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Jury Finds Bill White Guilty on Four Counts

By Sonia Scherr on December 18, 2009 - 6:13 pm, Posted in Neo-Nazi

A federal jury today agreed with some but not all of the government’s allegations that former neo-Nazi leader Bill White made threats against various people with whom he disagreed.

White was found guilty of threatening a Citibank employee, intimidating tenants of a Virginia Beach, Va., apartment complex, threatening a University of Delaware administrator and threatening a Canadian human rights lawyer, according to The Roanoke Times. He was acquitted of threatening the Citibank employee with the intent to extort, threatening Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Leonard Pitts and threatening a New Jersey mayor.

The jury reached its verdict late this afternoon after deliberating for less than four hours. During the eight-day trial in U.S. District Court in Roanoke, Va., the jurors heard testimony from victims who said they were terrified by the blog posts, telephone calls and E-mails that White used to target them. The defense, which did not call any witnesses, argued that White’s communications were protected free speech under the First Amendment.

White, 32, was the self-described commander of the American National Socialist Workers Party, a neo-Nazi group, and ran the hate website until his arrest last fall. He could be sent to prison for up to 40 years.

  • L. Follette

    Posting people’s private information on the web and inciting violence isn’t free speech no matter what you believe in.

  • mike dougan

    like any virus or infection, it needs to be contained and removed. bill white is an infection to all of society. bill white should be placed in solitary confinement where he no longer has the oppurtunity to spread his hate.
    thanks to all that took part and supported his conviction.

  • Sterling Voth

    One Racist down, a heck of a lot more to go. Let’s keep removing these low-lifes out of society. Theresa had one of my favorite comments as she mentioned that Evil only prospers when Good folks do nothing about it. All us “Good” people need to keep after these scumbags. DNA and science tells us that there is no such thing as race in the first place so that removes most of the bigots arguments on “factual” grounds alone. Thanks SPLC and others who assisted in this case. Let’s all speak up whenever we can against this sort of behavior.

  • Margaret Angela Thomas

    In this region, such “trash talk” is known as a “terroristic threat” and is taken seriously.

    White and his backers are reputed to have been well-funded by a contract of adhesion subsidized by intellectual property theft. Other Whites have been involved in KKK activities, and a KKK member once told me that a family member had been delegated the job of carrying payoff for the killing of Robert Kennedy, to a cousin of convicted assassin Sirhan Sirhan.

    Thousands of Americans were killed defending our country against the Nazi Party. White is treasonist as well as terrorist, and should be further prosecuted as such.

  • mischling

    This verdict sounds like a travesty against the First Amendment. I understand how the following words, sent in a letter to tenants who filed a lawsuit against him for housing discrimination, are incredibly stupid and self-incriminating as far as showing that he probably violated housing discrimination laws, but how can it remotely be considered to constitute a THREAT?:

    “Whiny Section 8 n—-rs.”

    “You may get one over on your landlord this time, and you may not,” he wrote. “But know that the white community has noticed you, and we know that you are and never will be anything other than a dirty parasite — and that our patience with you and the government that coddles you runs thin.”

    This is vague, non-specific, trash talk. Should be completely protected under the First Amendment. Unless you believe that individuals who belong to protected groups have a Constitutional right not to be insulted.

  • Teresa Kidd

    Thank God for people with the courage of the SPLC
    I am sure they have much of this same evil spewed at them on a constant basis
    Who was it who said, “evil happens when good people (sic) do nothing”?
    many thanks to all of you for making our children’s world just a little bit more tolerant

  • william weber

    thank god

  • Judith Bruce

    Fantastic. Good for you and for the cause of justice. This is what SPLC is all about. jb

  • Norman Autrey

    This is a perfect example of how our system works. Bill White and his ilk are a festering sore in our society. The First Amendment doesn’t allow for these kinds of threats. However, prison will not discourage this guy, he’ll find like kinds there and eventually will get out and continue to spew his hate. But in the mean time, Bill, I hope you enjoy your time in the big house.

  • Chuck Prentiss

    They should lock Bill White in a zoo for life, next to the gorilla cage where he belongs, and throw away the key. Whatever they feed pigs and cows should be his mandatory diet.

  • Fredric F. Myers

    If White is imprisoned will he still have access to the internet, and will he still beable to influence those young mindes that are imprisoned with him? Better to isolate White along with those of the radical religious right that also foster hate. If we, in this country had a competent educational system we would also not have politicians that think the earth was created in 6000 years. Lets start by ending home schooling, viewing the bible as literature and honoring humanity by offering universal health care.

  • Esther Womack

    Congrats! Just wish all the charges had stuck, maybe in a way they did help carry enough of the weight of guilt to convict this guy. Wish Leonard’s would have stood as a threat to free press.

    But I’m happy that the SPLC came through again, without you it wouldn’t have happened. Thanks to you and all the staff who works for SPLC for bringing hatred out into the open and dealing with it.

    Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas folks! We love you guys.

  • Jim Carlson

    I’m glad the jury recognized the obvious distinctions between free speech and threats of violence. I’d like to believe the verdict sent a message to other hate groups, but that assumes a level of intelligence lacking in such individuals.

  • Chuck Turner

    Solitary would be perfect for him. No one to hate but himself and his perverted thoughts!

  • Snorlax

    Good thing he was prosecuted in Federal court. They don’t mess around with these domestic terrorists.

    States don’t do as well, they have a bad history on these cases like the Emmitt Till lynching, where the murderers admitted their crime and got away with it.

    It is hard for state and local cops and prosecutors to go after these criminals when they all have either a white sheet with holes or a brown shirt with an armband hanging in their closets.

  • Carter

    This MAY sound a bit off key but some trials (on a big-picture level) of these neo-Nazis are almost akin to teaching a dog.

    “NO, you can’t (do that -whatever; like urinate on the rug)”
    A well wrapped human being is just higher functioning than the thinking & actions these “people” abide by.

    The REAL challenge with Nazis, Klansman, Terrorists, etc is to learn to not hate in response to hate (thus creating a cycle of productiveness).
    That sort of response takes an enormous maturity & a degree of care not to over-step the lack of “hate” for any sort of acceptance or rationalization / intellectualization for such disgustingly destructive behavior.

    And yes; I honestly DO think that bigots are low functioning.
    To actually respond to another human being from a superficiality like melanin in their skin is simply childish, playground behavior.

    There are many “fine lines” between appropriate responses to destructive behavior especially when lives are at stake. Occasionally, one may be forced to use force against force but it should not be to only option – IF there is a chance that something else may alter destructive behavior. Locking someone away from society seems fundamentally correct IF that person has an unrepentant, harmful thinking & pattern of actions.

  • Emmett

    Finally, this scumbag is gone. And hopefully for a long time too.