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Ex-Skinhead Leader Gets 3-1/2-Year Sentence for Racketeering

By Sonia Scherr on November 2, 2009 - 2:28 pm, Posted in Racist Skinheads

The former leader of a violent racist skinhead group will serve nearly 3½ years in federal prison on a racketeering charge.

Jeremy Robinson, 37, was sentenced on Oct. 15 after pleading guilty to a felony charge of interstate transportation in aid of a racketeering enterprise, according to court documents. Though Robinson did not deal drugs, he tried to help his cousin distribute a large amount of marijuana. In court documents, Robinson acknowledged renting a car for another man to bring marijuana from Texas to Indiana. The man, a courier in the cousin’s large-scale drug business, picked up the load but failed to get far before he was pulled over by Texas police, who found 90 pounds of marijuana in the trunk. Robinson also let his cousin use his tattoo shop in Valparaiso, Ind., to receive shipments of marijuana from Texas.

Jeremy RobinsonRobinson was a founder of the now-defunct Outlaw Hammerskins, the group whose challenge in 1999 to the nationwide dominance of Hammerskin Nation signaled the beginning of the end of any unified skinhead movement. The Outlaw Hammerskins emerged after the Dallas-based leadership of Hammerskin Nation ordered an Indiana chapter of Northern Hammerskins to remove the “colors” (insignia) of a wayward member. Several Northern Indiana Hammerskins proceeded to beat the offender with a pool cue and threatened to burn off his Hammerskin tattoos with a blowtorch. The Dallas leaders ordered them to turn in their patches. A dozen or so of the Indiana crew left the Hammerskins to form their own renegade group, the Outlaw Hammerskins.

Under Robinson’s leadership, the group forged close ties with the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, even designing its structure, rules and patches to closely resemble the Hells Angels. Robinson also gave the moniker “Brown Eric” to Eric “The Butcher” Fairburn after pronouncing Fairburn “too brown” to be an Outlaw. (Fairburn was allowed to hang out with the Outlaw Hammerskins, however, and in 2003 he co-founded the Indiana-based Hoosier State Skinheads along with several former members of the Outlaw
Hammerskins.) Infighting caused the Outlaw Hammerskins’ demise in 2002, but not before the group had left its mark on skinhead culture by defying the once-unquestionable authority of Hammerskin Nation.

In court documents, Robinson said he joined a skinhead group in 1992 because he was upset about his parents’ divorce. The group “became his replacement family for a period of time,” according to a sentencing memo. Between 2000 and 2002, Robinson received two misdemeanor convictions for battery and one for driving while intoxicated. Tired of always being angry, he renounced skinhead life around the time the Outlaws disbanded seven years ago, the memo said. “Mr. Robinson notes that he has evolved from an angry, heavy drinking skinhead who routinely appeared in criminal court to a responsible father and businessman,” a judge wrote in another memo. The judge sentenced Robinson to 41 months in prison, 10 months less than federal guidelines recommended. As part of the plea agreement, three other drug charges were dismissed.

SPLC Senior Intelligence Analyst Laurie Wood contributed to this report.

  • trey marten

    Jeremy, as so many other humanbeings often do, made a mistake. The only thing that seperates him from all his online critics and those so quick to judge is, he got caught. And if he was skinhead? So what…is he not entitled to be judged by his actions and not his beliefs? Stay strong Jeremy..

  • Eric Moore

    To Robert. Hello . I to know J. U say dedicated family men do not heavily tattoo them selves . I Do and prob up next for father of the year! I have also worked as a tattoo artist for years and never dealt drugs! I will not judge u like u have all of us because im sure you are just a conservative, chruch going perfect man! Think before you speak . In my eyes your statements have made you a racist? am I wrong?

  • Robert Johnson

    A wise man or a wise guy?
    Responsible business men, dedicated family men do not traffic drugs, associate with hate groups or tattoo themselves heavily. This guy is exactly what he appears to be.
    We’ve seen on TV what kinds of people work and own tattoo parlors. (and the kinds of people they associate with and sometimes marry)

    There’s a great deal of pathology in this man that will continue to lead him to a life of self destruction.


    I’ve been a friend to J for many of years! He is an amazing person, don’t have nor would I ever have anything bad to say about him. We all have faults but who are we to judge his faults? Just because you read an article about this man you think that gives you the right to judge him. I think NOT!!!! We all have a past and are past is what makes people stronger and wiser. If you’re not a friend to him then don’t worry about what he does. Honestly, it’s NONE of your damn business!!! J is a person you can learn from someone you can look up to also a very wise man. He’s great business man and a wonderful father. TOO MANY HATERS IN THIS WORLD!!!

  • sara

    I knew jeremy back when OHS first started and he was always like a big brother to me, I hvent seen him in 10 yrs when I hung with him he was a good father worked hard for his family. And fact is everyone has a past and that is what it is a past!

  • Erin

    Hi all, I just would like to say Jeremy is a friend of mine. I have known him for years he is far from perfect but he’s not a monster either he’s far from it actually. I Have seen people of every race,creed and color in his tattoo shop. All are welcome there I have seen it with my own eyes. He is a good business man if he was not how is his place still going strong? It was by teaching good business values to those currently in charge in his absence. What’s past is past and it should stay there, people don’t need to be putting anymore of his business in the public eye then is already out in the open. Let’s remember he has family that most likely will read this. So lets leave his kids ages,grades,and his personal life off of websites for their sake.

  • christian dobbs

    I know the guy that got beat for wanting to leave… Im a good friend of his….I also know J from the old days… He isnt a responsible business man today… He left the hammerskins to be a NOMAD HELLS ANGEL… so no one get all sad for him.. he still hangs with racist skinheads and is involved with a large criminal empire…. dont let him fool you!!! THIS IS FACT!!!!

  • Samantha

    In response to Mark Hayden:

    Jeremy did admit in court documents that he knew what the car was being used for when he rented it for the “…man, a courier in the cousin’s large-scale drug business…” This man was also employed at Mr. Robinson’s tattoo studio. In the court documents it also states that Jeremy willfully allowed his tattoo studio to be a destination for mailed packages of marijuana. While it is a shame since he renounced his skinhead past and does have a daughter in only 6th grade, the sentence was fair based on all the information. The link is provided below for article that cites court documents. All other information is known because we are also in the tattoo business. (just fyi: that and a daughter in 6th grade are the only things we have in common)

  • john s.

    Jeremy did my tattoo. i think he is an excellent artist and really cool guy. i got it done right around the time this allegedly happened.
    I can’t believe it. If he used to be a racist fine,but i really feel he is not any longer. I think his looks and past judgment got the best of him.

  • John L.

    Something I think that’s largely missing at the SPLC is an awareness that most skinheads are not racists. There are Black, Hispanic, and Asian skinheads. There are even large groups of SHARPs, or Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice. Most skinheads are not at all happy about the public perception of their scene, and many are or would be willing allies in the fight for equality.

  • Fredric L. Rice

    Golly, scratch a Christianic Republican and find a dope-dealing racist scumbag. Every time.

  • Mark Hayden

    Seemed to be a balanced article without expressed bias .
    It would have helped to know if Mr Robinson was aware of illegal act to promote drug sales. The case should have been plea bargained for crime with lesser sentence instead of reducing sentence below guidelines. Almost looks like he was targeted for stiff sentence for being reformed member of racist group. Revenge against a former racist is not the proper business of the federal court. Love your enemies. Don’t get obcessed vengence on ex racists even after they reform. Its counterproductive and in poor taste.

  • Carter

    He said he was “Tired of always being angry”. – Wow that says quite a bit there.
    I wonder why Eric was “too brown”? Maybe he was like most everyone and had a mix of humanity in all that pathology & hate….

  • Kate De Braose

    Drugs and gangs- America has always been riddled with them. It’s evident their members believe their own crimes are what “christians” would normally call a worthy business. Even a murderer like Al Capone was convinced that he was a public benefactor because he was in the business of selling alcohol and making money, but not paying any taxes.