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‘Patriot’ Vendors Hawking Their Own Coins – Again

By Sonia Scherr on February 5, 2010 - 5:35 pm, Posted in Patriot Groups

Move over George Washington, Franklin D. Roosevelt and, especially, Abraham Lincoln. There’s a new set of national leaders for America’s currency: conspiracy-monger and syndicated radio host Alex Jones, ardent Federal Reserve opponent and conspiracy-obsessed documentarian G. Edward Griffin, and 2008 presidential candidate and End the Fed author Ron Paul.

While you won’t find ATMs spitting out cash adorned with these Patriot heroes, their images can be found on silver and gold coins for sale at websites such as Silver Source Northwest and Freedom Mint (part of Echoing a common belief within the antigovernment “Patriot” movement, these sites assert that the coins (they call them “rounds”) will retain their value because they’re made from precious metals — unlike the paper money issued by the U.S. Federal Reserve that many Patriots view as worthless. “It is critical to you, your family, and your community that you protect your purchasing power from the continually devaluing dollar,” states the Silver Source Northwest website.

But be warned: To buy these coins, you’ll still need plenty of greenbacks, also known as U.S. Federal Reserve notes (FRNs, in the contemptuous language of many on the radical right). An Alex Jones silver piece sells for $50 on the Freedom Mint site (plus $5 shipping and handling). Given Jones’ achievements — which include waking “millions to the message that our Republic is falling prey to the will of the globalist world controllers,” according to the Freedom Mint — fans may want to spring for the gold piece, which costs $2,000 (plus $20 shipping and handling). A copper piece is available for $8. At Silver Source Northwest, proponents of “voluntary barter currency,” can purchase a variety of 1-ounce silver coins, including the Jefferson Davis Dixie Dollar ($24.61), the Talk Radio Patriot ($24.61), the Dick Cheney NeoCoin ($23.61) and the George Bush NeoCoin ($23.61).

Although the Freedom Mint coins are billed as “sound money,” buyers will likely be disappointed if they try to use them at their local retail store. And the tale of Bernard von NotHaus, creator of the “inflation proof” Liberty Dollar that’s purportedly backed by gold or silver, may also give them pause. In 2006, the U.S. Mint declared that circulating Liberty Dollars is a federal crime and raided the company’s Evansville, Ind., headquarters. In a case that’s still pending in federal court in North Carolina, Von NotHaus (whose other ventures include starting the Free Marijuana Church of Honolulu) and three associates were arrested last June on charges of fraud and conspiracy in connection with their scheme to sell the counterfeit coins for profit. As part of their release terms, a federal judge barred then from distributing the pieces. A note on Von NotHaus’s website informs readers that “the Liberty Dollar is closed and not taking any orders until the trial is over. … Thanks for your support to return value to America — one Liberty Dollar at a time.”

  • John Galt

    What are your dollars worth today? What is an ounce of silver worth today? Instead of smug name calling, try doing a little research. Look at the purchasing power of a 1964 silver quarter in sixty four and now – it hasn’t changed much. Look at the purchasing power of 1965 non-silver quarter and look at its purchasing power. You’re much smarter to hold on to your paper federal reserve notes…..

  • Paul Prichard

    “there is not enough gold in the world to cover the value of all the assets out there today?” – Gold is an asset of last resort after make believe currencies have died as they always have done and during their death throes gold will have upwardly repriced in these make believe currencies. Then there will be enough gold to cover the value of all the worlds assets. Type gold roosevelt into google. The President ordered the American people to hand over their gold. The government paid $20/oz them and later declared that the foreigners would be able to redeem their gold for $35/oz.

  • meh

    Speaking of counterfeit…The paper dollars we currently have “faith” in can be printed at will with the stroke of a key, in turn becoming more and more worthless. Someone once said that only governments can take perfectly good paper and ink and turn them into something worthless.

  • Charles

    What organization is working hardest to make Black folks poor? The Federal Reserve, which splcenter curiously favors. Any organization that is truly clean and has nothing to hide will without hesitation accept an outside independent audit. Not in this case; there is too much to hide (including the fact that some beneficiaries are descended from capitalists who profited from slavery!) No smart investor will buy bullion coins with excessive premium over “spot price.” People who pay more do so on a voluntary basis.

  • Kalim Kassam

    Liberty Dollars are “counterfeit coins”? What exactly are they counterfeits of? They seem to have a unique design.

  • Jack

    Ruslan, you obviously have not done any research on the history of precious metals used as money. That use has been around since man figured out how to extract those minerals. Precious metals have been money and have held their value all through history.

    If you think a microprocessor plant is the only industrial use for precious metals, you better start checking. Precious metals are used in literally thousands of processes and millions of products.

    When the fiat system fails, as they ALL eventually do (ours is tottering on the brink now) I will not stop you from relying on “faith.”

    You are more than welcome to put your faith in monopoly money.
    I rely on intrinsic value and the precious metals I have will ensure my economic means.

    As far as total assets are concerned, it doesn’t matter. I am not concerned with the finances of everyone, just myself. I live a life of zero debt, own everything I have free and clear and have a LOT to fall back on. I own enough property where I could survive on my own if necessary.

  • William

    I see a lot of hate being spewed out of the “so called SPLC” without any justification. Since when is it hate to state fact? The Federal Reserve is unconstitutional, our congress is suppose to print and regulate the value of money, not a cartel of bankers in bed with politicians printing fiat money which as history proves never ends well! We either live by the constitution or we do away with it. Be warned, those that try to do away with it will find the justice they so richly deserve. People that want to stand up for our constitution being labeled as hate mongers by the true hate mongers is totally ridiculous and will not stand up to common sense. I do hope you continue on your path though for you are opening peoples eyes everywhere and your continued hate mongering against constitutional Americans will be your ultimate demise.

  • BlueCollarCritic


    Well said! Nice to know that there are poeple out there who think with their brain and not merely reaction with their emotions. Its the ‘feel good’ thing right now to be critcial of anyone pushing precious metals.

  • mbf

    I guess the Founding Fathers were a right wing fringe group when they expressly warned of the dangers of fiat money and that our money should not be backed by anything but gold or silver. In forbidding the states to use any other currency why would anyone think that the Fed would be given such powers, they weren’t. The federal government is responsible for establishing the weight and measure in relation to value for gold and silver.
    Read a little history about money and learn something.
    Second the biggest buyers of gold at the moment are liberal New Yorkers, not conservatives.
    I have nothing against exposing a true scam but using the guise of a scam to promote a hate agenda is a different story, Ron Paul a right wing hater because he rightfully sees the danger of the Fed? Give me a break.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Sure gold and precious metals have other uses, but then again so does paper, wood pulp, and cotton. What do you plan to do with your gold in the economic collapse? Take it down to a microprocessor plant that is somehow still in operation? Did you ever consider the fact that there is not enough gold in the world to cover the value of all the assets out there today?

  • Jack

    Well Ruslan, you may operate under that misconception all you wish.

    Gold and precious metals hold their value not only for scarcity or adornment, but also their use in manufacturing and chemical processes. Do you have any idea how much gold, silver, platinum, and palladium is used to make the products and drugs you buy?

    Gold and precious metals have always weathered the storms and always will. They have intrinsic value beyond whim or fancy. They are MONEY whereas fiat dollars are backed by “faith.”

    As in the “full faith and credit of the United States government.”

    When the dollar ends up being worthless, I’ll take the gold. I’ll let you depend on “faith.”

  • BlueCollarCritic

    ‘Gold has value because people say it has value.”~ Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Duh? Everything and anything has value only because one or more other persons want it. Food has value right now because it is required for humans to live if however some scientific discovery came along that allowed for altering the human body so that food was no longer necessary and that we could perhaps like plants get our nutrient directly from the sun then food would become value-less.

    The reason for the push for precious metals over fiat currency like the dollar is because within the human society, when the fiat currency becomes worthless people will fall back on what has been traditionally the most non-fiat currency replacement and that is gold and or silver. It is true that silver and even gold could become worthless under the right conditions but those conditions are not what people are currently concerned with.

    If the concern was that our planet had an asteroid coming that was %99.99 guaranteed to destroy %90 of the world’s population then sure, gold and silver would have far less value then things like grain and other edible substances. That however is not the situation now. People are looking to gold because they do not trust the currency and they do not trust the currency because they are losing faith in what backs that currency.

    All of you conspiracy hating people out there need to quit reacting based on your emotions and start thinking with the brain you were born with. It may be funny to make tin foil hat comments now but when the crap hits the fan and the worlds currency go bust and silver and gold become the currency replacement, remember that when people were talking about buying gold & silver you thought it was more productive to make smart ass comments about your fellow man whom you disagreed with.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Gold has value because people say it has value. The only intrinsic value of gold is that it does not corrode and can be stored indefinitely. If there is a worldwide economic collapse, lugging gold coins or bars around isn’t going to save you.

  • Jack

    Ruslan said:
    “The thing is- if the dollar collapses, much of the world economy collapses, and then your gold coins won’t be worth much more than the fiat currency.”

    Are you nuts?
    Gold and other precious metals have intrinsic value.
    Fiat currencies do not.
    Precious metals have been “money” far longer than fiat currencies and always retain value regardless of fiat currencies.

    Your statement is ridiculous.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    It’s generally a bad idea to take economic advice from conspiracy nutjobs, but then again the crop of neo-liberal economists totally screwed up again and again since the 1980s so it’s understandable. The thing is- if the dollar collapses, much of the world economy collapses, and then your gold coins won’t be worth much more than the fiat currency. Actually the currency will at least be useful as fuel for heat.

  • Thomas Rowley

    Add the Magnolia Vermonter, Thomas Naylor, to the list of peddlers of phoney currency, er tokens:

    They’re even using it to fund raise for their propellor head slate of candidates for governor and legislators:

    Let’s see how they spin the hand full of votes they get in the fall. Naylor will no doubt post then that although none of them get elected that they’re on the verge of a landslide.

  • BlueCollarCritic

    all of you hate-conservative liberals are so blinded by our hate that you can’t see the line of BSS that the SPL is feeding you with this story. Gold and Silver are rinsing not because people are hocking them on the conservative radio shows and TV but because the price of Gold and Silver have been under valued for many years.

    Back before the federal reserve money became the standard, people did use gold & silver as money so its not a conspiracy theory that you can use gold & silver in place of money. You can use it now when outside the US. Our tax laws and regulations make use of non-Federal reserve anything illegal and that’s why you can’t go to Walmart to buy stuff with a Gold piece.

    Gold & Silver are going up because the value, what you can trade a fiat US dollar for, is going down. This happens when confidence in the dollar is low and it is very low. It also can be pushed down by an increase of money in the system and it doesn’t even have to be real printed money to do this. By adding digital dollars to the currency flow, letting the digital money presses run full speed and non-stop, by the Federal reserve is driving down the value of the dollar and the confidence in it.

    Don;t let your hatred of Conservatives and Republicans in general blind you to what is real. The SPL is manipulating you thru your hatred of these conservative talk shows. i don;t trusst Glenn beck any further then i can throw him but just because he is pushing Gold it doesn’t mean I now have to take the opposite stance and say do not buy gold simply because it is the opposite of what Beck is currently standing for.

    Money doesn’t care about your political affiliations or your agenda, only what someone is willing to trade in exchange for it. Quit letting the SPL manipulate you into using your emotions to guide your judgment. Step back, take a deep breath and think for yourself!

  • joe

    There is one thing that can be said about ALL fiat currencies (our Federal Reserve Note.)

    They all eventually do what?
    You guessed it… FAIL.

    When and where is the only part left to figure out.
    It could happen this year or 40 years in the future, but history has shown us they have a lifespan and it is not permanent nor very long lived.

    This matters not whether you are left or right. Sooner or later the printing presses print out so much that noone wants it.

    It will happen.

    Now we can argue about the real question which is: When?

  • Shadow Wolf

    How about a coin with a traditional KKK hooded figure on it? And a Negro being lynched on the other end? This way it will show their true colors and may be deemed as worthless with no added value to it in the mainstream markets except for trading and collecting. After all, this is what its all about. And if they try to use it as American currency, its a Federal offense with the FBI/Feds getting involved because its deemed bogus money and counterfiets. A class felony offense worthy of Federal prison time.


  • Snorlax

    How about a coin with that famous hooded Iraqi torture victim. Made from gold fillings.

  • Snorlax

    A Dubya coin?

    With Gitmo on the back.

  • Shadow Wolf

    Albeit their money doesn’t have value in the retail business and thus they are unable to make purchases of American/foreign products with their own kind of money. But for coin collectors, as this is what its all about, has some added value to it and can be sold for American currency or traded just like baseball cards or comic books.


  • Difluoroethane

    The price of gold has skyrocketed in the past year, due to the fact that so many political commentators have been hawking it as a “safe investment”. It’s basically what economists have referred to has a “bubble”. And like all bubbles, this gold bubble is bound to pop eventually.

  • James Hutchings

    Is it true that the price of silver or gold has risen compared to the American dollar? Where would you go to find something like that out?

  • Michael

    what does any of this have to do with “hate”?

    seriously, does anyone with a brain think radical leftists aren’t crazy? look up the WTO protests of 1999 to see how civil and rational the radical left is.

  • Carter

    dark angel is right on the money! [Pun intended] Then there are those ads on the radio hawking Gold! It’s hit it’s high point and they want these fools to buy up so they can sell off in 6 yrs when it starts to drop….
    Snake oil is so sweet and it gets on anything and stops the squeaks of reason.
    It’s funny and very sad at the same time because some fool will get financially hurt and drag those who are perfectly innocent into poverty.

  • Difluoroethane

    Snorlax: I’m not sure the Cheney coins are meant to “honor” Cheney; I think it’s more of a backhanded slap (notice that both Cheney and Bush’s coins were called “NeoCoin”, a obvious reference to the usually-pejorative term “neocon”.)

    But I agree, it’s still cuckoo bananas. I’m just surprised there’s no Glenn Beck coin among them. Maybe they think he’s too “mainstream”. And when you hear someone calling Glenn Beck mainstream, be sure to back away slowly.

  • dark angel

    this is how gullible people are, especially racist. they cant hold a constructive though, only destructive.they will always lose to the snake oil salesmen that thrive in in times of assumed desperation. do they really think this will further their agenda? ridiculous!

  • Snorlax

    According to conspiracy theories, Darth Cheney was the driving force behind FEMA camps. They believe Cheney built them with Haliburton. Alex Jones said this.

    (I know all this because I’m an Art Bell fan)

    But these Reich Wingnuts are so deranged, they strike silver coins honoring Cheney…the man who would enslave them.

    Cuckoo bananas.