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Anti-Racists Work to Kill American Renaissance Conference

By Sonia Scherr on February 8, 2010 - 12:16 pm, Posted in White Nationalism

Activists have persuaded two Washington D.C.-area hotels to cancel their bookings for a conference of the racist American Renaissance magazine, raising the ire of the gathering’s white nationalist organizer, Jared Taylor.

So displeased is Taylor that he’s been publicly sparring with the leader of Responsible for Equality and Liberty (R.E.A.L.), an all-volunteer human rights group that’s been campaigning against the American Renaissance conference. “You claim to be motivated by love and to be ‘uncompromising in the defense of universal human rights,’” Taylor wrote Jeffrey Imm in a recent letter posted on the American Renaissance website. “Yet, you have done your best to make it impossible for my publication, American Renaissance, to hold its bienniel [sic] conference.”

Scheduled this year for Feb. 19-21 in Herndon, Va., the jacket-and-tie affair has traditionally featured prominent racists as speakers, including far-right British National Party chairman Nick Griffin, former Klan lawyer Sam Dickson, eugenics advocate J. Philippe Rushton, and Taylor, a Yale graduate who wrote after Hurricane Katrina that “when blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western Civilization — any kind of civilization — disappears.” Participants have included former Klan leader David Duke and an assortment of neo-Nazis. But the conference recognizes that not all who participate are high-profile white nationalists and gives attendees the option of using a pseudonym to conceal their identities.

The conference hasn’t been so adept at keeping its own true nature under wraps. In November, the Washington Dulles Marriott refused to host the event (which had been booked by Taylor’s New Century Foundation, parent of American Renaissance magazine) after R.E.A.L. founder Imm, who lives in the D.C. area, contacted the hotel with information about the group’s white nationalist ideology.  In January, the Westin Washington Dulles Hotel followed suit after they heard from Imm and other activists. Imm has also called other nearby hotels to let them know about American Renaissance, making it difficult for Taylor to find a conference venue. “Obviously, we hit a nerve,” Imm told Hatewatch. “I think he was counting on the ignorance of other hotels in the area.”

A frustrated Taylor challenged Imm in a Jan. 29 letter to organize a public event at the National Press Club where the two men could debate. In response, Imm invited Taylor to an outdoor public awareness event about racial supremacy that R.E.A.L. has scheduled for noon on Feb. 19, several hours before registration begins for the American Renaissance conference. “The truth is you really don’t have the courage of your convictions,” Imm wrote in a Jan. 30 letter posted on R.E.A.L.’s website. “You claim to seek a public debate even while you doggedly seek to keep your planned location of the AmRen 2010 event a secret. What are you afraid of?”

During the ensuing E-mail exchange, which Imm posted on his website, Taylor rejected Imm’s offer to appear at the R.E.AL. event. “We will be preparing for our conference on Feb. 19, and you know very well that you do not plan to give me equal time to defend my point of view,” Taylor wrote on Jan. 31. “The only fair venue would be one that is a proper public debate with equal time for both sides.”

Imm replied that Taylor was merely making excuses. “The real reason why Jared Taylor cannot meet with us is the same reason why American Renaissance seeks to hide in the shadows,” he replied.

On Feb. 1, Taylor posted a statement on his website concluding,  “I shall waste no more time on Jeffrey Imm.” As for Imm’s final communiqué with Taylor, the subject line read: “Wrong Again, Mr. Taylor.” Taylor’s website now provides general information for an undisclosed hotel near the Washington Dulles International Airport. Imm is trying to confirm the location of the new venue.

Taylor wasn’t the only one upset by Imm’s activism. Craig Bodeker, who’s scheduled to speak at this year’s American Renaissance conference, sent Imm several E-mails this week via Facebook asking him why he was trying to stop the conference. Bodeker made the documentary “A Conversation About Race,” in which he adopts a professional demeanor as he tries to debunk what he sees as the myth of racism. Though Bodeker never uses racial slurs or threatening language in the film, Hatewatch reported earlier that he repeatedly did so when posting comments on YouTube, even referring to blacks as monkeys.

Bodeker abandons restraint once again during his discussion with Imm. In a Feb. 3 E-mail, he accused Imm of anti-white bias, then wrote: “Whites are starting to realize that when someone does declares [sic] war on us, it’s OK to fight back. With any and all means.” The final comment from the filmmaker, who asserts in his website bio that he “love[s] learning about different cultures as well as different viewpoints”: “Jeffery [sic], you are full of shit!”

  • Shanika

    I viewed the photo of the ‘protestors’ on the Tenneesean. Four ‘Stormfronters’ LOL!!!

  • rhayat1

    Here are some videos of the smaller conference that did take place:

  • Toby

    Russ forgets that the White Man was still living in mud huts and painting their bodies blue around the campfire while entire cities were being built in Asia and Africa with written laws and the most advanced technologies in the world. Script comes from Asia. Paper came from Asia. Christ was from Asia. Rome was founded by an Asian. Farming was developed in Asia. The White Man is a johnny-come-lately to the civilization game, and groups like his make it evident.

    You better get your histiry straight. Jesus was not an Asian and please tell me where you got the nonsense that Rome was founded by Asians. Unless, of course, you regard Celtic and Germanic people as being Asian. Except for Egypt and a few other African societies most of Africa lived in the same sort of huts that the ancient Europeans did.

  • Peter Blaise

    ProudWhiteJew , exactly what are you proud of?

    Please, I have no idea, so give me a clue.


  • ProudWhiteJew

    I wanted to go to the Amren conference because I am a Jew who supports the right of White people to be proud of their heritage.

    Since your ilk made this impossible, I will therefore donate the cost of the entire conference, plus hotel expenses, to Amren instead.

    Your side has exposed themselves for what they really are: fascists who want to silence those with whom you disagree. Do you think you are the only ones deserving of civil rights?

  • Jack

    “As for me, I’d live in Africa before Mexico, Philippines, Columbia, Spain, Ireland, and definitely Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka…..”

    Have you ever been to any of them?
    I have visited Spain, Mexico, Ireland and the Philippines.

    If you would rather live in Africa than those places you’re either nuts or have no practical experience to base those judgments.

    And BTW it is Colombia, not “Columbia.”

  • skinnyminny


    At first I was going to ignore your comments. But then I decided why not have fun and dispute your claims.

    Dubya was in Africa and had a ball – meaning partying. If I’m not mistaken, a shoe was thrown at him in Iraq, it was in Iraq that they made direct threats to him.

    As for me, I’d live in Africa before Mexico, Philippines, Columbia, Spain, Ireland, and definitely Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka…..

    So is it fear of black people? Is this what it’s all about? I can assure you, your chances of running into real danger is in other countries, yet, the first thing that comes to your mind is a place for blacks!

    I’ll bet you didn’t hear about the American hostages in Philippines due to 9-11! Have you ever heard of IRA or ETA….

    I’m not the smartest person in the world, but gee, some of you guys touting your “whiteness” sure makes me feel that I am!

  • skinnyminny

    jjjohnson, here’s a chance for you to burst out in laughter. Did you know that white women from the U.S. and Canada are meeting Moroccan men online and then marrying them? Muslim men can marry non-muslims, but, muslim women cannot marry non-muslims.

    From what I’ve learned, the men lure the women to Morocco. The men and their families rent a home to disguise they are rich and/or well-to-do. Once the proposal is set up, the men start asking for money for a family illness. The man eventually gets his green card to come to the states. Within a month or two, the men won’t work, they become abusive, and some just outright leave the women because they really wanted a muslim woman. ***This may not be all of the men, but, these are some of the complaints I’ve heard. Yet, these white women are converting to Islam by the thousands.

    The black man in a store you mentioned, apparently you are not reading much history yourself. Muhammad Ali, the famous boxer was Muslim. Blacks are not new to Islam, hint Malcom X. In fact, Jose Padilla, a latino was a muslim – maybe that should ring a bell.

    I’ll give you another tip, I’ll let you try to find this information on your own, but, there is one Latin American country that forbids them from practicing Christianity! They can be Catholic but not Christian.

    BTW, muslims are not just marrying white women, they are also marrying latino women. With the attitude that whites want their “own” of everything – one day you will wake up to find you really are insignificant – because not only are white women marrying muslims, they are marrying men from India, Lebanon, Iran, Mexico, Honduras….

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Lincoln may have had ulterior motives for going to war, but that doesn’t change the fact that he was an abolitionist. That he was racist as many were back then is not particularly important. What Lincoln did for the black people was far more important than what he might have thought or said about them. When it comes to racism, actions count for a lot. For example, you guys come on here and openly express racist ideals. As abhorrent as that may be, when we look at the statistical prevalence of discrimination against blacks and other minorities in America, along with some key case studies(like that place in Pennsylvania that wouldn’t allow black students in their pool), it is clear that White Nationalists and closet racists can’t possibly account for all this. It can only be explained by the fact that there are a lot of people out there who pay lip service to “diversity” and “tolerance”, but don’t practice it.

    White Nationalists have often alleged that there are many liberals who preach about diversity but don’t live in diverse neighborhoods. There are times when there is a grain of truth to that argument, and as White Nationalists are a tiny minority with little to no power- we must conclude that the proven existence of ongoing institutional racism is largely being practiced by those who do not express such views- and even profess the opposite. And it is the actions of these people, the people who have the power to approve loans, hire people, etc. which do far more damage to the black community than a few ignorant wannabe Europeans on a forum.

  • jjjohnson

    Black slavery in america would have eventually ended in the south if there had been a war or not. Lincoln was a hypocritical politician that cashed in on the emancipation when he saw it fit for him to do so. have any of u read some of the qoutes the dear emancipator wrote and said about sending the blacks back to africa? i saw a poster in a store of a black man and son knealing down like a muslim in prayer in front of the lincoln memorial and had to laugh. that black man obviously never read up on lincoln. my point race is real and all the social engineering in the world can’t change that.

  • Larry

    As far back as I can remember these racist traitors to America have been trying to make themselves out as being normal. They are NOT! They simply are people who can NOT allow all the dead who gave their lives in the Struggle of the Civil War, rest in peace. I recently saw a bumper sticker with the Confederate Flag and the words, Heritage not Hate. Now it this wasn’t so sad it would be funny. Their Heritage IS hate in the worst way. The Traitor Leaders during the Civil War, LIED to simple minded farmers, who had NO chance of ever owning slaves. They used the “States Rights” and fear to scare these poor people into dying by the THOUSANDS so those leaders could force other humans to work as slaves. Now I ask you what on earth demonstrates MORE hate than that??

  • Peter Blaise

    Garrett wrote: “… suppression of expression … that European-Americans cannot talk about race …”

    Gosh, Garrett, talking about so-called “race” has been going on here and all over the country and the world all along without any restrictions or prohibitions that I can see. I fact, we’ve been talking about almost nothing but “race” here.

    I’m Irish / Italian background (is that European enough for you?), by the way, and I have never found any prohibition anywhere about talking about so-called “race” (not that there is such a thing as “race” — do you mean “skin color”? Sorry, I can’t find a meaning for that!).

    I think you’re referring the “hate” part of the planned meeting that some businesses would rather not be associated with.

    Garrett wrote: “… Suppression of free thought creates protest, defiance, and extremism …”

    Maybe so, in reaction, I don’t know. But again, I think you’ve missed the mark. Hate “thought” is not “free” thought, and “hate” thought is the subject here, not “free” thought.

  • skinnyminny

    Okay Garrett Skough, let’s have an open-dialog! I am multi-race, I consider myself LIBERAL.

    No personal attacks here, but I do have a few questions, as well, I would explain how I view/interpret you comments. Let’s not bash one another, let’s just talk!

    I think the person above clearly indicated he only notified the hotel chains what groups would be holding conferences. It’s no secret, that at almost every gathering, whether it’s a sports game, concert…there’s almost always a knuckhead in the crowd from any ethnic group.

    You say suppression of speech, and shouting down! Okay, I have gotten to the point I don’t like Fox, CNN, MSNBC when they have both GOP & DEM strategists – yet, I personally think it was always the GOP that was trying to shout down the DEM, and seeing the healthcare debates – I believe it was the GOP strategists telling the attendees to shout down the speakers at town hall meetings.

    You say, European-Americans cannot talk about race? They can and they do, yet, somehow everytime I try to listen to understand or learn their stance, it always comes back to the issues of minorities – especially blacks! And this is usually in a derogatory way. Yeah, I hear derogatory comments about Latinos, Middle Easterners, Jewish/Israelis, yet, it always comes back to blacks. It always centers around ‘whites want their own country,’ and ‘minorities are to blame to everything wrong in this country.’

    So I’d like to propose several questions. Why didn’t the Europeans stay in Europe? This country was Native Americans! Why did Europeans bring slaves from the African continent against their will when they already had Indentured Servants? Why not give this land back to the Natives? Or sell most of the U.S. back to Mexico? Why are European-Americans still bringing in immigrants from foreign countries for cheap labor if they want U.S. to become ‘white only.’

    Then you state, that suppression of free thought creates protest, defiance and extremism. Yet, you fail to state what happens when you bring people here from foreign countries whether by force or false hopes that it could create the same! Are you following me here? What I am trying to say is, it is unfair to keep shouting “land of the free,” when basically it really pertains to one group of people. What I am basically stating here is, minorities have to jump through hoops for things that whites are given with no questions asked, or they are not given equal status. For instance, for blacks to get jobs, they have to pass a drug test and criminal background check – the system is setup that 9 times out of 10, they will fail one or both. For most Latinos, the pay will be at federal minimum wage instead of state minimum wage. For illegal immigrants, sometimes they work yet denied overtime pay and sometimes pay altogether under threat they will be deported. Muslims are told to shave, can’t wear burqas, sometimes not even given a job because they are Muslim.

    So my final questions, why isn’t the law/rules/conduct the same for all? Why is it when minorities are doing what you want, when you want, there’s no problems? Okay, whites always say, “America is the greatest country in the world!”

    I’ve traveled to other countries – my opinion, there’s something good and bad about every country. You say everyone wants to come to America! Yes, that’s mostly the people who isn’t fairing very well in their own country, and they believe they can achieve the “American Dream.” You claim America has the best looking people (white) – again, I have to disagree! Have you seen the Nordic men (Scandanavian)? Have you seen the Israeli men and women? Have you seen the singer Sade from an African country? Have you seen Queen Rania from Jordan? Have you seen some of the women and men from India?

  • Jack

    “I would really like to know why “white supremacists, racists, nationalists….” always think that any nationality, especially blacks can not live or exist without them? ”

    We’ll let’s take a look at where you would not want to live:
    Africa, Haiti, Detroit top the list.

    What do those places have in common?

    Practical examples of this century are Rhodesia and South Africa.

    Ruled by whites, decent society with first world amenities.
    Handed over to the locals, barbarism.

    It’s quite simple, your eyes and your soul know the answers, but your liberal sensitized psyche rejects them.

    Either way, the conference will go down at a new location. Jared Taylor isn’t going to be shut down.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Johnson, Eastern Europe is not “waking up”. Sorry to burst your bubble. If Eastern Europe is waking up to anything, it’s the reality that all the nationalism of the Cold War days and 20 years past 1989 has failed to deliver on its wonderful promises, and they are realizing that the problem with Communism wasn’t the theory but the implementation.

    I do have good news for you though- there is no such thing as “white genocide”. “White people” have been living throughout Central Asia, Latin America- hell, Cuba is 63% “white European” despite its Mestizo and Afro-Cuban population and a totally anti-racist society. So if you and Russ can’t find yourselves white women now, it’s likely that you would not find one in an all-white society either. Sorry, I promised good news I know.

    And seriously people, give up this nonsense about the persecution of the “white heterosexual male.” You want to talk about persecution? Tell your story to a Kurd or Palestinian some time.

  • http://None Garrett Skough

    I think the suppression of expression that is occurring against people on the right is turning moderates and independents (like myself) to the right. I have always been a free thinker. I have a libertarian bent to me. And the fact that European-Americans cannot talk about race without being shouted down and prevented to gather, deeply bothers me. If this bias continues, I think you will find more and more middle of the road folk moving to the right, even the extreme right. Suppression of free thought creates protest, defiance, and extremism.


  • skinnyminny

    Ruslan & Beholder,

    It’s true they rewrite history to favor them! They refuse to talk about the Japanese Camps here – they were jealous of the the Japanese farming…..

    They complain when blacks are working, then complain when they are not working. They complain when they get an education, then complain when they don’t get an education…..In fact, it was a black lady that actually developed the recipe for the soft drink Coca-Cola. This lady developed the recipe, because, they (whites) were feeding the black slaves cocaine to keep them working – then some became violent and they shot them and killed them.

    They complain that blacks and latinos are using taxpayer funds and not contributing – well gee, they never mention the newly rich Indian Tribes that have casinos that are getting taxpayer funds in addition to their big checks from gaming revenues.

    And for Bill and Russ, you are mistaken to think that you are taking everything back with or without approval! Watch the rich Indian Tribes that own casinos, they are gaining so much ground because they are the ones with the money – see http://originalpechanga.blogsp.....eaves.html This is a sad story about a 70-year-old man on blood thinners allegedly attacked at casino by guards. What makes this more sad, people are unaware, you can go into Indian Casinos, should you get hurt by accident/on purpose, you don’t get punitive/damage awards – you only receive money to pay for some or all of your medical bills. But anway, you will find they continue to blame white people for their plight yet they can do whatever they want to you! This is what racism brings, senseless acts of violence/discrimination…when we are all human beings.

  • Peter Blaise

    Great points, Russ: “… white heterosexual males …”

    — white: there’s absolutely zero meaning in skin color as any kind of a determinant if a person’s social connection values,

    — heterosexual: who cares about sexuality if you’re not gonna have sex at your meeting?

    — male: and I can’t think of any social function where a penis is required, unless you’re gonna have sex at your meeting … with a bunch of other males? So much for heterosexuality!

    But, hey, if you think being male (do you have a penis checker at your meetings, and how does one qualify as a penis checker?), heterosexual (so, what ARE you all going to do with each other when you all get together then, hmm?), or white skinned (albino? you’re albino?), then go for it!

    However, your meeting is NOT really all about white heterosexual males, but you’re all about hating non-white, non-heterosexual, non-males, and that’s what society’s noises are all about in return.

    Get real. You wanna have a hate meeting, and some folks would rather not associate their goodwill and their good public name in commerce and in society with your hate.

    I wish the owner’s of such facilities would ban more hate groups from meeting in such otherwise publicly available facilities … but one group at a time.

    Your hate speech isn’t free — it costs other a great deal. But if you can imagine presenting only positive hate-free messages about your own skin color (who cares?), your own sexuality (again, who cares?), and your own gender (again, who cares?), then go for it.

    Russ, can you imagine a POSITIVE ONLY meeting with your fellow white male heterosexuals?

  • Allen

    You can’t debate with nonsense, that’s why Imm won’t debate this idiot. Believe me, if I told you that I have an invisible unicorn with rainbow-colored fur in my back yard, and that only I can see him, how in the world can you debate that? Every time you try to point out a fact that show’s differently, I can come back at you with another made-up counter-argument or site sources that have the same agenda that I do.

    The Baloney Detection Kit –

    OK, so they’ve got baloney misspelled, so what.

  • jjjohnson

    these isuues will have to be adressed sooner rather than later. you leftist are the definition of hypocrisy. white genocide is real and happening on a massive scale in our lifetimes. europe is waking up. eastern europe is waking up. america is waking up. if nothing is done to the current problem of immigration into white nations how do u think those nations are going to look 50 years from now? 100 years from now? will it be a beautiful utopian blend of humantiy? give me a break. nobody that accepts real information believes that.

  • Mike Magruder

    Looks like Taylor is reaping what he’s sewn.

  • beholder

    True, Ruslan. Egypt, Babylon, even the Ottomans, were all far advanced over their northwest European contempories too. There’s a lot of history to cover before we’d even scratch the surface of how wrong these people are in their facts, much less their opinions. To be honest with you, debating with these morons gives more credibility to their cause then they deserve. Go ahead and let them bellow all they like. There is no law in America preventing someone from making a fool of themselves.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    That’s a bit vague beholder. Asia is a big place. Theoretically the people these dorks consider to be the original “whites” also originated in Asia.

    That being said, it is true that civilizations like that of China and India were far ahead of continental Europeans, and the most advanced “Aryans”(by definition) for a long time were the Persians.

  • William Gheen

    No shocker to see the Southern Poverty Law Center add attacks on freedom to assemble along with your attacks on freedom of speech for Americans. I do not agree with either of these groups, however I am an American that supports the rights of other Americans when confronted by communist groups like the SPLC that would deprive us all of our rights.

    It shows great weakness on the part of the Southern Poverty Law Center and “R.E.A.L.” that both would seek to deprive Mr. Taylor and his associates of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly using underhanded techniques.

    It makes it clear that you fear what they have to say and that you are afraid of them and cannot simply debate them and win in the eyes of the public. You seek to distort and thwart the freedoms and political processes in America because you are too weak and cowardly to simply debate and prevail on the merits of your positions.

    That makes you anti-freedom and anti-American. Sleezy, slimy, underhanded, destructive, etc….

    As an American, I welcome the views of those I disagree with and I do not fear them being aired as long as contrast is allowed for a healthy process.

  • beholder

    Russ forgets that the White Man was still living in mud huts and painting their bodies blue around the campfire while entire cities were being built in Asia and Africa with written laws and the most advanced technologies in the world. Script comes from Asia. Paper came from Asia. Christ was from Asia. Rome was founded by an Asian. Farming was developed in Asia. The White Man is a johnny-come-lately to the civilization game, and groups like his make it evident.

  • skinnyminny

    Whoa, hold on Russ, Bill….to say that Blacks commit most crimes is a blatant lie. Yet, it is true that Blacks are convicted of most crimes, sometimes when they are innocent. Because the system is either working against them, or they lack the resources and/or connections you have!

    As far as I’m concerned, it’s people like you that focus so much attention on Blacks, that you don’t seem to notice other ethnic groups committing crimes. It is and never will be only an ethnic thing, it is about the person. People from all walks of life, ethnic/nationality groups can and do commit crimes. In fact, the first I’ve ever heard of ‘home invasions’ were of the Asian race – not saying they were the first, but, it was the first time I’ve ever heard of it.

    As far as rapes, this could be anyone – wouldn’t you think that ‘child molestation’ fits rape since these kids cannot consent to sex? Oh, the last time I checked, these priests, and some church groups were not black! You know the churches that permit child marriages and numerous wives on ranches – oh, they are not black either!

    It wasn’t the black community that introduced the drugs into this country! As far as I know, blacks were mostly drinking wine/beer and smoking weed mainly because they didn’t have the money, and it was not accepted into the communities. It was namely the blacks that came back from the Vietnam war that got sucked into using heroin! But who was it that got them hooked! Who is it bringing Meth on the Indian Reservations today?

    I won’t bother to waste my time trying to prove you wrong. I will however say, it’s so sad, that you always try to make people think the white race is so peaceful, fair….try going on a Indian Reservation and explain that to the natives.

    Before I forget, must I remind you, you and your group won’t admit, you have made it off of others, whether through theft, slavery, unfair wages…I mention theft because you have taken poor 3rd world countries resources, land, and whatever you can.

    You guys are so materialistic and greedy it’s pathetic. You say this country would be 3rd world – I blame that on your superiority and racist ways.

    I will stop it here, because I don’t want to sound so “way out there” like you.

  • daemonesslisa

    The only thing censored on this blog is personal attacks. I responded rather brutally to one of the many escapees from the sped class here once and it didn’t get through. I understand why; I don’t take it back, of course, but the board has to remain civil.

    Otherwise, the racists and bigots can continue posting comments about white-hating homosexual liberals and their bias both here and in the media, black criminals, ZOG, jewish this and muslim that. All this, of course, while they complain about their posts being censored.

    This is why I mock them at every opportunity.

  • Russ

    No problem, beholder, you clearly need edifying. Those years of “African-American studies” have rotted your brains and poisoned your soul.

    You can keep yapping about slavery (which, of course, blacks have always engaged in and still do all across Africa), but it is obvious you don’t know much about the its history. If slavery is a sin, which future generations must pay for – COLLECTIVELY – then blacks, Jews, and Arabs should be paying the biggest price.

    You can also continue to whistle past the graveyard, vis-a-vis that proverbial genie, but, like I said before, we’re not asking your permission and ultimately, you and bigots like you, will have no say in the matter.

  • muaythai

    @skinnyminny Stormfront and Chimpout (never seen that one before, yikes) are so far out that they’re beyond comparison to SPLC. I’m fairly new to this site so I feel like I’m somewhat objective, and IMHO it’s too biased towards the Left, there’s too much focus solely on a specific spectrum of Jewish politics and white liberal interests in general. Browsing by ideology on the Intelligence page reveals a lot about SPLC’s bias- there are some gaping holes in that section. Then there are blog posts that just seem out of place.

    For example, the “Gun Rights Advocates to March Against Phantom Threat?” I know, liberals hate guns, but that doesn’t make all gun rights activists extremist. It’s like saying all Jews are Zionists or all skins are racist. That post felt way more politically motivated than actually reporting on an extremist threat.

    SPLC also censors the comments here. Fair is fair- their TOS (“This is a moderated blog.”) is clearly displayed in the footer. But still, it’s discouraging to see a progressive organization take this stance. It’s the online equivalent of Berkeley, CA- everyone’s so progressive and free that there’s rules about everything you CAN’T do!

    Anyway, my point is, this board has folks of all stripes here- very unique to have these super contrasting views. That’s why the core should be as neutral as possible and not so obviously weighted toward the left.

  • beholder

    Thanks for edifying me Russ. Until you pointed it out, how silly I was to think that enslavement was for black people’s own best interests. That really shows the wisdom of the White Man. Jeffrey Dahmer was one of those genetically superior White Men too, wasn’t he?

    You know, Russ, I think that genie is going back in the bottle. Yes I think it’s going back in to stay, and your “movement” is going to fold like a tent. It’s really too bad. Most people, white or black, just look at these antics and laugh at you like monkies in a cage.

  • Russ

    @beholder who wrote:

    “Could it be that for two hundred years in this country whenever white men came together to pursue their interests, it usually led to people who are not white and who are not men getting screwed over?”

    You are obviously mis-informed. The fact is that all people benefit when White men are the decision makers of a society and all suffer when they are not. But it is good to see that you are admitting to deliberately attempting to deny White men our basic human rights.

    At any rate, White men aren’t asking your permission to work together to protect our rights and pursue our interests, we are going to do it whether you approve or not. Shame on people like you, Jeffrey Imm, and the employees of the SPLC for their blatant hypocrisy in these matters.

    You folks need to overcome your irrational fear of White men and come to grips with the new reality. White men are now aware that we’ve been duped and cheated and we are not going to stand for it any more. That genie is out of the bottle – and ain’t going back in.

  • beholder

    If white people had been enslaved in a black America, then followed the same course of history as did occur (lack or reparations, segregation, institutional bias, etc.), I believe you would find the statistics to be inversed. Trying to associate conduct with race, while ignoring other socio-economic factors, is simple ignorance. AmRen is drawing an incorrect conclusion from unreliable data, it’s as simple as that. That’s what racism is.

    Giving scholarships to African American youths as a form of reparation for slavery is a way to actually do something about marginality in these communities. Don’t forget that black-on-black violence is a serious problem too, with the same root causes.

  • Bill Ostler

    “Could it be that for two hundred years in this country whenever white men came together to pursue their interests, it usually led to people who are not white and who are not men getting screwed over?”

    We’ll still be hearing this racist mantra of the white-hating left for years after whites have passed into the minority and the country has sunk into permanent Third World status.

  • Bill Ostler

    “I would really like to know why “white supremacists, racists, nationalists….” always think that any nationality, especially blacks can not live or exist without them?”

    * Maybe I can help you. I’m not a “racist” (whatever that overworked term means anymore) or a member of the other classes you mention, but I’m pretty sure the examples of New Orleans and Haiti would make anyone wonder about this. And no one thinks every nationality needs whites’ help: Japan recently suffered a series of strong quakes. No looting. No gang rapes. No lawlessness. And no DEMANDS for handouts.

    “Why do they think the worst of black people?”

    * If they do, maybe there is some reason for it? Blacks commit the majority of violent crime in the US (68.5% while making up only, what? 14% of the population). There are thousands of times more rapes of white women by blacks than of black women by whites, as an example. These are just cold, dispassionate facts.

    “Why the constant hate/fascination with black people?”

    * I’ve never seen anything printed at AmRen that suggested anyone there “hates” blacks. Rather, I’ve seen discussion of taboo subjects like the black/white achievement gap, or analysis of black crime. If there is any “fascination,” it’s more like sheer wonderment at the disaster that multiculturalism, affirmative action and diversity have been as national policy. The mainstream media largely filters out news of the 45 year+ orgy of black on white violence: AmRen simply reintroduces those facts. The MSM doesn’t want to hurt blacks’ feelings. AmRen doesn’t want whites to get hurt by a lack of reliable information.

  • beholder

    James, good points there. But for me at least, this is not about hotels wanting to punish anyone for speaking their mind. I think it’s just a business decision. If you were black (for all I know you are), but be honest now, would you ever do business with a hotel chain again if you were walking back to your room after a business trip only to find the lobby filled with racists at a hate rally?

  • beholder

    Russ said,

    on February 8th, 2010 at 10:49 pm
    The SPLC has a long history of supporting other identity groups when they choose to do the same; whether they be Jews, women, homosexuals, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, etc. and yet they and their supporters are intent on preventing White men from getting together to pursue their interests within the confines of the law. Why?

    I dunno, Russ. That’s a good question.

    Could it be that for two hundred years in this country whenever white men came together to pursue their interests, it usually led to people who are not white and who are not men getting screwed over?

  • beholder

    Carter there is some depth to your comment so I hope this doesn’t come off sounding snide. However, I don’t think setting for 3/5 is really compassion.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Nigel, care to demonstrate how MeCha is a “hate group”? I’m only asking we had MeCha at my mostly Mexican high school and I never faced any problems with them for being white. Not a single problem at all.

  • skinnyminny

    I am so sure! Some of you are leaving comments blasting the SPLC, yet, there are some websites that I consider truly out-of-this-world like Stormfront, Chimp Out….

    I like SPLC website. I think they provide a service I’m interested in. I think they provide news that the MSM doesn’t always provide.

    As far as these groups marching down the street, apparently you did read about the white supremacists group in Riverside Calif in a protest against illegal immigrants last year! Yes, they faced the “Brown Berets,” and if more of the white supremacists had shown up there probably would have been a full scale riot/disturbance. The Brown Berets snatched their (protestors) flags, and even punching a few of the guys – this was in the Press Enterprise News papers. Yes, there were arrests, and they happened to be minorities that was arrested.

  • Emmett

    In America, if someone has something to say, shouldn’t they have a right to say it? And that’s no matter how much you detest and disagree with what that person is saying. Disrupting a people’s gathering and intimidating those involved is an act of thuggery that is so typical of the leftist scum. At the same time, the conservatives are obligated to be holier than thou as much as possible, lest they will be smeared and attacked in the media (at least more than they are usually). Can you imagine the furor if folks from John Birch Society or the Minutemen attacked and disrupted the speech of someone that they despise, such as Noam Chomsky or Jane Fonda? Actually there was a Vietnam war vet few years ago who spat tobacco juice on Hanoi Jane’s face, but much to my disappointment, that good man was arrested for that.

  • Jeffrey Imm

    This is Jeffrey Imm, with Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.). I would like to provide clarification and respond to some comments made here by posters.

    In our communications with both the DC area public and hotels, our objective has been to educate them about who and what the New Century Foundation is and how they are linked to the American Renaissance. Many in the public and DC area hotels are completely unaware of this and therefore, are unable to make informed decisions on these groups.

    We have not asked hotels to “cancel” the American Renaissance conference, but what we have asked for is space to provide an alternative message of hope and love at the hotel which promotes diversity, human rights, and dignity for all people of all races. Moreover, local religious leaders have told us that they are willing to have a prayer vigil to ask AR conference members to choose love, not hate. It has been the hotels’ decisions to cancel the AR conferences. Once they know who the AR is, they don’t want to have any part of it.

    We have not sought to deny anyone’s freedom of speech. We have simply exercised our own freedom of speech in rejecting ideologies of hate and educating the public on who the NCF and AR are, so that they can make up their own mind on them.

    To those who make the false claim that R.E.A.L. has threatened violence, this is a complete and total lie. We have never done anything of the kind. We have been completely respectful, courteous, and professional with the DC public and hotels that we have sought to educate. That is why we have been in discussions not just with local business leaders, but also with national business leaders on such issues. We urge all to Choose Love, Not Hate.

    To those who ask us to debate Jared Taylor, in fact, we have specifically invited him to a public event in front of the American public to allow him to voice his opinions. He has declined to accept that invitation. As to how well television cameras will “broadcast” such a public debate, I think those who believe that will happen have a limited understanding of the priorities of local television stations’ programming.

    To those who don’t view a street corner in a diverse community in our nation’s capital in front of the American public as “neutral territory,” I don’t know what type of America you live in. In my America, we can always openly and freely discuss such issues in front of our fellow citizens in public, without having to demand a stage at the National Press Club. In my America, we can reach out directly to the public, without depending on a filtered message from selected media. In my America, we can talk to the American people face to face.

    To those who ask if we will protest other groups, R.E.A.L. has and will continue to do so. We are an all-volunteer organization. We cover as many events as we can with the volunteers that we have. Clearly we cannot be at every event or address every issue. But we certainly have taken a public stand on those other racial supremacist groups that are listed on the SPLC hate group listing, and we referenced this at our event at the Lincoln Memorial and also at our December Human Rights Day event.

    We are always looking for other activists willing to help, and we invite those who are interested in being consistently Responsible for Equality And Liberty to let us know at

  • Kaba

    Nigel, the funny thing is “MeCha, The Race United, The New Black Panthers, Center For American Progress Fund, Nation of Islam,” etc. have been protested by those who don’t want us to protest American Renaissance in the name of free speech, so if we talk about some sort of double standard, we have to talk about that as well…

  • Nigel

    So we’ll see these same protesters shutting down virulently racist anti-white hate groups like MeCha, The Race United, The New Black Panthers, Center For American Progress Fund, Nation of Islam and others of their stripe, right? Maybe a quick picket for the anti-white racists at the “Justice” Department too? We must actively oppose “hate,” after all.

  • ACS

    Can I leave a comment or will it also be censored, and if I want to leave a comment anyway will you attack me violently? The splc seem like a bunch of scary Nazi’s! Thank God I live in Africa and not America.


    When I was a member of the ACLU, a neo-Nazi group was barred by the city of Skokie, IL, from holding demonstration because it would greatly upset, and naturally so, Holocaust survivors living in the small town.

    The ACLU defended the First Amendment rights of the neo-Nazis to march, while not at all agreeing with what they would say or what they stood for. It caused a lot of tension within the ACLU. They lost many members.

    I stuck with the ACLU on the Skokie case because the First Amendment is vital to our democracy.

    I do not agree with Jared Taylor or his ilk on the issue of race. But, he has the right to hold a conference in order to express his views, no matter how repugnant they are.

    If the SPLC were trying to hold a conference and a white nationalist group contacted every hotel to prevent the conference, would one not suspect that a fundamental Constitutional right was threatened or at stake?

    In the days of Jim Crow, African Americans could not rent a room in a “white” motel.

    Jared Taylor is trying to rent a hotel for a conference.

    I am not quite sure I see what the difference is in the two situations, except Taylor is being denied a room on the basis of his beliefs rather than his race.

    I am not saying or implying that the SPLC has taken a position on the issue or needs to take a position. They’ve done a service in highlighting the dispute.

    I do hope Imm debates Taylor in a public forum that is broadcast widely. Taylor’s views are repugnant. But, he is a very good debater. He’s not a redneck rube. He was on The Young Turks and gave as good as he got, then Cenk kind of lost his cool. To debate Taylor you need to come intellectually armed for bear.

    I think if Americans actually heard what he had to say about race, he would be further marginalized and the white nationalist cause given a setback.

  • Russ

    Why is it that the SPLC always slants its stories in favor of the creepy, mentally unbalanced, anti-free speech advocates, like Imm, that are so intent on silencing the speech of heterosexual White men?

    What is Imm and the SPLC so afraid of? Why are they so desperate to prevent good White men from getting together to talk about what’s in their best interests? The SPLC has a long history of supporting other identity groups when they choose to do the same; whether they be Jews, women, homosexuals, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, etc. and yet they and their supporters are intent on preventing White men from getting together to pursue their interests within the confines of the law. Why?

    Further, why does this article lie and claim that, “In November, the Washington Dulles Marriott refused to host the event . . . after . . . Imm, . . . contacted the hotel with information about the group’s white nationalist ideology”? The fact is that Imm and his group made a series of calls threatening violence and one of their members creeped into the hotel at night and left threatening leaflets under doors. This is the real reason the hotels are cancelling.

    Imm’s group and those like it are domestic terrorists and they need to be brought to justice.

  • skinnyminny

    I would really like to know why “white supremacists, racists, nationalists….” always think that any nationality, especially blacks can not live or exist without them? Why do they think the worst of black people? Why the constant hate/fascination with black people?

    If you look at history, they have always, and I mean always said horrible things about any and all ethnic groups who don’t look like them, act like them, think like them.

    I am multi-racial. I do have Native American blood, yet, I am not entirely Native American. History books teach people that Native Americans are ‘savages.’ History books teach people that Blacks are ‘lazy, violent, low-IQ.’

    However, the question still remains, what is the real problem that these people have with black people? Is it jealousy?

    I’ve noticed that they have made horrible accusations against the Middle Eastern people. Why can’t they just accept people for who they are, instead of always trying to make people inferior based on their standards?

    What I find striking about this, they are constantly putting down other ethnic groups, and I truly believe this racist behavior will eventually catch up to them. I believe, other countries, such as China, try to have better relations with people to get what they want.

    Look at Cuba, we can’t travel to Cuba. Meanwhile, the Europeans are going in leaving Americans out of any opportunity for travel, business…..

  • Carter

    When people do things like these folks are doing: working to fight racism (the folks involved in R.E.A.L.) and those who work quietly; working at SPLC working on the web site, the blog, etc….these people are making a serious difference. These are the people who are not just talking – they are taking the fight to the “enemy”.
    The enemy in most cases is very tough to deal with because it’s a distorted way of thinking!
    It’s not just one sorry, sick middle aged guy or some group of kids who are so drug and alcohol addled that they need a replacement family and the comradeship of others with the same nightmare……

    Fighting a “WAY OF THINKING” takes commitment, courage, skill, subtle understanding of WHAT the real enemy IS.
    Many of the Skins and adults who think and wallow in hate move away from such thinking after they begin to realize that no GROUP of people are responsible for any confirmed unified action. Individuals may act like jerks but that does not brand any ethnic group as such: it simply can’t. There are MANY more “ex-skins” than people know. People mature at different rates and people get wider world views at different times.
    Seeing a child of a different color and having some compassion is interesting for a confirmed racist.

    I once asked an (outwardly) confirmed racist if he would grab a little kid from being hit by a bus. He said “yea, it’s just the right thing to do”. I didn’t press the issue. Because somewhere in that man’s heart was a kernel of compassion & I didn’t want him to feel a need to justify that compassion.

    This is the beginning of a wider world view and it takes commitment to fight a destructive way of thinking.
    If we really do reap what we sow, it’s those who actively oppose hate who are racking up points (in Heaven perhaps?). It’s a pretty strange world.
    But for those who are atheists; it’s still the same thing. How do you REALLY want to be remembered?

  • B.B.

    Imm replied that Taylor was merely making excuses. “The real reason why Jared Taylor cannot meet with us is the same reason why American Renaissance seeks to hide in the shadows,” he replied.

    I would hardly call challenging Imm to a debate at the National Press Club hiding in the shadows. Imm on the other hand appears to be afraid of debating Taylor on neutral ground.

  • daemonesslisa

    Props should also be given to One People’s Project for their work in fighting Jared Taylor.