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Haitian-Oriented Radio Station Has Surprising New Host

By Larry Keller on February 10, 2010 - 6:10 pm, Posted in White Nationalism

How’s this for white supremacist irony? Derek Black, son of founder Don Black and friend of ex-Klansman David Duke, began broadcasting a twice-weekly program on Tuesday on a South Florida news/talk radio station with a large Haitian audience.

Derek Black, who turns 21 this month, is hosting a one-hour show on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at WPBR, an AM station in Lake Worth, a racially diverse city in Palm Beach County, Florida. He’s paying $275 a week for the air time.

WPBR’s programs are in French from 1 p.m. to 6 a.m. — 17  straight hours — mostly for the benefit of Haitian listeners, station manager Marcus Pierrelouis told Hatewatch. Seven hours of programming, between 6 a.m. and 1 p.m., are in English. Black has the 10-11 a.m. slot for his two days.

For his debut program on Tuesday, Black was scheduled to have Gordon Baum as his guest. Baum, an attorney, is co-founder and CEO of the racist Council of Conservative Citizens, which has routinely denigrated blacks as “genetically inferior” and once accused non-white immigrants of turning America into a “slimy brown mass of glop.” After an earthquake pulverized portions of Haiti last month, the CCC’s website illustrated a report on the event with an engraving of a white man being hanged by blacks, presumably in Haiti. Derek Black has attended some of the CCC’s national conferences.

The CCC is the successor to the pro-segregation White Citizens Councils or Citizens Councils of America that had chapters throughout the South. Politicians including former Georgia congressman Bob Barr, former Mississippi senator Trent Lott and current Mississippi governor Haley Barbour have addressed the CCC in recent years.

Black is not a broadcasting novice. He hosted four one-hour weekly shows on his father’s Stormfront Internet radio site, where he also was a webmaster. Stormfront is the leading white supremacist forum. Don Black, himself a onetime Klan leader in Duke’s organization, lives in West Palm Beach. His son created a Stormfront children’s page when he was 12 that included anti-Martin Luther King Jr. bedtime stories. Derek Black is Stormfront’s “Renaissance Man,” his father wrote on Stormfront his week. Don Black’s wife, Chloe Black — Derek Black’s mother — is divorced from David Duke.

Like his father and Duke, Derek Black eschews the white supremacist label, preferring to describe himself as fighting discrimination against white people, or a white civil rights activist. He spoke in November 2008 at a conference of EURO — European-American Unity and Rights Organization — headed by Duke. A number of prominent white supremacists attended the conference, at which Black spoke about the desirability of infiltrating the Republican Party to advocate pro-white views.

Derek Black won election to one of 111 the Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee seats in August 2008. The committee members elect the county party chairman and promote voter turnout. But the local GOP chief refused to seat Black after learning of his background, saying that Black failed to sign a GOP loyalty oath by the deadline. Nine other candidates also were denied seats on that basis. Duke has spoken out in support of Derek Black’s bid to be seated on the committee.

The WPBR manager said he knew nothing of Derek Black’s background, and added that another station employee worked out a contract with Black. Meanwhile, at Stormfront, members have posted comments about Black’s radio gig, calling the news “fantastic,” “excellent” and “great.”

  • Herbert E. Larson

    skinnyminny, I just want to say I was just answering what I thought as your misrepresentation of the caste system. The problem with debt bound workers is another problem altogether, it stretches all the way to the middle east, they built Dubai. The process of body reconfigure is a whole matter of mind over reality and yes the ability of knowing ethnicity is in the crapper, not to mention trans-gender. DNA test for everyone.
    Ruslan, I just want to say China is headed for a breakdown for the simple fact, you cannot have a free market system under a totalitarian regime. No matter how it is dressed for western consumption it is still a totalitarian regime leftover from the peasant emperor.

  • Aina

    Russ said…

    “I hate to burst your bubble, snorlax, but you’re not White, at least not in the sense of having a White identity you’re not. Jews, homosexuals, those who have children with non-Whites, and any others who identify as other-than-White, are by definition, not White.”

    Um, I am of German (Nazi-sympathizers, embarassingly enough) and Irish heritage, have a white (Scottish) husband, am Christian, straight, have no children with anyone, and identify with being white…and I still think you’re full of shit.

    How’s that?

  • Alan Aardman

    Clearly, this is the result of Derek Black mishearing those at the radio station.

    He thought they said they had a “large HATEFUL audience”.

  • skinnyminny

    Herbert E. Larson,

    Yes, I am too aware of that! However, they don’t know about the debt-bonded servants in India and Pakistan. Meaning that they are almost like the Indentured Servants, except, they are working off debt for generations that may have resulted from a $10-15 dollar loan from 4 generations before them. So yes, it’s not just the untouchables.

    I was mainly asking the question of what happens when they can’t really tell who is ‘white!’ I think that is a legitimate question, due to history is beginning to repeat itself. The only difference now, for instance, I can make my brown eyes blue with contact lenses.

    I guess another question I can ask – ***I don’t like doing this because I apologized to the good posters here-I don’t want to sound like I am grouping an entire group of people like they do. However, I am just curious to know, they are insisting in ‘white,’ what happens if, as I mentioned earlier, people are having surgeries…one of the relatives, marry someone thinking they are ‘white,’ and find out later they are not? I’ll use this example, Mr. Sosa bleached his skin (no offense to Mr. Sosa), he finally admitted it. So what happens if they marry someone thinking they are a different race, then they have kids and the kids are ‘dark?’

    I am just asking, because I remember when they thought Mariah Carey and former Ms. America Vanessa Williams was white! They were all too ready to claim them. They wanted to strip Vanessa Williams of her crown-yet, Playboy magazine had it biggest sale ever!

  • Clark R.

    Jesus… this is getting entirely out of control…

    LISTEN… don’t get me wrong, whites (American Brits., English, Irish, French, German, etc…) have worked well together to formulate one of the most effective social systems to be the envy of the ENTIRE WORLD.

    Everybody on the planet wants to come to the United States to be part of and live under the protection and freedoms guaranteed under the constitutions that we ALL have worked to formulate and adopt, giving us what we have today, the ability to live in PEACE, and the freedom to pursue prosperity equally, no matter what your views, beliefs, or culture might be.

    All I am saying is that when one group sizes power exclusively… it doesn’t mater who that group is… absolute power tends to exclude. It is because of the ‘protectionism’ that isolated group’s form out of seemingly necessity. And I don’t blame them; everybody wants to feel secure that what they have worked hard for is protected.

    “Herbert E. Larson” touched on it here…

    *** The mob mentality is “a kind of hive mind” all working for the one purpose until it is done. The one that sets it all in motion is the sociopath, the rest are just working on safety in numbers or protecting the virtue of the community. It is empathy and telepathy in action, if only it could happen for a good purpose. ***

    That’s good stuff… the key here is “ { if } the one that sets it all in motion is a sociopath”… the group mentality tends to protect it as well… “Jails” where mentioned here… well, that’s where you see it most obviously… in gang mentality… the rest following and support the leader no matter who, what, or how crazy he might be.

    Mixed societies tend to form a natural governing to this phenomenon.

    You HAVE TO BE CORRECT… because everybody’s not going to support you… just because you are black, or white, or Mexican, or Chinese, rich or poor.

    You must speak for the betterment of EVERYBODY, and your policies must be ‘all inclusive’… or you will be voted DOWN.


    Well, that sounds good… but the truth is… that’s not what ‘America’ is suppose to be… remember, all of the different cultures and ethnic groups left their former countries (Brittan, France, Europe, Ireland, etc…) because they did not like living under Totality Rule.

    I think that what we’re ‘ALL’ talking about here… ‘is all of our jobs being taken by foreigners’… which brings us back to another problem entirely…


  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Despite Japanese xenophobia, they have large immigrant populations and Japanese women have probably the world’s worst fertility rates for any industrial nation. As for China breaking down into chaos well- if you want to see what chaos is, imagine that the US no longer had access to Chinese consumer goods and manufacturing- then you’ll see how important that “totalitarian system” is for supporting the high standards of living in the West. Chinese do immigrate to a number of nations though, nations you might consider to be third world(such as Mongolia).

    As for saying that European countries were almost all white during the era of imperialism, one could point out that they were just as “white”(this identity meant absolutely nothing) during the dark ages when they were failing compared to the Islamic world and China.

  • Herbert E. Larson

    Well misinformation all around the caste system immigration policies where to start. The caste system is about what level of society you are in and who you can marry plus your job possibilities. The untouchables are that because they do the unclean jobs, butchering meat(no cows), cleaning up the waste trash and the stinky stuff. As far as immigration, I don’t know about Japan they have always been xenophobic and it.s an island nation limited space. China and North Korea
    who wants to live under totalitarian governments, they only break down into chaos and worse. As for European countries being almost all white, at the time of the great expansion they were all white.

  • skinnyminny


    I guess this is the simplest way I can say this to you. You are following groups and absorbing the agendas they want, then you will act out on it. The best example I can give you, talk to people who have spent time in prison – they will tell you that they did the same thing. They listened, and became involved in crimes against others. The people they were following gave them ‘hands-up, verbal appreciation…’ Yet, when they got locked up, these people were nowhere to be found. They didn’t send money or visit because they didn’t want any ‘light or involvement’ to come back to them. If you have family, this is a burden on your family – accepting collect calls, sending money to you…while trying to maintain their own burdens at home.

    So again, they are your friends now. But when you get into trouble, watch how fast they will scramble to get away from you. If you are married, watch how fast this will put a strain on your marriage.

    As far as your comments about being ‘white.’ Do you realize what you guys are doing? For instance, in Iran, Lebanon and some Asian countries, people are getting reconstructive surgery (plastic surgery) such as ‘nose jobs…’ to look ‘white.’ People in some Asian countries are bleaching their skin to look white. So, how will you really know who is ‘white?’ Seriously, with hair dyes, skin-bleaching, plastic surgery…in the end how will you know?

    And the rhetoric the groups like yours spread is ridiculous. I’ve heard it all. I’ve seen it all. For example, you spread rumors that people from India don’t like blacks. In case you didn’t know, that’s what the caste system is all about in India. India has more problems that we don’t really need to get into. But, from what I see, you guys are trying to ‘pit one minority group against the other’ as a means of doing to a group what you really want to do yourselves.

    Your group spread rumors that blacks can’t run a country – specifically, Africa! (But let’s make clear, Africa is a continent with African nations and countries). Yet, you don’t tell the whole truth about European and Arab colonization as well as bringing the same type ideas ‘white’ is better and therefore ‘superior.’

    At the same time, never once, do you have any empathy. Never once do you think, ‘wow, what if that was me! What if I was born a different skin color!’ Nor do you ever stop to think ‘wow, what if I was born into a caste system.’

    I also wonder if you ever think why some people flee to Western Nations? Think about it, there are some countries that really have a lid on immigration – example Japan, China, North Korea – meaning these countries don’t really have open immigration like U.S. and Britain. Yet, you have countries that you must have a certain income in order to retire there or live there-example, Costa Rica, Honduras….I’ll bet you didn’t notice, Canada raised the income qualifications for Americans wanting to migrate to Canada!

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    If you are referring to the UN convention on genocide, there is no way to claim that “whites” are victims of genocide under that statute. And that is an extremely open-ended, vague definition as well.

  • Clark R.

    FUNNY… how when most of us read we still only hear what we want to hear.

    OK.. JJJJohnson, it is clear that you went back to your din and consolidated your thoughts with others to come up with your well-worded CRAP.

    MEXICO… culturally known for lying and deception.

    AFRICA… wide spread corruption.

    CHINA… lying is acceptable unless you get caught; there is ‘No Loss Of Face’.

    UNITED STATES… lying, corruption, cover-ups, meltdowns.

    ZIONIST… Kicked out because they tried to correct the outdated and corrupt currency systems still in place in those countries… “again” by the few who control all the wealth.

    *** jjjohnson Said: “and johnson is not my name. its something i made up” ***

    SEE… he has no problem lying… he knows he’s well protected by his CLICK.

    …and as for Johnson being a slave masters name… well, that’s precisely my point…

    FACT… slave owners frequently had intercourse with slave females, to try to further increase their stock of slaves.

    This was actually considered “normal” and encouraged during those times.


    Slaves did not adopt those names… they where forced to use the masters name or face being WHIPPED.

    Signed… Toby.

  • Herbert E. Larson

    I was just speaking of the single person when I wrote that, I know that there is something more in a mob. The mob mentality is a kind of hive mind all working for the one purpose
    until it is done. The one that sets it all in motion is the sociopath, the rest are just working on safety in numbers or protecting the virtue of the community. It is empathy and telepathy in action, if only it could happen for a good purpose.