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Suspect in Two Canadian Hate Bombings Arrested

By Sonia Scherr on December 17, 2009 - 3:46 pm, Posted in Extremist Crime

After a two-hour standoff at a home in Winnipeg, police arrested a notorious Canadian neo-Nazi who’d been on the lam for weeks after two bombing attempts in Calgary.

McKeeKyle Robert Mckee, 24, was taken into custody early yesterday and faces two counts of attempted murder, along with weapons charges. Police began searching for him after they found two homemade bombs outside an apartment in northeast Calgary. A 17-year-old who also faces charges in connection with the Nov. 21 attempted bombing was arrested two days later as he stepped off a bus in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. (That individual cannot be named under Canada’s Youth Criminal Justice Act.)

McKee has been a key member of the Aryan Guard, a neo-Nazi group that garnered considerable media attention for annual “white pride” marches through downtown Calgary in 2008 and 2009. Shortly after the failed bombings, the group announced on its website that it was disbanding, then reversed itself in a subsequent online posting. The first statement suggested that a romantic spat led to the bombing that allegedly involved McKee. “A boiling point was reached among the group when a bombing attack was launched against the former girlfriend of the obsessed John Marleau – an associate of the Aryan Guard,” read the notice. “We were further disappointed when allegations surfaced against one of the founding members [McKee] for their alleged role in the attack. It’s sad to see how a group founded on hard work and good intentions of so many can be spoiled by the rash actions of so few.” (In a post on the blog Anti-Racist Canada, Marleau said he was investigated after the attack, but does not currently face charges.) Although Aryan Guard members have been linked to violent attacks on minorities, none of that was mentioned in the announcement, which waxed nostalgic about the group’s “family camping trips, barbecues … and even karaoke at the local pub.”

Several days later, a second notice appeared on the group’s website announcing that it was not folding after all. “The recent statement of dissolution by a few rogue ex-council members in no way heralds the end of the Aryan Guard,” it said. “If anything, we will function far more efficiently without the bureaucratic, half-assed diplomacy of three tired old farts who have no stomach for street life.” The new leaders adopted a more militant tone than their predecessors, lashing out at immigrants and race traitors and promising “a new day of carnage and brutality.”

That’s if the group manages to stay together. Founded in 2006 with help from Canada’s two most prominent white supremacists, the Aryan Guard has been dogged by infighting; it almost collapsed in late 2008. Earlier this year, one of its members was convicted of assaulting a Japanese visitor.

  • Carter

    Mr. Amirkhanov brings up a very solid, logical point.. Some time back the Mexican Mafia demanded that violence be directed at Black individuals living in predominantly Mexican neighborhoods.
    This action directed the violence at those individuals who were of a certain physical makeup. African American American individuals were targeted BECAUSE they were Black. – Not because they didn’t pay Protection money or some other agenda. Thus ths could constitute a Hate crime because the outstanding feature of the crime rested on the “race”.
    Skinheads beat whom they believe are gay BECAUSE they are Gay; not because they did or said something. Whites have been targeted by certain gangs because they appear Caucasian. [They] may be the Imam of a Islamic European group, but they were harmed because they were White. These are hate crimes.
    The targeting of a human being due to their physical make-up. Similar to kicking over someone’s wheelchair because they were required to be in one, etc.
    Most anyone can be the target of a hate crime.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Every interracial crime is not automatically a hate crime. Classifying something as a hate crime is based on the motive of the attacker.

  • daemonesslisa

    Well, I had mentioned gangs because some of the anti-white (as well as anti-black) hate crimes that were reported here were perpetrated by gangs. I know they’re not the only ones.

  • beholder


    Gangs are already well codified into our criminal code — I think we need to look at gang related hate crimes as gang violence, not primarily hate.

    For that matter I would like to see the same kinds of laws that apply to gangs apply to the proliferation of right wing militia groups that seem to be spreading like measels. Let us nip this nasty nativist vine in the bud before it can bear any fruit.

  • Carter


    I’ve been reading the blog for a while now and I have NOT noticed that you’ve not reported or ignored whites being victims.
    PERHAPS the actual word “hate crime” has not be bold enough for certain people.
    The “map” of “hate sites” in the USA would be enough to settle any dispute. OR your writers could all have a meeting and decide to use that verbiage for awhile….It’s how you feel it would be received.
    Bending over backward to show that you are “fair” is a nice thing to do. but I do not contribute just because I think the SPLC is a people pleasing organization.
    And folks who have read my comments know that I am NOT wed to the Democrat Party, or even enjoy politics so much al all. I am certainly not “PC” because I think that often it is socially “forced” on well meaning people.

    You have a VERY tough job working in the social mid-ground. I respect the amount of effort you put in.

    Have safe and happy Holidays.

  • Mark Potok
  • daemonesslisa

    I truly believe that you’re blind! This site has reported anti-white racism and hate crimes as committed by gangs. It’s *very* easy to find this stuff on here, but apparently issuing strawman arguments is easier for your ilk.

  • Larry

    I believe any person who kills another simply because of their ethnicity or skin color should receive the death penalty. I am very curious though why killing whites is not considered a hate crime. I truly believe this site hates white people and is blind to the fact. I do hope you can show me where I am wrong, but I don,t think you can or will.