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Caltrans, Minutemen Dispute Finally Over

By Hatewatch Staff on November 17, 2009 - 11:22 am, Posted in Uncategorized

It appears that almost two years after it started, the battle between the San Diego Minutemen and the California Department of Transportation is over.
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  • Cecilia

    Great idea from Missouri, Laura, & thanks for sharing.

    Freedom of speech should not include inciting to violence & hatred.

  • Laura

    The SDM have the right to have a highway sign proclaim that they are picking up litter. However, I certainly hope that they are indeed following through on that commitment. That being said, I presume that Caltran does have the option to rename that section of highway, much like Missouri has done. When a KKK organization was given the right to “adopt-a-highway,” Missour renamed it Rosa Parks Freeway, and later renamed a different highway after a Rabbi when a neo-Nazi group adopted a section of highway.

  • Yumadlh

    Like the sign. San Diego Minutemen.

    Thanks for helping clean up the trash motorists pitch along the highways.

    If those of you would not use the highway as a trash bin the signs would not be necessary. Now you will complain about the trash along the highway but will not lift a finger to help clean it up.

    This Political Correctness is going to kill us.

  • kate

    In all honesty, the groups that urged the trans. department to pull the signs should have used their heads. It is the ugly truth that people just don’t seem to understand; that free speech is universal and that without proof of direct harm, there’s not a lot one can do or should do to stop it.

    This isn’t the first time I’ve seen the “allies” jump to quick assumptions only to have it shoot them in the foot later.

  • Marisa

    I’m laughing my butt off – the lawyers win again.

  • Kenneth Cabral

    This is a very unfortunate case. Like it or not, free speech, as offensive asit might be is an American right. What really bothers me about this is that the Minutemen are richer as a result of the court ruling.