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Federal Jury Convicts Missouri Extremist

By Larry Keller on January 12, 2010 - 6:55 pm, Posted in Extremist Crime

Whoever complained that the wheels of justice move slowly would have enjoyed this week’s trial of Robert Joos Jr. A federal jury in Springfield, Mo., needed nine minutes to convict the reputed antigovernment white supremacist on charges of being a felon in possession of firearms and a felon in possession of explosives.

Joos, 56, was indicted in June along with twin brothers Dennis and Daniel Mahon. The Mahons remain in jail and are charged with mailing a bomb in 2004 to the Scottsdale, Ariz., office of Don Logan, who at the time was that city’s diversity officer. Dennis Mahon is a former Klansman and skinhead recruiter. His lower profile brother also is a former Klansman. Both were involved with longtime racist Tom Metzger’s White Aryan Resistance, or WAR. Logan, who is black, needed extensive surgery for injuries to his hands and arms. His secretary suffered injuries to her face and eyes.

The indictment alleges that the Mahons mailed the bomb to Logan’s office in order to “promote racial discord” on behalf of WAR. Joos was not charged in connection with the bombing. Authorities say Joos came to their attention through phone records showing the first telephone call Dennis Mahon made the morning of the bombing was to a cell phone in Joos’ name.

Joos is a pastor of the Sacerdotal Order of David Company. He testified today that he and fellow church members are “apocalyptic Christians” who believe “this whole thing is going to collapse.”

His indictment followed an undercover investigation of him at his 200-acre spread in rural McDonald County, Mo. One of the Mahons described Joos “as a longtime white supremacist associate and expert on weapons, explosives, bomb making and general survival skills,” according to a sworn affidavit by a U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agent. The brothers allegedly said that Joos’ property was used as a training facility for white supremacists.

Joos has a prior felony conviction for unlawful use of a weapon. ATF undercover agent Tristan Moreland testified that Joos took him to at least 20 caves on his property that he said would serve as hideouts in case of attack. He did not show his own personal cave that he said contained his stockpile of weapons, the agent said.

In all, 15 firearms, most of them long hunting rifles and shotguns, were confiscated on Joos’ property. Also taken were more than 19,000 ammunition rounds and bomb-making parts such as fuses and blasting caps. Joos denied the firearms were his.

  • Dave Farley

    I agree with Ruslan Amirkhanov that the Nazi party and American conservatives have a lot in common; 1 Oklahoma US senator, Inhofe refused to meet the first hispanic Us nominee to the supreme court, and the other Us senator from OK was at her hearing and mentioned how good things were after re-construction when guns were no longer regulated. He was implying that the blacks when they were in power, took away people’s guns. It is pretty disturbing how much hate has hit the mainstream in America. The congressman from South Carolina, Wilson yelled at the president accusing him of lying during his speech. I looked up his background and found out he was a member of Son’s of the Confederacy. Surprise surprise! Much of the southern Brand of the Republican party has many similarties to fascism. It is truly scary, and I literally have nightmares about them. The people who vote for them have been mislead by their religion, racist views, and these economic systems that these leaders practice, is a very feudalistic form of Capitalism. Texas has no income tax, yet the sales tax is 9 percent. Who does that favor? The very rich? It is a sad state of affairs. I truly feel sorry for the people elect leaders like this.

  • Dave Farley

    That is quite sick about so many of these people. I wish the so called “liberal” media would focus more on these kinds of crimes, and realize just how many there are on our own soil and are American citizens. Sometimes the local news media sugar coats the news, but underneath the facade of normalcy is a huge network of organized hate in America.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Tfb, the KKK has supported Republicans consistently for decades now. Don Black, ex-Klansman, and White Nationalist leader, endorsed Bush both in 2000 and 2004. In the former year, he helped lead a protest against the recount.

    And the term Nazi was applied to the members of the National Socialist German Workers Party. Their mentality was remarkably similar to modern American conservatives in many ways.

    Next time read a history book instead of talking about them. HINT: If it was written by a guy who has a talk-radio or TV show, it’s most likely NOT an authoritative source.

  • Jimmy Peanut

    This court isn´t afraid to name the Joos.

  • tfb

    Reich refers to the Third Reich, which refers to Nazis, which stands for National Socialist Party.

    The Demokkkrats started the KKK as their terror arm to end republican reconstructionism.

    You haven’t burned every history book, yet.

  • Snorlax

    Good thing to see the feds taking this seriously.

    Dubya looked the other way, because these Reich Wingnuts are the GOP’s base.

    Bush Attorney General Alberto “VO5″ Gonzales notoriously claimed that ELF enviros who burned down a skI lodge and some Hummers were the nation’s worst domestic terrorist threat

    Those ELF amateurs never killed anybody and didn’t have guns or ordnance. These Klan Nazi types murder Americans every year, year in and year out. And they’ve been stockpiling weapons and ordnance.

  • Difluoroethane

    “Joos” is an ironic surname for a guy who is more likely than not anti-Semitic.

    Kind of like the ironically-named “Don Black”.

  • Alan Aardman

    Sounds like an open and shut case- do we have any idea how many years he’ll be facing behind bars?