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Nativists Stewing Over Refuge for Haitians

By Sonia Scherr on January 26, 2010 - 1:08 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant

Some nativists are riled up about the Obama administration’s recent decision to give temporary refuge to undocumented Haitian immigrants.

Their anger comes after Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced on Jan. 15 that Haitians who were in the United States on the day of the earthquake may apply to stay here legally for 18 months. The government sometimes grants “temporary protected status” (TPS) to undocumented immigrants whose home country has suffered a trauma of such magnitude that they cannot immediately return. Even Mark Krikorian, executive director of the restrictionist Center for Immigration Studies, was quoted in The Washington Post as saying that he felt TPS was “totally justified in this case,” though he took issue with the renewals of TPS that often occur.

But others weren’t nearly so charitable. The white nationalist hate site featured a Jan. 21 column by Edwin Rubenstein titled “Haitian Immigrants Pretty Useless  — But Haiti Still Needs Them More Than We Do.” Rubenstein, an economic consultant and regular contributor, suggested that the administration’s decision was part of a “longstanding but little known Obama goal” to increase Haitian immigration. After unfavorably comparing Haitian immigrants to European immigrants and non-Hispanic American whites, he insisted that he only had Haiti’s best interests at heart. “What’s so generous about stealing the very few educated leaders that this pitiful country has been able to produce?” he concluded.

Glenn Spencer, who leads the anti-immigrant hate group American Border Patrol, usually complains about immigrants from Mexico. But he took on Haitians in a Jan. 19 online feature titled “The Haitian Exodus: Obama Will Flood Our Bankrupt Cities,” suggesting a la Rubenstein that the decision is part of a larger plan to boost Haitian immigration. “All indications are that the Obama administration is going to game the system to allow hundreds of thousands, if not more than a million Haitians into the United States,” he wrote. “The first step was granting temporary protected status (TPS) to up to 200,000 Haitian illegal aliens.” Spencer did note the importance of donating money for Haiti, so long as it went toward helping them in Haiti, not in the United States.

The European American Unity and Rights Organization, founded by former Klan boss David Duke, dropped any pretense of compassion in a blatantly racist Jan. 23 web posting that predicted the Haitians would be allowed to stay permanently: “If America fills up with Third World people and we turn into yet another Third World nation too poor to do anything, who is going [to] rescue the non-Whites then? Flooding America with non-Whites will destroy our economy, and Third World nations hit with future disasters will be lucky to get a third of the help that they are getting right now thanks to the United States with its White majority.”, the leading white supremacist Web forum, had several vicious postings from white supremacists upset with the decision to offer TPS to Haitians. “[T]hey fully intend to give these animals a path towards citizenship even as they import more of these savages,” wrote “MyselfMia” on Jan. 16.

White supremacists were spewing venom about the Haiti tragedy even before then, however. Two days after the Jan. 12 earthquake that left more than 150,000 dead, Hatewatch detailed reaction from the far right, including neo-Nazi Billy Roper’s assertion that Haitians should be castrated.

  • beholder

    Clark the fact that our country has not made reparations for this evil is intolerable.

    What kind of country do we live in where Congress finally votes to apologize and nothing comes of it ? (As if there was ever any doubt in anyone’s mind that apologies were called for — the commentaries from the day were every bit as impassioned as they are today).

    Maybe we cannot erase the past but we can do the right thing today. Maybe we cannot calculate how much is owed and to whom. But what harm is there in providing scholarships to African American youths as a form of reparation?

    Why does Congress apologize and do nothing to make whole the errors of the past?

  • Keith Kimmel

    Wow, are we really paying them $40K when they get thier papers now? I didnt know about that. Where can I read about that program?

  • Clark R.

    Now… let’s see. If I went to court and sued for back wages owed my family during slavery, that would be let’s say 5¢ (five cents) an hour times 8 hours at compounded interest for 400 years.

    HAY… my math isn’t that good…

    …but I’d settle for 40 acres and a mule.

    I think that’s fair compensation.

    All other ethnic groups receive $40,000 once they gain citizenship… where’s mine.

    I’m an African & Irish mix.

  • beholder

    Keith Kimmel said,

    on February 4th, 2010 at 2:43 pm

    Citizens of the United States (there are no “Americans” and there is no “America” – the Americas are two continents, not a country – gawd what do they teach kids in schools these days?) worked for what we as a nation have in terms of assets.
    No they didn’t. They sat their on their white asses and sipped mint julep while the slaves worked for what they have as a nation in terms of assets.

  • Keith Kimmel

    If we didn’t send them that food aid, we’d have to listen to the whining about the starving children. Us giving them food does not make us responsible for thier shanty towns, just like we weren’t responsible for the poverty of the nation to begin with.

    Citizens of the United States (there are no “Americans” and there is no “America” – the Americas are two continents, not a country – gawd what do they teach kids in schools these days?) worked for what we as a nation have in terms of assets. The world does not owe you anything just because you were born, and neither does the United States. I dont see anything wrong with trying to protect our national assets from being squandered by people who didnt even contribute to that building process to begin with.

  • Clark R.


    Over the last 8 years more than 5 million Hispanics (illegal immigrants) have come across the US Mexico border into southern California (primarily Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside Counties)…

    I had an executive from “Bank of America” admit to me while driving her to the airport (LAX) that the Mexicans where “their people of choice” at that time. I asked her “why?”… she said, and I quote: “because they have a lot of money, and they don’t believe in Banks”… unquote.

    During our current financial crises… the county with the highest rate of foreclosures in Southern California… is Riverside County… a county most heavily populated by Hispanics.


    HAY… something funny happened to me today while shuttling two groups of passengers to the airport from Newport Beach California…

    Out of the 2 trips I made (one trip a party of 4, the second trip a party of 2)… only one person out of six ‘tipped me’ when I got them to the airport.

    The five people who “DID NOT TIP” where ALL white males… the one person who did tip me was a FEMALE… of Japanese decent.

    How odd… Japanese are not known for tipping… when they do, it’s usually $1 dollar as a token of appreciation.

    That one lady (Ms. Kamura)… tipped me $10 dollars.

    Diving is not a hobby for me… it is a profession, I pride myself on being a top quality driver… and I extend the same high level of customer service to each and every individual that gets in my vehicle… even if they don’t tip.

    Be careful what you do… all things come to light… sooner… or later…

    Whatever you do is fine… so long as the motive behind your actions are not powered by hatred, bigotry, ignorance, or greed.


    Ha ha ha… Long Beach CA, Long Beach is a joke… a large part of the cities revenue is generated by the legal processes of the Court System… a lot of Lawyers are getting RICH… so they keep the game going, and going, and going… it’s like the energizer bunny… shoot some juice to him, and watch as he bangs on his drum, and keeps going, and going, and going… IN CIRCLES.

    Could it be that the Haitians have been enslaved and used for so long by the French, Brits, and everybody else, that ‘the powers that be’ know THESE are likely not suitable people for the new modern ‘slave trade’ that is currently instituted in this country? Unlike other more passive illegal immigrants… Haitians tend to Fight Back against those that now try to take advantage of them… yeah… those are some mighty big Machetes those Haitians be carrying.


    I’m black (African & Irish… ‘Great Grandfather was Irish’)… I said that, to say this… I have to admit that some of you who argue “against” immigration are making a point that might be more valid than you may think… I sight two points below:

    NUMBER1) Many of the immigrants from places like Ireland, Canada, etc. do have a certain level of education that makes it easier for them to find employment once getting here. Others migrating here with little to no education don’t understand what’s going on inside these borders (i.e. what forms of employment or opportunities actually exist here) which makes it almost impossible for them to assimilate into the work force. Hell… even most Americans already living here don’t really know or understand how to take advantage of all of the opportunities that exist here in the US.

    NUMBER 2) Immigrants without education usually end up living in the poorer part of town… and these become Ghettos, and they resort to crime to try to survive, it happened to the Italians, and to the Irish back when the French and English where running most shops, markets, and businesses. Basically they ended up LIVING RIGHT HERE WHERE I LIVE… that is to say, “in the black community”.

    Right now this immigration thing has thrown the Hispanics ‘right in here on us (the black communities). Now we have all the Mexicans trying to kill all the Negro’s, the Negro’s trying to kill all the Negro’s, and the Anglo’s trying to kill all the Negro’s… we have the Cholos, the Crips, the Chinese Mafia, the Arian Nation, and the Russian Mafia… good lord… thank God the Italians moved to New York.

    Didn’t I mention ‘before’ that I don’t go out at night here in Long Beach California because of all the gunfire?


    DO THIS… immigrants and anyone else can stay in the US who have at least a 2-year post high school education (graduate or not, is ok, as long as they completed two years)… the rest (black, white, blue, or half dead)… got’ta go.

    And those already here who don’t meet those qualifications (within 5 years) have to “go some place else too”… that means Everybody (illegal and/or naturalized citizen), that’s right EVERYBODY, all you Hill Bullies, Nigs, Spics, Zips, Slants, Dagos, Abba-Dabbas, Adolfs, AmeriKKKans, and all the rest (that are illiterate)… gotta pack yo shit… and git.


  • beholder

    Keith Kimmel said,

    on January 31st, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    The United States is not keeping Haiti or anyone else down. This is self-hating garbage put out by the far, far left to serve their own agenda.

    Kieth, Kieth, Kieth. You may be self hating, but I’m not. I will give you a perfect example. The US rice growers pressured the government to provide “food aid” in Haiti, which led to dumping of American grown commodities on the Haitian market and wiped out local rice production. Meanwhile the Haitian government responded by developing massive urban programs aimed at relocating the now out of work rice farmers. The resulting influx of rural populations into the cities led to sprawling shantytowns and was directly responsible for the high death toll during Haiti’s recent earthquake.

    Doesn’t that make you proud to be American?

  • beholder

    muaythai said,

    on January 30th, 2010 at 2:18 pm
    Just because I don’t necessary want a massive influx of poor, unskilled people from “developing countries” (happy beholder?)


  • Keith Kimmel

    Yes, the world is one. But it is comprised of many nations and I want to keep it that way. Not everyone can live here, there is not space or resources enough. We already have 150 million people more than we should have. If I were king, I’d take steps to address the overcrowding issue. Starting by limiting people to one child and imposing a tax on them instead of a tax credit.

    I do not believe eliminating national borders is going to make the world better any more than communism has eliminated poverty. If you want to be a communist, at least have the guts to campaign under your own cause. Join the American Communist Party (I think it is still organized, on paper at least) and advocate for one-world government and all of the other crap the pseudo-communists are selling these days. All of these ideas have been tried in other areas of the world and have FAILED.

    The United States is not keeping Haiti or anyone else down. This is self-hating garbage put out by the far, far left to serve their own agenda. The people in Haiti have the opportunity to revolt against their oppressive government every day, just like the United States did against its oppressors, after and while it killed off us Native American savages, of course. Let Haitians fight their own war.

    People are welcome to come here provided they can follow the law. That includes not sneaking across the border in the middle of the night. I do agree that the immigration system needs reform, but the solution is not to just open the floodgates.

  • muaythai

    +1 dexter. There’s nothing wrong with questioning immigration and yes, protecting our own interests (our = US). I wish we could let everyone in and somehow everything would magically work but that’s just not how it is. Just because I don’t necessary want a massive influx of poor, unskilled people from “developing countries” (happy beholder?) to come up here doesn’t make me racist one bit. Jesus that’s such an over-used and abused term it doesn’t even mean anything anymore.

  • John Lawson

    I always laugh whenever I hear anything that these so-called “Native Americans” say simply because they fail to accept the fact that they too [by lineage] are not ‘native” to the land now known as the United States. Rather they are of Asian ancestry [and only certain areas of Asian]. So if they are so concerned about the “impurity” of this country they should do their part and get out and go home.

  • Mom of Three

    I always laugh whenever I hear anything that these so-called “Nativists” say simply because they fail to accept the fact that they too [by lineage] are not ‘native” to the land now known as the United States. Rather they are of European ancestry [and only certain areas of Europe]. So if they are so concerned about the “impurity” of this country they should do their part and get out and go home.

  • beholder

    John Lawson said,

    on January 29th, 2010 at 12:10 pm

    Does no one else see the connection between admitting limitless numbers of fourth world people and becoming a fourth world nation?

    The world is one. “first world” and associated terms are cold-war era terms that seem almost laughable today. How much longer do you think the US can maintain its status by pushing down others?

  • beholder

    Mike Menkes said,

    on January 29th, 2010 at 9:12 am

    When did asking immigrants to enter legally become racist?…
    In my mind it became racist when we codified that Cuban illegal immigrants are to be treated with a “wet foot dry foot” policy but Haitians in pretty much the same situation are treated like a menace.

  • MdeG

    In response to Mike Menkes: “It’s not hard to become a citizen…” Well, I guess you did it. I’d also guess that you probably did it a while ago. It IS hard to become a citizen, now. The laws have changed drastically since 1986 / 1996. People who are here without docs have essentially no way forward, and people outside the country trying to get immigrant visas do not have an easy time. The costs are high (application now over $900), the wait is years long, and your chances of success are pretty close to nil — unless you’re already wealthy or have special skills or citizen relatives.

    Most of the reviled “amnesty” proposals would actually give people who want to be citizens a way forward — after steep fines, background checks, and long waits. I think we should do it.

  • Dexter

    Calling “racist” and “hater” everyone who questions immigration system and the flood of Haitians on US doesn’t make you respectable.

  • Arthur Smyth-Jones

    Prediction: Not one “temporarily”-amnestied Haitian will ever be sent back to the island. Maybe they’ll be as lucky as illegal Salvadorans, who were given a “temporary” get out of jail free card following a hurricane in the 90s and are STILL HERE ON TPS. The chances that Haitians will not get a series of extensions lasting until the Open-Borders/Hate America crowd institute universal amnesty is ZERO. And there is no way to prove that someone wasn’t here at the beginning of the TPS period. None. “Were you here on January 12, 2010, Mr. Pierre?” “Oh yes, officer.”

  • R Lavigueur

    Interesting how this is being skewed by the Nativists. Unlike some countries like Canada that are actually taking in more Haitian immigrants than before the disaster, this announcement actually means that the US isn’t going to send Haitians that are already in the country back to Haiti for the next 18 months. This is mostly for people whose visas will expire soon. As for how this applies to illegal immigrants, I’ll just go ahead and quote your homeland security secretary:

    “It is important to note that TPS will apply only to those individuals who were in the United States as of January 12, 2010. Those who attempt to travel to the United States after January 12, 2010 will not be eligible for TPS and will be repatriated.”

    Maybe that will help those of you who are terrified of being overrun by Haitians sleep a little easier. But if you’d feel better about yourselves deporting people who came to the US so they could send money back to their families back to a country that is largely in ruins, than I suppose even temporary status is unnacceptable.

  • Joey Kaplan

    Question: Are Palestinians and surrounding Islamic countries “nativists” for not wanting Jews in Israel? Or are the Israeli/Jews “nativists” for claiming to have been there first and wanting to expelling Palestinians?

  • John Lawson

    So, millions of Americans are out of work, but we’re admitting hundreds of thousands of largely uneducated, unskilled Haitians. What exactly are they going to do here? Even if it’s “Nativist” to ask what such people are going to do for us, what exactly are we going to do for them? Pretty sure the answer is “give them handouts.”

    Does no one else see the connection between admitting limitless numbers of fourth world people and becoming a fourth world nation?

  • Mike Menkes

    When did asking immigrants to enter legally become racist?… For less than they pay to be smuggled in they could walk in and become Naturalized… I’m from Ireland and its not hard to become an American citizen (if thats what you WANT to do)… Having 30 million illegals running loose in our country is a security nightmare…
    The US has gone to Haiti 7 times since 1915 and they’re still a third world country… We need to take care of Americans, its 14% unemployment in my county in Georgia now…. WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!…

  • beholder

    Haitians have been subject to institutional racism in the US as defined by Stokely Carmichael.

    First it was ties to Cuba. Then it was AIDS. Now it is Pat Robertson saying Haiti wished this calamity on itself by practicing Afro-Caribbean religion.

    The truth is that America does not want more black people, because it might lead to black people treating white people the way whites been treating others for the entire history of this country.

  • WoW

    The U.S. Has Been Turning The Haitians Boats Around For Decades . But Has Always Allowed The Cubans Boats To Enter The U.S. , And Others . I Believe It Is About Race !

  • Ivy R. Nightscales Williams

    Furthermore, the U.S. has blocked aid and allowed people to die without the services that have been sent to them by the American people and people and organizations worldwide. Now we know that Haiti has oil and the plot thickens and of course, the corporate cartel will and possibly is, moving on this.
    They don’t give a damn about the Haitian people and they don’t give a damn about us.

  • Ivy R. Nightscales Williams

    If you studied the history of Haiti you might know what the problem is. (Maybe the problem to you is that the people are black). These brave people rose up against slavery and the french colonists that had enslaved them and created the nation of Haiti. They were burdened by a debt to France that demanded that the Haitians pay them for their loss of “property”‘. They have been attacked by the U.S. military a number of times for their natural resources and to reinslave the people there as cheap labor for U.S. and multinational corporations. They are ruled by a wealthy oligarchy that takes just about everything then leaves the rest of the people in desperate poverty.

    Their rainforest has been destroyed and their farms taken by corporate greed and they are now left to fend for themselves with a practically nonexistent infrastructure. Haiti is now or will be very soon an occupied country by the U.S. military that offers a police state instead of medical, food, infrastructure aid and self government by the people.

  • muaythai

    That’s all you guys got?! I don’t necessarily agree with everything Keith Kimmel says but I understand where he’s coming from.

    So what’s the solution? Because there IS a BIG problem. Sorry Snorlax, no time machines.

  • LaTrice

    Thank You Snorlax, I agree that nativist are racist bigots. You never hear them complaining about “Whites” from europe or canada whose visa expire, but they stay in this country. They’re here illegally as well. And believe me the numbers are huge.

  • Dan

    Just how, please explain to me, could 1/4 of a million people ‘flood’ a country of nearly 300,000,000. (This 1/4 of a million number is crap too). No, just more lies from these sad, lifeless morons.

  • greyeyedgirl

    That is EXACTLY what it’s about; race and nothing more. Race will ALWAYS be an issue. Whites will never understand that this world is NOT theirs and NEVER was.

  • Snorlax

    “Why don’t you all present your idea of the perfect immigration system? I think if you did that, the picture would be very scary indeed.”

    MY perfect immigration system would have been implemented by Native American tribes 400 years ago.

    They should have denied entry to Columbus and all us white people. We’ve been nothing but trouble to them.

    Especially us Irish. We probably gave them whiskey.

  • Daniel Hoffmann-Gill

    Hear hear Snorlax!

  • Keith Kimmel

    I guess I am one of those nativists described here, or so a former friend informed me by Facebook today. He sent me a link to this story in a message entitled “They’ve got your number”. This comes after he de-friended me once I dared to post a dissenting opinion to my Facebook on this topic. You can see what I said, here: It sums up my position on Obama’s latest “lets give away the country” move.

    It must be nice to be SPLC, sitting there and seeing a racist and a bigot around every corner. My opposition to flooding my country with a quarter of a million illegal Hatians couldn’t possibly have any thing to do with the fact that our country is damn near bankrupt, could it? No, of course not. It must be racism and/or bigotry. Why should immigrants have to follow laws or apply for and earn citizenship?

    With you people, everything short of eliminating our borders and letting everyone in is racism or bigotry. SPLC is practically a hate group itself: hating anyone who has a moderate viewpoint on immigration or suggests that perhaps we shouldn’t give away the kitchen sink in some misguided effort to atone for past sins and dares to express that opinion.

    SPLC spends plenty of time telling us whats wrong (in their opinion) with our immigration system. Why don’t you all present your idea of the perfect immigration system? I think if you did that, the picture would be very scary indeed.

  • Snorlax

    Today there are probably half a million illegal immigrants who are WHITE people. Caucasians, some of them literally from the Caucasus, along with other parts of Eastern Europe. Plenty of Irish, too.

    I bet if one of these countries got hit by a natural disaster and Obama offered the same deal to these WHITE illegals, the Nativist movement would have NO problem with them.

    This isn’t about the law. It’s about race.

    Nativists are racist bigots and always have been, all the way back to the No Nothings in the 1840s.

    They’re the ones who started Bible Riots. Ah, memories!