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Haitian Catastrophe: For Racists, a Good Laugh

By Mark Potok on January 14, 2010 - 4:04 pm, Posted in Anti-Black

In Haiti, tens of thousands of earthquake victims are dead, with at least one official estimating the number could reach half a million when the full, horrifying effects of Tuesday afternoon’s earthquake in the island nation are finally known.

In Arkansas, Billy Roper figured that made for a pretty amusing joke. So the former high school teacher and current head of the neo-Nazi White Revolution group today announced a food drive he called “Nutrition for Neutering.” “Yes,” Roper’s White Revolution website said, “you can get started on the ground floor with this charitable effort to provide one can of nonperishable food to each and every Haitian citizen affected by the earthquake who agrees to be sterilized.”

Roper’s charming post, featuring a photo of castration shears, goes on to say that if those citizens then go for nine months without producing children, he will send them a can opener. “Physical evidence of the castration process should be mailed by the applying food aid recipients to Barack Obama,” he adds.

For most Americans, the sight of the catastrophe in Haiti provoked an outpouring of sympathy and support for the victims. Early reports suggest that most structures in the island’s capital city of Port-au-Prince were damaged or destroyed. Men, women and children are wandering the streets with horrific injuries, and the cries of trapped victims still are emanating from underneath tons of rubble.

But Billy Roper and those with similar ideas — characters like the sterling defenders of the white race who populate the loathsome, the world’s largest white supremacist Web forum — are not like most Americans.

Just have a listen to some of the voices on Stormfront:
•    “Money showered on simians is wasted.” — “Karl von Muller”
•    “F*ck Haiti. …. I’m fed [up] to the core with hearing of Haiti and how we must help these ‘poor’ abominations to [sic] humankind.” — “Iberian88”
•    “Negroes left to their own devices turn everything into a pest hole.” — “Herr Leutnant”
•    “Nature left to its own devices will clear itself of the blight.” — “AngelEyez”

And on the web page of the Council of Conservative Citizens — a group that has described black people as a “retrograde species of humanity” — a report on Haiti was illustrated with an engraving of a white man being hanged by blacks, presumably in Haiti.

Most of these comments are far beyond the pale of what most Americans, of any race, felt when they heard news of the Haitian tragedy. But it wasn’t only neo-Nazis who said ugly things. Some of the most astounding comments came from people in the ostensible mainstream — people like radio heavyweight Rush Limbaugh.

To Limbaugh, President Obama, in calling for Americans to open their hearts and their wallets to the plight of the Haitians, is interested in nothing but political gain. “This will play right into Obama’s hands,” Limbaugh said on his Wednesday radio show. “He’s humanitarian, compassionate. They’ll use this to burnish their, shall we say, ‘credibility’ with the black community – in the both light-skinned and dark-skinned black community in this country.” Anyway, Haiti “has been run by dictators and communists.” It produces “zilch, zero, nada.” And Obama is asking “people who have lost their jobs because of his policies to donate.”

“Besides,” the millionaire broadcaster added later in his show, “we’ve already donated to Haiti. It’s called the U.S. income tax.’

For his part, Christian Coalition founder Pat Robertson said on Wednesday’s “700 Club” on the Christian Broadcasting Network that the Haitians had brought it all on themselves. “They were under the heel of the French… . And they got together and swore a pact to the devil. They said, ‘We will serve you if you will get us free from the prince.’ True story. And so the devil said, ‘OK, it’s a deal.’ … [E]ver since, they have been cursed by one thing after another.”

Robertson, who once blamed the 9/11 attacks on abortionists, feminists and others, didn’t mention how he knew this to be a “true story.”

  • Javy

    @ Dan

    Look, I’m all for donating to Haiti. But La Eme never kills because of race? Research before you speak, La Eme uses their street gangs such as Florencia 13 and Los Avenidos 13 to drive out the area of Blacks, Asians, and any others. Do some research on these gangs and what went down and is an ongoing battle in the greater Los Angeles and Southern California area. This is all done to make La Eme the exclusive drug profiteer.

  • skinnyminny

    I’ve noticed the MSM didn’t talk too much about Rep. John Murtha – I will not bother to look at the news for a few days. I tried to look at the news, yet, I’ve notice they were giving Sarah Palin more news time than Rep. Murtha.

    No offense to anyone, but, she (Palin) reminds me of Peggy Hill from the cartoon “King of the Hill,” as far as looks. I’m not a Palin fan, but, I will watch her if she had a debate with Atty. Gloria Allred, Judge Judy – other than that, I feel like I am being talked to like I’m in Preschool. Ugh, I can’t stand it!

  • JAY

    In reply to VAREZ:

    “If Obama was a tax cutting , free market , oil drilling Conservative , Limbaugh would be supporting and praising him to no end.”

    – No. I’ve got two words in reply to your assertion: Michael Steele.

    “nazi’s , racists , ultra-conspiracy nuts?

    The bulk of Conservatives are disgusted/amused by these rather than one of them , and grouping them together as if it’s one integral group is a completely inaccurate assumption.”

    – No. I USED TO BE a Conservative, Limbaugh-believer and I know for a fact that behind closed doors and among themselves a most (if not all) who subscribe to the Tea Baggers / Limbaugh / Fox News view of the world are motivated (at least in part) by Racism – whether it’s outright hatred & fear of “the dark races” or some form of rationalized “Social Darwinism”.

    . . . and as for your “poll”, I’m quite sure that if you polled the Nazi’s in 1930’s Germany – they would not have considered themselves “extremists” . . . and CONJECTURE about some IMAGINED poll is not the same as actually conducting one.


  • dave varez

    “I was not saying that all conservatives agree with Baldwin, simply that _some_ of the more extreme people on the far right (including Baldwin, Jones, and their followers) do.”

    Thanks for pointing that out Mason , because if one was to poll Conservatives in general , the “teabaggers” , etc. , very few of the them would be found to hold extremist
    points of view.

    Most are not racially or radically motivated , but rather opposed to the present Administration’s taxation , spending , and Socialist leanings.

    The reality is , whether we like to admit it or not , we are not “pure Capitalists” – while Capitalism is the system proven to best serve the people , a bit of Socialism is always a realistic necessity to smooth out the edges of Capitalism , which by its very nature tends to leave some out , and also to ensure that necessities flow unobstructed.

    But the question is , just how much is needed , and the Conservative consensus is that Obama goes WAY too far in that direction.

    nazi’s , racists , ultra-conspiracy nuts?

    The bulk of Conservatives are disgusted/amused by these rather than one of them , and grouping them together as if it’s one integral group is a completely inaccurate assumption.

    Where is Limbaugh’s assumed racism when a Conservative minority person is running or elected , and how can that be ignored when labelling him?

    If Obama was a tax cutting , free market , oil drilling Conservative , Limbaugh would be supporting and praising him to no end.

  • Mason Green


    The reason why I said far right is because Chuck Baldwin (along with his ideological buddy, Alex Jones, who has advanced similar theories and also suggested that Israeli doctors might be harvesting organs from Haitian children) is definitely far-right. Baldwin and Jones are not far-left or any kind of left, for that matter; I think pretty much everybody would agree with that. Also, Baldwin frequently describes himself as a conservative. He has never called himself a liberal. I was not saying that all conservatives agree with Baldwin, simply that _some_ of the more extreme people on the far right (including Baldwin, Jones, and their followers) do.

  • skinnyminny


    Here’s a fair question for you, why are you picking on Mason?

    I like reading Mason’s comments.

  • delia

    Who is a real American????

  • dave varez

    “there are some people on the far right who are now claiming that the US Government secretly caused the earthquake in Haiti. These are the same tinfoil-hatters who claimed that 9/11 was an inside job.”

    Mason , how different are you from these nuts if you attribute the “far right” to them?

    Maybe the far , far right , and the far , far left.

    Conservatives , who I am sure you are referring to , clearly do not subscribe to any of this crap , and certainly weren’t the ones circulating the garbage that Bush planted a bomb under the dike in Louisiana.

    The continuous concept here of attempting to smear an opposing political bent by associating them with extremists is getting pretty old by now.

  • dave varez

    Jay , I believe that our biggest problem today is lack of education , specifically reading comprehention.

    If you read my comments , you are free to disagree , but at least logically dissect them and
    point out what/why you do.

    Instead , you choose a point I made unflattering to Limbaugh , which you dont even realize is the case , and harp on a typing omission of the “d” in the word “denigrate” , which you also dont realize is the case , and define my position on race relations based on “you defend Limbaugh” .

    It is sad that this is the level of debate we entertain today – slowly re-read my response and listen to the Limbaugh audio.

    Though his “style” and purposeful choice to raise eyebrows is unfortunate , it is beyond me how one could come away with the assumption that he is a racist , is against aiding Haiti , and that any who point this out are racists as well.

    True racism and extremism is a horrific and sad reality , and throwing these words around at any who make less than politically correct comments at times (ie; I HATE Harry Reid , but I cannot call him a “racist” for his Obama comments) do a disservice to the cause of focusing on true racism and extremist by diluting/lowering the bar dividing
    the two.

    In other words , if Limbaugh , and Reid , are these things based on their comments , and grouped in with nazi’s , skinheads , racists , etc –

    Well gee then , they really must not be so bad?

    Choose your accusations carefully.

    And read my post again.

    Limbaugh DID NOT say dont contribute to the tragedy in Haiti .


  • JAY

    Responding to VAREZ:

    “Limbaugh unquestionably politicized Haiti in an attempt to enigrate Obama.” – This is a very interesting turn of phrase: “ENIGRATE”

    . . . and the fact that you defend Rush Limbaugh’s remarks about Haiti . . .

    The more you write, the more obvious it is what your stand is on race relations.

    Responding to DANIEL MCCOY:

    Thanks Daniel – for showing that the hypocrisy of the people on the other side of the aisle often reaches the extent of a kind of “blind religious fanaticism” . . . which is why certain people here continue to defend Rush Limbaugh’s despiccable remarks about the Haitian tragedy and some people here continue to insinuate that President Obama is “not a real American”.

    Best Regards,

  • skinnyminny


    I still have an issue with Limbaugh inserting himself/opinions in areas he has no business in. I personally don’t think he is that intelligent. However, I think he is a loud-mouthed bully leading people who are looking for guidance and information.

    I still disagree that he is telling people what to do! Nothing has helped Haiti due to greed, corruption… ***this has a list of missionaries in Haiti – the comments are even better. The argument was American missionaries (charities) expect the Haitians to be grateful that they are there, yet, they are not really helping, but want the Haitians to just convert to Christianity – The other side says Haiti’s problems are because they don’t practice Chrisitianity- then there’s arguments that missionaries come with their comforts of home and not afraid to show they are better than Haitians.

    Also try http://www.thirdworldtraveler......Haiti.html – here, it will somewhat explain why there are so many kids (overpopulation) – it talks about how Haitian forces will break into a home and rape all female occupants – one case a 68-year-old grandmother was raped then they forced the grandmother’s grandson to rape her – so again, you have all these people jumping in on the bandwagon, making comments when they really don’t know this country or what’s happening there. If they would learn the politics, history…they would find that it’s not all due to their own doing – we have, what I’d like to say, some of the things happening on the African continent in our own backyard.

    And yes, I hear other politicians say, “blacks can’t run a country…” That is true, given all the interference from other countries, as well as, other countries tending to let the corrupt officials carry on unscathed – why?

  • dave varez

    It is ironic that there is such a backlash at Limbaugh’s comments considering the politicizing of hate as an asset to villify political opponents practised on this site.

    Limbaugh unquestionably politicized Haiti in an attempt to enigrate Obama.

    But it seems that nobody can hear or has any reading comprehension , considering that his remarks are morphed into an assumption that he is against helping Haiti.

    He said dont contribute through the gov’t. , your tax money is already doing that.

    And he DID NOT say dont contribute privately.

    His point was that PRIVATELY was his preference , because the gov’t. is inefficient and his preference is always private (in this case charities) than gov’t.

    Rush’s comment on this :

    ” It’s just an absolute disaster. The aid finally starting to trickle in now after about six days, but it’s still very, very slow. The situation on the ground is unimaginable. I don’t even want to describe to you the things that I have read with the vermin, the rats, I don’t even want to go there. This is just unbelievable. It’s unimaginable and for anybody to report that I said don’t donate is absurd, and these people know it. The people who are making a big deal out of this, are themselves politicizing this for the express purpose of discrediting me, somebody they feel is a top-line conservative spokesman.

    They are constantly trying to discredit people like me, rather than debate us on issues. Nobody here ever said don’t donate. We just pointed out you already contribute to the government with your income taxes. If you want to donate above and beyond that, go through a charity that’s constantly on the ground in Haiti, or the Red Cross, if you want to go that route or whatever. Nobody said do not donate, which is what is being reported. ”

    And here’s an actual video response explaining his position – conservative , but not “dont donate” – just “dont donate through the gov’t.” .

  • Daniel McCoy

    I posted a recording of Mr. Limbaugh’s comments on my facebook page and was shocked to lose some friends because of it. They maintained that Rush did not say those words even with an actual audio tape of his comments attached. I asked if they would listen to the tape. They refused. They said Rush Limbaugh said he did not say those hateful, mean things and that was good enough for them. This, for me, is the REALLY scary part. Blind loyalty.

  • siwel

    our problem is not so much racist as it is skin i recall afew years ago some haitians come ashore in fl.on a homemade raft,they were rounded up like cattle and sent back risking death .but in most cases people of a lighter hue gets to remain regardless of their race

  • Dr. Beegee


  • skinnyminny


    I believe it without having to go to the site you’ve provided. I recall Mexico’s president saying, “jobs that even blacks won’t do!” I also recall Mexico defending the right to it’s cartoon that offends/make fun of black people. In addition, I saw a program on teevee that showed the indigenous blacks in that country are not accepted into the mainstream, it looked like they were on a reservation, speaking a language other than Spanish.

    I believe if Mexico didn’t have PEMEX, they’d be similar to Haiti. In fact, as of today, there are families that don’t have running utilities am I right?

    As far as racists comments against Haitians, it’s not shocking in light that Mexico makes racists comments against all nationalities – “gingo and wetta” sound familar?

  • Javier

    Mexican congress member racist comments against Haitians in his radio show

  • skinnyminny


    Good point! Great you are pointing this out, about conspiracy theorists! It needs to be brought to the table about these guys, because this is one of the reasons there are so many problems in our society.