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ALIPAC Dumps Dobbs

By Larry Keller on December 4, 2009 - 12:31 pm, Posted in Nativist Extremist

Lou Dobbs and Americans for Legal Immigration – ALIPAC – are divorcing, and the parting isn’t amicable. ALIPAC President William Gheen has notified supporters that his organization has withdrawn its support of Dobbs and suspended two websites promoting the former CNN showman for president.

In a lengthy E-mail, the heartsick nativist said it was “painful” to realize he misjudged Dobbs, and that ALIPAC hopes to “put this painful episode behind us.” Gheen added contritely, “We apologize to our supporters for being wrong about Dobbs.”It was a TV interview Dobbs did Nov. 20 on Telemundo’s Al Rojo Vivo that tore the bloom off the ALIPAC-Dobbs romance. Dobbs told interviewer Maria Celeste that “we need the ability to legalize illegal immigrants under certain conditions” and proclaimed himself one of the Latino’s community’s “greatest friends.”

Aghast, Gheen posted a video of the entire interview for his supporters, asked them to view it and polled them on their sentiments. Large majorities said they were upset with several of Dobbs’ statements, such as his promise to compromise with amnesty supporters.

Perhaps hoping to win back the affections of his formerly fawning fan, Dobbs invited Gheen to be on his national radio show on Nov. 30. Dobbs denied he has changed his position on illegal immigration, saying he has been “entirely consistent” over the years. Gheen remained unconvinced.

Now ALIPAC has notified visitors to the Lou Dobbs for President website it created that it has withdrawn its support for the bellicose broadcaster. The same action was taken on a Facebook page boosting a Dobbs candidacy for president or the U.S. Senate.

ALIPAC had received pledges of more than $670,000 from people who said they would support a Dobbs presidential bid. Now they are removing those pledges in droves, Gheen said.

“Lou Dobbs has deeply offended his base of supporters and ALIPAC is going to remain loyal to those Americans who support our existing immigration laws instead of Amnesty disguised as reform,” Gheen said on the Lou Dobbs for President website. In his E-mail to supporters, Gheen added, “Dobbs is destroying any chances he may have had for a successful run for public office.”

  • mountaingirl08

    Didn’t Dobbs used to host some business report show on PBS? At least he had some credibility back then. But now. . .
    What happened to you, Lou? No matter what you say, you are a buffoon. You have no credibility anywhere.
    You, Lou, must feel like Rodney Dangerfield; you get no respect, no respect.

  • Carter

    @ Beholder:

    I think you and I have the same inanimate fascination with the plastic glitter swept into the waste can from intellectual litmus tests such as ” Dancing with the Stars”. There are a lot of jokes there…….

    The GOP’s message of “no” is a very common mechanism from the “outsider”.

    Just like a child in grade school who belittles the new thinking or wonder expressed by another more imaginative child, he is stamped a “nerd” and all his ideas are laughed or picked at. It’s not an uncommon technique in politics at all.
    Fred Thomson at least made it to the office….If Dobbs made it that far I would be extremely disappointed. Not because Dobbs is a bigot (we had a DEMOCRAT senator who used to be active Klansman!) but because the vote would be a reflection of an amazing level of fear in this country.

    Do we need this type of a War on Terror? We actually will not know for many years (or decades). Because the very essence of the fight against such a thing requires secrecy & anything that requires secrecy to be effective can be the nucleolus of abuse..
    In the same construct some people’s vanity can prevent them from examining “the other side” of any debate, for to do so may appear a weakness in commitment to a “cause”. Thus secrecy reigns supreme.
    As history showed use during Vietnam, if secrecy were not at the helm the public may not have “bought into” the Domino Theory.
    In closing however I reiterate that BOTH sides of the political spectrum brought us that fiasco [it’s secrecy & the vanity of politicians] & so many coffins of the trusting, unquestioning, & dedicated.

  • beholder

    These guys rise and fall in the GOP because there still is no core message besides “no”.

    Dobbs better hurry up and pick a constituency or he’s fated to go the road of Fred Thompson. Maybe he’ll be featured on Dancing With the Stars.

  • Snorlax

    Loonie Lou Dobbs is getting a new pair of FLIP-FLOPS for Christmas!!

  • Carter

    Well, we see Dobb’s true colors are his hunger for notoriety. President Dobbs? No chance in Hell…. But simply running keeps the offers for air-time, books, op-ed columns, etc ringing in – right?
    ALIPAC gets miffed because Dobbs did the political dance and flipped-flopped
    [Is that called the Hokey-Polky?].
    No wonder some folks just find politics and politicians lairs & frauds.
    No loss with either ALIPAC or our Future Commander-in-Chief.

    By the way I hope that Mr. Cohen, Morris Dees & the Staff at SPLC have a Joyous, safe, & relaxed Happy Holidays !!!

    … ..From all the anonymous Contributors to the Blog.

  • Michael

    As long as Dobbs was with CNN he was seen as an asset by ALIPAC. Now that he has been dumped by CNN he is seen as a liability.

  • Gregory

    I think Nelson Muntz summarizes the situation best: “Ha Ha!”