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String of Racially-Motivated Attacks Hits Denver, Police Arrest 34 Suspects

By Larry Keller on November 30, 2009 - 3:59 pm, Posted in Anti-White, Hate Crime

All but one of 35 suspects has been arrested by Denver police in connection with a string of racially motivated beatings and robberies in the Mile-High City. Those arrested are all black males, including some juveniles. Their alleged victims were white or Latino males.

Most of the suspects told police they are associated with either the Rollin’ 60s Crips gang or the Black Disciples gang. Their arrests this month followed a four-month investigation by a task force composed of Denver police, the district attorney’s office and the FBI into 26 assaults in the downtown Denver area. Typically, four or five black men would taunt their targets with racial epithets, trying to goad them into a fight, police said. Then the suspects would beat the victims, sometimes robbing them of their wallets, cell phones and iPods. Many of the victims suffered broken noses or eye sockets, Police Chief Gerry Whitman said.There was no ringleader in the assaults, but the attackers were in communication with each other, Whitman said. Those arrested were charged with crimes that include bias-motivated assault and robbery. In September, police asked the public for help in solving 14 downtown assaults, but did not mention the racial aspect to the crimes. That has prompted some criticism, but police defend their decision, saying that full disclosure might have jeopardized their undercover effort to solve the crimes.

The Rollin’ 60s Crips is the largest black criminal street gang in Los Angeles, with more than 1,600 active members in 2004, according to a report that year by the Los Angeles Police Department. It is an offshoot of the city’s original crip gang, Westside Crips, and was formed in 1976. Members have been involved in bank robberies, drug trafficking, carjackings, homicides and other crimes, police said.

The Black Disciples was formed on the south side of Chicago about 40 years ago. It is “one of the most violent of four African-American gangs that hang out on the south side of Chicago,” according to the FBI. In addition to violence, the gang is known for its distribution of crack cocaine, the FBI says.

“They both are active in the Denver area,” said Denver Police Department spokesman Sonny Jackson.

  • Smith Wesson

    To bad one or more of the White victims did not have a CCW permit. These Black thugs would be have more of a fight on their hands and the White victims would have more of a fighting chance. Stop walking the streets of your home like a sheep ripe for slaughter and take control of your own personal safety. When seconds count; the Police are minutes away.

  • sergio

    It’s a shame this is an example of racism and everyone is debating if it is or not
    look black gangs and Latino gangs can also be racist I am a Mexican American and speak Spanish I live in a majority Mexican community in Texas and ill stand up and admit the true and that is what this was targeting whites and Latinos.
    look to the L.A. Latino gangs they do it t o blacks whites and Asians racism is a huge problem for all cultures the white resist groups may be larger with a longer history of organized violence based on racism but it’s not the only group and as a Latino I think it’s my job to try to change the people in my culture that do this kind of thing not pretend it’s not happening if you do that what makes you better then a holocaust denier or a civil war revisionist.
    As minorities we need to be more wary about racism as traditional targets Latinos and African Americans need to be vigilant we want equal rights and to be judged on our merits with the same chance to succeed as anyone we can’t do that by tolerating this behavior in our communities

  • Wendel T

    This is a hate crime. It is a hate crime from blacks against whites. This is a result of an on going movement from the Black gang cultures to use the slave days as a front for their agenda to bring serious permemenat harm to the White/European Race-PPLS. This is likely to get worse and it is definelty worse than what we are being allowed to view or hear about. I can understand anger from poor to rich but to take your anger out on another who is having a hard time just as you are. That’s is what smells bad. Then because these black gangs cannot distinguish from the multiple races, nationalities, creeds, cultures in many around them, It looks like if you have light skin they will attack you. This is all in the name of corruption as in I want to steal from you and if you are killed in the process… Oh well. Shame on you SPLC for not bring attention to this real problem in our country. BTW. No one coddled me when I was a youth and I don’t have a crimminal mind.

  • Anthony

    This article does not say the whole story. The black gangs specifically targeted white victims. Getting the actual story is pretty hard to find on the internet for some reason….

  • joe

    Who cares who hated who.

    Just execute them and forget about it.

  • beholder

    Gangs are all about hate.

    I think from a legal standpoint we should look at this as gang violence and approach it from stricter gang laws, rather than hate crime laws. Hate crime legislation should apply to all other kinds of racially motivated crime, because we’ve already established that the gang phenomenon requires specific emphasis on containing violence in all its forms. To me that includes racially motivated violence, when it is gang-related.

    On a social level though, I think the racial component of the violence should categorize it as a hate crime, and that efforts to end hate crimes can also be extended to the gang situation. Hate crimes and gang violence are not mutually exclusive categories.

    But let’s not delude ourselves that law enforcement action is preventing hate crimes or gang violence, because they are not. The solution to gang violence and the solution to hate crimes have this in common: we should not view law enforcement action as primary intervention.

    These kinds of crime are the consequence of inaction during early childhood intervention opportunities and a lack of support for sustainable social programs to give young adults at risk an alternative to gangs.

  • Carter

    I am not totally sure what the foundation of this article is.
    Is this simply an effort to depict crimes with a element of racism or is it the description of a “hate crime”?
    Many states have working definitions of Hate Crimes wherein here is little “gray area” for legal ambiguity.
    Do we define a Hate Crime as any crime where upon the ethnicity, race, or sexual orientation of the victim is at the forefront of the illegal, activity? If so, then the above illustration is indeed a hate crime(s).