalism has ruined our country. The illegal alien supporters and groups like “La Raza” which states it clearly are racists organizations against white and black Americans. Of course they hide it very well. I am an American of Puerto Rican ethnicity and I love Lou Dobbs, God bless you Lou for speaking the truth when everyone else doesn’t have the courage to speak out against illegal immigration due to the fact that Latino organizations who are the ones distorting issues and not speaking the truth and lumping all Latinos in as illegal alien supporters, they are the ones not speaking the truth. I would like to say to you Lou that you are doing a great job, and that these Latino organizations, or special interest groups, churches and etc, DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME.

  • Vince

    Lou Dobbs represents what 85% of American public want in terms of enforcement of our immigration laws. The only myths are those being spread by SPLC, the racist organization, NCLR, and jokers like Barack Insane Obama and Hiliary Clinton who erroneously contend that our immigration system is broken. Our immigration laws have been broken by slithering parasitic, poorly educated and diseased illegal aliens who are mostly from Mexico and have no intention of holding any allegience to this country let alone trying to assimilate. Mexico and every other country has immigration laws which are strictly enforced and we should be doing the same.

  • Nelson Horton

    Lou appears to be an “old timer” who cannot adjust to the idea that protestant caucasian persons are a privileged class no more…and must compete on a level economic playing field…with all other world citizens.
    Such “feelings” are so deeply ingrained in America that it may take several generations before a real change in the white protestant subconscious outlook occurs.
    In the meantime, all of our Religions should take a close look at the damage the element of just plain superstition within religious beliefs is doing to our world. In particular, the contributions that these superstitions are making to causing violent wars on our Planet Earth.

  • Marisa

    GOOD BYE, Lou Dobbs. Shame on him. I quit watching him several months ago, due to his inappropriate comments, half-truths, and outright lies. I am not hispanic/latino, etc., but I do not tolerate bigotry in any form.