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Anti-Amnesty Theme Draws Crowd to Local Event

By Hatewatch Staff on November 17, 2009 - 11:25 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Wearing T-shirts bearing the slogan “Stop the Invasion” and applauding exhortations to “take back our country,” opponents of amnesty for illegal immigrants gathered at a Grange hall in Yakima.
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  • Yumadlh

    This is worse than Political Correctness.

    Legal immigration controls the population and protects jobs. When illegal immigration is allowed to happen and is accepted it undermines the working class because they will replace the working class and be paid lower wages. And be taken advantage of because they will not have a voice or be exposed and at this time deported.

    When one can not present a logical comment they use ‘racism’ to shut down any constructive comments. Or they do not have a solution to the problem. If it effects them directly their comments will change.

    Has there ever been a country that allowed illegal immigration survived ? NO !!!

  • Chris

    Scope creep. SPCL is demonizing people for a legitimate opinion opposing illegal immigration and amnesty for illegal aliens. You don’t have to be a racist or nativist to hold that opinion. You start with the notion that we are a “Nation of Laws,” a basic tenet in the lexicon of American ideals. It is tempting for pro-amnesty and open-borders advocates to brand anti illegal immigration protesters as racist or nativist, in order to shut them up. It is a serious accusation that should not be taken lightly. SPLC, by including a link to this article, which shows no indication of racism or nativism on the part of those profiled, shows a contempt for legitimate public protest and open and honest discourse.

  • kate

    The rhetoric of these rubes causes any intelligent discussion of the number of refugee immigrants allowed in this country to be off the table.

    It has been a tradition of American industry to encourage the placement of refugee centers in areas of heavy industrial growth in an effort to use the easily controlled immigrant population to stave off the development of unions and activism for worker’s rights. Most often such efforts have been successful.

    It is now even worse in that in economic difficulty work is hard to find and most domestic industry has dwindled, but the influx of immigration has not stopped.

    In addition, many countries complain that the encouragement of immigration from their countries causes a “brain-drain” that they can little afford. Again, I wonder who it is that benefits when the more intelligent, motivated and capable people are skimmed off and sent to America?

    Does immigration assist any country’s efforts to move forward? I think not. Who does this benefit?

    The same people who benefit by keeping wages low and unions weak.

    But, once again, industry benefits from the rubes who cannot see beyond their own racism.

  • Ronald Yunker

    these hate groups operate on innuendo,the man in the moon are a disgrace to American ideals supposed first hand reports which can no more be proved than the man in the moon. They are an abomination to America and our ideals. May they burn in the hate they spew .