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Racist Group Plans to Run Candidates Nationwide

By Heidi Beirich on January 19, 2010 - 4:17 pm, Posted in Anti-Black, Anti-Semitic

The co-founder of the American Third Position (ATP), white supremacist Los Angeles lawyer William Daniel Johnson, says his new California-based group plans to run as many candidates for political office around the country as it can muster.

In an interview with Hatewatch last week, Johnson said that he intended to qualify “high-level people,” meaning prominent white nationalists, for campaigns on the ATP ticket in a large number of states. He did not elaborate on what states or offices, or precisely when, but said that that would be decided in coming months.

ATP was created last October. It was reportedly brought together by members of Freedom 14, a racist skinhead group in Orange County, Calif., who initially formed a group called the Golden State Party to run candidates. But that group collapsed when reports surfaced about the criminal past of its leader, and so the Freedom 14 members decided to create a replacement group — the American Third Position.

Johnson told Hatewatch that he was invited by acquaintances to the October meeting, where he says he met for the first time the man who would join him in founding and leading the ATP — Kevin MacDonald, a psychology professor at Cal State Long Beach who has become a darling of the radical right since penning an anti-Semitic trilogy of books. MacDonald, who did not respond to requests for comment, was named director, in effect co-leader with Johnson, of the ATP. That was quite a leap for MacDonald, who has hobnobbed with many racists but until accepting his new position had not moved into overt racist activism.

For his part, Johnson is a long-time racist activist. In 1985, he wrote a book under the pseudonym James O. Pace called Amendment to the Constitution. It proposed a constitutional amendment to repeal the 14th and 15th amendments (respectively, making freed slaves citizens, and prohibiting the denial of the right to vote based on race) and replace them with the “Pace Amendment.” That amendment would only have allowed whites “in whom there is no discernible trace of Negro blood” to be U.S. citizens. Hispanic whites, Johnson added in a generous moment, might also be granted citizenship, but only if their “appearance [is] indistinguishable from Americans whose ancestral home is in the British Isles or Northwestern Europe.”

Johnson, saying he preferred being called “racially aware” to being labeled a “racist,” told Hatewatch that he knows movement heavyweight and former Klan boss David Duke. Johnson attended a 2005 function held by Duke’s European Unity and Rights Organization. (Duke is also linked to MacDonald. As revealed by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Duke apparently lifted entire sections of his book Jewish Supremacism from MacDonald’s infamous trilogy.) But Johnson denied Internet rumors that he was a long-time member of the neo-Nazi National Alliance, or even a major Alliance splinter group, National Vanguard. Johnson did say he had purchased books from the Alliance and knew people who were members.

MacDonald, in addition to taking on leadership of the ATP, has been becoming active in the white supremacist movement in other ways as well. He recently launched his own hate website, The Occidental Observer. And he has been making the rounds of hate radio, appearing on Jim Giles’ “Radio Free Mississippi” show in December and James Edwards’ “The Political Cesspool” last week.

  • Rasheada

    And for the Thomas Jefferson owning slaves comment, he also enjoyed his time with Sally Heming (his slave/mistress). Thomas Jefferson was literally into slavery and had children with a black woman. There are black Thomas Jefferson descendants and it’s likely that there are black descendants of other presidents as well.

    Peace and LOVE. Surprised we haven’t learned to love each other by now.

  • Rasheada

    As far as the founding of the United States, I don’t know if you realize it, but there is at least one Native American tribe that is black. Here before the country was ransacked. In addition to this, before slavery Africans and black Europeans (although very few) did business in the United States. Things aren’t as black and white as you try to make them, but I will continue on with a bit of history. During the industrial revolution and probably before, there was racism between the European countries. Many saw the Italians in a negative light, and that time and feeling has past because overall, people will learn about each other and eventually get past any prejudice. This country didn’t fall apart because of all of the immigrants during the industrial revolution, despite racist views and it won’t fall apart now. Anyone who moved to the United States from another country isn’t trying to make the United States into a 3rd world country. People move here to add to the diversity, to live with a sense of freedom (as the founding fathers specified), and to make money.

  • Rasheada

    Danny- I am so surprised by your views. I live in CA and I LOVE it! I love that I can see and hear people of different races every day. Not everyone likes it (bah humbug :() but the majority of us do. I understand that America wouldn’t be as innovative and creative if their weren’t different types of people all over the place. My family is so mixed that it would take an extremely long time to explain. I will say that my ancestors were slaves, mixed slaves who were “indoor slaves” and non-mixed slaves “outdoor.” My mother’s family descended from Africa, Europe and Native American (you would never know this either because of how dark she is). My father has a fair complexion and his family descends from Africa, and Europe. My husband is “white” which is simply a skin color and not his ethnicity. He is a descendant of Ireland and Scotland. Our children are beautiful and I’m glad that in the end, my husband and I are able to be man and wife and that the world has progressed.

  • Wildwood Flower

    The majority of Americans have the ability to see pure, evil hatred for what it is and will dismiss these hatemongering morons for the small minded cowards they are.

  • danny

    Milko Velka – I don’t understand your argument? Are you saying white Americans don’t exist and don’t share a common culture? My paternal grandparents are from Ukraine, my maternal grandparents are from Poland. Both of my parents were born and raised in America. So am I not a white American? I’m certainly not really Ukrainian, and not really Polish -obviously – my family left those places almost 100 years ago and never returned, and they grew up when there was no such thing as “multiculturalism”. Look, no one thinks that multiculturalism is a terrible ideal, on the contrary it sounds wonderful. But If you want to believe in Santa Clause, fine be my guest, but don’t criticize me for having an opinion based on historical facts. In reality, I simply don’t see evidence that it works. You can’t have a republican form of government when the people don’t have common ties, goals, history, interest, and a shared identity. Just go and read the writings of the founding fathers, especially the federalist papers. It becomes absolutely clear that America was designed for Europeans only, and specifically for Europeans that wanted to become American. Anyone who suggests otherwise is simply being dishonest. That is why America is what it is. Do you really think that the country would be anything like what it has been if it had been founded by Pakistanis instead of the English? I bet some of you on here actually think that it would…and that is just out-of-this-world crazy. But those of you who have some sense, please, just admit that America was founded for white people – and for those of us who are patriots and want to remain true to our nation’s founders, respect that as having a legitimate historical precedent, and stop your harassment and belittling.

  • Miklo Velka


    The modern United States was founded by and has continued to be augmented by immigrants, both legal and illegal. Throughout the first 150 years of the US’s history (which hasn’t been long, anyway) the only alleged similarity between the vast majority of its immigrants was the continent from which they emigrated: Europe. Other than that, the other characteristics from which your stated definition of “ethnic group” may be based upon are different.

    Each European country and region has its own distinct ancestry, history, language, territory, nationality, and appearance.
    As for kinship, this is obviously a very narrow defnintion of ethnic group, and surely NOT what you meant.
    As for religion, i’m sure you don’t intend to say that religion is the ethnic group identifier that your argument should be based on, as the overwhelming majority of “3rd world” immigrants to the united states are Christians – just like most Americans would claim.

    …it would seem like the only remaining characteristic that your definition would provide that could possibly support your argument that “white American” is an ethnic group would be the part that says it can be a “common heritage that is…assumed”, because is certainly isn’t real.

    Simply stating a conclusion doesn’t make the conclusion true.
    Stating that “importing people from Africa…” will cause tribalism in “the west” is unsupported and unsupportable with any credible data. Do you know of any tribes (other than indigenous Americans) in the United States?
    China’s and the EU’s multiculturalism isn’t in large part based on “importation” (, let’s call it immigration – you import goods, people immigrate,). It’s based on the fact that there are already tens of millions of people of differing cultures (, or even ethnicities if you want to stick with a theme) already living there.
    China is populated by over 50 different ethnicities. As of today, the EU is made up of 27 different countries, with nearly as many different languages.
    The ethnic differences between the folks within these two hugely diverse areas has no prospect of leading to their eventual downfalls.

    The problems facing the world today are economic based – not ethnicity based. The SPLC works to lift folks out of their economic disadvantages by utilizing the legal mechanisms in place to enforce the laws and regulations that the United States and it’s many States have put in place to keep the tyranny of the majority from crushing the will and spirit of the minority.

    Your brand of fear will not frighten those of us who support the side of freedom. Spew your hatred and fear elsewhere.

  • danny

    “An ethnic group is a group of humans whose members identify with each other, through a common heritage that is real or assumed.[1][2] This shared heritage may be based upon putative common ancestry, history, kinship, religion, language, shared territory, nationality or physical appearance. Members of an ethnic group are conscious of belonging to an ethnic group; moreover ethnic identity is further marked by the recognition from others of a group’s distinctiveness.”

    White Americans are definitely an ethnic group.
    Yes Ruslan has lots of answers but they can be challenged quite easily. Just to do a few, the comment about tribalism – well yes if you keep importing people from Africa and other areas where they are tribal – then you will get tribalism here in the west. Also, your examples of Rome, China, and Europe being successful multicultural societies? Are you kidding, multiculturalism led to Rome’s demise, and how are China and EU successful multicultural societies? Their “multiculturalism” is not the importation of millions upon millions of 3rd worlders that are demanding political, economic, and cultural power.

  • beholder

    Note to Curtis:

    Yes it does appear that Ruslan had an answer to everything. You should pay attention, you might learn something.

  • beholder

    Props to Ruslan. Nice post!

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Sure do, Curtis! Are you upset that your racialist view of the world is totally inaccurate? If only this is Stormfront, where they could restrict and ban me huh?

  • Karen Stewart

    I see the racists of the world have found the SPLC website, a new forum for their brand of vile, pretend”logic” based on pure, unsupported conjecture.

  • Gotcha

    Has Johnson explained why he gives the Holocaust deniers of the Institute for Historical Review donations?

  • curtis

    u have an answer for everything, huh? thats great.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “anyone notice russia is like 90+% white, with no plans on flooding the country with non-white immigrants. russia has choosen to be a strong ethnocentric nation.”

    Oh are you going to lecture me on Russia? Bad news pal, I live in Russia. That reminds me of a rather hilarious story. A metro station in the center of Moscow has a large billboard advertising the Liberal Democratic Party of Zhirinovsky. It proclaims: ONLY LDPR RETURNS MOSCOW TO THE MUSCOVITES!!! The billboard is surrounded by small shops- run and owned by non-Russians, mostly Caucasian or Central Asian. The supermarkets in the area have all Kazakh workers for some reason.

    The Russian government might carry on about nationalism(Zhirinovsky is seen as a joke BTW), but the average Russian is a self-hating hopeless loser, either drinking himself to an early grave, or if female, trying to figure out how she can whore her way to an EU passport(or Turkish, Korean, or whoever comes along with enough money in the bank). There’s your “ethnocentric” paradise.

    There are also plenty of Chinese, Tajik, and Uzbek workers as well.

    ” if the USA is to survive as a first word nation, the flooding of non-whites must stop.”

    Can you provide anything linking the ethnicity of immigrants with American decline?

    ” this world is tribal.”

    Actually it is not. If that’s what you prefer I suggest you move to Africa or the Amazon basin.

    ” that is just a know fact liberals. we are not all the same. a black man is not a white man with dark skin.”

    Yes but this says nothing about his potential, talent, ability, etc.

    ” there are hardline differences. and when you ignore these differences you’re setting yourself up for huge failure. ”

    What differences exactly?

    “where in history has a nation that allowed multiculturalism to reign prospered and grown for any real length of time? ”

    Rome, China, the Islamic world, Europe, etc.

    “ethnicity is the glue that will hold this nation together if we choose to remain a viable country. ”

    Which ethnicity? “White” is not an ethnicity. If you can’t figure that out, I suggest you take a trip to Zagreb and explain to them why they and the Serbs are “white”.

  • curtis

    Hate? i’m speaking because i’m worried about my childrens’ future in this declining nation. i don’t want future generations of caucasion children surrounded by third worlders speaking spanish. Liberialism is the claim that you give generously, yes? well what happens when there is nothing left to give. At only 10% of the world population i’d say the anglo is the minority. if the founding fathers did not create this nation for white people then why were they all white. thats so wierd. why would a group of white men create a nation that would not be for future generations of their white children. let alone thomas jefferson was an owner of black people. he owned them as if they were not on his level. thats so weird. you’ve all spoken your claims for so long its beyond boring. but we all know what will become of this once great nation when all the whites are gone.

  • beholder

    The tree of hatred
    Would it bloom on unbled soil?
    The season of harvest is to come

    Haiku by beholder

  • curtis

    anyone notice russia is like 90+% white, with no plans on flooding the country with non-white immigrants. russia has choosen to be a strong ethnocentric nation. if the USA is to survive as a first word nation, the flooding of non-whites must stop. this world is tribal. that is just a know fact liberals. we are not all the same. a black man is not a white man with dark skin. there are hardline differences. and when you ignore these differences you’re setting yourself up for huge failure. where in history has a nation that allowed multiculturalism to reign prospered and grown for any real length of time? ethnicity is the glue that will hold this nation together if we choose to remain a viable country. otherwise we will sink to a third world position, no doubt about it. i live in the supposedly utopian multicultural state of california. its not a melting pot.. its a chamber pot..a cesspool. the state is broke and broken. multiculturalism does not work.

  • Buz Thompson

    I really don’t think we have to fret much less hate. How many candidate do you think these craziest will be able to recruit?. FEW.. How many of these candidate will be creditiable? Even Fewer.Now how many votes will they receive? . Probably a few idiot votes. I suggest we laugh and shame these idiots rather than hate them. If you fight with hatful words they will fight back. If you laugh and expose their stupidity for what it is they will run for cover. Only the religious zelots can survive the shame of laughter, never the political zealot…. Think about it

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    The thing is, that America has one of the most undemocratic systems in the world of liberal democracy, and the narrow risk that white nationalist parties might exist is far outweighed by the need for direct election of the president and proportional representation. This would mean that real progressive parties could run as well, and if the Democratic party wants those votes, it would have to compete with them in terms of policy, but more importantly performance and results.

  • Kyle

    Anybody interested in reading the (in)famous book, it’s for sale here

    James O Pace, Amendment to the Constitution: Averting the Decline and Fall of America

  • Philip David Morgan

    I don’t think the Japanese rock band named Adenosine Tri-Phosphate would take kindly to having their initials ripped off by a bunch of networked haters in the States. And yes, the band has just now been notified.

  • Curtis Walker

    Would be great if we could click on a button to post elsewhere or share easily (Facebook, Political Blogs, News Blogs, etc.)

  • Kate De Braose

    I hope that everyone knows this “new party” is only a trick to hook disaffected people who just can’t wait for their own personal treats from the new president.

    I can’t see any new party catching on in America anytime soon. There are still too many elderly people who remember the biggest war of their history. And Nazis also included women, children, elderly and disabled in their hate-to-death lists!

  • Alan Aardman

    Let’s hope this ATP is broken down before it can catalyze any unwanted reactions.

  • another mexican woman

    i think these people will be very surprised to find out that the majority of white people in this country will find them to be an embarrasment.

  • The Exaggerator

    “Gustavo Arrelano” notes:

    Heidi: You forgot to ask Johnson why he feels comfortable having a convicted robber, Sean Vaxmonsky, act as the American TP’s treasurer. Also? Vaxmonsky is still a fugitive.

    Interesting points there, especially the fact of a known fugitive from justice being treasurer of a nascent Far Right-leaning third-party movement; are the police aware of this?

    If not, they ought to be.

  • Peter M Gatliff

    It’s going to be a Long Hot Summer.

  • Shawna

    This could be a really good thing. The more of these and tea party candidates that run, the more the conservative vote will be split and someone more central or socially liberal may have a better chance than before.

  • daemonesslisa

    Beware third party types! A lot of so-called “liberals” didn’t even want to vote for Obama just because he’s black. And they waited for ANY opportunity to throw him under the bus.

    They got their opportunity. Sure, he’s made some mistakes, no president is perfect. But apparently because he didn’t fulfill all his campaign promises within the first hundred hours of his presidency, a lot of these speds who ‘held their nose’ voting for Obama are either not going to vote in the next election, or they’re gonna vote third party.

    Given the history of third-party candidates and their connections to radical racist groups (e.g., Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul), this is a VERY dangerous time.

  • mexicanwoman

    I live in Texas and this is very scary to me. I also work with in the counseling industry and it also scares me that a pyschology professor would think this way.

  • Difluoroethane

    seadragonconqueror: Can you find any proof at all for your statement that Mark Potok has been interviewed on the Political Cesspool?

    I doubt you can.

    Because it’s a LIE.

  • skinnyminny

    I believe I saw this coming the past 10 years! What a sad, truly sad thing – I guess since these groups have no new ideas, they have to live in the past.

    On the other hand, I place the blame on Fox and CNN. Here’s why, I’ve notice they give considerable airtime to anyone wanting to attack our president’s character, policies, ethnicity, citizenship. For that reason, I do not watch CNN, FOX, and C-Span – if only I can remove these cable programs but still be able to keep my premium channels.

    Eventually, I will cancel my cable services and just use the internet. I for one, am tired of all the trash on teevee.

  • Gustavo Arellano

    Heidi: You forgot to ask Johnson why he feels comfortable having a convicted robber, Sean Vaxmonsky, act as the American TP’s treasurer. Also? Vaxmonsky is still a fugitive.

  • seadragonconquerer

    So what. Mark Potok has been interviewed on Political Cesspool as well. And rather than taking Heidi Beirach’s (or anyone else’s) version of Kevin MacDonald as gospel, I suggest that you actually go out and read his books about Jewish history and politics. Some of what he has to say is bunk, some of it on target. One thing is certain: we do not need name-calling and thought-control by the Left or the Right.

  • Robby Scott Hill

    Oh no! Are they backing Larry Darby for Governor?

  • The Exaggerator

    “Racially aware”–doesn’t that sound like “dogwhistle” code for “racist”?