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Canada’s Aryan Guard Muddied Again

By Sonia Scherr on January 8, 2010 - 11:18 am, Posted in Neo-Nazi

Yet another associate of Canada’s beleaguered Aryan Guard has landed in jail.

John Richard Marleau — a white supremacist who has attended most of the neo-Nazi group’s events, though he claims not to be an official member — faces multiple charges in connection with an attempted stabbing this week on a Calgary city train (CTrain).

According to a city of Calgary news release, the incident occurred shortly before 1:30 a.m. on Jan. 4, when an emergency button was activated on a CTrain. After being told that the button had been pressed accidentally, the driver stopped the train and left his cab to deactivate the button. As he entered the center car, a knife-wielding man darted toward him. With his would-be attacker in pursuit, the driver ran back to his cab, locked himself inside, and called law enforcement. When police caught up with the suspect at a train platform nearby, Marleau allegedly removed the knife from his jacket and waved it in front of him. After he refused to drop the knife, police subdued him with a Taser and took him into custody.

Marleau, a 22-year-old Calgary resident, was charged with three counts of assault with a weapon, and one count each of illegal possession of a weapon, carrying a concealed weapon and causing a disturbance. The driver was unharmed.

The Quebec Media Agency reported yesterday that the driver was a minority. However, a Calgary police spokeswoman told Hatewatch that she could not confirm the driver’s race or reveal whether the attack was racially motivated, saying details would emerge during court proceedings.

Marleau isn’t the only one with ties to the Aryan Guard to face serious charges in recent weeks. Kyle McKee, a founding member of the group, and an unnamed teenager were charged with attempted murder in connection with two homemade bombs found outside an apartment complex in Calgary. According to an announcement on the Aryan Guard website, one of the two victims targeted in the Nov. 21 attack was Marleau’s former girlfriend. Marleau was investigated in connection with the incident but does not face charges.

Founded in 2006, the Aryan Guard has staged highly visible “white pride” marches through downtown Calgary. It has also been linked to attacks on minorities, including an assault last year on a Japanese visitor. But the group’s future is unclear: Shortly after the attempted bombings, the Aryan Guard announced on its website that it was disbanding. Several days later, however, the group’s new leadership reversed that decision, saying it was looking forward to “a new day of carnage and brutality.”

  • JAY

    Dearest Frank:

    Your hackneyed pretensions to intellectual superiority fall apart when you reveal how obviously duped you are by race conspiracies.

    Enjoy your life as a dinosaur – for you and others of your ilk are on the wrong side of the tide of history: The Bottom. You and those others like you will soon be ground to pieces on the rocks of your own fear and the reef of narrow-mindedness.

    You sit impotent in the venom of your own inertia.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Frankie, that evil dystopian New World Order was supposedly “just around the corner” for anywhere from 20 to 40 years now. What the hell is taking so long?

  • Anonymous409

    @GENO: Forget about Frank here; he’s either a total nutcase-type useful idiot, or he’s working for somebody here.

    I’m a white guy, but I respect people of good character from any race……………period.

  • GENO

    There was no “attempts” on my part. What I posted is an opinion made by me and I strongly stand by them. Not showing anyone how “intellectual” I am. That’s a rather inane assumption on your part. And you couldn’t even make a rationale statement of your own with a few scribbled lines of wabble.

    “Enjoy your life in the New World Order of Democracy, hate crimes, anti-racist speech restrictions and multiculturalism.”

    Sorry numbskull, I don’t live your fantasy world of hogwash and nincumpoop. I live in reality where there’s law and order. Where people have a choice to choose as they see fit.

    “where there will no longer be a white majority anywhere….”

    As if I’m suppose to care. This is simply because I’m a non-White. At least my girlfriend is White and my comrades are White. And we are united as one to stand against the hate saturated arses of the fringe Right, where they just love to lap up the vermin filled kool-aid given to them by spokeholes on FauxNewsNetwork and elsewhere.

    Freedom and Democracy shall prevail. And the rule of law shall truimph over the traitorous acts of evil done by Bone Heads of the far Right.

    Sorry I’m not a “Liberal”. Surprised?

  • Frank

    To GENO:

    Your paltry attempt to show yourself as an intellectual fell apart with your incoherent sentences.

    Enjoy your life in the New World Order of Democracy, hate crimes, anti-racist speech restrictions and multiculturalism, where there will no longer be a white majority anywhere.

    You seem to be looking forward to it.

  • Carter

    This reminds me of children with a special club…..”WE HAVE A SPECIAL CLUB THAT YOU CAN’T BELONG TO” [Then there is usually a reason of great depth like “because you’re a girl!”]

    The one thing that saddens me (beyond the obvious) is the modern use of the term “retarded” as meaning evil, negative, or bad.
    I don’t think I have met an intellectually challenged individual [who met the common criteria of “mental retardation”] – who was a cowardly, hostile, uncaring, selfish, hurtful brat.
    Most that I remember were very loving, gentle, & had not done things to harm individuals or society as a whole.
    I, consciously remind myself not to use that term in a negative fashion. Principally because it simply doesn’t fit these vicious, hateful WN cowards.
    What’s more I believe they may have been the first of Hitler’s Euthanasia Program. Thus, the distinct enemy of the Nazi “Supermen”.

  • Bene D

    Hi Sonia:

    Did you mean to say Quebecor Media not The Quebec Media Agency>

    The Calgary Sun which reported, “The driver, who sources confirmed is non-white,” is part of Sun Media which is owned by Quebecor Media.

  • GENO

    With an insipid phrase like “a new day of carnage and brutality.” One can be assured the imbecilic mentality of our racist enemies. An inane phrase like that reminds me of how I used to scribble death metal lyrics way back in 1998. These bone heads are nothing more than retarded turd reichers looking to have their ass hunted down by law enforcement officials and imprisoned like pale ghastly beasts made lesser than civilized men. But in any given case, its always a welcoming sign when one of these bone heads are nabbed & taken down to the gulags from whence they belong.